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Feature Presentation: Lana Del Rey

Yes, our webbie spotlight is none other than the beautiful and talented, Lana Del Rey! Her album, Born To Die came out just this past January, with amazing feedback. Equipped with a contralto voice (the lowest in female range) and a mind for writing lyrics capturing pop culture most notably from 50s and 60s, this model/songwriter is definitely worth listening to.

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a standerby: You're just a casual listener and moviegoer, not much else to it. (Default rank)
an Upcomer: Now you're starting to get your feet wet, occasionally popping up in the entertainment world. (100+ posts)
a Hotshot: Not only are your feet wet, your whole body is dripping with gold! Everyone loves you! But can you keep it going? (200+ posts)
a Star: Up and up you go! The gold dried, and now you're shining! (300+ posts)
a Legend: Everyone knows your name, even the generations to come. You're one of the best now, congratulations! (400+ posts)
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