look at the stars
look how they shine for you
and all the things you do
Welcome! I'm Dalioc! a cheerful Grey Ixi says. Surprised by her temperament and color, you decide to change the subject. Err, what's that? You ask, pointing at a tattered notebook. Oh, that? That's a journal of my history. Feel free to read it! she answers. You open it, and turn to the front page, where some text is. You decide to read it.

The Story

I am grey. I was from the start. When my mother looked at us the day we, all 7 of my siblings and I, were born, I was grey. Not bright neons like some of my sisters, nor muted greens, yellows, and reds, like most of my brothers, she said to me. I was the sheen of sadness, as others would later describe me. Of nothingness. I was an outcast amongst my family; Rena played piano, Cody was the baseball star, Tyler was long, lanky, and a aspiring basketball free-thrower, Erica did violin, Marie sang the high-pitched notes in choir, Jerome swam laps across Kiko Lake, and Vinnie painted. Nobody knew of my talent....except for me. I played the harp, and what a wonderful and delicate instrument the harp was. When I played it, the tunes of a thousand perfect melodies rang out in my ears, and a streaming chorus of voices floated out through my usually miserable mouth. Of course, I shut my door while doing this. What could be worse than my whole family oohing and aahing over my glory? What could be worse than a strict teacher making me play in recital where the whole world would know that know I wasn't just Dalioc, that weird grey Ixi who mopes around all day? But all the while, through my endless depression, a tiny voice in my head tried to tell me, But why not show them? You've got nothing to lose, right?! Yeah, except my life. I just gritted my teeth and pushed it back and back.

Soon, I decided to do something. It was hard enough to not even fit in with my family, so I figured I would get a new one. A new family, a new home, a new life. Maybe....maybe there could be hope. New friends, new possessions, new everything. All except my harp. Its shimmering faerie wings and shiny gold strings, with my name and several celestial bodies (a crescent moon, along with three little stars) intricately carved in the bottom, would not leave me. Right now, it was how I got through daily life. That's it, I decided. I'll leave tomorrow.

I made my way around my room, pacing while I thought of everything I would need to run away. Water-resistant drawstring bag? Check. Provisions and water? Check. 15,000 Neopoints? Check. Blankets? Check. Harp? Check, of course! Oh, I had almost forgotten something....the pearls. They were dull greyish pearls on a scratchy string, but I needed them anyway; they were a gift to me when I was born, and they supposedly would only "work" when worn around my neck. They had a mysterious air that seemed to be forever around them; nobody, not even my mother, knew who they were from, and I had know such idea what the so-called "powers" would entail. But I had a sinking feeling I would soon know.

Jumping out of my (fortunately low) window, I thought to myself, This is it. My escape. I'm free. Free! Finally free. I wondered if my family would read my note. They probably notice around dinner because there was an extra seat at the table....but then again, there was always a figuratively empty seat- I could hardly get a word in edgewise around my ginormous family, let alone ask someone to please pass the potatoes.

But freedom isn't all it's cracked up to be. People scooched out of my way on the streets. Even mutants- great. Rejected by the rejects. Huh. No wonder I never went outside. The worst happened when two pets- I couldn't make out their forms- pushed me into a dark alley. Now, I'll bet you've all heard that 'safety' spiel- 'Run! Scream! Get away from them!' But that wouldn't work now. Nervously, I touched the clasp of my necklace- and felt something happen. My tiny little stub-tail grew out, seemed to split into two sections, and felt as if it were glowing. I felt stronger, as if the newfound energy coursing through my body could total a whole city. To say the truth, it could. And as for the pets....well....y'know. I felt a bit tired, and before I knew it, my eyelids were closed.

I awoke finding my body even more different. Something....something seemed to be inscribed on my side. A crescent moon. Three stars. The exact same as my harp. And my tail; or was it tails? My tail split off into two sections- one purple, the other blue. I was still pulsing with something in my body that I had learned about...electric currents, perhaps? Well, whatever it was, I was impossible to bear it any longer. I couldn't take it. I ran. Away. Away from the people. The alley. My conscience. I was a flying streak of blue, purple, and grey.

Yet, this abnormal transformation clearly hadn't finished it's odd cycle yet. Something....something more was forming. From the abnormal aura-like force surrounding my body, no less. What was this creature? Or, rather creatures. Creatures that were shaped like a dully colored Harris and a Glyme. Things got weirder when the telepathy started. Uh-huh. No, that straitjacket won't be necessary, thank you very much. Anyway, I heard the Harris first. The...the prophecy? he stammered. I, of course, was a bit too amazed by this revelation to stand. After promptly falling on my behind, the Glyme sent a message to me. Well, are you mute? he snorted, rolling his eyes. I didn't come here to see the great prophecy to stumble, then not even respond? Amazed even by myself, I managed to send him a thought myself. Oooh, witty remarks. I'm so scared. By they way, who are YOU guys? Who's the prophecy? How'd you guys get here? AND WHAT'S WITH THIS TELEPATHY STUFF?! The Glyme started to respond, but the Harris just put a paw up and the Glyme stopped, letting him talk. Well, I'm Xander, and this is Leo, he said, gesturing to himself and the Glyme. And YOU'RE the prophecy. I can tell you more about that stuff later. And we're your spirit guides. We came from the extra energy from your body. And we use telepathy to communicate in times of need. Or if we feel like it, which is basically all of the time. Now, can we get moving? I can take you to were we'll be staying for the time being- then, I will tell you about the prophecy. Or, rather, you.

Like I was told, I floated after them, in an extremely limp, dazed way. What, now? Yes, floating. Walking's overrated. Besides, I was tired. Anyways, the house they shared was merely a hut. However, that didn't bother me; this was my new home. There, I learned of my origins.

You....weren't born of your, er, last family's descent. Xander started, taking a deep breath, making him seem even older and wiser than he was. You came from a line of pets exactly like you- well, rather, you were exactly like them. In your world, they were considered royalty. But when something....or, rather, someone, showed up....your family.....fell. From power. Your siblings, however, were sent to orphanages under false names. All but you. The kingdom just shipped you off to distant relatives- one of your older cousins, I believe. We, Xander explained, gesturing to both him and Leo, stayed with you all of your life, helping you stay safe from warriors from the kingdom you were born in. Now, that's your job. You're the only one who can save the empire. Everybody inhabiting that place is in mortal peril. You, Dalioc, must gather your relations and fight for your family to regain power. If not, the reign of the Dark Ruler will start....causing you and your family's fates to be sealed. You will be of no more. Dalioc, you must defeat him. Your kingdom's destiny is in you hands. Mind you, you'll have help. Us, and all of your relatives. But now, the time for us to address each other here is over. We must prepare for battle. Xander finished, marching out the door and motioning for the others to come.

Once out the falling-apart door of the hut, Xander led the puzzled Dali and Leo into a dark alley, flanked by large dumpsters. Alright, everyone, you can come on out!Xander yelled, his tiny voice sounding like it had been amplified by several megaphones. Suddenly, several other pets (mostly Ixis, with a few other species tossed in) instantly appeared, walking out from behind the disheveled garbage cans and from under mounds of used furniture, scaring a few petpetpets and a Doglefox away. At first, my mind shot through some possibilities. A surprise party. A kidnapping scheme. My real family. Only one was right.

Dalioc, Leo started, snickering, This is your family, he said, looking around the alley at the small swarm of pets. Are....are you serious?! I squeaked. Yup, Leo answered, all the way from your homeland. Amazed, I stared, my jaw dropped and eyes staring all around. Introductions later, Leo said, waving it off, Dark Lord battling now.

Like robots, we followed the two spirit guides into what seemed like a small cave in the alley, which was basically a small uninhabited space where several bricks been torn out. However, it wasn't uninhabited for long. A long, tall, shadow assimalated where a small cardboard box was. Ah, I started, stepping into the now, as I assumed, "battling ring", the Dark Lord, I presume. I drawled, getting ready to grab my necklace. Why, yes. How nice to see you. an unrecognized voice from behind me purred. And it'll be even nicer when you're gone. That I highly doubt. Let's get on with this thing. I responded through gritted teeth, balling my hands into fists. Let it start, he smirked.

Using my quickest reflexes ever, I latched my hand onto my necklace, and aimed a kick at my foe's middle, forgetting he was a shadow for a few seconds, then remembering several seconds after I wondered why he wasn't doubled over in pain, as I soon would be. Breathing a quick sigh of relief, I noticed the aqua aura around me. Perhaps this would help me think straight. Luckily, it did. I could now hear very clear thought-messages from the people around me- specifically, Xander and Leo. You can't beat him with force! Speak to him! He will only stop if you keep talking! Xander thought-yelled. Say something! Anything! Keep speaking! Loudly! Clearly! Leo added. I started: Five! Twenty-two! Sixty-eight! Four hundred thirteen! That didn't exactly work. He just chuckled, and made a swift grab for my necklace, tearing the pearls from my neck. But nothing happened. I stay the same. Dumbfounded, he blinked several times and shook his head, not believing this newfound revelation. Rapidly, I had a swift stroke of genius. Taking my harp out of the rough burlap bag I had put my belongings in, I started to play a song. The melody started out soft, then went faster and faster as the song continued on. It got louder and louder, and my hooves found even more notes to use, somehow. My voice melded with the noise. The Dark Lord was disintegrating as the song kept on going until his whole shadowy self was gone. Only my necklace was left.

Putting the stolen jewelry back on, everyone was either cheering, hugging, or staring at the spot where the Dark Lord had disintegratd into nothingness. I was doing the third. Abruptly, I felt a small paw tap me on the shoulder. Looking low behind my back, I saw a small baby Gelert. Are.... are you coming home with the family? he asked quietly. Err....I don't know. I answered. He thought on this for a moment, then decided, telling my family: Hey! Everybody! Mom! Dad! I've got an announcement to make! Quickly, everyone simmered down. Everyone, I am going to live with Dalioc. I like her, he confidently announced. I was a bit surprised. I never remembered anyone straight-out saying they liked me, and so quickly after meeting me. My family looked interested and confused for a moment, but then my mother and father walked up to me and my new brother and asked me: Dalioc, is this alright with you? I nodded, shocked myself. My parents whispered for a moment but told us: Well, okay, but you need to write us a Neomail once a week, and as soon as you get where you'll be staying, you must tell us. And come visit whenever you want, OK? Oliver here will give you the name of the kingdom. Also, be sure to take your spirit guides- they'll always be important in your life. They smiled and waved, and everybody yelled out things like Bye, Dalioc and Oliver! Bye, Xander and Leo! Stay safe! We love you! Bye! See you later! We were on our way.

Oliver told me about his life as we walked along. I was born several years after you, he said, and around the time the Dark Lord tried to take over. However, our parents kept me with them since I was so young. But I've just always stayed like this- it kinda helps sometimes, like when somebody thinks I can't fight because I'm so small.he laughed, and I chuckled too, along with Leo and Xander. Fumbling through his pockets, he pulled out a little plushie for me. It was a grey Grundo. I got it for you before we had to leave the kingdom. Do you like it? he asked shyly. I'll treasure it forever, I said, smiling at him.

Soon, we reached a nice-looking little house. Looking at each other and shrugging, we went up to the door, ringing the doorbell. A young ghost Xweetok opened it, looking inquisitive about our arrival. Err....hmm, I don't know who you are, but come in. I'll take you to Juliet and see what she says. Floating absently through multiple hallways, we followed the pet to a room in the back, opening the door and gesturing for them to come in. The girl in the room, who I assumed was Juliet, motioned for us to come in. Oh! Who are you guys? Do you need a place to stay? You look like you haven't a place to stay. We just nodded, and she led us to our new rooms. In our new house. With our new family. Well, perhaps there is some hope, after all.

Interested enough to read some more, you flip down a couple of pages and see this:

My Profile

Name: Dalioc

Nickname: Dali

Height: About 34 centimeters tall

Weight: *shifty eyes* Not gonna tell!

Age: 15 human years

Petpet(s): Xander the Grey Harris and Leo the Glyme

Best friend(s): Leo, Xander, and Oliver, my brother

Owner: Juliet

Favorite color(s): Blue and purple

Distinguishing Features: Xander, Leo, or Oliver, wearing a dull grey pearl neacklace, with a design of a crescent moon and 3 stars on a side of one of my legs.

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