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NP wl

Air Spell

Alchemy Lessons

Astronomer Usul Books

Blushing Birch Tree

Book of Ice Magic

Bruce Wizard Beard

Bruce Wizard Robe

Bruce Wizard Staff

Bubbling Lupe Potion

Casual JubJub Jumper

Collapsible Offensive Device

Conundrum Wizard Hat

Deep Blue Glazier Wings

Dehydration Potion

Dusty Magic Broom

Earth Spell

Elegant Draik Dress

Elegant Draik Earrings

Elegant Draik Slippers

Elegant Vine Ink Wings

Fire Spell

Flower Patchwork Jubjub Coat

Forget Me Not Foreground

Gelert Wizard (TCG)

Geraptiku Ink Frame

Gra.pe Vine Frame

Guardian of Ice Magic

Handwritten Letter

Hanging Flower Basket

Haunted House Porch Background

Infectious Smile of the Shootout Showdown Goalie

Jagged Ink Wings

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

Lost Desert Silhouette Background

Manor Room Crime Scene Foreground

Negg Watering Can

Ramtors Spellbook

Research Desk Foreground

Sneaky Neggs Foreground

Sophie the Swamp Witch (TCG)

Space and Magic

Special Event Foreground

Spring Flowers Foreground

Starting Spells

Thieves Hood

Tribal Draik Sandals

Wraith Ink Frame

Wish non buyable

Altador Shores Background

Bogshot Background

Brilliant Green Faerie Wings

Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings

Cherry Blossom Garland

Churning Red Clouds

Cobrall Charmer Basket

Dark Magic Dress

Dyeworks Black: Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig

Electric Storm Background

Fabled Silvery Lake Background

Floating Hearts Dress

Garden Tea Dress

Gate to Deserted Fairground Foreground

Geraptiku Background

Inside a Clock Tower Background

Into the Glittering Forest Background

Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus

Layered Green Faerie Skirt

Leafy Green Tree

Nautical Knot Wig

Radiant Sun Rise Background

Rainy Day Umbrella

Side Ponytail Orange Wig

Sparkling Carmariller Wig

Spellcasters Hands

Stormy Night Background

The Three Collectors Cloak

Tree and Pumpkin Silhouette

Tunnel of Spring Trees Background

Undead Contacts and Face Paint

Undead Princess Dress

Witch Hat String Lights

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this page is full of ancient art

♥ This Page and art is dedicated to Melissa for she was the one who loved round pets most.♥

Freeze ref toward bottom(scroll down)

Please feel free to the ones that look like normal clothed neopets, just don't take the custom designed ones(: I would appreciate if you linked them to this page

Anthro ref, colors for necklace and such are same as quad. My scanner drained out the colors of the ref. Tail and ears are optional

Lupe- striped hyenah design preview

Freeze as a baby with his mother. Shes a pure plushie meerca, Freeze obviously takes after his father.....
my scanner ruins water color paintings @_@

Art by others

Thank you all so much!

^Brians sketch

Art by others

thank you guys!!