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Ministry Files - Classified Information

NAME: Anais Mireille Duke

NICK NAMES: Anna, Duke

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH: 23 & 17th of April



So, Miss Duke, would you mind if i happened to ask you a couple of questions? We'll start with some simple stuff. For instance, what is your full name? Is there anything you would prefer me to call you?

As you must know, my name happens to be Anais Duke. Anais Mireille Duke if you are really interested in particulars and while I understand that this is supposed to be some sort of evaluation for admin purposes, would you mind keeping it short. I happen to have quite a heavy case-load at the moment. I really need to get back to my work as soon as possible. It shouldn't surprise you, what with the whole rebuilding the Wizarding community and death eaters being rounded up every few days, we have our hands full in this department trying to sort through it all. Sifting the real Death Eaters from petty criminals. It's put a lot of strain on some of the newer recruits. We're having a hard time of it all, my desk is currently drowning in paperwork. In all honesty, I can't quite see how the Minister has time for all these Interviews on his workforce.

That's Fine, We'll try and keep this as short as possible then. So, do you have any family? Siblings? And what are your thoughts on them, if possible. Also, what do they do? And as we happen to be talking of occupations, in what kind of professional capacity do you work here? How long have you been working here? What is your opinion on this work and how do you think your Hogwarts education has impacted your life decisions? What house had you been sorted in?

Thanks, that's much appreciated. As for my family, of course I have some. My Father is a Muggle, my Mother was a witch. A Quidditch player actually, though to be honest there is nothing I hate more that Quidditch. I'm not particularly athletic and I don't have any real problems with that. It just stupid and reckless to go hurtling through the air on a little piece of wood. Okay, I'll get back to the question. I did say I wanted to keep this short. I do have a brother, actually. His name is Carlo. My mother has a thing for... exotic names. Anyway, he's younger than me by about a year or so and we couldn't really be more different. He's reckless and stupid and gets into more trouble than I can keep track of. And yes, I don't think much of it, but he is still my brother. Though I'm absolutely not going to get sentimental here. As for his work, he plays Quidditch like my mother used to. Like I said, couldn't be more different.

As for my work, as you must know, I'm employed as an attorney by the ministry, I work with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in general, though other Departments do tend to come to me or my colleagues for any legal advice if they need it. I've worked here for quite a long time now, at least, in a professional capacity it's been about two years or so. As for Hogwarts having an Impact on this, I don't really know what you want me to say. Of course, it was the professors there who steered me towards this path. Thought at the time, no one suspected quite what would happen here. As for my Hogwarts house, I was a Ravenclaw.

Interesting, so, how would you describe yourself? What's your personality like, your strengths and your weaknesses, your likes and your dislikes. Do you have any fears? What are your Goals, in your personal life and career. Are you married or engaged or in some form of a relationship

How would I describe myself... I'm not particularly sure. Okay then, I am confident, I am opinionated. I am not a pushover, make no mistake. Of course, people call me cynical, after all, I am very critical of those around me. Guarded, that's another way you could describe me. I just don't like to open up to everyone, even if it makes me tense and uptight. I don't care. I am who I am, deal with it. As for my strengths, I am hard working, reliable and absolutely determined. Weaknesses... I am not a very sociable person. I am also very uncomfortable near people I can not relate to and I can't do anything which involves discomfort. When it comes to Likes, I do like to be neat and orderly. I really hate it when things are disorganised or sloppy. My brother calls me a control freak sometimes. I guess I am, though I do try to fight it.

Now, this is getting rather personal. No, I am not in a relationship with anybody, but I do not see how this is any of your business. Anyway, I am completely unromantic. Love is an illusion. There is no use bothering with it. As for my Goals, I want to further my Career as much as possible. Personal Goals... I can't say that I can think of anything on the spot. Anyway, is this going to take much longer? I have an appointment with a witness in about half an hour. I want to be prepared.

Fascinating... Oh, sorry. Yes, just two more questions or so. It shouldn't be long now, though we do want to be thorough. Okay then, what can you tell us about your personal History?

Good. I'll try and keep this short then.

So, I had a fairly uneventful childhood. Okay... Maybe not completely uneventful. When I was little I was... just a little bit different. Deluded, like most children, about how there really might be fairytales. 'True Love' and all that. Complete rubbish of course. Anyway, I realised the truth shortly before I went to Hogwarts. My school life was also generally uneventful, though of course, I was excellent in all my classes. I was hardworking even then. As you must know from my NEWT results.

Then there was Voldemort. Working in the Ministry, well, I was at the heart of it all. And my god, I didn't know what to do exactly. I tried to keep my head down, do my job and try to keep my morals with some of the completely ridiculous stuff going on. I went back to Hogwarts for the 'battle', spent a few days in ST. Mungo's healing a couple of injuries and got back to work to help rebuild. I hope that is it?

Yes... Yes it is. Thank you very much for your time, you have been most helpful.