Cattrin's Complete Guide to The Negg...Err...Faerie Fest Returns!

This guide is under heavy construction, we apologize (but are not responsible for) for any amount of injury or loss of memory and or confusion you may retain.

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ATTENTION: This plot is now OVER. Finished. Done. Faerieland is recovering and Xandra's been vanquished...for now. This means you can no longer do any puzzles or battles. I will leave the guide up for the memories. Thank you to all my dedicated viewers. :) Until the next time!



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Heya! Welcome to my guide! Currently, there is no Quest One, but there probably will be soon!

Currently, the only thing to do with this festival is to
collect your prize. Once daily. ;)

September 20th Update: Oh no! It seems that all the faeires, once happily partying it up at the Faerie Festival, have been turned to stone. D:

Who or what is the cause of this epic disaster?!

The Current Places Are Inaccessible:

The Healing Springs

-Messages: Oh no! All of Neopia's faeries have turned to stone,but there's some residual magic that lets the Healing Springs still function. Use at your own risk!

Who exactly is going to heal your pet? No one's here!

Hmm, no one's here. At least there's still some potions left. But who would you give the money to?

The Rainbow Fountain


Oh no! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone!

The Wheel of Excitement


Oh no! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone!

The Disguarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity (...Why this one? D:)


Oh no! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone!

The Poogle Races


Oh no! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone!

Faerie Cloud Racers

-Messages: Sorry, this game is not available! Why not play one of our hundreds of other games?

Jhudora's Cloud


Oh no! This area is not available, because all the Faeries of Neopia have been turned to stone!

Every Link Within the Faerieland City Gates (Except for Colouring Pages)

Taelia (The Snow Faerie)'s Quests

The Neggery

Illusen's Quests

News Update: The news has been released for today/tomrrow, not much is being said. Apparently, TNT didn't even know about it. ;)

This, though, is said, with the Faerie Lutari release:

Visit the Rainbow Pool for a look at the new Faerie Lutari. All Neopets can now be painted this brilliant colour! Though the Faerie Festival has come to an abrupt end, at least we can continue to celebrate through our Neopets!

Abrupt end? I doubt it. ;)

Chapter One

This plot is finally getting on the road!

By reading the comic
here. You can see the Hanso apparently knows something we don't, and we will have to trek through his steps to find it.

That, though, is it for this Chapter. :)

Chapter Two

To begin this step, click on the continue button under the
Chapter Two comic. This will take you to Xandra's Library.

The object of this little puzzle is to collect all the glowing items, being the staff, urn, chalice and mirror .

The first few times I did this puzzle, I got this:

Mean little Xweetok.

If she gets within two squares of you , she will nearly always do this.

Even if she isn't, she can cast a spell five squares. That includes through bookcases, so be careful. ;)

She can also:

-Teleport to a random square
-Create piles of rubble to block your path (these can be removed by clicking on them while next to them)
-Say something, but not move a square.

The way it works:

It's a game of cat and mouse. Coyote and roadrunner. You click to move, one space at a time. Every time you move, she also gets a move. Get to the items and out the door before she catches you.

The items that aren't glowing are bonus items. These items, if you successfully beat the puzzle without being caught, get added to your inventory. :)

Bonus items aren't as nice as they seem. Freedom is better.

Upon collecting the Mirror like item:

This is an achievement. There are 3 others in this puzzle, they are listed on the main page of the plot.

Upon winning the puzzle:

See how easy that was?

BUT there is a catch. To get the last achievement, you must have done the puzzle with out collecting any bonus items. You CAN redo this puzzle after you complete it and get the bonus items, or if you got the bonus items first, re-do it and only have to get the glowing green ones. :) Devious, isn't TNT? ;)

Chapter Three

There is no steps for this chapter! D:

the Chapter Three comic. Some interesting bits of information here.

Firstly, that Hanso is an amazingly gifted artist.

And secondly, that this is a very spooky looking castle. With all due respect, I seriously wouldn't go near this seemingly irradiated death pit.

So, the gang is moving into Nox's castle, Hanso gets impatient and uses "the Thief's entrance". ;) What will happen next?

Chapter Four

This Chapter is a puzzle, and not a very nice and easy one, so read carefully.

the Chapter Four comic. Seems Hanso and his ladyfriend have found an interesting contraption, lets fiddle with it, shall we?

...Was that always there? *cue dramatic lightning*

To get there, go to the Haunted Woods, then the Deserted Fairground.

Now, upon entering his Castle, you might notice you have a descision to make. One you can't do unless you spend NC (Neocash) on Keys to get in. ( See FAQ for more information on the necessity for Neocash Events on Neopets ).

Open the green door, Neo.

So...take a look behind the one on the left, for all you Neocash users, I'll have a bit about the right door at the end.

Looks like buckets of fun.

Ok, so, this all looks very confusing, doesn't it? Let's break it down.

The point of this whole thing is to "play God" (I can say this, right? :x) and escourt the three pegs, on 4 different levels, to the shiny golden door on level G .

On your first time through, only focus on one peg at a time. I cannot stress this enough. Even though all three of the pegs move at the same time, only keep your eyes on one.

I worked from the bottom up.

The Wooden Peg: The person of your group you're trying so save.

The various stone rectangles : Traps. If your peg encounters a room with one of these, they will be knocked silly and unable to respond for a turn.

The Knobs : These knobs are what you use to help the trapped friend escape. You can set one to each colour, red, blue, or green. These match the corresponding door colours.
Special Stone Rectangles : The ice cream cone and key stones do not hurt you. The golden key one is essencial to getting out. It unlocks the golden door.

Keep in mind:

-If you go up or down stairs, the door that is after the stairs is the same colour as the door you came in to go to the stairs. This door will be open when you enter the stairs, and your peg will go through it on the same turn that you entered the stairs.

-There are two glitched doors. One is green, but is actually red. The other is blue, and actually green. Be careful.

-If you have to go through a room with the same colour door multiple times, try to pause when you enter the room. To do this, set your first knob for the colour of the door, then the rest of them to a colour not in the room, so you don't move. Then, set the first knob on the reset to the colour of the door you're trying to get to.

Now that we've got that covered, here's how to actually do it.

So, it's a puzzle, and a rather simple one, if not a little frustrating, once you get it down.

This is a simple walkthrough on how to get one person out. For instructions on how to combine them as a group and get the achievements, look far down.

You must set all 5 knobs and press the button to the right each time. That includes to re-set and set them!

1.) The knobs at the bottom go one at a time. Meaning, if you set it to Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue it will take 1 turn each knob. The red door will open, followed by the blue, then the green, ect. Two different colours of doors will never be open at the same time.

2.) You have to create a path to follow. For example, in my image above, I would set my knobs to: Blue, Green, Blue, Red, and the last one to any colour. I say any colour, for, I'd be stuck in the trap, and unable to move for a turn. Now, you can look at your puzzle and door colours, and set them so that you get to that spot. Be sure to re-set your knobs!

3.) After this, it gets a bit more complicated. See the issue? I have to get past two of the same colour doors in a row to get to the stairs up. To do this, you must set two of your knobs to be whatever colour that is for you (green for me), for you can only move through one door per turn. Now that we're going up, plan ahead with the other three knobs. Look below at the second level image. See where we come up? (The stairs that look like they're going down) Let's make a plan.

So, there's a blue door, followed by a green one. Then, you run into a black void trap and loose the turn, so I'd set the last knob to whatever I want. So, now, look at your own layout, and set your knobs so that they will get you through. :) Be sure to re-set your knobs again!

And the fun continues!

4.) Ok, so, now, you're in the black void room. Time to get out of that trap. I would set my knobs to Red, Green, Blue, Green, Blue. As we go though the first door, we collect a golden key. (Hey, look, there's a golden door too! I wonder if they're linked...) Compare to your puzzle and set. :) We do not want to go to the stairs this time, for the door, on the right, is where we go to get out.

5.) Now, this is easy. As long as you made it into the right room, and not into the trap, simply set your knobs in an order to get out. Mine would be Green, Green, and any combination for the last 3. Any combination, for, I'd be at the door, and not have to worry about going anywhere in specific. If you did wind up in the trap, don't panic, just take a detour.

So...We got one out. Are we done? Of course not! There's two more of your faithful buddies to save, on higher levels.

I'm going to cut down the amount of text you have to plow through for these next two pegs. Hopefully you've got it somewhat in your grasp by now.

And it goes on...and on...and on...

Here's What I would do:

1.) Green, Blue, Red, Green


2.) Red,-(down stairs)-, Red, Blue, Green, Green.
And you're out!

The background is a bit pixelated compared to Brynn and Hanso, don'tcha think?

Now, as I did this one, my third person, from the top, joined up with my second on total coicidence, so I did not have to do him seperately. This is key for the achievements.

To play again and earn the achievements, look at these tips below.

Extra: Getting the Achievements

This time through, start at the top. This way, you can move down and not worry about messing up.

Here we go, here we go again.

As you can see from the numbers written, this is the path I went.

The numbers simply floating in one room, (4,5) in red and (3,4,5) in yellow, are for stalling. To do this, pick a door colour not apparent in the room you are in, blue for example, if you have a red and green door, and set those as the remaining knobs, so you use a turn, but don't have to move. This will make going through mutliple doors of the same colour much easier.

From now on, it's very hard to plan out routes and have them work, so please fogive me for not saying them. D: It wouldn't do you much help, believe me.

I had Peg 3 and Peg 2 meet and go down the stairs into a trap in the corner of floor B. This way I can move Peg 1 (from the bottom floor) up with as little movement of the Group as possible.

I worked Peg 1 up to the group and joined them. Then I ran into a problem.

This is a glitch many encounter. A door will be one colour, and open on that colour's knob altert, but your piece will not move through it. To solve this glitch, try another colour. Even though the door LOOKS red, for example, it may let the peg through only with the BLUE response.

After fighting through the glitch, I quickly made my way to the Ice Cream square. If you want all the achievements, be sure to do this when you have all 3 people in your group. This is how you get the "We All Scream" achievement.

After this, collect the key, if you haven't already, and get out for good!

*dies of exaustion* And yes, for putting me through that whole thing, I did have liberty to deface their...faces. x)

So, to recap

We All Scream: Get your group of 3 together and go into the Ice Cream room. This achievement is given at the end of the puzzle, not during.

This comes with a free item depositied into your inventory upon complition:

Giant Tub of Ice Cream

Fort Nox: There's a certain order on the bottom floor to use, find it, and you'll get the achievement at the top of the page like this:
You're so punny TNT. ;D

Some users on the boards are saying that setting you levers to these combinations (mutliple times if it doesnt work the first) will probably get you the achievement:

-Blue Green Green Red Green

-Red Green Blue Red Green

-Green Green Red Red Blue

-Red Blue Blue Blue Blue

-Red Green Red Green Blue

-Red Red Blue Green Blue

-Blue Red Green Blue Red

-Blue Green Red Blue Blue

-Red Green Green Red Blue

-Red Blue Green Blue Green

This comes with a free item depositied into your inventory upon complition:

Hubrid Nox Treasure Chest

One for All!: Get all three of the pegs to join together and exit the puzzle. This is also rewarded at the end.

Extra: NC Mall Door

This is only a section for people who have purchaced door keys from the NC mall. This is NOT required and with NOT effect anyone's score at the end of the plot.

After activating your keys in your inventory, go back to Hubrid's Castle and click on the right door this time.

This spooky looking door can only be opened with keys from the NC mall. So...let's try it. :) You can use as many keys a day as you have converted pets. If you have 4 converted pets, you have use 4 keys, one for each pet, a day.

I love you too, Fara.

Do you have to dress your pet up in silly clothing? No, but I wanted to. :3

So...take a gander at inside this room, the only thing to do is pull the shiny green lever.

This machine LOOKS to take one of your existing clothing items and CHANGE it into a new one, but it actually just puts a new one on and puts the one you were wearing IN YOUR CLOSET.

It can change any clothing item your pet has on ( limited to: shirts, pants, wigs/hats, and wings) into a new item.

The items possible are listed below:

Blue Warlock Wig

Green Warlock Wig

Grey Warlock Wig

Orange Warlock Wig

Plush Blue Velvet Tunic

Plush Green Velvet Tunic

Plush Purple Velvet Tunic

Plush Red Velvet Tunic

Blue Warlock Battle Wings

Green Warlock Battle Wings

Purple Warlock Battle Wings

Red Warlock Battle Wings

Plush Blue Velvet Trousers

Plush Green Velvet Trousers

Plush Purple Velvet Trousers

Plush Red Velvet Trousers

The items you get are random. So, if you buy only the amount of keys for the items you want, you probably won't get the ones you want right away, doubles also occur.

The Electricity Effect; only viewable by the user at the customisation page.

Chapter Five

There is no step for this chapter; it is just a comic.

No one saw that one coming.

...Err, I mean:


Chapter Six

This chapter is no puzzle, but a
battledome mission. (You can refresh here for a better idea of the oppenents, and for some interesting commentary. ;)

Attention: This chapter is no longer doable! Please skip to Chapter Seven to continue!

So...It's finally here, the long-awaited battle section of the plot. Now, don't panic, if you have no battle-ready pet, you still have a chance. Remember: Achievements are bonuses, not requirements. If you can't beat everyone, you still can complete the plot just fine.

From the main plot page look below at the Achievements. See the latest part? (Into the Fray) Click on "Battledome" in the description.

Below, is a screenshot of the challengers. During battle steps, the opponents vital to the plot and Punchbag Bob are the only opponents available.

Psh, figures.

As this screenie shows, there were no more of this opponent left in Neopia to fight.

What exactally does this mean? Well...Not much, really. What this means is that there are a set number of opponents in a wave . When the users defeat all the opponents in a wave, we have to wait until the next wave.

Currently, there is no known timed release, so your best bet is to just keep this page open and refresh once awhile.

They go quick and are in waves of around 1000-30000. I average about 7-12 per wave. Each wave seems to come around every 7 or so minutes.

One down, a million to go.

You get this achievement upon beating your first Shadow Wraith Minion.

Every time you beat one, the next one has one more hitpoint than the last.

If you want to beat many of them, which will only get you a higher score at the end until the cap, you have to be wicked fast. Do not pick and choose. At this low of an HP, you can use practically an weapon in your arsenal and they'll die right away. Use the back button and enter buttons to go forward and back. Every second counts to fit as many kills as possible into a wave.

New Info on Waves:

With the release of the Furies, there's a new enemy to beat. The waves for this enemy come the same time as the Minions and Brutes, so you must wait for either number to deminish before you can fight the empty one again.

There is a cap for these! A cap is a number when, after that number is beaten, you can still fight them, but you will NOT get more points at the end of the plot.

The current cap for the Shadow Wraith Minions is 50

The current cap for Shadow Wraith Brutes is 40

The current cap for Shadow Wraith Furies is 30

The cap wasn't listed when I did my kills, so I did a few too many. :P

I am in NO sense a Battledomer, but this is what I have equipped on Fara:

I use the Creeping Shadow Hammer for extra irony. ;)

I also have Ylanas Blaster and a Scarab Ring in storage if things get tough.

There will be 3 trials...

^The numbers for the first opponents at 12:25 NST.

Stand Your Ground Achievement

To get this achievement, start a battle with these nasty shadows, and only use defend, no items, three times in a row .

If you press (R) while (Z) Targeting, you can move while defending...

Five of a Kind Achievement

To get this achievement, you must fight and win 5 battles with each of the 3 monsters.

No Fara, you really aren't that buff.

Chapter Seven

Be sure to read the comic for this one, a lot of little clues on the characters' past. :)

To start,
Go to Brightvale. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see a link.

Click it. I dare you.

Oh no, oh no no no. Libraries?! WHY TNT WHY? (If you suffered through the Altador plot, you share my pain)

So, we're greated with Mr. Yurble Foreman's Other-other Brother. We've met many of hsi relatives on other plots, but he originated bad-termperly on the Lost Desert plot, and has come back with new relatives ever since.

Click on the door Mr. Scrollbottom (*giggle) is pointing to.

Yeah yeah, I'm going, hold your horses.

Upon entering the lower room, you're met with the utter terror of tousands of plotters.

*mental breaksdown*

Ok, so, despite my "ugh, not again" attitude, let's tackle this puzzle! :D

This first thing I did when confronted with this large array of random coloured, random numbered, random shaped, random symboled books was to sort them out. Looking at the shelves and names, I picked the symbol I thought was most appropriate and placed them on that shelf. Then, I orderd the shelved ones by number.
Only, I did this, and got yelled at by the foreman's second-cousin-twice-removed. Two of my books on the bottom stayed, though, so we know one thing: If you have some right, it'll stick.

If you disrupt the pattern you don't know is there and place a book in a spot that's empty, but incorrectly, it will clear ALL of the books after that out, right or wrong. Ok, so, everyone's shelf names and books are different. Depending on which room you're in, you have different titles, symbols, the like.

Each title on the shelf has a different symbol book that goes with it. For example:

Transmogrification- Potion icon

Ineffective Teleportation Spells- Wand icon

Look Behind You!- Eye icon

Ancient Shenkuuvian Curses- @!%# marks

Other examples:

Theory of Warfare- Axe

Things You Find In a Kitchen- Broom

Unnecessarily Slow-Moving Dipping Mechanisms- Mechanical clamp looking thing

Miscellaneous- Question mark

Are the correct symbols for my shelf names. (The second so on sets from repeating the puzzle) I found these by sorting the ones I thought would fit best, and then clicking the bell on the right to call the err...Librarian. He will be mad, most likely, but the ones you have right will stay there. Keep in mind the symbols and the titles under them.

Another, much better way, is to click on a book, then the rooms to the right or left. If the book dissapears, it doesn't belong on the shelf, and, instead, should be in that room. There are two symbols of books that do not belong on your shelf. Clear all of them, and get an achievement.

Like hotcakes!

Each section of the shelf has a different order to go in. It's different for everyone which shelf this is, but it could be any of the below:

One is in order of numbers, increasing from smallest to largest.

Another is in order of the shapes on the bottom, least sides to most sides. (Yellow dot, line, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, circle.)

A third one is to order the polygon shapes in colour order (ROYGBIV). If you're colour blind, or have a similar issue, look at the screenie at the end to see the order. :)

Another is colour order of the books themselves. Again, colour blind or the like, hopefully this screenie will help.

Yet another is the sum of the book numbers, in increasing order.

For example, 2+5+3= 10, the next is 11, then 12.

Again, another is to reverse the number on the book, and order from most to least.

For example, 27, 93...

Below is a List of What Order to Put Certain Sections

Numberical Order (Lowest to highest)

Theory of Warfare

The Pi Symbol (May Look like an N)

Things Skeiths WON'T Eat


Terror Mountain

Polygons Increasing in Side Number

Incorrectly Labled

Inedible Legume of Brightvale (Quill symbol)

Stained Glass

Mortog Toxicology


Increasing Sum of Book Numbers

Forbidden Lasagna Recepies

Korbat Psychology

Shenkuvvian Curses

Implausible Revenge Scenarios


ROYGBIV (Rainbow) Order of Polygon Symbols

Cakes and Pastries


Harmless Faerie Artefacts

Unnecessarily Slow-Moving Dipping Mechanisms


ROYGBIV (Rainbow) Order of Book Spines

Harmful Faerie Artefacts

Look Behind You!

Help! I'm Trapped in a Bookshelf Factory

Things in the Kitchen

Doomsday Weapons

Reverse Digits, Ordered Smallest to Largest


Rhymes with Jurples

Ineffective Teleportation Spells

S'- Words

Potent Potables

Once you figure out your order and symbol meanings, usually through annyoing trial and error, you're done!

A mallet? I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.

The Other Two Achievements

To get "I am Disapoint, Son", start a new game, put all the books on the shelf, in wrong order , and make all of them be taken off by the Librarian.
Start with a fresh, new game where you haven't done anything. Do not throw away any of the irrelevent books. Separate them out on the shelves in order, as if doing it correctly, then completely switch the rows around to incorrect lables. (So, if you have Potpouri and Lethal Weapons, switch the two rows of books so the books for Potpouri are in Lethal Weapons, and so on). Then, add in all the irrelevent books at the end of those rows.


To get "First Time's the Charm", start a new new game, and complete the puzzle your first time . Meaning, only one check allowed, the ending.
It's a lot easier after getting to know the puzzle.

Chapter Eight


This battle is now over! You may not participate in this section of the battle, like in Chapter 6, any longer. There may still be battles ahead, so keep watch!

This chapter is another whole battledome step. This difference this time? The baddies are stronger than ever.

20th October 14:00 - Brightvale is under assault by Shadow Spectre Minions and Shadow Spectre Destroyers! Stronger than the Wraiths our heroes faced in the Haunted Woods, these new monsters are a serious threat to be reckoned with.

As you can see, they've brought back the Minions from part one. These are the easiest to beat, and, if you're just starting, the ones to go for.

This is either a big yay! for battledomers, or a big let down for ones with weaker pets. But don't fret, if you can't complete every part of the plot, you still get a trophy and plot points to spend at the end.

There are three more achievements for this chapter. Not many are known at this moment. I am guessing that Six Up, Six Down is to kill at least 6 of all 6 types in this round, but this is a hypothesis and not proven.

Lots and lots of fighting ahead of us.

Below is the achievement called Well Rounded".
Lots and lots of fighting ahead of us.

To get this achievement, use all the different kinds of attacks (Fierce, Cautious, Jump and Attack, and Normal Attack), this can be spread over many battles. For mine, I did it all in one battle, so I used a not-so-good weapon so that my opponent would not die, but good enough of a weapon to not kill Fara in the process either.

These Minions are nearly the same as the ones from the first battle, the only difference being their name.

Not so tough, for now.

The Destroyers start their HP at 50. Fara was able easily one-hit these guys with a Ylanas Blaster and a Scarab Ring (keep in mind, Fara has a strength and HP of over 100). Once he beat around 25 though, he hit a wall, since the HP of the Destroyers was beginning to far exceede his HP.

The Destroyer Cap is 40.

The Conqueror Cap is 30

The Fury Cap is 50

The Zealot Cap is 20

The Brute Cap is 50

Like in the last round of battles, the Minion Cap is still 50.

Just for review:

A Cap is a certain amount of wins (or draws) that, after you reach that number, you can still fight, but you will not revieve any more points for the prize shop at the end of the plot.

A Tier is a certain number of enemies to fight. They can be broken down into the individual enemy waves, then the different types of enemies themselves.

Enemies make up waves, which make up tiers, which, in turn, make up the whole event.

Welcoming Commitee

To get this achievement beat one of each of the 3 hardest enemies. (Conquerer, Fury and Zealot)
No...the pie is not poision. What would ever make you think such a thing? *innocent smile*

Six Up, Six Down

To get this achievement beat each one of the six enemies in order as they are listed in the Battledome. Starting at the top and going down.

This will take time. Rarely are all six types out at once.

Remember, they come in waves of 2 groups, starting at the top two, then the middle 2, then the bottom 2.

Chapter Nine

Read the comic to find out a lot more of this plot. How creepy are those petrified citizens? D: The gelert really is quite distrubing..

Anyways, to start this step,
go to Brightvale and click on the bridge over the river on the bottom that leads to Meridell.

Here you're greeted with most of the gang, and a very purple cavern.

Below the image is a very Tale of Woe style coversation. (Tale of Woe, for you newer users, was an old plot, rather similar to this one)

Xandra thinks there's some people in the caves who can help us. We have to find them. But, unfotunetly, and typically, the cave is too dark, so we need to build a tourch .

To do this, we must, of course, naturally, find items within this spooky cave to make such an item. (For it's very unnatural to cary such a thing with you when on an dangerous adventure, surely) .

Start off your search by clicking on either the right, or left, tunnels.

Choose wisely...

After choosing your prefered tunnel of spooky darkness and impending doom, you're greeted with a black box and some choice of action.

Go ahead, take a click!
A good day to you! How's the weather? Is that so?

For most of these, these being "Shout a greeting" (dang, really though that one would work..), "Flail your arms wildly", you make no progress. However feel along the cave wall, and search the floor, do come out with some sort of advancement.

Dun dun dun dunn!

^This is what I recieved for searching the floor. It may be that you will not find this. It's random, so keep trying in different rooms.

So, we might have a stick. Now we need a cloth, and maybe some other things too, we'll see. D:

Then, click feel along the cave wall, and preceed to the next cave.

Rinse and repeat.

Every once in awhile, you may get a reply from your greet shouting. A faint call, or a direct message.

You shout a greeting into the room. "Hello? Anyone there?

Someone replies, "What? Who's there? I... I'm dizzy... it's hard to see in here... can you help me...?

A... a torch? Um, yeah... that could help. Well, uh... you know, I had a flask of lamp oil, but... I think I lost it...? Maybe? It's so hard to tell. It feels like I've been in here so long. Maybe the oil would help...

Well...that's good, I suppose.

A good thing to do in this room while you're at it:

We're no stranger to plots, you know the steps and so do I. I'm full of achievments that I'm dreaming of; you wouldn't get this from any other-but seriously, shut up.

To get this, simply keep clicking "Shout a Greeting", usually around 10 times.

Leave the poor guy you just rick(Hanso?)rolled and keep going.

A few, or a few too many, rooms later, you'll run into this:

(Dun dun dun dunn!)^2

So, now we've got a stick and some oil. What's missing? Frabric, for one, so let's focus on that.

Back to clicking mindlessly. Yay!

An eternity of clicking later, and you may stumble upon this:

Well, that's all fine and dandy, but can we get out of here, please?

Now, this is given out after, unforutnetly, going through a large number of tunnels. So...Keep going and going and you'll eventally get it. :)

An eternity of clicking later, later, and you may also stumble upon this:

You shout a greeting into the room. "Hello? Anyone there?

Someone replies, "Finally, a rescue! Well? Get me out of here! I haven't got all day!

You're making a torch? Fat lot of good it'll do you, but I've got a rag here you can have." You feel around until you bump into someone in the dark, and they hand you what feels like a piece of cloth. "Now get that torch lit and get me out of here!"

Progress we make!

Upon finding this last item, you are magically teleported out of the carvern of doom. Or...atleast, I was. You may have to find your way out by clicking aimlessly. D:

But wait, what's this?! We have to go back in? WHAT?

Yes, you really do. Hanso was selfish and didn't bother leading the poor, kind people who supplied you with life saving equiptment. How Hanso of Hanso.

Anyways, guess the only thing to do now is head back in.

Shall we?


Ok, so, now, back in the caves, to save the selfless prisoners.

Now that we have a tourch, we can actually see what we're doing.

I clicked on the left cave first this time, and met a troubled looking green Kacheek (named...Mike I guess), in a very tricky situation.

Just tape this picture of a Vaelous over your face and it'll be the Altador plot! That's neat.

Yes, if you've participated in the wonderful journey known as the Altador Plot, then you know how this goes.

In my example, you can see Mike, and the way the tentacles are, uh, moving. The message in the bottom left corner corresponds with an action on the right.

It may be random, but some users believe that using the form of any arm, any leg, any arm, any leg, will get you through with little trouble.

I, personally, used this keep in mind your pattern may be different:

Here is a helpful little table:

The tendrils waver strangely. - Pull left arm

The tendrils vibrate gently. - Pull right arm

The tendrils ripple oddly. - Pull left leg

The tendrils undulate slowly. - Pull right leg

Just follow the actions of the tentacles with the proper reactions and you'll have him free in a few turns. :)

You rescued Mike from the evil purple tendrils! Mike is now following you.

Mike enjoys long walks in the park, and candlelit dinners...

Now, you're not done, oh no, not even close. ;) You've got 4 more prisoners to save.

Simply wander around the caves aimlessly, or with a strategy, if you wish, until you've saved all of them.

If you wander back to the start, which you probably will, several times, you can drop off your detentacled friends with Xandra.

After safely making it out with all 5 guys, are you done?

Of course not, silly!


Ok, so, now, Xandra needs a wand. Certainly, we can do that for you, too.

What an array of totally useful items!

So...How to go about doing this?

Well, I went through and did every combination in order:

The red highlighted ones here are the combo that worked for me. (This may not be yours, though)

See the letters? I thought it through like this:

Try every combination from ABC to ABI, then switch to ACB to ACI.

Yes, it's very tedious, but it worked eventually. :)

Here's one big list:



























































































This list is still being updated, bear with me.

Once you find your combination, you're out!

Am I serisouly the only one that would be blinded after being stuck in a cave for Fyora knows how long?


The Final Achievement: Goo Whisperer

To get this achievement, you must, most likely, re-do the puzzle.

Now, don't freak out, it's much easier the second time around. :)

When you get to part three, the part with saving the prisoners, make sure to follow the pattern I listed above.

You must never fail at saving them. Meaning, you must NEVER get the longer bolded message that says at the end "and you have to start over!". This usually is given when you pull a hand then a hand, or a foot then a foot.

If you mess up, even ONCE, you have to complete all the steps of the puzzle and do it over again. D:

Awh, look! He likes you! ?

Chapter Ten

Uh oh, looks like Hanso's down the well. Where's Lassie when you need her?

This chapter is simply a comic, no steps are involved.

Oh, look, a new chapter!

There's no new step? We are dissapoint, TNT.

Chapter Eleven

Wow, this chapter was a whirlwind of fighting, more fighting, and, apparently, another thrilling continuation of Indiana Hanso.

This chapter is simply a comic, no steps are involved.

Brynn: TNT, you released another chapter, finally?

Brynn: There's no new step..again? I are dissapoint, TNT.

Xandra: Oh please.

Chapter Twelve

This chapter is, once again, just a comic.

That's it, we're going on vacation-


Battledome challengers have been released late. There are three more achievements and nine more challengers to come.

18th November 17:45 - Altador, Jazan, and the others are being attacked by Shadow Phantom Minions, Shadow Phantom Destroyers, and Shadow Phantom Commanders! Even more powerful than the Wraiths and Spectres they faced before, these new horrors already threaten to overwhelm the heroes.

As of now, these achievements are not known. It's late and I am a student who needs her rest. When I am able to update the guide with them, I will.

Easiest way to get the Medium Rare Achievement :

Buy a Trumpet of Blasting from a user shop for under 100 NP

Use this in battle.

Magic Number Achievement

Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe... (PS, I ? you for this refrence, TNT.)

To get this, beat an opponenet, any opponent, in exactally three turns .


Shadow Phantom Minion- 50

Shadow Phantom Destroyer- 40

Shadow Phantom Commander- 30

The Big Bad Boss

Yes, there now is a boss in the battledome, aptly named Oblivion with over 100,000 HP. Very tough.

Fortunetly, you don't need to beat him to get the achievements. :)

Fight Me Once, Shame On You


To get this one, simply lose to him. That wasn't hard, was it?

Three Phases of Evil

Oh, what a vague refrence you use!

To get this one, lose, or win, or draw, whichever, three times, each during a different set of symbols . The symbols, located next to his name, change every half hour.

You're Doing it Wrong

Double yay!

To get this one, attempt to fight Oblivion and attack him with the same icon that is on the right side of him name. Attacking him with the same icon he has will heal him instead of hurt him, hence, you're doing it wrong.

His icons switch around to others periodically, around every half-hour.

Puzzle Step

Yes, there has been a puzzle step added to this chapter. This is going on the same time as the Battledome step.

We must help Xandra complete the ritual. Click this to go to the ritual page.

Currently, it says:

The barrier is too weak to protect Xandra, Hanso, and Brynn from the shadow phantoms! Xandra has to concentrate on fighting them instead of completing the ritual. Help reinforce the barrier!

This means, out of the two choices below this text, click the red orb that leads to help Xandra with her barrier.

This is a team puzzle, people, don't be shy.

This is a group puzzle, meaning, once you pick one of the jobs, or have it be random, you're placed in a group with 3 other REAL NEOPIAN USERS, you're all doing a different job.

To keep the team alive, do your job as well as possible.

If you, or anyone else on your team FAILS at doing their job, your team will be forfeit and you must re-start with a new group, so keep up. Click the following links as to which job you were assigned to see that part of the guide:

Stabilize the Energy Core
Contain the Energy Core
Guide the Remnant to the Barrier
Suppress the Energy Spikes

Stabilize Step

The key to this step is to look at the colour and size of the energy core.

For example, if it's blue, small, and stable, then you would click on the blue hands, the small words, and the lightest coloured powder. Here is a chart I've made to help you in picking the correct sequence:

This is a lot of text. So, how do you read it?

Say I had this orb:

It's blue in colour and small in size. It also appears bright in colour.

So, as a recap:

My orb is:



and Bright

Now, take a look back at the chart. See where is has "Colour" and "Size"? Match up "Blue" and "Small", like in a times table at elementary school. Those two symbols are the ones you use.

To find the third one, look at the bottom of the chart. See the "Brightness" list? Find "Bright", the black powdered one would be the one I'd use.

Now use this chart to plan out your own orb methods!

Good luck!

Containment Step

The object of this step is to keep the orb contained by putting certain spell-casting hand images over the sides.

Here is another chart to help you:

Ok, so, the top part, with the groups of symbols, is only separting them so you can see which ones you should use for which instance.

The ones below those, though, those are the important ones. If any of your scores go below 50% or above 69%, they will start to gradually turn yellow, then red, as they get higher or lower.

We need to try to keep them in the green range of 50%-69% So, let's take this example:

On the first round, all the numbers are green, or in the nominal range. So we wait. No need to do anything.

Uh oh, what happened? See how the bottom left is at 30-something percent? That's BAD! Let's fix it.

Look up at the chart, see "under 40% (red)"? I'd choose the more magic-y looking hand, for we need stronger power to pull this one out.

Ok, that's a little better, but now there's another one that's yellow.

It's under 50% too , I was feeling risky and slapped on two strong hands this time, which was a bit more than I needed, if you look up on the chart, it displays medium and weak hands for "under 50% (yellow). You can always use two medium hands in this situation as well.

Oh no. That's not good. We pulled the bottom left out TOO much, now it needs pushing in. Go to the chart and look at "Greater than 75% (red)" choose the strongest hand from that and place it down. I also chose a medium hand for the bottom right, since it needs a pull out.

Aaaand then I got shot down by my team member, who wasn't DOING THEIR JOB. *angry glare*

Hopefully you get the idea, once you get the hang of it, it's not hard. :)

Guiding Step

This is a guide on how to guide. *snicker*

Anyways, you must get the purple orb from one side of the map to the other, by, of course, pushing it. What else could you use?

During the course of this, you may push too hard, and get this message:

You push too hard and fall down! You must spend one round getting back up.

If you use only strong for all four limbs, you'll nearly always get this; you must wait one full turn, you cannot do the puzzle until that turn is up.

The yellow arrow that is point off of the purple orb is the direction you are going. If the arrow is pointed away from the direction you need to go (up, towards the wall of purple), then push away from that direction.

Here is another chart I supply you with you help you on your own :)

Here's an example:

The first turn I did not get a screenshot of. I was diagonally placed to the bottom left, so I put it on strong for the right arm and left leg, and weak for the left arm and right leg.

For this one, we are facing right, so put both on strong left, weak on the right.

Now we're facing downward, so strong on both arms, weak on the legs.

After this, once again, one of my team members couldn't keep up and we failed. Hope you understand from this short example! :)

As you can see, this step is very tedious. You move very slowly.

Suppressing Step

For this step, you must block the bolts of genergy with green sheilds, if you let a zap through to a player, they will get stunned and lose a turn.

The orb can zap in 3 different directions for all 4 people, so, 12 directions. You know ahead of time where it is casting by the small lazer protruding from the orb a turn before. Follow the arrows on the above image to see where the planned path is.

Place a shield there and only there. Set them and wait a turn.

Look for more little zaps forming, block them.

Keep doing this until

1.) Someone on your team stops doing their job correctly and you fail

2.) You run out of sheilds and are forced to watch your teammates fail over your lack of shields. :(

3.) You and your teammates correctly finish the step

Spell Deciphering Step

This is a team step too, but not so much of a teamwork as much as a collaberation.

The central page is a list of pages in the book, which has one million page we must collective decipher. Sound scary? It isn't.

Dark Grey- Already ruled out by another player

Light Grey- Ruled out by the fact that a dark grey one is linked to this one, no need to test.

Click on any open page that's not grey coloured.

Yayyy, distracting words.

Ok, the only things you need to worry about are the 7 symbols of the "title" across the top.

Like with the wand, use process of elimination.

























And so on, and so fouth. Most likely, you will get the combination very quickly. I honestly don't get past the first 10 combinations before finding it.

Just keep doing these pages if you want a quick and easy job, but still helping out. :)

The Achievements

Errand Spelling

To get this one, you must complete both a spell decypher AND a sucessful group puzzle.

They're flying off the shelves!

Jack of All Stations

To get this one, you must complete a sucessful group puzzle while each time doing one of the four different types of jobs.

I've got an ace up my sleeve too.

Chapters 13-14

Chapters 13 and 14 are both comic only chapters this means there's only a comic to read, no step.

Chapter 15

This chapter is one big tip of the hat to Monkey Island games specifically, a grand sport called Insult Swordfighting. Never heard of it? Be ashamed; then buy the game. Or él Pollo Diablo will be after your soul. ;) (Nah, kidding)

So, it's not the REAL insult sfing, but it's close. You, the insulter, are trying to get Xandra, the insultee, to fire just enough energy at your piece of the artefact to transfer energy to it over a certain ammount of turns.

So, you're given a list of insults, some quite...interesting...but which ones do you use? Below is a helpful list of which insults do low (0-29%) and high (30+%) absorbtion.

Watch the tracker under the pictures.

Artefact energy absorption: 0.00%
Best overall absorption: 0.00%

In specific, the Artefact energy absorption . If this goes over 99.99%, you're toast. Literally.

Mild and Medium Insults

These do not absorb as much as the stronger ones below, but are good to use when doing the Supercharger Achievement . (see below for achievement details)

-Being shot at is really nothing new to me. *yawn*

-Could we hurry this up a little? I've got places to be.

-Didn't you ever learn how to use your words?

-Do you get all of your clothes from scrounging around the Money Tree, or just that rag?

-Speckled? What, you couldn't afford a Blue Paint Brush?

-There are Petpetpets on Kreludor who could aim better than you!

-You smell funny!

-You're not good with moving targets, are you?

-Your mastery of magic is like Jelly World—it doesn't exist!

-Didn't your mother teach you it's rude to try to vaporise people?

-Have you ever been mistaken for a Very Stinky Cheese and rolled down a hill in Meridell?

-Here's a Neopoint, maybe you can go buy a clue with it. -Nobody likes a homicidal maniac!

Strong Insults

These should be used only when you need a high percent absorbed, if you're going for the Over 9000 achievement, use these, they're easier to overload with. (see below for achievement details)

-Until I met you, I didn't even know there was an Ugly Paint Brush!

-Let me guess—you're doing your best Edna impression?

-You're just jealous you'll never be as powerful as Fyora!

-Now I see why you needed this artefact—your magic skills stink!

-Did you win the Neopie for "Neopia's Nerdiest Magician"?

-Nox must've died from laughing at your magical abilities.

-Something tells me you didn't study with the faeries long enough.

Just a little extra bit:

New NC Mall Item

Stone Faerie Wings;

Thanks to Fara and Chrys for modeling. :3


Hidden Clues in the Main Image?

Below is a blown-up screenshot of the main image on the Plot page.

See the ghosties? Wonder if they're a clue...

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

HELP!!! I had a Fountain Faerie Quest/other type of Quest and now I can't complete it and it's gone!!

Ok, first, calm down. I'm nearly positive you'll get your quest back at the end of this event. If you wouldn't, TNT would've given you a warning, right? ;)

Why does TNT do NC things?! It's stupid that we have to pay real money!

First, let's say this: TNT is a company in real life. In real life you need money. If TNT didn't make money through the NC Mall, how else would the site run? Think about it, if the NC Mall closed they'd have to use another way, possibly even making you pay to even use the site. ;o So...the NC Mall is vital to the site, but you don't have to use it.

You don't have to do it, either. ;) It's stated in the FAQ of the plot that the NC aspect of the plot does NOT effect your plot score in any way.

If you have a really burning question, you can also use the link on the bottom of this page to neomail me. :)

Link Back?

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