written in the stars, a million miles away
written in the stars, a million miles away

Welcome Shooting Stars!

Have you come for a UFO ride now? Well I encourage you to! The yearbook is a place where YOU are the star! It's a great place to start to get to know the members of our family before you chat with them. However it's also a great place for you to learn fun facts about our family members that you might not have ever learned otherwise! If you would like to continue on through the yearbook you should board onto the UFO before it takes off! Please remember to keep seated until safely landed! To navigate the UFO click on the tabs on the top of the page.

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Favorite Books:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Food:
Favorite bands / Singers:
Real life Goals:
About yourself (what are hobbies? beliefs? annoyances/fears? Loves? ect):

If you don't feel comfortable answering some of these questions then just put N/A as the answer! When you have finished filling out the form neomail it to Jackie by clicking on the picture below!

The Girls

Username: rosealie92564
Name: Jenna
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Color: Depends on my mood
Favorite Books:
Death Masks by Jim Butcher
Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
And basically all books by Christopher Pike
Favorite Quote: Whoever said nothing was impossible never tried slamming a revolving door
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: Watermelon
Favorite bands / Singers: Adele, Davina, Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and a lot more
Real life Goals: To become a successful singer
About yourself: Likes: Music, kind people, dancing, art, memories,honesty, rain, dreams, music
Dislikes: Dreams, people who use you, feeling invisible, being hated, haters, squash, and food that moves

Username: neobeanie
Name: Bean
Favorite Animal: Squids! Oh yeah, that's right, I'm weird.
Favorite Color: Purple and pink forever!
Favorite Books: Pretty much any fantasy books, I'm a dreamer. *_*
Favorite Quote: I didn't hit you, I just high fived your face.
Favorite Holiday: All of them!
Favorite Food: Steak. Meat, meat, meat!
Favorite bands / Singers: Katy Perry
Real life Goals: Have a career involving writing or artwork.
About yourself: I am very creative and weird, and have sometimes crazy ideas. I HATE waiting, and love excitment. In my spare time I draw and write stories, and of course play neopets.

Username: clair1516
Name: Claire
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Books: N/A
Favorite Quote: Love, the best and worst of emotions, can replenish your soul or destroy your heart.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite bands / Singers: Evanescence, most rock
Real life Goals: To teach kids
About yourself: Well I am easy to get along with. I am always there for people. I like to hang out with friends and play neopets.

Username: shinybutterflys
Name: Rose
Favorite Animal: Turtle
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Books: Alex Rider, The Kane Chronicles, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games
Favorite Quote:The road to success is always under construction."
Favorite Holiday: Hanukkah
Favorite Food: Cheese
Favorite bands / Singers: Big Time Rush
Real life Goals: To be a not so famous chef or artist
About yourself: I love shopping for clothes and shoes. (but only for myself xD) I love to draw and cook in my free time, and sometimes enjoy writing. I collect snowglobes, I have 14 (2 from disney world, 2 I randomley got, 1 from a butterfly garden place in Chicago, 2 from New York, 2 from outer banks in North Carolina, 1 from Maryland, 1 from Baltimore, 1 from Minnesota, 1 from Virginia, and 1 from Paris) I also love to read, and of course go on neopets and chat with my guild friends. My #1 favorite thing to do would be to be lazy xD

Username: _memepipo
Name: Annie
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy
Favorite Quote:You love me. Real or not real?" I tell him, "Real." -Mockingjay
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: Anything but tuna
Favorite bands / Singers: Adele, Katy Perry, Greenday
Real life Goals: To become a successful chef
About yourself: I LOVE to sing and play the guitar. I hate spiders and any insects.

Username: frankygee
Name: Katie
Favorite Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Books: The Harry Potter series
Favorite Quote: Sometimes the answer is more complicated than the question." -- Dr Seuss
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Food: Lasagna
Favorite bands / Singers: My Chemical Romance
Real life Goals: Graduate, go to college, and become a journalist and author
About yourself: I write poetry and stories. Liars annoy me. Spiders, clowns, and the dark terrifies me. I love my friends, family, and cats.

Username: mariahmedallion212
Name: Mariah
Favorite Animal: White Tiger, Pomerainians, Fluffy Kittens, and Peacocks
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Books: The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Twilight Books, and The Nancy Drew Series
Favorite Quote: Don't worry about what everyone else is doing wrong, look at yourself.
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite bands / Singers: Adele, One Direction, Maroon 5, and Beyonce.
Real life Goals: To have a happy life
About yourself: I love to draw and paint and color and write. Oh, I LOVE writing Short stories are my specialty. I do not believe that the world will end in 2012 -_-. I hate it when people lie, cheat, or be mean. I am afraid of Spiders, heights, sharks, and scary movies. :3

Username: snowflake_the_star14
Name: Star
Favorite Animal: Giant pandas and wolves
Favorite Color: Blue and red
Favorite Books: Maximum Ride, Hunger Games Series, and Twilight
Favorite Quote: Too many to name
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: Pizza, Spaghetti, or Chinese
Favorite bands / Singers: BlessTheFall, Nickelback, Hilary Duff, Journey (with Steve Perry), and Theory of a Deadman
Real life Goals: Ummm...too many to name at the minute
About yourself: I bowl, hang with fr1ends and family, likes movies and the beach, draw, sing, and playing any sport. I have a fear of spiders and losing the people I love.

Username: celluliodjam
Name: Mia
Favorite Animal: Bat
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Books: Watership Down
Favorite Quote:I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it wont be boring. - David Bowie
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Food: Olives
Favorite bands / Singers: David Bowie
Real life Goals: Go to Stanford
About yourself: I love animals, I horseback ride, I love acting, and I am a vegetarian.

Username: miciamicia_123
Name: Lucia or Lucy
Favorite Animal: Guinea pig! XD
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Books: Harry Potter saga and some Italian books
Favorite Quote:Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it. - Salvador Dalì
Favorite Holiday: Summer and Easter holidays
Favorite Food: Sushi and chicken!
Favorite bands / Singers: Kyary, Utada Hikaru, Jessie J
Real life Goals: Live in Japan, learn Japanese, be a famous singer, write my own book with another name so no ones recognizes me lol.
About yourself: I love singing and writing. Once I loved drawing, but I don't anymore. D: In my spare time I surf on the internet, listen to music, chat, create petpage layouts, work on my website and blog, etc. I play basketball. I'm afraid of people not liking me.

Username: ezrasgirl97
Name: Blake
Favorite Animal: Pig
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Books: N/A
Favorite Quote:Love is like a flower, give it time and it will grow" -John Lennon
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: Crepe
Favorite bands / Singers: The Beatles
Real life Goals: Have a successful life
About yourself: I love farming. I am honestly a random person. I play a lot of instruments. I'm a bit obsessive over the Beatles.. I'm very active. I want to move to Florida and have a pet alligator... o_o ... Food.

Username: fokita_ratita
Name: Diana (Alice; Mox)
Favorite Animal: Hamsters and bunnies
Favorite Color: Turquoise
Favorite Books: L'Etranger by Albert Camus
Favorite Quote:I will become a monster to fight the monsters of the world.'' - CM Punk
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Food: Raspberry ice cream
Favorite bands / Singers: Obscure prog rock from the seventies. And lots of metal
Real life Goals: Become a great art historian
About yourself: I cry a lot about everything and love pro wrestling. Great at history and art, and terrible at sports. I collect vinyl records and tea boxes.

Username: jannedy1
Name: Kennedy
Favorite Animal: Lamas!
Favorite Color: Rainbow!
Favorite Books: psht who has time for books?
Favorite Quote: Too many to quote. Practically everything by John Lennon.
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese!
Favorite bands / Singers: The Beatles, the doors, Bon jovi, Elvis, the beach boys, John Lennon & George Harrison's singles, etc.
Real life Goals: Go to college, go on from there lol.
About yourself: I love colors. I love farm animals. I love the Beatles. I hate music today.. I loveeeee oldies music! I play trumpet, know French horn and bass clarinet. I hate when people have horrible grammar! I like carrots...

The Boys

Username: shadow_runner_22
Name: Jackie
Favorite Animal: Grey Wolf, Red Panda, Tigers, Hamsters, & Boxers (dog)
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Books: Calvin and Hobbes, Romeo and Juliet, and so many more. Yes I love to read.
Favorite Quote:
Two men look out the same prison bars; one sees mud and the other stars

I'm better than dirt. Well, most kinds of dirt, not that fancy store-bought dirt... I can't compete with that stuff.

I just wonder how many people never get the one they want, but end up with the one they're supposed to have.
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Favorite Food: Peanut butter cookies, Soup, & Brownies
Favorite bands / Singers: Meg & Dia, Simple Plan, A Day to Remember, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and many more. I'll listen to just about anything really.
Real life Goals: I want to make people happy how ever I am able to. I want to draw a complete wolf back with personality descriptions of each wolf.
About yourself: I have to say that if it were up to me I would be laying on the floor in a pile all day coloring pictures. I really love arts and crafts of all kinds but I think that drawing is by far my favorite. Another huge part of my life is dancing. I don't do it so much anymore but when I feel like it or have some extra time with nothing to do hip hop normally occupies that. I love being outside when I can be. I care a lot of animals. It doesn't matter what kind of animal it is I still love it a lot. Some of my favorite things in the world are dinosaurs, cookies, and quotes. I have a quote box that I hope will one day be overflowing with quotes.

Username: dazed_hearts
Name: Rale
Favorite Animal: Mountain Lion
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Books: A Brave New World
Favorite Quote: You have to be stronger then your story
Favorite Holiday: New Years
Favorite Food: Spicy Chicken Wings
Favorite bands / Singers: Bink 182. Matchbox 20
Real life Goals: College
About yourself: Hi, my name is Rale. Pronounced like Rail. My full name is Raleigh which rhymes with Kally in case you wanted to know. I am a very friendly person and love to talk to lots of people! Feel free to talk to me about anything! I really use neopets as a way to unwind so I really enjoy the casualness of it. I can get very competitive so don't tempt me!

Username: stokers
Name: Stoke
Favorite Animal: Bears
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Books: The Hungry Caterpillar (:
Favorite Quote: Follow your bliss
Favorite Holiday: Saint Patrick's Day
Favorite Food: Pizza, Pickles, Rice pudding
Favorite bands / Singers: Mostly rock
Real life Goals: Survive
About yourself: I enjoy sarcasm a lot. I also enjoy practical jokes and video games.

Username: heaven_forbid_25
Name: Jackson
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Color: Grey
Favorite Books: Are you my mother?
Favorite Quote: N/A
Favorite Holiday: Easter
Favorite Food: Chocolate ice cream and french fries
Favorite bands / Singers: Thriving Ivory
Real life Goals: Continue learning
About yourself: I like to play wii. I have two dogs, a hedgehog, and two rats. I have a twin brother. Fresh air is awesome and so is sleep.

Username: _black3333_
Name: Ash
Favorite Animal: Wolf? (Dog?)
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Books: Calvin and Hobbes (Love those comics) Where the Red Fern Grows (Loved it when I read it) And many more that I don't remember. Yes, I'm a bookworm.
Favorite Quote: A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
Favorite Holiday: N/A
Favorite Food: N/A
Favorite bands / Singers: N/A
Real life Goals: Good college + Job XD
About yourself: Hi, my name's Ash. I i had it my way, I would probably be on my laptop all day chatting with people in the guild, or reading. I'm a very friendly person, so if you want to, go ahead and chat with me!

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