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Welcome to Mint! As you may guess, I chose this site name as I really like the colour mint :) This is a new premade layout site opened by me, Silver, who's also the owner of two other sites, Simplified. and Quartz. This site was created to officially make Simplified Layouts (as it was previously named and originally a subset of Simplified.) an independent site on its own to make things easier for me.


Layout coding comes with a fixed set of credits sokeep them visible somewhere on the lookup, especially for collab layouts! Follow any extra rules I may state for specific collab layouts.

Feel free to edit the layouts further, just remember to credit.

I only take requests of existing layout styles shown here and they are strictly for my own original layout styles only. No requests will be taken for collab layouts (any form sent requesting for collab layout styles will most likely be ignored.)

Try not to ask me too much for coding help as I'm not that great at it!

I don't backup my works here regularly so do save a copy of the layout coding for yourself. For requests, save it right after collection as I may delete it any time after acknowledgement!

Not allowed to redistribute any layouts here, especially for use in other premade and request sites!

I am always open to suggestions, so feel freeNM me if you wish to see a particular themed layout to appear as a premade here for everyone to use. See the idea box below :)


06/12/18: It's been a longgg time since I last updated! Sorry for that but I'm planning to put my sites on another (hopefully short) hiatus as I rlly haven't found the time to get on neo lately and the likelihood of me touching graphics aren't very high..Plus, I have some issues back in real life to deal with so yeah. Wishing everyone a merry x'mas in advance and hopefully update again soon! I'm definitely not shutting my sites down haha just that I'm rlly not sure when I can get them active again at this moment of writing so I think that putting them on hiatus will be better c: thanks for the understanding!

14/06/18: +1 long overdue collab layout with Salt that is disney (pooh bear) themed!

I've opened a small idea box below to note down any ideas/premade layout themes I'm keen on working on. They include ideas I have plans to execute or suggestions that have been proposed by users around the site :) Do note that I most likely will take quite some time to do them up as they are only future plans and they may or may not come to reality depending on whether I'm able to make them. NM me to join in the brainstorming and I'll try my best to accommodate to any ideas which I think are feasible and suitable for use here. I'm open to both neo and non-neo related themes.

Idea Box!

Start working on shop layouts
Petpage: image boxes for art


Coding & Graphics

Coding only
aimierre perfect_princess_luv
Graphics only

Listed here are the sites/users which I currently collaborate with in order to use their coding/images/graphics/etc for my premades. Collabs are always open unless otherwise stated so send me a NM if interested! Collabs for both sides are strictly for premades only! Meaning I do not allow my coding/graphics to be used in making requests for others, so I won't use yours for that too on my side. Also, if along the way I use your work in any way that is uncomfortable with you, let me know as it was definitely unintentional.

Collabs work in two ways-mainly graphics and coding collab. For graphic collabs, we will be combining your graphic with my code. I currently only offer my existing premade layout coding for collabs that want to use my code as I can't promise to code a new one for you from scratch to suit your graphic due to my limited coding knowledge sorry. As for coding, I will combine your coding with my graphics to make the final product.


To note:

+ I currently ONLY take requests of the exact same structure/style as the ones I have here on my site and I DO NOT take any request for collab layout styles! The first is mainly due to my limited knowledge in coding so I won't be able to personalize the layout too much for you sorry. The second is to respect many collabs' wishes to NOT use their coding for requests.

+ For guilds, I am only able to make layouts other than the main guild page as long as they work like petpages. I will only be giving you the very basic layout structure and I won't be helping you do up individual sections in detail. Meaning the final product will only include the things you can see here in my premade layouts, so please only request if you are fine with this!

+An important note on requests, please be clear about what you want and provide me the details. If you've read my rules and bothered to go through my site info and have a clear idea of what you want, just grab the form, fill it up and NM me straight. Be polite as no one owes you a request and if in doubt, just ask but politely. I can choose to ignore impolite mails and those that obviously have not bothered to read the info on my site. If you don't bother to read things before requesting, why am I then obliged to answer all you random mails and spoon feed you everything?

Please NM me a completed request form as it makes tracking requests much much much easier! Many people don't send me the form, and I don't really want to make it compulsory to use the form and state that you read rules for every request. I try to keep things flexible so just try to include details of your request within a single NM, cz the more you throw details randomly across multiple NMs, the more likely I will miss out on something cz guess what I mainly refer to your request form while I make your graphic! One person is fine but if I'm contacting multiple people for multiple requests things are going to get confusing. If you really can't find anything or need further help, then feel free to ask me about it!

+ As usual, feel free to edit the layouts further just as long as credits remain. Drop by my portfolio below for past examples and thanks for staying with me till here!

Request Form

Click within the form textarea box and ctrl + A (or highlight, right click and choose "select all) then copy to get the whole form. Complete the request form below by replacing everything within the curve brackets to your own answers, then send it my way for requests!

Waiting List


*Some layouts require you to change the (style) tag brackets from round to pointed ones in order for them to work.

+ I DO NOT keep backups so please, save a copy of the coding once you collect your layout, as I may delete it anytime after acknowledgement to make space on my site. Thanks!

Layout Bits

In this section, you can find links to my layout bits and pieces- such as headers, banners, coding templates etc. These are mainly resources to give you more options as to the graphics/colours you can use in my existing layout coding or even your own/ other's layout, whichever you are interested in editing. Please read the terms of usage right below before using any of my resources here!


The links in pink connects to other petpages. For those linked to Quartz, just follow the rule there. Mainly, all I ask is for some form of visible credit back to my site no matter how you use these resources and which link they came from.

You can choose to link back to either Quartz or Mint for resources found at Quartz. As for anything else that's located here directly or on other petpages, just link back to Mint.

Editing is allowed and yes you may use all resources (this includes the coding templates) in premades/requests for others as long as there is credit. Note that this is only for resources found in this section only! Anything else on my site should not be used without permission!

For color palettes, credit is appreciated but not mandatory. For coding templates, referencing it simply for inspiration and help does not require any credit, though it is still appreciated, as long as you don't copy and paste the whole coding as it is.

I don't backup my works here regularly so do save a copy of whatever you need just in case!

Working on it!

User Lookup

Drag images to address bar for larger size!
*Some lookups require you to change the (style) tag brackets from round to pointed ones in order for them to work.

Style 1
+Features a full size background
+Spacious area for more description

Style 2
+Mid-way banner header and large pet previews
+ NOTE: For requests, the main image I will be editing will only be the header image. Try not to use full screen image as the background as plain backgrounds will look nicer in my opinion.

Style 3
+Features a side banner bg
+Large pet previews for showcases

Pet Lookup

Drag images to address bar for larger size!
*Some lookups require you to change the (style) tag brackets from round to pointed ones in order for them to work.

Style 1
+Basic Pet Lookup
+Features a full size background

Pet Page

Drag images to address bar for larger size!

Style 1
+Large header image style

Style 2
+Compact blog style

Style 3
+Full screen intro style
+Especially useful for showcases such as art pages and the like

Style 4
+Scrolling, sidebar with small info section.
+Mainly for guild portals and the like featuring image link-outs. Can be edited to become images with text hovers too.

Style 5
+Pet Preview style
+Side navigation


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Site Credits

Coding inspiration and help from: Beetle, Piecewise, CSS guide

Current petpage layout by:Alula, further edited by me, Silver.

Bullets from: Bedazzled

NM icon from: Quartz

Some link back buttons from: Oyster