Welcome to Crescendo a custom and premade font site developed by Liz. Crescendo was created with one thought in mind: to be a site for individuals to find the perfect font for them: whether it be premade or custom. My fonts utilize simplistic elements to make something unique to you. Crescendo currently hosts 24 premade fonts for you to choose from. Can't find one that fits your personality or theme? Submit a request to have one made just for you!


November 21, 2017

November 18, 2017

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    November 17, 2017

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    November 15, 2017

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      November 13, 2017

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  1. No more than two requests a week.
  2. Always give credit on your userlookup or portfolio page. Never claim a font was made by you. Reporting will occur in this scenario.
  3. Requests are allowed to promote your own sites, guilds, or personal items. Please give credit on your guild or site page. Please put "mermaid" somewhere in your request or it will be ignored.
  4. Feel free to edit fonts how you like, but still credit the base you used.


Please fill out the request form as much as possible. If you have particular fonts or colors you would like, please include them. Make sure to include things you do not want in your font, such as colors, symbols, or words.

View my portfolio + completed requests + premade fonts for examples.

Waiting List

Completed Requests

All completed requests will be left here for one week before being moved to the portfolio.

Premade Font Rules

  1. Always leave credit on your userlookup, site page, or guild page
  2. You may edit these premades as long as you still give credit for the base
  3. You may use these fonts with your Neoboard Pens.

Text Fonts

Picture Fonts | Event Fonts

This Girl is On Fire

Set Fire to the Rain

Or Worse...

love me like you do

every open door

ring of fire


are we out of the woods?

picture to burn

will be loved

just for show

Picture Fonts

Text Fonts | Event Fonts

ravenclaw blocks

hufflepuff blocks

gryffindor blocks

slytherin blocks

][fontc=silvers=4]▀[/font][fontc=greens=4]▄[/font][br][fontf=verdanac=blacks=1]your name here[/font][/center]

sword of gryffindor

potter's biscuit

bouncing dots - warm tones

bouncing dots - cool tones

bouncing dots - mermaid

spiderman blocks

scarlet witch blocks

fight the capitol


Event Fonts

Text Fonts | Picture Fonts

Font Name Here

Font Name Here


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  • [About Liz]; Learn more about the creator and owner of Crescendo


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