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By The Water is a literate-to-advanced, nautical-themed feline roleplaying guild based loosely on the Warriors books by Erin Hunter. Our cats live on an island amongst the remains of a wrecked ship, their heritage and customs intertwined and interlinked with the ways of seafarers and sailors.

We are now officially open. As a community intended to grow, the members of BTW love little more than having fun, seeing new faces, RPing their hearts out, and telling bad pirate jokes. We'd love to have you join and come aboard. For more information about BTW and how to apply, read through the rest of these pages. If you have any questions, please feel free to message Mimi (formeandonlyme) or Meep (123meepitsneegeater).

PAGE VIEWS: 6500+             MEMBERS: 9
MESSAGES: 270+         FOUNDED: 10/06/12

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  • Respect is the first rule of BTW. It is the basis of our order. We cannot force you to have fun, but we believe that others should be treated with kindness. Act with empathy. Remember your manners. If you're having a problem with another member of the guild, please contact a council member. Keep personal arguments off of the guild board. Favoritism, discrimination, intolerance, and cliques are not a part of our philosophy.

  • BTW is a literate-to-advanced guild. The standard implied by those descriptors applies both OOC and IC. No one will mind if you use a little chatspeak or some smilies OOC, but all posts must be in complete sentences and easy to understand. You must use some form of OOC/BIC. All IC posts must be at least six sentences. That is two small paragraphs. That is the absolute minimum. A minimum of ten sentences (two well-developed paragraphs) per IC post is preferred. Correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization are all expected. Spamming and flooding are not acceptable behaviors to indulge in at any time.

  • BTW does not have a specific activity requirement. Everyone's situation is different and we understand that times can be tough. However, we will have member sweeps every month. If you will not be able to post for an extended period of time, please inform a council member, preferably Mimi. Lack of communication is the only reason you will be deleted.

  • Powerplaying and godmoding are not allowed. You cannot kill another player's cat without their permission. Additionally, all cats should be balanced. Each should have flaws and weaknesses as well as good points and strengths. Characters that are perfect do not exist. Even little Ms. Perfect has someone who hates her because of one quirk or another. Strive for quirkiness and try to be sensible.

  • Please follow Neopets' rules when you're on the board. Feel free to break out your pirate slang, but you can't swear like a sailor. Violence and gore should not reach new levels of horror. Address it clinically or artistically. Content should be appropriate for a PG-13 movie at the very worst. We can have plenty of G-rated fun. You can snicker at some of the things that have to be happening off-camera too if you want.

  • BTW is not a wholly realistic roleplay. However, we do not allow characters with powers, blue fur, or horns. Our supernatural elements only extend as far as the clan's spirituality. In fact, when it comes to characters, we expect genetic probability. We take a fairly logical, realistic approach to most aspects within the game world. Calico toms are extremely rare; they are doubtful to appear here. Names can be creative, but they must also make sense within our setting.

  • BTW does not have a character limit at this time; you are fee to make as many characters as you would like. However, it is expected that all characters will be kept active by their players outside of absences. See the character page for more information on application requirements.

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    TideClan lives where no other clan does: on an island thousand of miles from any continent. They are not an offshoot of the forest clans. They are instead cousins, linked ancestrally at a point many years before the creation of any of the clans. When a large ship wrecked itself on the reefs of a southern island, the ratters aboard the vessel found themselves alone in a hostile environment with only the cats from other wrecked ships to keep them company. It took several years, as trade routes changed and the world turned, but eventually, the cats settled and TideClan was born, built on old traditions and the ways of the sea.

    The cats of TideClan look to the moon, which makes the tides shift and brought them to the island, for guidance. They live on a ship that wrecked high on the beach, shoring it up with brambles and branches to keep it in good repair. They organize themselves like a crew, but they lived honorably, each kit brought up in the ways of the island and the clan. They are TideClan. They are the cats of the sea.

    Life on the island is not easy, but TideClan has thrived over the years, growing and shrinking as the sea and the temperamental land dealt their blows. By sticking together, they have survived where cats are not supposed to live. They have changed little, even as the world has changed outside their secluded home. Nowadays, ships appear on the horizon every once and a while, but outsiders are the stuff of legends. It is the jungles and meadows of the island that hold danger for the rooted clan. There are hostile beasts to battle and storms to weather, so everyday they mind the ship and hunt the seas.

    However, there is another ship on the horizon now, though the clan pays it little mind. The past season has been rough; many cats have been lost to foxes and fossa, including the clan's elderly surgeon. Greenleaf has only just settled over the island, bringing oppressively hot and humid weather. There is so much to do and no time to worry about the dot growing steadily larger on the horizon. However, during his/her last trip to the reflection pool, TideClan's new surgeon received a prophecy:

    The tide will rise,
    And bring allies and spies.

    The cats of the island may not be worried; it is not in their nature to worry, but something is coming. The tides are changing and as every good sailor knows, nothing came stop them from doing what they desire.

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    By The Water is a literate-to-advanced guild, but applying is a quick and painless process. To apply to BTW, place the following info on a petpage and neomail a link to Mimi or Meep. You may format it anyway you desire:

  • username, name, and an about me
  • previous guild and roleplaying experience
  • why you're interested in BTW
  • a roleplaying sample, preferably recent
  • If you need a petpage, feel free to use our guild application page layout:

    by the water's website → faq

    « home » « rules » « plot » « apply » « faq »

    If you have a question, please neomail any member of the council. If you find a typo or error in any of the information, please neomail Mimi.

    what does a boatswain do

    A boatswain is similar to a senior warrior. They spend most of their time performing the duties of whatever rank they previously had (either striker or gunner). However, having proved that they can perform both skill sets sufficiently, they have now trained, or are training, at least one cadet. They are trusted by the captain and highly respected in the clan.

    isn't btw like that one guild

    While we do pride ourselves on our originality, BTW is not the first Warriors guild to incorporate ocean-related elements. Mimi also incorporated some elements she has contributed to guilds in the past into BTW. However, BTW is currently the only active nautical Warriors guild and the only one known to have created a unique ranking system.

    btw's members → ranks

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    BTW is currently open and accepting new membership applications. See the apply page in the website tab for more information on how to apply to BTW.

    OILER - this is the starting rank and you receive it as soon as your application is accepted and you click the join link. Welcome aboard, matey!

    MONKEY - earned after 50 posts and one week of membership. You've submitted a character, been active on the board, and gotten your feet wet.

    STRIKER - earned after 200 posts and two weeks of membership. You now know port from starboard and actively RP. Other members know your name.

    GUNNER - earned after 500 posts and one month of membership. You're an experienced sailor and have fully settled into both the guild and the RP.

    BOATSWAIN - earned after 900 posts and two months of membership. You are a real institution at By The Water and have proved you are here to stay.

    by the water's members → motm

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    There is currently no Member Of The Month. Please check back next month to see who becomes By The Water's first Member Of The Month.

    The last week of each month, the council accepts nominations for the following month's Member Of The Month from within the guild. To qualify to be considered for MOTM, a member must be striker rank or above within the guild. All members are welcome to nominate other members they think are deserving. Following the nomination period, the council members then select the nominee they feel best embodies the qualities of a By The Water MOTM: creativity, friendliness, enthusiasm, activity, patience, empathy, and helpfulness. The selected member is then announced and promoted to the fifth council rank in BTW for one month to mark their achievement and dedication to the guild and its values. Becoming MOTM is a high honor.

    btw's members → council

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    parrotstar, redstrike


    btw's members → members

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    We are currently seeking a third council member. In the RP, they will play the current surgeon of TideClan. Dedication and experience of some kind are required. It is preferable that you have either graphics or coding abilities if not both. To apply, place the following info on a petpage and neomail a link to Mimi. Format it how you think it would be best organized:

  • username, name, and why you are interested
  • previous council and admin experience
  • examples of previous coding and/or graphics
  • what you think makes a good leader
  • general character concept for surgeon
  • a roleplaying sample with said character
  • If you need a petpage, feel free to use our guild application page layout:

    tideclan's territory → camp

    « camp » « island »

    THE GANGPLANK - A wide plank of wood with thin slats that help with grip leads up to the main deck of the ship. It is the only way to get aboard without climbin up the sides. Wore down by thousands of paws and scratched by thousands of claws, the wood is smooth and soft to the touch, though the battered plank still remains strong enough to bear the weight of many cats. The height of the ship, beached upright in the sand, means the climb up to the top of the gangplank is long, but it is set at a gentle incline to make it easy enough for all cats in the clan to complete. One or two gunners are found standing guard at the top of the gangplank at all times except form nights with full moons.

    THE FRESH-KILL PILE - Located behind the aft mast, the fresh-kill pile is where strikers and cabin monkeys place their catches. The pile is actually usually multiple piles, separated into fish and terrestrial prey. The taller of the two masts, the nearby aft mast has lost almost all of its rigging over the moons, but adventurous kits, oilers, and cabin monkeys are known to try climbing it every once in a while.

    THE FOREDECK - Located at the bow of the ship, the foredeck is where meetings are held. Barrels have been pushed to form a circle around the fore mast and the captain sits upon them to address the clan. Shorter than the aft mast, the fore mast has also lost much of its rigging. It is considered inappropriate to climb the fore mast. A large, worn wooden plank, called the stem, protrudes out in front of the bow, above the raised, decorative platform that makes up the ship's nose. Both are often used as places to look out over the beach.

    THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN - Located on the gun deck, the captain's cabin serves the same purpose it always has, though it has been changed to suit a cat rather than a human. The portholes, long broken, have been filled with brambles. Blankets, leaves, and moss have been pushed together to form a bed beneath a table at the back of the cabin. The table itself allows the captain to peer out through the brambles if they sit upon it, a wooden chair pushed against the wall allowing easy access to its top. The doors of the large wardrobe nailed to the left wall hang open, revealing that nothing lies within it. More heavy chairs surround the cabin's closed door, keeping the captain's deck separate from the rest of the gun deck. One of the stairs from the main deck leads into a corner by the door, the hatch kept propped half open, allowing in light.

    THE GUNNERS' CABIN - A narrow, steep staircase leads down into the back of the gunners' cabin. They are the first line of defense in case of attack and thus they are place in the cabin nearest the entrance. The cannons that were once used to protect the ship remain as if readied to be fired through the open windows that allow in what light fills the gunners' cabin. Beds of moss and leaves are tucked between the cannons, two or three cats sleeping between each. An open hatch leads near the stairs leads into the strikers' cabin; a set of stairs near the center lead down to the cadets' cabin. Gunners turned boatswains also sleep here as does the quartermaster.

    THE STRIKERS' CABIN - Filling the front half of the gun deck, the strikers' cabin closely resembles the gunners' cabin, two or three cats sleeping between each set of cannons. It has no stairs but instead is accessed through the open hatch leading to the gunners' cabin. Strikers turned boatswains also sleep here.

    THE SURGEON'S CABIN - Formerly the ship's galley, the surgeon's cabin has a large table nailed to the floor at its center. A counter top and cabinets cover the walls. The upper ones are used to store herbs in oyster and clam shells. The lower ones are filled with moss and are used as beds for patients so that each has their one space. The surgeon and their cadet sleep in the two sinks that exist in the counter top, the hard wood padded with leaves and moss. The surgeon's cabin is accessed through a half open hatch that leads into the cadets' cabin.

    THE CADETS' CABIN - Unnecessarily large in size, the cadets' cabin takes up the majority of the second deck. Formerly the bunk room, wooden beds are bolted to the walls. Many of the thin mattresses have been dragged down to the veterans' cabin, but the cadets usually make do with the ones that are left, sleep up three to a bunk if their numbers grow too great for them to each have their own. A staircase leads down from the gun duck into an open area at the back of the cadets' cabin and a second leads down into a hallway on the storage deck.

    THE NURSERY - Part of the storage deck, the nursety is filled with open barrels that have been pushed against the walls. Each barrel is filled with moss and acts as the temporary home of one matron and her kits. The center of the nursery's floor is open, offering older kits a protected place to play. The nursery is accessed through a hatch that leads into the small hallway that exists between the nursery and the veterans' den; the stairs that lead down to the storage deck fill up most of the hall.

    THE VETERANS' CABIN - Formerly the main part of the storage deck, the veterans' cabin is now largely empty. However, mattresses have been taken from the cadets' cabin to line the floor. Padded with moss, they offer the clan's veterans comfortable places to sleep. Unless there is an unusually high number of veterans, each gets their own mattress. The veterans' cabin is accessed through a hatch propped open with a barrel that leads into the small, empty hallway between it and the nursery.

    tideclan's territory → island

    « camp » « island »

    THE SHIP - TideClan's camp has been built into the remains of an aging wrecked ship. Though portions of it have rotted away as hundreds of generations and storms passed through and over it, the ship is still it reasonably good repair. Cadets and sailors are often put to work keeping it in good order, holes filled with brambles and branches. The main deck holds the fresh-kill pile and is where most of the clan's business occurs. There is one gangplank on which to enter or exit the ship. The three compartments on the gun deck, right below the main deck, are divided amongst the gunners, the strikers, and the captain as well as the quartermaster and any boatswains. The galley portion of the deck below the gun deck is used by the surgeon and rest of it is set aside for the cadets. The two compartments on the storage deck, the lowest deck of the ship, are used as the veterans' den and nursery.

    THE GARDEN - The garden is the fertile forest that makes up the rest of the point where the ship crashed. Because of its soft ground and shady trees, it is often used for training young oilers. It is also full of herbs and medicinal plants, so the surgeon often spends their days amongst its lovely flora, trying to avoid venturing too far into the jungle. The garden is also sometimes the retreat of young romantics.

    THE JUNGLE - Thick rainforest makes up most of the island. The tropical weather and warm rains hit most of the northern portion of the island with tremendous force, leaving a thick tangle of vines and trees for agile gunners and strikers to navigate. The jungle holds many secrets, once discovered but now lost. One can cross it a thousand times but not truly know a thing about it. The thick underbrush and canopies make for good hunting but also mean that other predators abound. Like the sea, the jungle doesn't like to be tamed by any single individual cat.

    THE HARBOR - To the southeast of the ship, the narrow beaches give way to high cliffs, filled with precariously placed caves and tunnels. They surround a natural harbor. The fishing is supposedly good and oysters abound down near the water, but finding a way to reach the the clear, calm inlet beneath the cliffs is no easy task. It is much safer to merely use the rocky crags as a strategic viewpoint.

    THE SAND DUNES - There is a small portion of the island to the north where the jungle gives way, allowing sand dunes to crop up before the land runs into the sea. These rolling, constantly shifting piles of fine dirt and grass make for poor hunting but are excellent training grounds for monkeys and experienced oilers. The loose ground makes climbing and running difficult, but there is no better place to build up strength and endurance or take a tumble while practicing one's fighting moves.

    THE WESTERN ISLES - The western isles are connected to the island underwater by a band of shallow reefs. The two larger islands in the miniature chain are probably the only offshoots that can be reached by most swimmers. Covered in little more than a few stray palm trees and a lot of sand, strikers only bother to use them to hunt crab.

    THE NORTHERN ISLES - The northern isles contain a few stray bits of land that are too far for most cats to reach by swimming. However, the water between them and the main island is great for fishing and shallow dives, filled with reefs and only a weak current. Though the underwater gardens lack much color here, they're packed with schools of fish made for eating. Since this portion of water is adjacent to the dunes, it is often used to teach young apprentices how to swim and fish in the ocean, once they're mastered those skills in freshwater.

    THE EASTERN BEACHES - These beaches have no dunes. They are not craggy or rocky. They're paved in fine, white sand. Despite the pristine loveliness of this location, the waters beyond them can be treacherous, a riptide ready to pull the unwary straight out to sea. Since much of this section of the island is located far from the ship or any widely used areas, few cats venture here more than once or twice a year for training or fishing. Striker patrols occasionally come here.

    THE HILLS - Separating the jungle from the southern portion of the island, the hills act as a barrier that seperates two very different types of forestland. They stretch up to a thousand feet in the air, though most are much smaller, little more than bumps in the ground in the grand scheme of things. They're covered in short, green grass and bits of wayward moss. There have been a few instances of snow covering the tops of the higher ones, but the icy touch of winter rarely has much effect on any portion of this tropical island. The hills form only a narrow band, but they aren't very easy to cross.

    THE WOODS - Unlike the jungle, this forest is brown and dry. The underbrush is thin and mostly compromised of large ferns. The trees are mostly birches and the odd example of rosewood or one of the lighter ebony species. This area isn't commonly accessed, but it's great for hunting rabbits and sparrows if one is willing to take the time to reach it.

    THE REFLECTION POOL - This deep, wide pool connects to the ocean deep beneath the island. While the island's other ponds are freshwater, this sacred lake always tastes slightly of salt, ebbing and flowing gently with the motions of the moon. It is surrounded by sheer pinnacles of stone, the area rocky much like the western coastline and its sheer cliffs. The pool is difficult to reach and serves as a point of strong connection between TideClan and MoonClan. The clear surface and dark depths reflect one's own gaze back much like a mirror.

    THE SOUTHERN BEACHES - In comparison to everything else, these beaches are normal and tame. They much resemble the smooth wash of the sand surrounding the ship, but the incline is a little steeper, the water a little rougher. Despite that, there is little danger present in this location. It's far from the clan's camp, but animals scuttle about the sands and fish swim about the waters. It is not particularly peaceful or calm, but it is wholly normal and rather underwhelming for all that it offers a fair bit of safety for those who venture this far from the ship.

    tideclan's cats → tideclan

    « tideclan » « outsiders » « statistics » « apply »


    → captain ←

    played by mimi

    a small, pale tortoiseshell she-cat with dull gray-green eyes
    (cadet: none)

    → quartermaster ←

    played by meep

    a stern gray-blue tom with a white chest, belly, and muzzle
    (cadet: none)


    → surgeon ←


    → surgical cadet ←



    → boatswains ←

    played by carry

    a goofy, long-haired, lilac lynx point tom with vivid blue eyes
    (cadet: unnamed)

    → strikers ←


    → gunners ←

    played by ali

    a cream she-cat with light tabby markings and green eyes
    (cadet: none)

    played by mimi

    a big, dark red bicolor tabby tom with yellowish amber eyes
    (cadet: none)


    → cabin monkeys ←


    → powder monkeys ←


    → oilers ←



    → matrons ←


    → kits ←



    → retired ←


    → deceased ←

    played by no one

    a lilac tabby she-cat who bore three kits with redstrike
    (legacy: unnamed, unnamed, unnamed)

    played by no one

    a dark brown tabby tom who mentored redstrike
    (legacy: redstrike)

    played by no one

    a dark gray tom and brother of parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a ginger tabby tom and father of redstrike
    (legacy: redstrike)

    played by no one

    a cream tabby she-cat and mother of parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a cream tabby she-cat and mother of redstrike
    (legacy: redstrike)

    played by no one

    a grayish blue tom and father of parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a blue tabby tom who was the former leader of tideclan
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a tiny gray she-cat and sister of parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a small silvery tabby tom and brother of palesurf
    (legacy: palesurf)

    played by no one

    a black tom who was a gunner mentored by parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    played by no one

    a silver-gray tabby she-cat and mother of palesurf
    (legacy: palesurf)

    played by no one

    a tiny tabby tom who was mentored by palesurf
    (legacy: palesurf)

    played by no one

    a large, stocky blue tabby tom who mentored parrotstar
    (legacy: parrotstar)

    tideclan's cats → outsiders

    « tideclan » « outsiders » « statistics » « apply »


    tideclan's cats → statistics

    « tideclan » « outsiders » « statistics » « apply »

    SHE-CATS: 02/50
    TIDECLAN: 02
    TOMS: 03/50
    TIDECLAN: 03

    TIDECLAN: 05/70
    TOMS: 03
    SHE-CATS: 02
    OUTSIDERS: 00/30
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00

    CAPTAIN: 01/01
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 01
    TOMS: 01
    SHE-CATS: 00
    SURGEON: 00/01
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    BOATSWAINS: 01/11
    TOMS: 01
    SHE-CATS: 00
    STRIKERS: 00/11
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    GUNNERS: 02/11
    TOMS: 01
    SHE-CATS: 01
    CABIN MONKEYS: 00/03
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    OILERS: 00/06
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    MATRONS: 00/05
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    KITS: 00/10
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00
    VETERANS: 00/06
    TOMS: 00
    SHE-CATS: 00

    cats by age

  • 01 -
  • 02 -
  • 03 -
  • 04 -
  • 05 -
  • 06 -
  • 07 -
  • 08 -
  • 09 -
  • 10 -
  • 11 -
  • 12 -
  • 13 -
  • 14 -
  • 15 -
  • 16 -
  • 17 -
  • 18 -
  • 19 -
  • 20 -
  • 21 -
  • 22 -
  • 23 -
  • 24 -
  • 25 -
  • 26 -
  • 27 - Dawnheart
  • 28 -
  • 29 -
  • 30 -
  • 31 -
  • 32 -
  • 33 -
  • 34 -
  • 35 -
  • 36 -
  • 37 - Redstrike
  • 38 -
  • 39 -
  • 40 -
  • 41 -
  • 42 -
  • 43 -
  • 44 -
  • 45 -
  • 46 -
  • 47 -
  • 48 -
  • 49 - Parrotstar
  • 50 -
  • 51 -
  • 52 -
  • 53 -
  • 54 - Palesurf
  • 55 -
  • 56 -
  • 57 -
  • 58 -
  • 59 -
  • 60 -
  • 61 -
  • 62 -
  • 63 -
  • 64 -
  • 65 -
  • 66 -
  • 67 -
  • 68 -
  • 69 -
  • 70 -
  • 71 -
  • 72 -
  • 73 -
  • 74 -
  • 75 -
  • 76 -
  • 77 -
  • 78 -
  • 79 -
  • 80 -
  • 81 -
  • 82 -
  • 83 -
  • 84 -
  • 85 -
  • 86 -
  • 87 -
  • 88 -
  • 89 -
  • 90 -
  • 91 -
  • 92 -
  • 93 -
  • 94 -
  • 95 -
  • 96 -
  • 97 -
  • 98 -
  • 99 -

  • tideclan's cats → apply

    « tideclan » « outsiders » « statistics » « apply »

    application requirements

    Each character needs to have their own petpage or be placed within an anchored petpage so that they have their own unique link. Send finished characters to Mimi or Meep; they'll accept them or ask for edits as needed. You can format your character's page however you'd like, but the following information always needs to be included and easy to find:

  • name, along with their name history, gender, age, and current rank
  • at least one paragraph of personality, minimum eight sentences
  • at least one paragraph on appearance, minimum five sentences
  • history appropriate to age and a list of their family members
  • marked section for their last IC post that is to be kept up-to-date
  • If you need a petpage, feel free to use our guild character page layout:

    currently accepting

    Before applying, you are encouraged to check the wanted characters list below or check the statistics page to see what other cats would have been in the nursery around the time whatever cat you have in mind would have been born. You are more than encouraged to pre-plot relationships for your cat as TideClan is a tight-knit group. Additionally, in order to maintain ratios at the start, we are accepting no more than:

  • 1 SURGEON - she-cat or tom, recently promoted after death of mentor, young, also see council application page under members
  • 4 BOATSWAINS - she-cat or tom, would be currently training one of the cadets, could also have trained a living striker or gunner
  • 7 GUNNERS - she-cat or tom
  • 9 STRIKERS - she-cat or tom, one is mother to current monkeys
  • 1 CABIN MONKEY - ten moons old, sibling to powder monkey
  • 1 POWDER MONKEY - ten moons old, sibling to cabin monkey
  • 3 OILERS - seven moons old, all siblings, father is Redstrike
  • 2 MATRONS - most likely have recently deceased mates, one has current younger litter, one is expecting in a moon
  • 5 KITS - two are five moons old, three are two moons old, both parents of older litter are recently deceased due to illness
  • When creating a striker, gunner, or boatswain, please feel free to look at the deceased list on the TideClan page and use any cat listed as mentoring an already existing cat as a mentor for your character. We advise selecting a mentor whose already existing cadet is younger than the cat you have in mind by at least six moons, though older can work.

    In the near future, we will be accepting outsiders for our plot, but at this time, outsider applications are closed and outsiders should not be referenced as having appeared in the history of any cat under seventy moons of age. TideClan's cats are usually the only ones on the island.

    wanted characters

  • Parrotstar needs a striker who was her cadet when she was a quartermaster. Twenty-one moons old. Name and gender are up to you.
  • Redstrike needs his three kits who are now oilers who are seven moons. Their mother died when they were three moons. She-cats or toms. Red, chocolate, lilac, or cream mackerel or spotted bicolor tabbies.

  • advertise btw → neoboards

    « neoboards » « graphics »

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    tideclan's customs → overview

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »

    TideClan shares many traditions with its distant cousins, the clans of the forest, using the same basic naming system as their distant peers amongst other things. However, it also has its own culture that has developed over the past several hundred years. Given that many cats live their entire lives without seeing outsiders, crew life tends to be very monotonous. Loyalty to the clan is considered paramount, but tensions between rivals do run high, especially during times of bounty and peace.

    There are two classes of sailor. Gunners are the primary fighters, battling against the predators that fill the clan's island home and defending the ship. Strikers are the main hunters; they are very skilled at what they do. For a gunner or a striker to become a trusted boatswain or mentor any cadet, they must prove themselves to be proficient as both a hunter and a warrior. Due to the water that surrounds them, swimming is a highly valued skill and expected of everyone, though strikers generally prove themselves to be better in the water. A captain may choose their quartermaster from the ranks of the gunners or strikers, though they more commonly select a trusted boatswain. A junior cadet, called an oiler, is trained in basic skills by their mentor. Then when they are nine or ten moons old, they decide whether they want to be a striker or a gunner, becoming a cabin or powder monkey. They continue to train under the same mentor but focus their efforts on their intended position.

    TideClan reveres and listens to their ancestors in MoonClan. The stars show them where they are. The moon rules their life and that is where they believe the spirits of the fallen go to rest. Each full moon, the captain, surgeon, and quartermaster venture to the reflection pool, far south of the clan's camp, to seek guidance from MoonClan. They are accompanied by the surgical cadet if there is one at the time. Any new cadet, new sailor, or retiring veteran may also go with them, though the captain and surgeon are allowed to choose to leave behind anyone they believe unfit. It is a treacherous journey, but it is also an honorable one.

    Technically, the cats of TideClan own the entirety of the island on which they reside. However, anything beyond the gardens is considered dangerous. Predatory creatures are always a threat, so patrols of gunners are constantly sent how to check for dangers in order to make sure hunting patrols can do their work safely. Many hunting patrols take to the water, using their prized swimming skills. One's abilities at diving and keeping up one's endurance against currents are considered vitally important. Though dangers also lurk in the water, it is believed that the ocean can always offer safety if one knows how to understand its ebb and flow. The only area that gunners are truly sworn to keep safe and protect is the ship that makes up the camp. The leader is also expected to protect the reflection pool. Threats to those areas are what will rouse the true ire of TideClan. Any threat found near the ship is quickly killed.

    Relationships in the clan tend to be open. Mates are mates, but it is not uncommon for a she-cat interested in bearing children to simply ask a tom to sire them without commitment. Promiscuity may cause rumors, but it will not bring much retribution. Captains can bear children as they wish, both she-cats and toms. While violence towards another clanmate will bring severe punishment, a surgeon producing children will only be met with disapproval and loss of rank. It is MoonClan that will take them to task for breaking away from their vows by bearing or siring any litters.

    the code

  • A gunner must always defend others in the clan with their life.
  • Strikers must feed others before themselves.
  • Do not dream of places beyond the sea.
  • Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to MoonClan for its life.
  • A kit must be at least six moons old to become a cadet.
  • On the first night, new sailors must perform their position's duties.
  • A sailor cannot be made quartermaster with first mentoring a cadet.
  • The quartermaster will become the next captain when the old one dies.
  • A new quartermaster must be appointed the day the old one dies.
  • All who do not journey under the full moon must rest that night.
  • The ship and its waters must be protected above all else.
  • No sailor can neglect a kit in pain or danger.
  • The word of the captain is law; the captain is the clan's first servant.
  • A cat of TideClan does not kill another cat of TideClan.
  • The heart of the surgeon belongs to MoonClan.
  • A sailor rejects all mutinous thoughts and follows the ways of the sea.

  • cat basics

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    tideclan's customs → terms

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »

    general terminology

  • clan - a group of cats who follow the old ways; only one on the island
  • crew - a slang term used to refer to the clan
  • crowfood - carcass that has started to rot; can be an insult
  • fresh-kill - a piece of prey caught for the purpose of consumption
  • gunner patrol - normal patrol; group of gunners checking boundaries
  • halfbridge - dock; used to refer to entrance to clan's camp
  • landlubber - loner; refers to any not loyal to the clan
  • making dirt - going to the bathroom; defecating
  • mutineer - traitor; rogue; anyone who betrays the clan
  • sharing tongues - cats grooming and sharing gossip; shows friendship
  • she-cat - a female cat
  • ship - refers to the camp; can be used for boats seen out at sea
  • striker patrol - hunting patrol; group of strikers hunting for fresh-kill
  • the code - a set of laws and beliefs that guide the cats of TideClan
  • tom - a male cat

    tideclan ranks

  • boatswain - a senior sailor who has trained at least one cadet
  • cabin monkey - refers to a senior cadet training to become a striker
  • cadet - used to refer to any apprentice in the clan
  • captain - leader of the clan; has nine lives
  • gunner - a warrior who specializes in fighting and defending the clan
  • kit - a kitten younger than six moons
  • matron - queen; mother; a she-cat carrying or caring for kits
  • monkey - refers to any senior cadet; affectionate term for youth
  • oiler - a junior cadet who has not decided to be a striker or gunner
  • powder monkey - refers to a senior cadet training to become a gunner
  • quartermaster - deputy; first mate to the captain
  • sailor - used to refer to any adult cat in the clan
  • striker - a warrior who specializes in hunting and swimming
  • surgeon - medicine cat; healer; communes with MoonClan
  • surgical cadet - apprentice training to become the surgeon
  • veteran - elder; has retired from duty and is honored and respected

    phrases and insults

  • as much use as a dead fox - used to refer to someone who is useless
  • bees in your brain - used to refer to a cat who isn't making sense
  • doesn't matter a whisker - unimportant
  • don't give a mousetail - exclamation suggesting indifference
  • fishfur - considered a compliment; means one is a good swimmer
  • fox-dung - stupid; crap
  • fox-hearted - cruel; evil
  • furball - friendly insult
  • hedgehogs will fly - impossible; highly unlikely
  • mouse-brained - refers to a stupid action or cat
  • mouse-dung - darn; stupid
  • mouse-hearted - cowardly
  • sorry catches no prey - old saying
  • fight like a landlubber - means that one fights poorly

    time and distance

  • fox-length - a yard
  • greenleaf - summer
  • half-moon - about two weeks; half a month
  • kit-hop - an inch and a half
  • leaf-bare - winter
  • leaf-fall - autumn
  • moon - approximately a month
  • moonhigh - midnight
  • mouse-tail - an inch
  • mouse-length - two inches
  • newleaf - spring
  • pawprint - three inches
  • pawstep - half a foot
  • quarter-moon - about a week
  • rabbit-hop - a foot and a half
  • sunhigh - noon
  • sunrise - a day
  • tail-length - a foot
  • tree-length - fifty feet

  • tideclan's customs → fauna

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »


    Cypseloides niger
    a sooty dark gray bird with a slightly forked tail
    found in cliffs by ocean, requires excellent stealth

    Cypseloides niger
    a very large bird with red and pink feathers
    small colony in jungle, must be hunted in group

    Cathartes aura
    a small rodent with pale gray-brown fur
    rare, found throughout island, hunted by groups

    Chaetodipterus faber
    a medium-sized fish with black stripes and a silver body
    found throughout surrounding waters, strong fighter

    Sepioteuthis lessonian
    a small to medium-sized that can change colors
    throughout surrounding waters, easy catch for strikers

    Caranx lugubris
    a medium-sized white gull with a black head and wings
    found throughout island, easy catch for experienced striker

    Saimiri vanzolinii
    a small primate with a pale orange, white, and black fur
    found in the jungle, difficult catch for experienced striker

    Holacanthus bermudensis
    a medium-sized fish with a yellowish body and blue hightlights
    found in reefs, easy catch for experienced striker

    Cardisoma guanhumi
    a large oblong fish with a gray or brown body and black fins
    found in open water, should be hunted in group

    Corvus ruficollis
    a passerine bird with glossy black feathers
    usually nests in palm trees, requires excellent stealth

    Pelecanus occidentalis
    a small pelican with a large bill and a yellowish head
    found in jungle, difficult catch for experienced striker

    Opisthocomus hoazin
    a large bird with a spiky crown and red feathers
    found in jungle, difficult catch for experienced striker

    Amphioctopus marginatus
    a medium-sized cephalopod with vein-like markings
    found in sandy inlets, catching requires correct strategy

    Artibeus jamaicensi
    a small bat with grayish brown fur and pointed ears
    nocturnal, easy catch for experienced striker

    Sturnus vulgaris
    a shiny black passerine bird with white spots
    common, found throughout southern portion of island

    Pionus fuscus
    a medium-sized bird with red, blue, and gray-brown feathers
    found on edges of jungle, easy catch for experienced striker

    Sterna nereis
    a small tern with white feathers
    found on all beaches, requires excellent speed

    Neophema pulchella
    a large bird with gray plumage and a crown of golden feather
    rare, found in jungle, must be hunted by group

    Mulleripicus pulverulentus
    a large, gregarious bird with slate gray feathers
    found in woods and jungle, difficult catch for striker

    Cardisoma guanhumi
    a large rodent with brown fur and a white belly
    found in the hills, very easy catch for experienced striker

    Eretmochelys imbricata
    a marine turtle with a flattened body and curved beak
    found in reefs, usually hunted in group

    Hyelaphus porcinus
    a small deer with a dark brown or reddish brown coat
    found in the woods, should be hunted only by group

    Lachnolaimus maximus
    a wrasse with red to orange scales
    common throughout surrounding waters, very good to eat

    Fenneropenaeus indicus
    a large prawn with pink to brown colored flesh
    found found in mud or sand, very easy catch for swimmer

    Sarkidiornis melanotos
    a large water fowl with a freckled head and iridescent wings
    found by ponds, difficult catch for experienced striker

    Spilopelia senegalensis
    a small, slim pigeon with reddish brown feathers
    found in the hills, easy catch for experienced striker

    Leucophaeus atricilla
    a medium-sized white gull with a black head and wings
    found throughout island, easy catch for experienced striker

    Enchelycore pardalis
    a marine eel with curved jaws and vivid red stripes on its head
    nocturnal, found in reefs, should only be hunted by group

    Egretta caerulea
    a small heron with blue-gray feathers and a purplish neck
    common, found throughout jungle, should be hunted in group

    Sciurillus pusillus
    a very small tree squirrel with a long, slender tail
    common, found throughout jungle, requires excellent reflexes

    Donax hanleyanus
    a bivalve mollusk with sharp folds on its shell
    can be found in the harbor, very difficult to open

    Amblyglyphidodon indicus
    a deep-bodied, pale blue-green fish with black-tipped fins
    found throughout reefs, easy catch for experienced striker

    Odontodactylus scyllarus
    a large, colorful shrimp with bright leopard-like spots
    found in reefs, easy catch for any diver

    Acanthurus leucosternon
    a light blue tang with yellow and white highlighted fins
    found in reefs, easy catch for experienced striker

    Scarus taeniopterus
    a tropical reef fish with a pink and blue striped body
    found in reefs, easy catch for experienced striker

    Rhinecanthus rectangulus
    a fairly aggressive reef fish with bright yellow markings
    found in reefs, easy catch for experienced striker

    Poospiza torquata
    a small bird with a black and white striped head and gray body
    found in hills and woods, easy catch for experienced striker

    Corvus frugilegus
    a passerine bird with blue or purple-tinged black feathers
    found throughout island, live in colonies

    Aimophila rufescens
    a small, brown bird with pinkish cheeks
    found in hills and woods, easy catch for experienced striker

    Malacanthus plumieri
    a cream or tan fish with a slender body and crescent tail
    found around edges of reefs, easy catch for any diver

    Kyphosus sectatrix
    a medium-sized fish with yellow stripes
    found throughout surrounding waters, strong fighter

    Corvus enca
    a medium-sized bird with black feathers and legs
    found in jungle, easy catch for experienced striker

    Aetobatus narinari
    a cartilaginous fish with white spots and multiple spins
    venom is dangerous, must be hunted by experienced group

    Holocentrus adscensionis
    a light red to pink fish with silver streaks
    sharp spines, difficult catch for experienced striker

    Nesolagus netscheri
    a medium-sized rabbit with gray fur and brown stripes
    found in hills and woods, easy catch for experienced striker

    Peromyscus perfulvus
    a small rodent with reddish fur and a long, hairy tail
    found in the woods, very easy catch for experienced striker

    Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps
    a gray or bluish fish with numerous yellow dots
    found amongst rocks, should be hunted by group

    Panulirus ornatus
    a large, spiny lobster with a blue carapace and striped legs
    found throughout surrounding waters, very easy catch for diver

    Cryptotis tropicalis
    a very small mammal with a dense coat of brown hair
    found in the hills, very easy catch for experienced striker

    Cathartes aura
    a large black carrion feeder with a bald head
    rare, found throughout island, hunted by groups

    Neophema pulchella
    a small bird with yellow-green fathers and a turquoise face
    found in woods and jungle, easy catch for experienced striker

    Donax hanleyanus
    a marine bivalve mollusk with a smooth, cream-colored shell
    can be found on any beach, hard to open but good eating

    Patagioenas leucocephala
    a dark gray medium-sized bird with a white head
    common throughout island, easy prey for any adult cat

    Haemulon plumierii
    a small to large perciform with silvery cream scales
    found throughout surrounds waters, best hunted in pairs

    Sus scrofa
    a small pig with a compact body and bristle-like hair
    found throughout island, should be hunted only by group

    Hirundo smithii
    a small passerine bird with a dark body and chestnut crown
    found throughout island, requires excellent stealth


    Macrovipera schweizeri
    a copper-colored reptile that is roughly two feet in length
    venom from bite is fatal if not treated immediately

    Boiga irregularis
    a rear-fanged reptile that is three to six feet in length
    venom is disorienting but not fatal except to kits

    Carcharhinus perezi
    a predator that dominates the waters surrounding the island
    common, can easily kill any cat, attracted to sound

    Falco tinnunculus
    a bird of prey with chestnut plumage and black spots
    rare but found throughout island, dangerous to kits and oilers

    Canis latrans
    a small gray-brown canine with a white belly and red muzzle
    will slaughter entire patrols for food but rare

    Geranospiza caerulescens
    a gray raptor with very long legs and a banded tail
    found throughout the island, only serious threat to kits

    Cryptoprocta ferox
    a medium-sized, cat-like, carnivorous mammal with red fur
    most common terrestrial threat, requires gunner patrol to kill

    Lycalopex griseus
    a medium-sized canine that is roughly twenty inches in length
    second most common terrestrial predator but avoids cats

    Harpia harpyja
    a large raptor with slate gray feathers and yellow feet
    lives in jungle, capable of killing a small adult cat

    Arctonyx collaris
    a stocky mustelid with brown hair and a pig-like snout
    nocturnal, rare, very dangerous if provoked or bothered

    (Falco peregrinus
    a slate gray bird of prey with barring
    known to grab kits on beach, easily killed by gunner

    Elanoides forficatus
    an elanid kite with black and white feathers
    can seriously wound adult cat, easily be killed by gunner

    Megascops choliba
    a small gray-brown bird with a black edge to its face
    only dangerous to kits, can be killed by skilled striker

    tideclan's customs → flora

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »

    a climbing vine with rounded leaves
    eaten by kitting she-cat to slow bleeding and ease pain
    prevents infection and swelling

    a thick, fleshy plant with with leaves serrated with small teeth
    gel used to treat skin, wounds, rashes, and burns
    helps reduce topical inflammation

    a perennial plant with elegant, long leaves and white blooms
    roots help relieve stomach pain
    salve used to clean wounds, treat sores, and draw out toxins

    a tall, sturdy plant with oblong leaves and clusters of red fruit
    ripe fruit given after heavy bleeding to cure anemia
    ripe fruit also improve eyesight and relieves stress

    a papery tree with toothed leaves and spotted or striped bark
    bark made into salve to treat abscesses and disinfect wound
    roots can be chewed for stomach pain or vomiting

    a spiny plant with sharp, curved thorns and toothed leaves
    berries are warmed and then chewed to encourage sleep
    bark can also be chewed to relieve pain

    a weedy plant with spike-like stems and deep indigo flowers
    used to treat colic, fevers, and skin irritations
    can counteract mild toxins

    a flowering tree with clusters of fern-like leaves and round fruit
    fruit induces kitting
    leaf chewed to treat colds, stomach problems, and headaches

    a fragrant plant with green foliage and clusters of flowers
    used to ease pain and pressed into wounds to stop bleeding
    cures severe coughs and worms

    palm nut, place sharp rocks around trunk to crack shell
    milk soothes colds and ulcers
    used for pain management for long-term illness

    a weed with yellow flowers known for its puffy seed head
    roots induce vomiting to purge toxins
    stems chewed to help fight mild infections

    a low-lying shrub with tiny hooks that cover its fruit
    applied as a salve to treat ulcers, boils, and sores
    leaves are mild sedative and painkiller

    a stemmed plant with narrow green leaves and large roots
    root chewed for stomachache, nausea, and vomiting
    often used to ease discomfort of gravid she-cats

    a climbing plant with large leaves and bean-like red fruits
    chewed to relieve mild headaches
    also used to treat heat exhaustion

    a massive tree with smooth, rounded leaves and thick sap
    resin seals wounds and is antidote for poisonwood
    crushed leaves applied as a poultice for stings

    a large tree with red bark and long, low branches
    salve treats rashes, burns, sores, and insect bites
    also used to reduce inflammation and prevent infection

    a long, fern-like plant with rounded leaves and tiny flowers
    used to eliminate fevers, flus, and colds
    can also improve appetites and gently treat stomachaches

    a tall flowering succulent with glossy leaves and tiny flowers
    leaves are mild sedative
    used for shortness of breath and to improve circulation

    a small evergreen with oval, yellow fruit
    fruit helps strengthen immune system fights infections
    also suppresses appetite and keeps off bugs for journeys

    a tall plant with narrow leaves and white or green flowers
    relieves or reduces stomach problems, cramping, and fevers
    eases joint pain and arthritis

    an evergreen tree with long, broad leaves and oblong fruit
    fruit is broken into pieces, then dried
    suppresses appetite and reduces cravings

    a tall plant with toothed leaves and long, green seedpods
    treats constipation and stomachaches
    also used for sore throats, heat exhaustion, and weakness

    a tree-like plant with scarred bark and bright yellow fruit
    fresh fruit is eaten to aid with memory and increase attentiveness
    soothes digestive system

    an evergreen shrub with glossy leaves and purple flowers
    juice applied to bites, should not be ingested
    flowers treat eye infections and help arthritis

    a spiked plant that sprouts individual flower clusters
    leaves applied to toothaches
    lightly dipped in water and applied to soothe headaches

    a flowering plant with long leaves and fruit-like berry clusters
    juice used to remove intestinal worms and combat throat infections
    also prevents nausea

    a flowering tree in the sumac family with glossy, oblong leaves
    similar to poison ivy, causes hives and itching
    deadly if cat has allergy, should be avoided

    a short succulent with flat, round leaves and thick stalks
    poultice to treat snake bites, sores, and infections
    also used to stop bleeding after kitting

    a short tree with notched leaves and clustered red berries
    leaves applied to patchy fur to encourage hair growth
    berries reduce fever and fatigue

    a short shrub with woody stems, gray leaves, and blue flowers
    leaves are crushed to soothe nerves and ache
    often used during kitting and to lull kits to sleep

    a trailing vine with prickly stems and arrow-shaped leaves
    often used to cleanse and treat skin problems and itchiness
    eases cramps and depression in matrons

    ranges from thin strands to massive stalks with large leaves
    used to dress wounds and soothe the skin
    detoxifies the body if eaten

    a tall, sprawling shrub with round leaves and purplish grapes
    has sweet flavor but causes stomach problems
    dried raisins can be fatal if untreated

    a daisy-like weed with clusters of white flowers
    given to kits to cure stomach worms
    leaves and flowers can help settle stomach

    a strong-smelling plant with curly stalks and white flowers
    used topically to eliminate fleas and ticks
    juices and cloves are deadly

    a tall, wispy tree with draping branches and fern-like leaves
    leaves are chewed to soothe stomach and nerves
    seeds are fatal if ingested

    an evergreen tree with small, white flowers and red fruit
    dipped in water and chewed to prevent infection
    also effective against mild toxins

    known for its tough, sword-shaped leaves and white flowers
    used in small amounts to flavor other herbs
    offers temporary relief but later stomach problems

    tideclan's customs → rituals

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »

    announcing kits

    After a matron has given birth and named her kit(s), the surgeon or surgical cadet takes the names she has chosen for her kit(s) to the captain, who calls a clan meeting whenever it is convenient over the next couple of days in order to announce it/them to the clan.

    CAPTAIN: (matron) has given birth to (a/number) healthy kit(s). (Father is announced if known.) MoonClan will welcome them wholeheartedly in good time just as we welcome them now. They are named (names).

    Clan business generally returns to normal as soon as the announcement is finished; these meetings are casual. If the captain sired or bore the litter, the quartermaster typically announces in his/her stead.

    oiler ceremony

    The captain calls a clan meeting during a kit's sixth moon to apprentice him/her to a sailor as an oiler.

    CAPTAIN: (kit), you have reached the age of six moons and it is time for you to be apprenticed. Until you receive your sailor name, you will be known as (new name). I ask MoonClan to watch over you until you find in your paws the courage to choose your path.

    The captain calls up the sailor he/she has chosen as a mentor.

    CAPTAIN: (sailor), you are ready to take a(nother) cadet. You have proven yourself (again and again) as both a guardian and a hunter. You will (continue to) walk the honored path of a boatswain well and mentor (oiler). I expect you to pass on all you know to him/her.

    The mentor touches noses with the new cadet and the other cat's chant the oiler's name. This is repeated if there are multiple kits of age.

    surgical cadet ceremony

    The captain calls a clan meeting after the surgeon announces that he/she wishes to mentor a cadet.

    SURGEON: Cats of TideClan, as you know, I will not be in this world forever, so it is time that I took a cadet. I have chosen a cat who has shown (three virtues). Your next surgeon will be (kit).

    CAPTAIN: (Kit), you will hence be known as (cadet). Do you accept the post of cadet to (surgeon)?

    CADET: I do.

    SURGON: Then you must travel to the Reflection Pool to be accepted by MoonClan this night.

    CAPTAIN: The good wishes of all of TideClan will go with you.

    The surgeon touches noses with the cadet and the rest of the clan greets the new cadet.

    That night, the surgeon takes their new cadet to the Reflection Pool.

    SURGEON: (cadet), is it your wish to enter the mysteries of MoonClan as a surgeon?

    CADET: It is.

    SURGEON: Then come forward. Ancestors in MoonClan, I present you with this cadet. He/she has chosen the path of a surgeon. Grant him/her your wisdom and insight so that he/she may understand your ways and heal the cats of TideClan in accordance with your will.

    The surgeon and cadet lay down and dream with MoonClan.

    cabin monkey ceremony

    When an oiler has decided that he/she wishes to walk the path of a striker, he/she approaches the captain with his/her choice. A clan meeting is called.

    CAPTAIN: (oiler), you have chosen to walk the path of a striker and feed your clan with skill and strength. Do you understand what this means?

    OILER: I do.

    CAPTAIN: Then walk your path well. (mentor), will you assist your cadet in their journey?

    MENTOR: I will.

    CAPTAIN: Do so with all that you know.

    This ceremony is generally quiet and reserved. It is followed by an assessment for the new cabin monkey.

    powder monkey ceremony

    When an oiler has decided that he/she wishes to walk the path of a gunner, he/she approaches the captain with his/her choice. A clan meeting is called.

    CAPTAIN: (oiler), you have chosen to walk the path of a gunner and defend your clan with strength and courage. Do you understand what this means?

    OILER: I do.

    CAPTAIN: Then walk your path well. (mentor), will you assist your cadet in their journey?

    MENTOR: I will.

    CAPTAIN: Do so with all that you know.

    This ceremony is generally quiet and reserved. It is followed by an assessment for the new power monkey.

    gunner ceremony

    Cadetship usually lasts six to ten moons. Once the mentor is satisfied with the powder monkey's progress and skills, he/she recommends him/her to the captain. Then the cadet must pass an assessment where his/her abilities as a gunner are checked. In cases where the cadet has just made an important contribution to the clan, the captain may decide that there is no need for an assessment.

    If the captain is satisfied, he/she calls a clan meeting and addresses the powder monkey.

    CAPTAIN: I, (name), captain of TideClan, call upon my ancestors to look down on this cadet. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of a gunner and I now commend him/her to you. (powder monkey), do you promise to protect and defend TideClan, even at the cost of your life?


    CAPTAIN: Then, by the powers of MoonClan, I now give you your proper name as a gunner. (powder monkey), from this moment on, you will be known as (new name). MoonClan honors your (two virtues) and we welcome you as a gunner of TideClan.

    The captain rests his/her muzzle on the new gunner's head and receives a lick on the shoulder in return. The rest of the clan greets the new gunner with his/her new name. He/she will spend that night standing vigil over the ship.

    striker ceremony

    Cadetship usually lasts six to ten moons. Once the mentor is satisfied with the cabin monkey's progress and skills, he/she recommends him/her to the captain. Then the cadet must pass an assessment where his/her abilities as a striker are checked. In cases where the cadet has just made an important contribution to the clan, the captain may decide that there is no need for an assessment.

    If the captain is satisfied, he/she calls a clan meeting and addresses the cabin monkey.

    CAPTAIN: I, (name), captain of TideClan, call upon my ancestors to look down on this cadet. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of a striker and I now commend him/her to you. (cabin monkey), do you promise to feed and provide for your clanmates, even at the detriment of yourself?


    CAPTAIN: Then, by the powers of MoonClan, I now give you your proper name as a striker. (cabin monkey), from this moment on, you will be known as (new name). MoonClan honors your (two virtues) and we welcome you as a striker of TideClan.

    The captain rests his/her muzzle on the new striker's head and receives a lick on the shoulder in return. The rest of the clan greets the new striker with his/her new name. He/she will spend that night exploring the island and hunting for the clan.

    name change ceremony

    This ceremony is extremely rare. A name is considered sacred. Changes to a cat's name are generally reserved for important points in his/her life like becoming a cadet or sailor.

    CAPTAIN: Spirits of MoonClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you now to take away the name of the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what he/she is. By my authority as captain, and with the approval of our ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment on, he/she will be known as (new name), for (reasons for name).

    captain ceremony

    The new captain goes to the Reflection Pool with the surgeon. After gazing into the water, the new captain cannot move for a short period of time, because his/her old life is being ripped away so he/she can receive nine new ones. The cats of MoonClan come down to stand before the new captain, invisible to the surgeon. Nine cats, normally ones who were significant during the new captain's life, each give the new captain one of his/her new nine lives.

    LIFE-GIVER: (touches nose to the top of the new captain's head) With this life, I give you (gift). Use it to (use of gift).

    When all of the lives have been given, the previous captain comes forward and says these words:

    PREVIOUS CAPTAIN: I hail you by your new name, (new name). Your old life is no more. You have now received the nine lives of a captain and MoonClan grants you guardianship of TideClan. Defend it well. Care for all its cats. Honor your ancestors and the sea. Live each life with pride and dignity.

    Hundreds of generations of MoonClan cats chant the new captain's name. After the ceremony, the new captain is not allowed to tell any other living cat what happened during it. Getting nine lives does not necessarily mean a captain will live longer, but they can survive accidents or injuries that would claim the life of a normal cat.

    announcement of quartermaster

    If the previous quartermaster died, retired, or was promoted to captain, a new one must be appointed before a day has passed.

    After the captain has decided on a new quartermaster, he/she calls a clan meeting and announces his/her selection.

    CAPTAIN: I say these words before MoonClan, so that the spirits of our ancestors may hear and approve of my choice. I have mediated upon this and decided the new quartermaster of TideClan will be (name).

    surgeon ceremony

    Once the surgeon is satisfied with his/her cadet's knowledge, the two of them go with the captain and the quartermaster to the reflection pool. If the surgeon has died unexpectedly, the captain speaks in their stead.

    SURGEON: I, (name), surgeon of TideClan, call upon my ancestors to look down upon this surgical cadet. He/she has trained hard to understand the ways of a surgeon and with your help, he/she will serve his/her Clan for many moons. (cadet), do you promise to uphold the ways of a surgeon, stand apart from any rivalry, and protect all cats equally by the dedicating your whole heart to your duty?

    CADET: I do.

    SURGEON: Then, with the blessing of all of MoonClan, I give you your proper name as a surgeon. (cadet), from this moment on, you will be known as (new name). MoonClan honors your (two virtues), and we welcome you as a full surgeon of TideClan.

    The surgeon rests his/her muzzle on the cadet's head and receives a lick on the shoulder in return. The captain and quartermaster then greet the cadet by his/her new name.

    announcement of retirement

    An aging sailor or surgeon must retire when he/she can no longer perform his/her duties to aid his/her clanmates. Normally, the retiree chooses to retire and reports this to the captain. However, the quartermaster or captain may also approach him/her if he/she is getting on in moons or has sustained a severe injury.

    CAPTAIN: (sailor), is it your time to retire with honor and respect as a veteran of this island?

    SAILOR: It is.

    CAPTAIN: The others of this clan honor you and the service you have given. I call upon MoonClan to give you many moons of rest.

    The rest of the clan will call out the veteran's name and he/she will go to the veterans' cabin.

    tideclan's customs → names

    « overview » « terms » « fauna » « flora » « rituals » « names »

    All cats in TideClan have names with two parts: a descriptive prefix and a rank-based suffix. By The Water uses a semi-traditional Warriors naming system. In some cases, the captain may decide to change a prefix when granting a cat a new suffix and rank in cases where the prefix no longer applies to the cat in question. A prefix change during another ceremony is not considered as odd or weighty as a full name change ceremony but is still not common. No matter what, prefixes and suffixes still need to make sense within the context of the clan. Names should be practical and neither degrade their bearer nor be overly poetic.

    Prefixes should relate to a character's basic physical appearance in some way. They should not be compound words like rosewood, grasshopper, or earthquake. Inspiration can be taken from coat color or pattern, size, body shape, or any distinguishing marks that they would have had since birth. Given that most prefixes date to a character's birth when their eyes were still closed, eye color is not an appropriate inspiration for selecting a prefix. See below for a list of prefix suggestions that include TideClan specific words like coral, sea, and shark as well as more traditional ones.

    Suffixes are more general than prefixes. Kits, cadets, and captains have set prefixes denoting their ranks: -kit, -paw, and -star. All other cats receive their suffix from the captain upon becoming either a striker or gunner; their unique suffix shows that they are now consider an adult within the clan. Suffixes can be used to clarify a prefix, describe an ability, or note a certain personality trait. There are many possibilities when it comes to words that can be used for suffixes: body parts, actions, animals, plants, or other elements of nature. See the suffix list below for suggestions; though not exhaustive, it is quite comprehensive.

    When choosing a name for your character, it is important to keep in mind that TideClan has been secluded on an island for many years and has a distinct culture. Words like ghost, dragon, or soul are outside the clan's sphere of knowledge. On the other hand, TideClan is not a traditional Warriors clan. Words relating to the ocean are fair game; in fact, they're encouraged. Most gems are unknown to the clan, but pearl may be used as the cats do deal with oysters and mollusks though they're too difficult to use for food. Words like tide, moon, and spirit are considered sacred. Star, kit, and paw are reserved as suffixes for captains, kits, and cadets respectively; they are never used as prefixes.

    By The Water only allows any individual prefix to be used by one living character at a time. Each suffix can be used by up to three living characters at a time, outside of -kit and -paw, before they are made unavailable. Any prefix or suffix listed below is open to be used; ones that are currently in use or limited are removed and replaced with a substitute. If you have any questions or need help naming one of your characters, please message a council member or ask on the guild board.


  • badger
  • bat
  • birch
  • bird
  • black
  • blue
  • brown
  • cheetah
  • coral
  • coyote
  • crab
  • crow
  • deer
  • dove
  • dusk
  • eagle
  • earth
  • ebony
  • eel
  • ginger
  • gray
  • gull
  • fawn
  • fire
  • fish
  • fox
  • kestrel
  • leopard
  • lion
  • little
  • moth
  • mouse
  • night
  • ocean
  • orange
  • owl
  • palm
  • pearl
  • rabbit
  • rain
  • raven
  • ray
  • sand
  • sea
  • shark
  • silver
  • small
  • sparrow
  • spider
  • storm
  • swallow
  • tall
  • tiger
  • turtle
  • vine
  • vole
  • water
  • white
  • wind
  • yellow


  • badger
  • bark
  • belly
  • berry
  • bird
  • breeze
  • briar
  • brook
  • call
  • claw
  • cloud
  • creek
  • dapple
  • dawn
  • dusk
  • ear
  • eye
  • face
  • fang
  • feather
  • fern
  • fin
  • fish
  • flame
  • flight
  • flower
  • foot
  • fox
  • frost
  • fur
  • hawk
  • leaf
  • leap
  • leg
  • light
  • mist
  • nose
  • patch
  • pelt
  • poppy
  • pool
  • river
  • shadow
  • sky
  • song
  • spot
  • step
  • stone
  • storm
  • stream
  • stripe
  • strike
  • swim
  • tail
  • thorn
  • throat
  • tooth
  • whisker
  • wind
  • wing

  • events and updates → log

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  • Ripstar and Parrotstar have a discussion.
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    DAWNHEART is . . . currently unoccupied.

    PALESURF is . . . currently unoccupied.

    PARROTSTAR is . . . having a discussion with Ripclaw on the ship's prow.

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    RIPCLAW is . . . having a discussion with Parrotstar on the ship's prow.

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