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Hi there, my name is Shannon and I am twenty-one years old. I returned from a much needed long break in May of 2017 and have been basically glued to the site ever since. :(

I am currently studying towards a Bachelor's of Commerce and I'm hoping to major in Marketing and International Business (fingers crossed!). I'm not quite sure what I'd look to do in the long run yet, but I'm enjoying my course and excited to see where it will take me. *___*

Helping me keep sane through studying for a degree to an extent is Neopets which has been a part of over half of my life -- which I find crazy to think about! I've been on a number of hiatuses but always find my way back here. I love collecting avatars, working on my stamp and collectable card albums, as well as working on the collections in my gallery. Along with that, I enjoy talking with the many friends I've made and tend to hang out in the Trading Chat and sometimes am lurking in the Avatar Chat.

I'm always open for a conversation, so if you want to say hello or have a question - about anything - then feel free to flick me a mail!

my pets

Fizztop was adopted out to me on the 8th of October, 2018 after a long term neofriend said I could have her! ^___^ She started off as a beautiful transparent blumaroo before I morphed and painted her royal and then transparent to complete her look. She is my deadly queen whom I absolutely adore. ♕

the Royal Rock

Burmian is my snow princess. She has been in the family for the longest as I created and painted her in to the beautiful Kacheek she is today over 2,500 days ago! She enjoys playing dress-ups, making snow angels with her sisters and daydreaming about the exciting world that surrounds her. She is the reasonable, bubbly one of the family.

the White Kadoatie

Eavrie is my mysterious girl whom I created and painted Dimensional myself. She mostly prefers to spend her free time by herself, wandering through the nearby woods to process her thoughts. She loves to learn and is passionate about astrology and astronomy.

the Halloween Rock

Ehvv is my sweet, mischievous girl who loves to be adventurous and run around in the outdoors. She appreciates the simple things in life and has a wild, glowing spirit that could light up any room. Ehvv started off as my labrat, but once she was zapped Woodland, I knew that I just had to keep her.

the Valentine Cirrus


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