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first released: jan 04 2008 | last change: nov 06 2014

In this game you're the young King Hagan. And it is all about defending your favourite cookies. Being a king, you don't store them in a jar or box or something stupid like that. No, you keep them in a tiny special castle..
Now everything would be fine if there wasn't.. uh. right. Your hungry brother, Skarl, blessed with endless appetite. Here you see him with his Box, where he's about to assemble lots and lots of toy soldiers that will march on and try to get your cookies.
But being the ingenious Hagan that you are, you have foreseen this and invented all kinds of defenses in the shape of towers. And you wouldn't be Hagan if you had not taken notes of those numerous types:

turret types / effects
Basic tower
Ball Launcher
Sling Shot
focused damage
Potion Slinger
damage over time
direct damage
area damage
Gravel Cannon
close range
Rocket Launcher
long range
Bag Thrower
Sludge Thrower
slow down
Net Thrower
single target
Wind Mill
area effect
Oil Thrower
slip up
Paint Thrower
Water Thrower

Yes, you sure made your homework. And so you planned lots of different tower models, having quite diverse effects on Skarl's invading toy army.
Now I'll walk you through using those types to successfully defeat your greedy brother. We'll end up hopefully with all our cookies and a score of a bit more than 6900. This will not be enough for a trophy, but you can build further from that point.. Skarl will send 20 waves of toy troops after your cookies, each one better armed and/or faster than the one before. It is recommended to play on hard mode. The number of waves won't change but you'll earn a much better score by doing so. Now let's start defending that baked goodness! =D

Wave 1. On hard mode, you find yourself with only 5 cookies and a limited supply of just 18 parts. From that you can build your basic defenses. Click on 'Add Tower' in the panel to the right. Place it. Now doubleclick on it. You'll see a menu allowing you to equip it to the various stages seen in the types chart above. Make your first tower a rocket launcher. Do so by choosing the following order of things from the construction menu:

Although not being the most precise weapon provided, this sure will pack some punch. Use all of your parts for now and just install a second tower, empty for the moment..
Wave 2. Now upgrade the topmost tower into a ball launcher. This will support your rocket turret and soften up those incoming toys. At this time it is important that you do it as quickly as possible, so nothing will get through to your castle. You can simply leave the construction menu open for now, so you can select things as soon as they're available (their background will switch from red to green).
Wave 3. As soon as you have the credits, upgrade the upper tower into a rocket launcher as well. And now it is time to prepare some delaying things, in order to slow down Skarl's troops. Place another tower next to the first rocket launcher..
Wave 4. Build it into a sludge thrower. This will slow down several enemies at once... Choose from the construction menu, until all parts are spent (background will be red):

This actually depicts the entire way to a net thrower. You'll not be able to finish it yet, but soon.
Wave 5. Take the final step for this tower and make it a net thrower. This will cause much more delay, but only for a single foe at a time. So we'll need more of those. Start another tower at the other rocket launcher..
Wave 6. During this wave, you'll be able to upgrade this one into another sludge thrower. Go on building in those lines..
Wave 13. Expand even more. Rinse and repeat.. And form a nice pathway of delaying throwers, to keep the enemies away from our precious cookies and inside the most effective rocket range.. hrrhrr... Try to keep the number of defense vs. delay towers equal. So build a rocket turret, build another delaying thrower.. Finally, add one last tower at the castle, to keep our cookies secure from those really fast guys. Make this another net thrower.
Wave 14. Here we are at the end of building things. This setup should take care of everything coming along. Just sit back now and enjoy the show..
Wave 17. These are the fastest and most powerful troops you will meet. They will show you if your system is sufficient - or leave you with an empty plate. =S
Wave 20. Watch those poor toys getting smashed to pieces. On this wave, Skarl even sends a miniature toy of himself to get whatever he can. Umm... We have some rockets left for him, right?
Just so you'd know: the height of the turrets can be raised by clicking on the tower itself in the construction menu. There are two levels to gain, each at the cost of one part. You'll see the current coverage area of each tower by a green circle around it. This also depends on its armament. Raising the height also decreases accuracy. This effect is most noteable on the rocket launcher; therefore we kept everything low here.
You can also select a toy target manually, so your turrets will go for it. Just click on it. Some people prefer not to use this and to let the towers do everything on their own. This might be a help in critical situations, when something tries to get away with a cookie.
So now you've made it. Your cookies are safe, you can hear Skarl screaming angrily from a distance; now you know why he's always such a grumpy guy - and you should find yourself being listed as 'Grand Master' for this game. =D

In case you have found something terribly wrong or ridiculous here, don't hesitate to neomail! I'd also love to hear about other strategies and / or see screenshots.

faq - frequently asked questions
- How did those other guys get into the trophy ranks? How can you score more than described here?
- The way you just were showed through this game is only one of the countless possible solutions. There are lots of other scenarios how to equip or place the turrets. And there also are blocks and decoys to start something with.. Common approaches just share building a delay section along the enemy's attack path and complementing this with enough firepower. How this is done and where all this is taking place can differ quite a bit. See the formations hall of fame for examples. (Major spoiler warning!)
The higher you go, the less things you build, the more luck becomes a factor for your score. And the harder it will get to spot a valuable formation, as it may work just a tiny fraction of the time.

The final score most likely is calculated like this:
wave score + (cookies left x 200) + ((something odd around 10,5) x parts never used).
So build only the absolutely neccessary towers while keeping all cookies.
The buildup of the things shown in the walkthrough above takes 9 minutes 17 seconds (while the game takes 14 minutes 46 total). By building less towers you'll even save time. Build your defense around the castle rather than at Skarl's box, so the differently speeded enemies can separate. Having them all bulk up at the toybox often results in broken towers. The only exception to this are the poison throwers, which need some time to inflict damage.
I wanted to go the safe way, to have a reliable and repeatable method to win. So this approach shown here will not win any beauty contest and sports more firepower / delay than really needed. You may start experimenting from here...
- Although having meticulously rebuilt the same formation as before, my score is different. Why?
- The scoring involves some funny factors. Time (or distance of your towers from the castle) does not have an influence on the score at all, neither does the state of your castle walls or the position of your cookies. Most likely the seen differences are due to enemies that have survived a wave. There also sometimes are fluctuations in wave score, which i have no idea about. Do you? Since changes on jan 07 2008, dismantling unused constructions doesn't help raising your parts bonus anymore.
- I keep following the instructions here to the letter. Nevertheless Skarl's toys get hold of at least one of my cookies!
- It is quite important to take the steps in fast succession, without unneccessary delays in between. This is especially true on the first waves, where your defense is very weak. For example, it helps to keep the construction menu open, to be able to upgrade existing towers as quickly as possible. And even then, your toy rocketeers can have a bad day, fire too far off and something might get through.
- Are there cheat codes in this game?
- Yes, there are. We didn't use them here, but maybe you'll find them useful anyway:
--- recon : display attack path
--- retreat : display retreat path
--- removedebris : clear debris from broken down walls and towers, so you can build there again. One time use only. Will clear your decoys as well. oO
- Help?! I keep destroying the toy troops but don't get any points?
- Most likely you're playing in practice mode, which will give you lots of cookies and parts, but no points at all. Choose another mode; hard mode is recommended.
- Umm, ok. Nice - but i just want to get to the point which will give me 1000 NP. How far to go for this?
- In this case you'll only have to build few things. It will keep you building for ~2:30 minutes; total game time shrinks down to a mere ~10 minutes. You can use the time in between to check the neoboards, visit your fridge, etc... You'll only have to get to wave 15; here a score of anything above 2500 and the parts bonus will add up to surpass the required score of 3572 points (np ratio 0.28, until august 25th of 2010). You can just let it continue until failure and you'll get something from 3500 to 4150 points in the end.
See the screenshot about what to build. Just start with the rockets, then finally build the sludge throwers on the other side of the pathway. It will hold tight until wave 14; Skarls troops will beat you on wave 16 or 17.
- What's going on with this? The other day i saw scores around 7000, then there were ~4000, now lots of 7000 point scores can be seen again. What gives?
- Let's have a look at the happenings so far:
--- jan 03 2008: Public / non-premium release of Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's last Stand.
--- jan 04: In the afternoon / evening TNT changed the scoring on the game. The wave score would be divided by 2, making it impossible to score ~7000 points anymore. The highscores from before that point were unreachable.
--- jan 07: further changes. Dismantling structures does not increase the parts bonus anymore. TNT also cleared the highscore table.
--- jan 10: the scoring was changed again, so that the wave score would not be cut in half anymore. Additionally, ~7k scores from jan 03/04 went through the review process and showed up in the highscore table. But since you couldn't raise the parts bonus anymore, the topmost scores were once more unreachable.
--- jan 28: the first case of ultra-obvious cheating has shown up. Or maybe this was the first obvious use of a time machine, i don't know. =/
--- feb 01: finally the high score table has been reset, leading to almost consistent scores.

formations hall of fame
here you'll see strategies shared by kind neopians to get you going or induce ideas from how they did it. Enjoy! =)
max score reliability provided by notes formation
7395 ~55% Sylvanna89 This setup forms a curved pathway, cleverly prolonging the route to go for all those toys. They get slowed down quite a bit trying to run right up to the windmill, so the rockets have plenty of time to dismantle everything coming in, which then also is in very close range to them. This setup is surprisingly reliable, even though the windmill -does- turn sometimes. Take care to raise it (and only this tower) by one level, else the setup will fail. This formation, being one of the very first to become public, obviously has been a huge inspiration for many players. Several similar creations have surfaced after it.
7425 ~8% Bartdrunkeys A tunnel entry consisting of delaying towers leads into another curved path here, using a block to direct those toys. They are forced against the windmill, which tries its best not to let them pass. There are two levels of height added to it.
7487 ~2% Bartdrunkeys Here we meet one of those yummy decoys again. It causes the incoming troops to walk a curved detour in what seems to be just a straightforward tunnel. Note that the decoy is upgraded two times for appeal and the windmill has two levels of height. As you can see, a probability of 2% is not much; it can take quite a lot of tries to make this work. One of the three main reasons of failure is the sludge tower. It often gets torn down by the end of wave 19; the scorchio ninja squad from wave 20 then just will rush through and you can wave goodbye to your cookies. You can raise the chance of this setup to ~3% by dismantling the sludge tower at the beginning of wave 19, quickly rebuilding it at the spot marked by the red square, then dismantling it again by the start of wave 20 and rebuilding it at the original spot.
Want to share a formation of your own? Send a neomail!. It has to be really an invention of yourself, no derivative of one already shown here and should get a score at least equal to or above the lowest shown here. If you know the working percentage as well, that would be awesome. =D

enemies overview
Here you'll get an overview about all those nice little creatures king Skarl uses trying to reach for your cookies. They are listed in order of appearance.
name pic points description in wave/s
techo lvl0
2 your generic techo. Unarmed, unafraid and quite easy to handle 1, 2, 3, 4
scorchio lvl0
4 your run-of-the-mill toy scorchio 2, 3
skeith yellow lvl0
6 slow and quite weak 3, 4, 6
techo lvl1
8 this one's coming with a toy sword 4,5,7
scorchio lvl1
10 now if this one could fly, it may have been a threat.. 5, 6, 8
skeith red
12 still slow but capable of a little more damage 6, 7, 9
techo lvl2
14 they even have those cute little helmets. And they are a little tougher. They only forgot their sword at home? 7, 8, 10
scorchio lvl2
16 the same problem in green. oO 8, 9, 11
skeith yellow lvl1
18 slow but nevertheless armoured 9, 10, 12
techo lvl3
20 the well equipped rather tough techo 10, 11, 13, 16
scorchio lvl3
22 these can take quite a bit. Skarl seems to like using them 11, 12, 14, 17
skeith orange
24 New! now with sewn-on armour. =) 12, 13, 15, 18
techo purple
26 quite sturdy and decently fast 13, 14, 16, 19
scorchio purple
28 his tougher and bigger scorchio brother 14, 15, 17, 19
skeith purple
30 they must have used an even more robust fabric on these 15, 18, 19
techo lvl4
52 the mounted toy techo. When damaged for a fair amount, these leave the moehogs they ride on and become lvl3 techos, gaining some speed. (!?) So these are worth 32 + 20 points 16, 20
scorchio lvl4
34 the infamous scorchio ninja squad. The fastest enemy you'll encounter. A thorough test for your defenses 17, 20
skeith pink
36 cuddly but slow and robust. The toughest skeiths around. Except one.. 18,20
walking shield
38 this is naturally quite well protected but can only move slow 19, 20
shield moehogs
40 these cute folks carry the shield from above. Once the shield is destroyed, they are quite vulnerable. But now they are rather fast - and they won't hesitate to run for your cookies! Latest news are that these are Moehogs. Maybe the most colorful kind of them ever seen. Each of them is worth 20 points, so that's 40 in total 19, 20
40 the figurine of your greedy brother. Capable of taking a lot of damage, but also slow. 20
Found something wrong, strange or laughable here? Don't hesitate to neomail!

weapons - what your towers can do
This place is for all those nifty inventions you made to protect your cookies. Cost is listed for minimum level. The range is shown for all heights, from default level up to maximum expansion.
name pic cost range
bag thrower
5 1,75 2,75 4 this will slow down one of your toy enemies a bit, also giving it some damage on the way
sludge thrower
9 2 3,25 4,5 will cause even more slow-down on multiple enemies, doesn't inflict damage
oil thrower
9 2 3,25 4,5 creates a puddle of oil where multiple foes can slither around a bit. Not much slow-down, no damage
wind mill
14 2 3,25 4,5 great for drying the laquer on those toys. Will slow several of them down a good deal. This is most useful when it doesn't have to turn
paint thrower
14 2 3,25 4,5 causes the troops to walk around in disorientation. While walking blind, they will dismantle everything in their way, even if it's a fellow toy! Also weakens them a bit, but does not dismantle
water thrower
14 2 3,25 4,5 weakens and slows a single toy soldier down gradually. Also does not destroy by itself
net thrower
14 2,25 3,75 5 have maximum delay thrown on one enemy at a time
name pic cost range
ball thrower
5 1,75 2,75 4 deals the basic amount of damage on a single troop. Only a tiny bit more damage than the bag though
sling shot
9 2 3,25 4,5 dishes out more damage to one toy with the same good precision
9 2,25 3,5 5 can take several of them apart at once, less precise and a bit slow when turning around to follow fast enemies
potion slinger
14 2 3,25 4,5 causes a lot of damage to one troop, which will get to know it slowly
gravel cannon
14 2,25 3,5 5 good for a lot of damage to multiple enemies in close encounters
rocket launcher
14 2,5 4 5,5 here comes a huge package of splash damage for several toy troops at once. Works great on everything above 2 steps away but still can miss now and then. Has to be used low to have even a bit of accuracy on closer range
14 2,75 4,5 6 delivers a great amount of damage precisely to one enemy. The largest range of them all
name pic cost range
1 - - - blocks or changes the pathway of the attacking toys to your liking. Comes with different symbols and colors.
2 ? ? ? useful to prolong the way all the enemy troops will go. Can be upgraded in two steps each for better appeal or more cookies, each upgrade costing 1 part.

waves breakdown
Here we look into the composition of all those waves, so you can see how many of which enemies to expect at what time. Since those waves have the same number and kind of elements for every player and every time, there's also an almost certain wave score to be expected. Sometimes a wave score can be different though; the factors behind this yet are unknown.
wave # end score parts given composition
1 10 2 5x
2 40 6 5x 5x
3 88 6 4x 4x 4x
4 152 7 4x 4x 4x
5 240 7 4x 4x 4x
6 352 7 4x 4x 4x
7 488 8 4x 4x 4x
8 648 8 4x 4x 4x
9 832 8 4x 4x 4x
10 1040 9 4x 4x 4x
11 1272 9 4x 4x 4x
12 1528 9 4x 4x 4x
13 1858 11 4x 5x 5x
14 2216 12 4x 5x 5x
15 2598 11 4x 5x 5x
16 3056 16 4x 5x 6x
17 3464 12 4x 5x 6x
18 3902 13 6x 5x 4x
19 4388 15 3x 3x 3x 3x
20 5028 18+ 3x 3x 3x 1x 3x
So after joyfully disassembling all 20 waves of Skarls toys, we get 5028 points from wave score. We had 18 parts from the start, (yup, on hard mode of course) the game gave out 194+ parts during the waves. So these add up to 212. The constructions shown in this guide take up 126 of them. So we'll have our cookies with approximately 86 parts left. You may want to minimize the parts used in order to maximize this.
Found a bug? Got the missing value for wave 20? Encountered a different wave score? Feel free to neomail!

trivia - did you know..
..that when Skarl's troops break down a block or tower, the used parts really are lost? You may want to avoid this. Don't build anything in their path! Damaged towers will get darker. You can quickly break them down by yourself and build somewhere else, so you can avoid the parts bonus penalty for this.
..that the arena in fact is bigger than what you see on screen? When hit by paint, the toy soldiers eventually march off-screen. As soon as the blinding effect is gone, they'll return. However, they won't use this to get around things blocking their way; they'll start to destroy something after finding out that there's no clear path. An attack on the south or east walls of your cookie castle is not impossible, but still has to be seen. =)

known bugs - game glitches
A window may pop up, saying 'A script in this movie is causing adobe flash player 9 to run slowly. if it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script? '. You are presented with 'yes' or 'no' choices.
If you're experiencing this often, check out if you have the latest version of flash player installed. If that doesn't help, try to quit other unneccessary programs you are running. As a last resort you can choose lower quality / resolution settings. Having followed these steps nevertheless won't prevent the occasional hickup from happening now and then. Consider your current score to be lost; it is very likely that you'll have to reload the game. =/
During the last stages, the game may suddenly decide to - let you loose it. =( 'Skarls forces have defeated you.' And that even when all of your cookies still are safe in their snuggly little cookie-castle.
That maybe is some sort of cheating protection gone bonkers. It seems to happen when you pause the game a lot (by pressing space). It did quite often when i was taking screenshots (and pausing the game in succession).
But pausing is good for even more funny effects. Pausing the game can cause it to 'forget' the announcement of a new wave and to release its toys right after the ones from the previous wave. Put to the extreme, you can for example have all the toys of waves 1-4 going for your cookies (and even more, wouldn't this very likely result in the doom of your castle and its contents) without any announcements or breaks in deployment! oO
There's one position for a tower where doubleclicking on it can dismantle it right away, as the mouse cursor is just on the related icon of the construction menu. Since this menu always pops up at the same location, there also are spots where you can unintentionally raise your towers or equip them with other things than intended.
On some positions built weapons fire in the opposite direction than where the enemy is, sometimes even off-screen. -.- Luckily, this happens only on the first 5-6 shots, then they get the aiming right.
Sludge sometimes stays on the screen forever, although losing its stickyness.
Up- or downgrading towers enables them to fire again instantly after the up-/downgrade. So, for example, if you'd like to actually throw almost the double amount of nets around from one tower, you can do so. But this 'strategy' is much too clumsy to be of use and may even get you frozen for abusing it.
Single toy troops may get completely stuck in nets, slime or water. They don't move any further.
Wait until your towers have gotten rid of the problem. x) Or, if those toys are out of reach, maybe you have some spare parts handy, to build a tower that isn't.
Troops can also get stuck just when coming right out of Skarl's toy box.
Water baloons may cause some toys to gain (!) insane amounts of health, making them seem to be invulnerable.
Building things on places already occupied will use up your parts. Place a tower on e.g. your cookie castle, Skarl's toybox or an already existing tower and, - oops. You have 2 parts less. So watch where you're building..
A rare glitch can lead to having ~90 parts at your disposal from the start, on hard mode.
Using the code 'removedebris' wipes away your decoys as well.
Got a bug that's not listed here? neomail!

A big THANK YOU! goes out to all the kind people on neopets who have helped me a huge lot with their guides, shared their knowledge of this game on the boards or contributed with tips or screenshots. This guide would not be this extensive without you! =D

links - find lots of guides, info and other forms of help here:
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Iorn_dino get to know how to keep ads at bay using the famous Firefox extension Adblock plus.
BeAdFree another way how to deal with those fine bits of consumer information, this time a bit more tedious but far more flexible

how to play games almost fullscreen (or have them resizeable)
In the beginning of April 2008, TNT introduced a new layout on the games, allowing them to have ads included everywhere. While it still is great to be able to use a site like this for free and they have to get their revenue from somewhere, this severely messed up the gaming experience. Games would not fit on the screen anymore, laggyness increased (due to flash ads even on the popups) and the freedom was taken away how to position a specific game on the player's screen. Playing in fullscreen was no longer possible. Furthermore, the ads could let you lose a game due to a wrong click; also gray space was introduced. Useless, unneeded space, sometimes also prohibiting the use of a game guide in the background at the same time you were playing. X(
But luckily, there's a way around all this. This section will show you how to have a game behave almost like in fullscreen or to play it in its original size, clutterfree and fully resizeable. It may seem a bit fumbly first, but it is not as difficult as it looks.

Update note: TNT seem to have removed the code required for scaling / resizing flash games on their latest releases (the size selector only has one choice here or is missing completely). Also, the other varieties of games have stopped working completely or don't work for a lot of people (as of 02/2010). =(
Flash games
- 1. check out the game page for the game you want to play. For example, let's have a look at.. Biscuit Brigade. =)
We'll need the game id, included in the link. Here it is 941. If we want it on almost fullscreen, that's all. If we want it to be original size, we'll need those values, too. Read them from the drop down menu on the game page; here they are 785 x 580.
- 2. open a new browser window (CTRL + N in most browsers). Leave it large. Now we have two choices:
- 3a. almost fullscreen: paste the following URL into the adress bar:
The game will fit into the size your window currently has. You can resize as you wish. Or..
- 3b. a specific size: now the values you noted before come into play. Append them to the URL so that it looks like:
You may see quite some gray space surrounding the game; but since the window it is in can be fully resized, that's no problem: simply drag the window borders to just fit the game itself. It is best to first have the window a tad bigger than the game you want to play, else it will fit into the given size and may shrink a bit. Note that some games will not work properly once they were shrinked below their given size values; an example is Hot Dog Hero. Just resize and reload if you experience problems.

If your game seems to be clipped, missing a side with some buttons, you can try to click into a grey area around the game and then pressing [CTRL] and [-] keys. You can reset the zoom level by pressing [CTRL] and [0]. These keys may be different ones for the browser and operating system you use.
Flash games for max speed
Let's look at another example game. This time we'll check Carnival of Terror. This game on default settings tends to be quite a ressource hog on computers that have been bought before yesterday evening. So we want to have it small, low-res, as fast as possible.
From the game link we already know the game id, this time 902. Now we look up the resolution for small screen: on the game's page we find it to be 600 x 435. Here we also use the quality parameter. It can be one out of 'high' or 'medium' or 'low'. If it isn't passed, the game will default to 'high'. For fastest gameplay, naturally this should be 'low'. Now we can construct both game links:
http://www.neopets.com/games/play_flash.phtml?game_id=902&quality=low for almost fullscreen and
http://www.neopets.com/games/play_flash.phtml?game_id=902&quality=low&width=600&height=435 to have it in its original small size resolution. Fit the window to it and once again you have it almost like before the change..
3D Life games
It looks like these games are no longer supported on Neopets (as of 02/2010). =(
This sort of games is quite rare on neopets, yet rather easy to handle. We'll pick Shenkuu River Rush. As can be seen from the gamelink, here the game id is 877. Looking for the game size doesn't matter as there's only one the game will know by itself. Fullscreen mode isn't possible. Also, there's only one quality level. Nevertheless it is called just like any other flash game, so here we go:
http://www.neopets.com/games/play_flash.phtml?game_id=877 is our link. You could append some resolution and a quality setting but the game won't care anyway. So we're perfectly fine with this. =)
Shockwave games
These games seem to be broken for a lot of Neopians (as of 02/2010). =(
With Shockwave games we'll need a bit of a different approach; they won't load the way we just used on Flash and 3D Life ones. Our example game now will be Castle Battles. Again, we'll note the game id, 430 in this case. Now we come across the same differences: They are one size only, and it looks like they won't use the quality setting at all. Apart from that, they need another starter page to be called. So we just need to call
http://www.neopets.com/games/dgs/play_shockwave.phtml?game_id=430 and size the window down accordingly. We -could- use the size values (640x480 here), but this just would leave more gray space on screen. Note: this doesn't seem to work consistently on all shockwave games, examples being Attack of the Slorgs, Hannah and the Pirate Caves and Gourmet Club Bowls. Further research will be done on that.. Successfully tested so far with Caste Battles, Dice Escape, Frumball, Hannah and the Ice Caves, The Last Smiley and TRotRoDS.
Once in a while you may encounter a game which will not load completely; it will not show those 'plugin version / % loaded / elapsed time / loading speed' stats. It seems that you can get around this by just loading a game the standard way once, via its default gamepage. It just as well may be an unrelated hickup on neopets. On a side note, an adblocker does wonders to get rid of the (sometimes deadly) lag caused by flash ads.
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how to get Tarla's toolbar into Internet Explorer or Firefox
As probably many of us already know, Tarla is a busy Ixi who regularly finds all kinds of gifts for us. Luckily, several kind Neopians already have written guides about the phenomenon that Tarla is. See:
Xoe676's FAQ
Tronbonne's FAQ
Blechdoeschen - a recent list of all her links you can use to find drop links

Be aware of the fact that having either of the two versions of the toolbar discussed here active in your browser can impair your ability to play fast games due to build-up of lag over time. You can disable the toolbar if it gets in your way. These things tend to get worse the longer you run your browser. If you like the hibernation feature of your operating system, lag can get really ugly and it's advised to have your browser and / or system restarted at least every three days.
Internet Explorer
Here you're on the easy side to get notified about Tarla's happenings, as you just can use the official toolbar from
and, although being quite old, it will work even with the latest IE out there (version 8, tested by Sunrise430381 during february 2010). Just watch that lag..
Firefox (and probably also Seamonkey, Iceweasel and other Gecko-based browsers)
A rather messy solution already is covered pretty well over at http://www.neopets.com/~figgyfroggie2000, which jumps through a hoop in order to make the original toolbar work on FF et al as well. I can't support or answer any qs on this as i don't use it. lol.

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