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hi im owl or miya or w/e and this is my makeshift art page B) check it on the bottom of this page there is navigation 2 take you to cool places !!! have a nice day!!!!!

if you need anything mail me @ princuu for a quick reply!!


hi !!! if you want to art trade i'd really love if you could draw either the guy/girl below!!!

titus: hes the trash king p much . feel free 2 draw him beat up pls and thank u .. ...... for real tho he's basically an arrogant jerk. he keeps an angry/serious face on most of them time unless he's with his best friend or smth. he's like the king/leader of a huge continent in a post-apocalyptic world idk. his sweater has the roman numeral VII on it.

pandora: the leader/queen of tiara-kun's neighboring continent. she's pretty stuck up and likes to make fun of/mock/tease tiara-kun. she's like the older sister type?? shes rly into witchcraft and alchemy type things !! her dress has the roman numeral V on it. she's pretty carefree, but despite that she can still stand her ground in a fight

ty to everyone who drew them for me!! wahhh

gallery !!

these are listed from new to old!

started december 10th

UPDATES 10/08/015
ahhh this year.. i've been really busy with uni so i'm rly sorry! i've updated this page with a new section i.e. gallery 2 show off my non-neopets art im rly happy with ^w^

UPDATES 08/11/014
starting from the 18th, i'll do one of those 'will draw everyone who posts' again. maybe. if i feel like it. that's when my exam ends psa (might start earlier who knows??)

UPDATES 11/09/014
sorry for the long disappearance. i have been extremely busy; i'm graduating soon and i've had a lot of other pressing matters to worry about. after school ends... i'll probably draw a lot. but not now.

UPDATES 24/07/014
school started. dad visiting. won't be able to draw much (if at all...)

UPDATES 05/07/014
it's holidays now im so ha ppy : ^ )

Here's how it'll go down:

1. You want art. I can give you art.
2. Give me a CLICKABLE LINK and I might draw you.
3. But first u gotta read the RULES

guidelines aka rules
CREDIT. My main account is princuu.
➥ AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER. NO fanart, including 'references' from anime/manga/shows/etc.
➥ DIRECT LINKS. Please don't shorten to /~petname, or "on so and so's lookup/petpage". Exception: on active pet's lookup.

➥ Word descriptions only.
➥ Characters based 100% purely off of your neopet customization/a premade adoptable/'dolls' (e.g. dreamselfy, bisou). Also includes pets who are too 'visually similar' to their actual/intended neopets species - it's just boring for me ok?
➥ You aren't allowed to decide what I'll draw for you. You MAY state your preference, but you can't specify. Negotiable w/ art trades ofc.

➥ Generally cute/really easy stuff i dont mind drawing
➥ I'm cool w/ making exceptions buddy so long as you ask first and you aren't demanding!!
➥ Regarding 'gijinkas' or 'humanoid' versions of your neopet that are based off customization - fine, but only if you already have an art reference for me to use.

➥ Descriptions - if you do have a ref, but you just forgot to include a small mark/made a mistake/etc. you are obviously more than welcome to tell me to include/exclude it !!!!!!!!!!
➥ I'M SUPER PICKY WITH QUADS. I'M DECENT WITH ANTRHOS. On the other hand, I'll basically draw 99% of all characters that look even remotely human.
➥ Feel free to give me a range of characters and I can choose. YOU MAY ASK FOR TWO CHARACTERS TOGETHER (however I may draw them separately, or just one).

i don't owe you anything. i am in no way obligated to talk to you or draw you or even take note of you soz

To help me keep track of course !!
i never keep this updated hahaha




Are you still taking requests????
Right now? Only if I have a board up.

Can I request even after you've drawn for me once??
yes!! i prefer you DON'T request the same character the second time (why would you anyway?). However, if you submitted a request and i have not drawn your request within a week, you are allowed to re-request with the same character (or a different one if you prefer).

You skipped over/ignored my request!!
Chances are I didn't like your request/you didn't read the rules. I don't reply to everyone unless its for conversation purposes, e.g. asked a question, since I'm a very busy person and usually otherwise preoccupied - I draw on other sites as well, and that takes up much of my time too. Feel free to re-request at a later date (see above question for more info). Otherwise it might just be because I got lazy and forgot?? I'm really horrible, I'm sorry u~u

You probably wont draw this...
shut up. dont ever say this.

I asked for ___ style but you drew another?? or some other complaint
???? id ont??? owe you anything???? id ont care??????????????????? who do u think u are. how dare you. pls consider the fact i spent time . on this . even tho i didn't need to.
unless it was actually my mistake, e.g. i had the wrong eye colour, the markings are off, I didn't add item you specifically said I HAD TO PUT IN, etc. tell me and i'll see what I can do to fix it, since it is my fault. I don't mind complaints, just don't act so entitled because you aren't.

Um so are you going to draw me? :/
first off dont use that smiley bcs its a petpeeve of mine. also, really??? your annoyance/irritation/whatever entitled feelings are unjustified because i am in no way obligated to draw you DONT EVER THINK I AM. (unless i owe you an art trade ahaa)
to answer this question: no.
im joking. but in all honesty, if you ask this question, chances are i will not draw you. Unless i promised i will and it's been like weeks then friendly reminders are a-ok !!!

there are many things that make me mad/annoyed but if u r nice i will be nice back always, so there is no need to worry !!! as long as you're cool, im cool, even if you do accidentally end up doing these things!! i won't mind that much since u are nice : ^ )

PICKUPS (137 so far!!)

This is where i put all the pickups for those who requested art/art trades!!! Please read the rules before requesting art. If you want to art trade, just shoot me a mail with info about who/what you want drawn + what you'll draw for me + what you want in exchange!!

intro / rules / pickup / art trades / gallery

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