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All the Miscellanous NC Mall Information

This petpage, Mall Minutiae, intends to list a great deal of various NC Mall information - list of items that show up unusual in the small static image (It does not tell you how to set up a mall in the sense of several user shops linked together, usually selling items for ridiculously high prices so people only use them to see what types of items are in what category and never to actually buy anything).

This petpage endeavours to be a collection, compiled by a large number of people, of all sorts of precise or even trifling NC Mall details - how many pieces of fencing you need to go all the way around a neohome, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a pink ice cream bonbon, you know, that sort of thing. Right now, this is very much under construction, however.
Please Neomail me anything that could go on this petpage; you will be credited in the credit section of this petpage, at the bottom.

New Updates
08.07.09 - New Game Challenge and Altador Cup Challenge info.
02.07.09 - I have returned! Regular updates will recommence.
23.06.09 - IMPORTANT NOTICE: I will be on holiday from Friday the 26th through to Wednesday the 1st. Go somewhere else for any new capsule or NC Challenge data.
17.06.09 - Assorted maintenance updates.
03.06.09 - Altador Cup NC Challenge info.

Table of Contents

I. Troubleshooting and Queries
II. Illustrated Guides
III. Items Costing Under 100 NC
IV. Capsule and Superpack Only Items
V. Returning Specialty Shops
VI. Weird Small Items
VII. How Not to Decorate Your NC Mall Album
VIII. Decoding Mall Jargon (A Dictionary)
IX. Mall Freebies Guide
X. NC Mall Daily Dare 2009 Prize List
XI. NC Mall Altador Cup Challenge 2009 Prize List
XII. New Game Challenge - NC Prize List
XIII. The difference between the GMC and Daily Dare shops
XIV. Other Random Tips and Useless Information
XV. Other Links
XVI. Acknowledgements

Troubleshooting and Queries

This list of questions hopes to answer any major queries about the NC Mall. If you think something should be here, please don't hesitate to ask.

Q: Is it OK to trade using the gift boxes?
TNT's official stance from editorial 376:
These things are okay: Trading an NC item for an NC item. Trading multiple NC items for an NC item. Gifting an NC item as long as you don't accept a "thank you" gift in return that is not an NC item. These things aren't okay: Trading an NC item for an NP item / Neopet / some other service. Agreeing to trade items and then running off with an item without completing the trade.
(My note: you wouldn't be allowed to trade for the NC Daily Dare prizes, which are NP items.)

Q: So what can't be put in gift boxes?
A: You can't gift other gift boxes or gift wrap of any type, Elite Boutique items, or the NC Mall Mascot Flyer that was given out for beta testing (this is actually regarded as a no-trade Neopoint item). You can't gift whole Superpacks, as they split up into items once they reach your inventory; you will need one box per part of the superpack. You also can't gift album skins, since these are not actual 'items': they go directly to your Album Management page from purchase. The NC Daily Dare prizes are Neopoint items so can't be put in either; the final prizes ARE Neocash items, and they are tradeable except the Golden Lulu Medallion.

Q: Can I collect Mall freebies on side accounts?
A: You may collect the free 150 NC starter, so long as you do not create accounts just for the sake of the free NC. Most other Mall freebies - the birthday and Halloween goodie bags, and the holiday stocking - have included Neopoint items, so it is NOT OK to collect them even if you do not intend to open it. If a new Mall freebie comes out, please check the NC Mall boards or here first before collecting on sides.
You may also purchase Neocash on side accounts to your heart's content, within the spending limits - if you redeem Neocash cards, it is requested that you send the NP item you receive to your main for selling. If you have trouble using the same Paypal account to purchase Neocash on multiple accounts, contact TNT. If you receive a Virtual Prize Code from a mystery capsule on a side, TNT say you should redeem the code on the account you receive it on and send it to your main to sell.

Q: The Mall preview let me wear a certain item or combination of items, but the customisation application won't!
A: The Mall preview function is NOT always 100% reliable; it may show you being able to wear items that you actually can't with your current item combination. Another glitch is for unconverted pets to be able to wear certain items. If you're not sure if the preview is correct, you should ask on the NC Mall boards.

Q: The Mall is telling me it isn't available in my country!
A: Keep refreshing. This is a glitch caused by new traffic to the Mall since the giveaway(s).

Q: I can't add an item to my cart!
A: Keep trying until it does. If you are trying to buy gift wrap, then this is just decoration, not an actual gift box; you need to redeem cash cards to get gift boxes.

Q: How old do you have to be to enter the Elite Boutique?
A: We're not exactly sure...around 49 months. Certainly you should be seeing by 50 months.

Q: Wait, what is the Elite Boutique?
A: A special shop in the NC Mall that sells exclusive items, all based on the Neopets of yesteryear. If you have access to it, you should see a gold star on a yellow circle just above the 'Most Popular' items, and 'Elite Boutique' will appear on the 'Specialty' dropdown menu.

Q: I saw an item on a pet that I can't find in the NP wearable catalogue, but I can't find it in the Mall either!
A: Consult the NC catalogue to see if it's retired, only available from a Mystery Capsule or Superpack, Elite Boutique, or anything like that. Possibly you're just not looking hard enough.

Q: Does NC Mall food have any special effect?
A: It makes your pet both 'bloated' and 'delighted!', but I recommend NP food and toys as an alternative unless you want one of the foods for your gallery. Please note that some new food items may say 'unlimited uses', but they will disappear after one use, this is a long-standing glitch.

Q: What's the deal with Gingerbread Wings, Appetising Caramel Apple and the like? Why are they so wanted?
Because they're capsule bonus items and some people don't want to have to go through 1000s of NC to get the item, and in many cases they're retired so they couldn't even if they wanted to.

Q: OK, but what about items like the Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit and Easter stuff? They're not capsule bonus items!
A: But they are retired; the people asking for them either couldn't or wouldn't get Neocash when they were available, and now have to trade for them. The Eliv Thade Make-Up is a particularly special case because it was only available when Neocash items still expired after 180 days, meaning a lot less people purchased NC, and it was just about the only Halloween 2007 item not re-released in the 2008 capsule - hence making it a highly sort-after item!

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Illustrated Guides

Guide 1: Gifting Items
The following screenshots of the gifting process are provided, with much thanks, by martyna79. Drag the images to your browser to see the images properly.

Step One:

Step Two:

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

Guide 2: Green Neoboard Pens
Is located here. Thanks to Lucy (xxx_pink_angel_xxx) for making it.

Guide 3: Redeeming Neocash Cards
This guide provided by Corine (phoenixs_angel)

Step One - enter the code on the back of the card in the space provided:

Step Two - accept the Shopping Rules:

Step Three - wait for the page to load:

Step Four - enjoy your rewards:

Step Five - enjoy your receipt:

If the card is not accepted, then the clerk at the till did not activate it! You need to go back to the store!

Guide 4: Redeeming Featured Game Tickets
Also provided by corine.

Step One - click on the ticket in your inventory:

Step One Point Five - alternatively, you can go to the game itself and click:

Step Two - select the appropiate action from the item window:

Step Three - select your new featured game:

Step Four - confirm your choice:

Step Five - Play play play!:

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Items Costing Under 100 NC

Still got some Neocash left over from a freebie? The following list details every item one can purchase for under 100 NC ordered by price. Items are removed when they leave the Mall.

Lukewarm Leftover Pizza costs 5 NC (food item)
Really Ripe Banana costs 10 NC (food item)
(These two items do not show up in the Mall normally, you have to search to find them)
All Neohome Fencing costs 25 NC per one piece of fencing
Pastel Blue Hair Bow costs 25 NC
Prissy Miss Bow costs 25 NC
Bouncing Tennis Ball costs 25 NC
I Heart NC Flag costs 25 NC
Paper Lantern String Lights cost 25 NC (neohome item)
Classic Beauty Mark costs 25 NC
Cozy Cooking Clogs cost 50 NC
Battle Thought Bubble costs 50 NC
Smart School Girl Shoes cost 50 NC
Orange Plaid Bow Tie costs 50 NC
Candy Cane Hair Bow costs 50 NC
Polka Dotted Magenta Bow Tie costs 50 NC
Gross Pulsating Pimple costs 50 NC
Orange Gift Wrap with Brown Ribbon (only available if you have Gift Boxes) costs 50 NC
White Gift Wrap with Red Bow (only available if you have Gift Boxes) costs 50 NC
Sun Burn costs 50 NC
Sparkling Red Hair Bow costs 50 NC
Air Faerie Bubble Necklace costs 50 NC
Gypsy Henna Tattoo costs 50 NC
Bone Necklace costs 50 NC
Black Satin Bow Tie costs 50 NC
Gypsy Girl Striped Headscarf costs 50 NC
Lavender Chandelier Earrings cost 50 NC
REAL Chandelier Earrings cost 50 NC
Lucky Uni Shoe Necklace costs 50 NC
Smart School Girl Eye Glasses cost 50 NC
Flower Beauty Mark costs 50 NC
Telescopic Monocle costs 75 NC
Fanciful Seaweed Headband costs 75 NC
Hair Bone costs 75 NC
Blue Candy Striped Gift Wrap (only available if you have Gift Boxes) costs 75 NC
Pink Candy Striped Gift Wrap (only available if you have Gift Boxes) costs 75 NC

Lastly, be sure to keep an eye out for Super Sale, during which you can get your hands on all sorts of items that are about to retire for discount value.

And so, using this list, you can use your free 150 NC to put together a prissy miss seaweed tennis playing Neopet. If that's the sort of thing you're into.

(Note: A list of items costing 100-150 NC, for those still stuck on spending their free NC, is likely to list more than half the Mall and is on that basis unlikely to get done. This list is just for people who want to get as many items as they can if they're unable to get more NC.)

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capsule and superpack only items


As you probably know, many capsules have 'bonus items' only available randomly through those capsules. These are collected here for easy reference, but I do not go into detail; customisation previews and odds of getting a bonus item can be found in the 'Links' section - check out the Almost Capsule Guide and Capsule Bonus Item Previews petpage for full details on items; the most I've done here is list what capsule they came from and provide a picture (click the item name). The list is divided into current and retired capsules, and these are sorted into alphabetical order. Some capsules have other little quirks such as giving out retired items; I've listed these as well.

Some capsules do not have bonus items, as shown in the list below. If this is the case, there will either be a Virtual Prize Code you can redeem for a Neopoint item at Grundo's Warehouse (the item you receive will be themed around the capsule - the cloud capsule gave out cloud items from its VPC, the spring basket capsule gave out Easter items, etc.), or simply nothing at all.

To answer the obvious question: capsule bonus items are only ever available from that one capsule. They won't be made available to purchase regularly, and they won't be available to get out of another capsule even if they fit the bill (so you can't get gingerbread wings out of a winged mystery capsule, or a battle faerie doll out of a faerie mystery capsule). Also note that the only time a retired capsule has returned to the Mall was with the Golden Mystery Capsule, which gave out random capsules.

But how will I be easily able to tell if I have received a capsule's bonus item? I hear you ask (I have very powerful ears). Here's a screenshot of somebody (i.e. me) getting a bonus item from the Green Mystery Capsule:

As you can see, the bonus item appears in a green box below the regular items you receive.

Here's a screenshot of somebody (thanks Mary!) receiving a Virtual Prize Code, and the Neomail accompanying it. The code provided DOES NOT work, it has already been redeemed.

One last thing. Some capsules have multiple bonuses, as denoted in the list below - the New Year Mystery Capsule has four, and the Easter Negg capsule has two. When this happens you will not receive all the bonuses at once, but if you keep opening capsules you could get more than one (different ones).

Current Mall Capsule Bonuses
Blue Mystery Capsule - Green Leafy Wings (Can rarely give out whole superpacks)
Bubbling Experiment Mystery Capsule - Mad Scientist Wig AND/OR Bubbling Beaker
Faerie Doll Mystery Capsule - Floating Battle Faerie Doll
Faerie Mystery Capsule - Sparkling Faerie Wand
Flowing Blue Mystery Capsule - gives out a Virtual Prize Code (But can give out some retired Winter items)
Green Mystery Capsule - Inconspicuous Foliage
Mystery Capsule of Evil - Surprisingly Malevolent Messenger Bag
Mystery Island Mystery Capsule - Twirling Fire Baton (This was the first of five capsules released for the Mystery Capsule Adventure. If at least one of each was purchased - not gifted - on an account you would receive a bonus prize, and if you found the bonus in all five of them you would receive an extra exclusive prize.)
Rainbow Mystery Capsule - Sparkling Rainbow
Red Mystery Capsule - Ostentatious Masquerade Mask (Can give out whole superpacks)
Spinning Star Mystery Capsule - Shining Star Staff AND/OR Sparkling Star Shower
Winged Mystery Capsule - Skeletal Wings

Retired Mall Capsule Bonuses
Altador Cup IV Mystery Capsule - no bonus item (Can award Altador Cup NC Challenge tickets)
Autumn Mystery Capsule - Autumn Leaf Necklace
Blue Daily Dare Mystery Capsule - no bonus item (Could award Lulu tickets, including the 30-pack)
Blue Striped Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Cloud Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Cloudy Day Mystery Capsule - Cascading Cloud Waterfall (Was glitched for a while; was giving out the bonus item marked as a regular item and regular items as the bonus item)
Easter Negg Mystery Capsule - Striped Painted Negg Wings AND/OR Colourful Painted Negg Wings
Enchanted Valentines Mystery Capsule - Sparkling Heart Wand (Could give out retired Valentines 2008 items)
Fantastic Bloom Mystery Capsule - Blooming Garden AND/OR Pretty Little Daisy
Festive Gourd Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code
Fiery Mystery Capsule - Flickering Flame String Lights
Games Master Challenge Mystery Capsule - no bonus item
Gift Mystery Capsule - Shining Star Gift Box (NB: This is not a wearable item and, being a gift box, cannot be gifted)
Golden Mystery Capsule - no bonus item (awarded capsules, past and present, only)
Green Daily Dare Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Halloween Mystery Capsule - Appetising Caramel Apple
Holiday Mystery Capsule - Gingerbread Wings
Holiday Snowglobe Mystery Capsule - Shiny Icicle String Lights (Could also award the 2007 Mystery Island Holiday Background, despite the description saying multiple retired Holiday items; it could also award the New Years Celebration Background but that's only semi-retired)
NC Mall 2nd Birthday Mystery Capsule - CAN GIVE OUT RETIRED BONUS ITEMS AND NON-BONUS ITEMS, INCLUDING GINGERBREAD WINGS, GULP BG, AND FLUFFY!! YES, REALLY!! Full list of retired items this capsule can give out here. Linked to with kind permission of the owner.
NC Mall 2nd Birthday Gift Mystery Capsule - NC Mall 2nd Birthday Collectors Gift Box (NB: This is a gift box, not a wearable item, and so cannot be gifted)
Negg Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Neohome Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead (Initially the description said it had a bonus item; this was a glitch)
New Year Mystery Capsule - contains FOUR bonus items; New Years Hat of Happiness, New Years Hat of Love, New Years Hat of Prosperity and New Years Hat with Surprise
Orange Daily Dare Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead (If you're wondering why there are three Daily Dare capsules when the Mall has only had two Daily Dare shops: there were two capsules, Green and Orange, for the 2008 shop for no good reason)
Pink Polka Dot Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Polka Dot Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Rainy Day Mystery Capsule - Rain Shower (Was glitched for a while; gave out the Rain and Flowers Thought Bubble marked as a bonus item)
Silver Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Sparkling Green Mystery Capsule - Lucky Clover Shower
Sparkling Orange Mystery Capsule - Virtual Prize Code
Sparkling Purple Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Sparkling Water Mystery Capsule - Gulp... Underwater Reef Background
Sparkling Yellow Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead (Should not be confused with the Yellow Mystery Capsule)
Spooky Halloween Mystery Capsule - Evil Winged Glasses (Could also award certain 2007 retired Halloween items - see above)
Spring Mystery Capsule - Flower Wings
Spring Basket Mystery Capsule - virtual prize code (Can give out retired Easter 2008 items)
Summer Mystery Capsule - Ice Cream Cone String Lights
Summer Fun Mystery Capsule - Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring
Sunny Day Mystery Capsule - Radiant Sun Rise Background
Valentines Mystery Capsule - no bonus item; awards Virtual Prize Code instead
Yellow Mystery Capsule - no bonus item or virtual prize code


That's the capsules out of the way; now for superpacks. As you probably know, superpacks are an easy-purchase pack of themed items for both Neohomes and Neopets. All superpacks typically contain at least one item ONLY available through buying the superpack (it could also be available in certain mystery capsules as well). This list shows the pack-only items of each superpack, and is sorted by Neopets and Neohomes, and further sorted into active and retired. They are also in alphabetical order.

Active Neopet Superpacks
Carnival Superpack - Carnival Gloves
Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Superpack - Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Heraldic Banner, Ceremonial Shenkuu Warrior Shinai
Cozy Kitchen Chef Superpack - Exploding Bag of Wheat Flour
Daring Sea Captain Superpack - Daring Sea Captain Shoes
Dark Princess Superpack - Dark Princess Fan
Defender of Neopia Superpack - Defender of Neopia Utility Belt
Fashionable Feathers Superpack - Feather Shoes
Giant Squid Superpack - Beware of the Squid Sign
Gypsy Girl Superpack - Gypsy Girl Earrings, Gypsy Girl Shawl
Leafy Superpack - Lutari Island Jungle Background
Maraquan Exploration Superpack - Maraquan Exploration Tank
Miss Tennis Pro Superpack - Comfortable Tennis Shoes, Tennis Headband
Ocean Warrior Superpack - Ocean Warrior Blouse
Regulation Meridellian Knight Superpack - Regulation Meridellian Knight Lance, Regulation Meridellian Shield
Shenkuu Performer Superpack - Shenkuu Performer Prop Sword
Smart School Girl Superpack - School Books with Strap
Space Bounty Hunter Superpack - Space Bounty Hunter Weapon
Space Trooper Superpack - Space Trooper Weapon of Choice
Tower Princess Superpack - Tower Princess Necklace
Woodland Archer Superpack - Woodland Archer Shoes

Retired/Retiring Neopet Superpacks
Adventure Style Pack - Shower of Arrows
Garden Tea Superpack - Garden Tea Shoes
Neoquest Wizard Costume Pack - Neoquest Wizard Wand
Nutcracker Superpack - Golden Nutcracker Gloves, Nutcracker Toy Sword
On The Town Style Pack - VIN Velvet Ropes
Ski Time Superpack - Purple Skis
Spyder Web Costume Pack - Spyder Web Staff
Weird and Wacky Style Pack - Inflatable Dr. Sloth

Active Neohome Superpacks
Altador Room in a Bag - Fancy Altadorian Wallpaper, Mosaic Altadorian Floor Tiles
Baby Girl Room in a Bag - contains no bonus items
Barbeque Decorating Pack - no bonus items
Brightvale Room in a Bag - Glass Brightvale Floor Tiles, Regal Brightvale Wallpaper
Darigan Citadel Room in a Bag - Mystical Darigan Citadel Wallpaper, Darigan Citadel Spike Floor Tiles
Faerieland Room in a Bag - Shiny Faerieland Floor Tiles, Fanciful Faerieland Wallpaper
Haunted Woods Room in a Bag - Haunted Woods Spooky Tree Wallpaper, Haunted Woods Brain Tree Floor Tiles
Kiko Lake Room in a Bag - Orange Kiko Lake Tube Floor Tiles, Charming Kiko Lake Wallpaper
Krawk Island Room in a Bag - Paneled Krawk Island Wallpaper, Krawk Island Golden Skull Floor Tiles
Kreludor Room in a Bag - Rock Kreludor Floor Tiles, Orange Panel Kreludor Wallpaper
Lost Desert Room in a Bag - Hand Painted Lost Desert Wallpaper, Hand Painted Lost Desert Floor Tiles
Lutari Island Room in a Bag - Feather Lutari Island Wallpaper, Stone Lutari Island Floor Tiles
Maraqua Room in a Bag - Shiny Maraqua Wallpaper, Scenic Maraqua Floor Tiles
Meridell Room in a Bag - Meridell Stone Floor Tiles, Meridell Stone Brick Wallpaper
Mutant Neohome Room in a Bag - Mutant Tentacle Floor Tiles
Mystery Island Room in a Bag - Bamboo Mystery Island Wallpaper, Bamboo Mystery Island Lamp
Neopia Central Room in a Bag - Yellow Striped Neopia Central Wallpaper, Neopia Central Neopoint Floor Tiles
Playground Decorating Pack - contains no bonus items
Roo Island Room in a Bag - Roo Island Die Wallpaper
Shenkuu Room in a Bag - Painted Stone Shenkuu Floor Tiles, Filigree Shenkuu Wallpaper
Terror Mountain Room in a Bag - Startling Red Terror Mountain Floor Tiles, Festive Terror Mountain Wallpaper
Tyrannia Room in a Bag - Stone Tyrannian Wallpaper, Tyrannia Stone Floor Tiles
Virtupets Room in a Bag - Virtupets Circuit Floor Tiles, Virtupets Circuit Wallpaper

Retired Neohome Superpacks
Holiday Decorating Pack - contains no bonus items, is simply a method of saving cash
Spring Decorating Pack - contains no bonus items, is simply a method of saving cash
Valentines Day Decorating Pack - contains no bonus items, is simply a method of saving cash

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Returning specialty shops

So many of the Mall's specialty shops, selling limited time holiday-themed items, return year after year after year with new, exclusive items!
Unfortunately, some items don't always return. Here's a guide to what was made available again.

Halloween 2008: Several items from Halloween 2007 were made available again as random items from the Spooky Halloween Mystery Capsule. These items were: Halloween Shindig Background, Haunted Woods Autumn Background, Spooky String Lights, Evil Jack-o-Lantern, Spooky Pumpkin Patch Background, Haunted Graveyard Background, Here Lies Fluffy, Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit. This list is currently incomplete and/or needs more confirmation!

Games Master Challenge 2008: The Games Master Background, Games Master Challenge Flag, Games Master Headset, Hovering Chair Background, Typing Terror Background, Turmac Roll Background, Wind Up Aristotle and TNT Staff Smasher Home Edition (formerly Whack-A-Staff Member) were all made available to buy again from the 2007 shop.

Winter 2008: The only retired item from 2007 that was made available again in the Holiday Snowglobe Mystery Capsule was the Mystery Island Holiday Background. The New Year's Celebration Background was also available but later made regularly buyable; the Father Time Watch also returned later.

Valentine's 2009: The Wind Up Gift Box, Sweetheart Smiley Snack, Valentines Letter Thought Bubble, Chocolates Thought Bubble and Hearts Thought Bubble from 2008 were all made available again to buy normally. The Enchanted Valentines Mystery Capsule can give out the other 2008 items not made regularly purchasable: the Sweetheart Background, Cupid Meerca Balloon, Valentines Day Mailbox and Heart String Lights.

Daily Dare 2009: The AAA Thought Bubble, Abigail Thought Bubble, Games Master Headset, Games Master Background, Wind Up Aristotle, Igloo Garage Sale Background, Freaky Factory Background, Play Time String Lights, Qasalan Expellibox Background and Typing Terror Background were all made available again.

Easter 2009: Officially, the Easter shop was lumped in with the Spring shop, but several Easter 2008 items - Easter Negg Glasses, Easter Negg Basket, Easter Negg Thought Bubble, Wobbly Easter Negg, Easter Negg String Lights and Negg Background - were available via the Spring Basket Mystery Capsule.

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Weird Small Items

There are two main images you'll likely see of your Neopet - the big flash image, which appears on its lookup, and the small static .png image, which appears on the sidebar and on your userlookup, to name several places. NC Mall items also appear static on the smaller image; however, some of them show up unusually, or not how you'd expect. Problem is, you have no way of previewing the small image before you buy, and this can actually be the image of your pet you see most often. One or two don't show up at all. A list of them is provided below; large previews are provided to demonstrate the problem - what you see is how that item will show up on ANY pet (in the small image). IF YOU HAVE A PREVIEW OF AN UNUSUAL ITEM OR KNOW SOMETHING I'VE MISSED, PLEASE NEOMAIL IT TO ME! For backgrounds, Invisible pets are preferred.

This section did include 300x300 previews of the static images, but a Neo glitch wiped them all out. They'll be replaced soon.

Altador Cup Confetti Shower - barely visible
Broken Heart Shower - the hearts are *just about* visible at the top
Broken Heart Thought Bubble – the heart appears unbroken
Crash-Landed Meteorite - appears falling
Destruct-o-Match Background - no blocks are visible
Faerie Dust Shower - doesn't show up at all
Fish Puddle - no fishy thingy visible
Floating Dark Faerie Sisters Doll - shows only one doll
Games Shower - like the other showers
Heart Shower - a few hearts are just about visible
Holographic Dr. Sloth – Sloth is not visible
I Splat Sloth Thought Bubble – only the very top of the sock puppet is visible
Lucky Clover Shower - only a few clovers visible
Mini Esophagor - appears as a small splodge on the ground
Non-Ionising Lab Ray Pants - no bones visible
Non-Ionising Lab Ray Shirt – no bones visible
Potted Faerie Bean Plant - plant doesn't show up
Rain and Flowers Thought Bubble - the flower doesn't show up, just the rain
Sparkling Star Shower - doesn't show up at all
Sweetheart Background - the big pink heart is not visible, just all the different coloured hearts
TNT Staff Smasher Home Edition – only the hole visible
Usuki Thought Bubble – no Usukis show up, you just see the background of the bubble
Yooyu Thought Bubble - no Yooyu visible, just the background of the bubble

And now you know! Without this list, you wouldn't know how small items might (or might not) show up unless you made a topic on the NC Mall or Customisation boards. And that might take ages!

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How Not to Decorate Your NC Mall Album

If you're looking to make your NC Mall Album ordered, neat and tidy, then here are some general tips to help you, as well as some information about the Album itself.

You know that in galleries, when sorting items into order, you can mark items with '.1, .2, .3' and so on to make it easier? (e.g. If you have three items labelled 1, 2 and 3, and change 1 to 3.1, it will go behind the 3) The same applies for NC Mall Albums!

Some people seem confused on gift boxes and NC Mall albums, so here goes:
If you redeem Neocash cards, then the gift boxes you get will not appear in your Album. If you get them from mystery capsules such as the Gift Mystery Capsule, they will show up in your album; any gift wrap you purchase will show up as well. If you receive a gift box from another player, it will not show up in your album, just the item you receive (note that even if your album is set to automatically display new items, the gifted item will at first not be shown in the album).

You can also check the NC Mall Specialty shop for new album skins to use; these will go directly to your Album Management page, so be sure to check them once you've bought one.

It's worth noting that if you buy a superpack, only the superpack, not the items within, show up (you can get the individual items to show up if you buy them individually, although it hardly seems worth the bother - you can receive whole superpacks from the Red and Blue mystery capsules, and if that happens the individual items will show up). Items you win from the NC Mall Daily Dare are NEOPOINT items and as such do not display in your Album.

Penultimately, the quantity number on your album. When you have purchased 1-4 of an item, it looks normal:

If you reach 5 purchased or otherwise obtained, you get a nice exclamation mark and the number turns blue to highlight to people that *this* is what happens if you buy one mystery capsule too many:

To reach two exclamation marks, you must reach 52 items:

The question on your lips now: Does the legendary triple exclamation mark appear? If so it's not until 150 items at least. If you ever have this many or are willing to buy lukewarm leftover pizzas until you reach this number, please get in touch!

Lastly, if you're going for a nice neat NC Mall album, be aware that some items have transparent backgrounds and so will show differently in your album as opposed to other items. Here's a possibly incomplete list of items with transparent backgrounds:
Yooyu Thought Bubble
Techo Mountain Model
Lighted Plastic Fir

Mall Album Skin Previews
As you may have noticed, if you purchase one of the album skins from the NC Mall, you don't really get a chance to properly preview how it will look until it is purchased. All that now changes! Click on one of the skin images below - mouse over for the name - to get a quick link to somebody using one of the album skins on their album; retired album skins are listed for completion's sake, and in case they should return some day. These links are used with permission and thanks. (The image you see is how the skin will affect the image of your Album on your user lookup.)
If you can't click on an image to get a preview, I still need someone to preview it for me - please Neomail if you have this skin on your album and are not planning to change it any time soon.
If I already have a preview of your current album skin, then by all means send it in anyway, it'll be useful if one of the current people on this list changes.
If it looks like one of these albums is no longer using the skin this page says it is, please NM me.

Faerie Themed Album Skin Hearts Themed Album Skin Spring Themed Album Skin

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Decoding Mall Jargon

Confused by all the shorthand you see on the Mall boards? WORRY NO MORE. This handy, compact, portable (provided you have a laptop) guide is here to help! (Most of these terms are normally used in trading.)

BG - Background; typically refers to a wearable background for your pets in the Mall boards.
Boxes - Shortened way of referring to gift boxes.
Card - Shorthand for Neocash card.
EB - Shorthand for Elite Boutique.
LE - Limited Edition. This refers to the bonus items you receive inside capsules that cannot be otherwise obtained, such as the Sparkling Rainbow in the rainbow capsule or green leafy wings in the blue capsule. These items can also be called 'bonus items'.
MC - Mystery Capsule.
NC - Neocash, amazingly.
NCMCC - short for NC Mall Chat Club, the series of chat club boards on the NC Mall.
Retired - An item retired from the Mall. Gosh, this is informative, eh?
Sold Out - Items which have been removed from the NC Mall will be marked as 'SOLD OUT!' for a brief period of time before being removed altogether. Sold out is an inaccurate description, however, and it would probably be best to describe them as 'retired' (see Retired). Specialty - This actually means items that are of a use other than wearables and Neohome items in the Mall itself typically, but it more commonly means items available from seasonally available shops such as the Valentine's, Easter or Daily Dare shops. Could also be referred to as 'seasonal', although this suggests they're available every year, when a great deal of them are not.
UFT - Up For Trade. In this case, refers to the surplus items a person has that they can use for 'gift-trading'.
VPC - Virtual Prize Code. These codes can be obtained from certain Mystery Capsules as an alternative to bonus NC items; once redeemed at Grundo's Warehouse, you will receive a sellable NP item, typically based on the capsule (e.g. cloud mystery capsule can give you cloud or sky items).

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Mall Freebies

What follows is a list of free NC Mall items that are, or have been, available.

150 NC can be won from the Qasalan Expellibox.
150 NC can be collected free from the Mall. NOTE THAT THIS HAS CHANGED: You now receive an NC Mall Welcome Gift which, when opened, gives you a random 150 NC item.
The NC Mall Birthday Goodie Bag was given out for the Mall's first birthday on July 16, 2008. It contained two NP items and one random birthday NC item.
Three Halloween Goodie Bags were available from the Mall during October 18 through to October 31 in 2008. They popped up randomly throughout that time; all of them contained two NP Halloween items, but when you opened the third you would receive a random then-available Halloween NC Mall item, such as Subservient Sentient Stones or a Coffin Clutch.
50 NC was given out if you collected all six Neopoint goodie bags from their hidden locations around the site on October 31st, 2008.
The Sparkling Holiday Stocking was given out from December 17 2008 through to the 26th. It contained two NP items and a stocking-exclusive Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat.
50 NC was given out free by the Advent Calendar on December 19, 2008.
The Valentines Goodie Box was given out free from February 9, 2009, but did not contain any Neocash items, only Neopoint items.
The Toy Neggs was given out free between March 31, 2009 and April 13, 2009 and game in Green, Pink and Pink and Green, three overall. Each one gave out an NP item, ollecting and opening all three would give you a Negg Head Bonk exclusive NC item.
The 2009 Daily Dare awarded 150 NC for the Scoretacular, Ultimate or Uberiffic prizes; 100 NC for Megasuperb or Spifftastic; and 50 NC for participating but not completing.
April 7 of Rosies Neggtacular Giveaway gave out an exclusive Neocash item - the Filigree Carousel Negg - and 50 extra NC.
The NC Mall 2nd Birthday Goodie Bags were given out free from July 9th, 2009. There were two, Silver and Red, containing Neopoint items, and collecting and opening both would give you the Number 2 Balloon exclusive item.

Overall, the NC Mall freebies amount to the worth of over 1000 NC (depending on which item you received from the birthday and Halloween bags and how well you did from Daily Dare), not including anything you win from the Expellibox!

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NC Mall Daily Dare 2009 - Prize List

This is a list of prizes for Lulu's NC Mall Daily Dare in March 2009, which involved buying Mall tickets for the right to challenge her and win a prize (the tickets came in packs at 1 for 200, 5 for 500, 10 for 900 and all 30 for 2000). Note that the prizes were NP items, but were also animated. I have also included the scores to beat Lulu for reference. Unless otherwise noted, all prizes are wearable.

Day 1 - Super Hasee Bounce (Score to Beat - 150): Purple Hasee Balloon Toy
Day 2 - Shenkuu Tangram (Score to Beat - 300): Tangram Puzzle Piece Kite
Day 3 - Bumble Beams (Score to Beat - 100): Shiny Caution Tape Garland (NB: The AAA prize for this day, Caution Tape Garland, was more or less identical and should not be confused.)
Day 4 - Turmac Roll (Score to Beat - 125): Wind-up Turmac
Day 5 - Faerie Bubbles (Score to Beat - 250): Lighted Faerie Bubble String Lights (NB: The AAA prize for this day, Faerie Bubble String Lights, was quite similar and should not be confused.)
Day 6 - Meerca Chase II (Score to Beat - 100): Beautiful Decorative Negg
Day 7 - Pterattack (Score to Beat - 100): Spacious Tyrannian Hut (NB: Is a Neohome V2 item)
Day 8 - Itchy Invasion (Score to Beat - 150): Dripping Toy Slime Gun (NB: The AAA prize for this day, Toy Slime Gun, was more or less identical and should not be confused.)
Day 9 - Mutant Graveyard of Doom 2 (Score to Beat - 100): Sparkling Green Head Amulet and Wig
Day 10 - Wingoball (Score to Beat - 125): Evil Garden Gnome Background
Day 11 - Spacerocked! (Score to Beat - 575): Colourful Rock Mobile
Day 12 - Carnival of Terror (Score to Beat - 125): Dripping Cream Pie Hat
Day 13 - Destruct-o-Match III (Score to Beat - 300): Destruct-O-Match Wallpaper (NB: This is a Neohome V2 item)
Day 14 - Ultimate Bullseye II (Score to Beat - 15): Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver
Day 15 - Hot Dog Hero (Score to Beat - 800): Deluxe Hot Dog Hat
Day 16 - Faerie Cloud Racers (Score to Beat - 100): Fire Faerie Racer
Day 17 - Wheeler's Wild Ride (Score to Beat - 50): Wheelers Coconut Bike
Day 18 - Mynci Beach Volleyball (Score to Beat - 30): Beach Volleyball String Lights
Day 19 - Snowmuncher (Score to Beat - 450): Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Head, Deluxe Polarchuck Costume AND Deluxe Polarchuck Costume Gloves
Day 20 - Sutek's Tomb (Score to Beat - 150): Jewelled Geb Necklace
Day 21 - Snow Roller (Score to Beat - 175): Snow Roller Sucess Jumper
Day 22 - Piper Panic (Score to Beat - 300): Golden Cobrall Belt
Day 23 - Freaky Factory (Score to Beat - 100): Purple Paint Blob Plushie
Day 24 - Imperial Exam (Score to Beat - 150): Imperial Exam Guards Helm
Day 25 - Petpet Plunge (Score to Beat - 125): Bubble Lamp (NB: This is a Neohome V2 item.)
Day 26 - Dubloon Disaster (Score to Beat - 55): Golden Dubloon Necklace
Day 27 - Hasee Bounce (Score to Beat - 60): Doughnut Explosion Background
Day 28 - Ice Cream Machine (Score to Beat - 600): Super Ice Cream Machine Background (NB: Not to be confused with AAA's prize, Ice Cream Machine Background.)
Day 29 - The Usul Suspects (Score to Beat - 50): Usul Suspects Chia Slide (NB: This is a Neohome V2 item.)
Day 30 - Crisis Courier (Score to Beat - 250): Crisis Courier Craze Background
Final Prizes (Complete all 30 challenges or you win nothing): Golden Lulu Medallion, Gaming Shorts, Gaming Shirt, Golden Sun Glasses AND Games Shower

NC Mall Altador Cup Challenge 2009 Prize List

The Altador Cup NC Challenge was held for the first time in 2009. Much like the Daily Dare challenge, you buy ticket packs to activate the challenges - one ticket for 200 NC, a five-ticket pack for 500 NC, ten-ticket pack for 900 NC, and the 34-ticket pack (which covers the entire challenge) for 2500 NC.
Essentially: each day you must score 5 goals in the new Shootout Showdown challenge. Each challenge you successfully conquer wins you that day's exclusive challenge prize.


That said, enjoy this comphrensive list of prizes!

Day 1 Challenge: Yooyuball Strategy Background
Day 2 Challenge: Designer Eye Patch
Day 3 Challenge: Waving Altador Cup Pennant
Day 4 Challenge: Crazy Altador Cup Foam Hat
Day 5 Challenge: Laurel Leaf Belt
Day 6 Challenge: Referee Smasher
Day 7 Challenge: Blast Off Space Rocket
Day 8 Challenge: Green Island Hat
Day 9 Challenge: Pretzel with Melted Cheese (NB: This is a super food)
Day 10 Challenge: Golden Yooyu Locket
Day 11 Challenge: Maraquan Wind Chimes
Day 12 Challenge: Extra Large Jousting Lance
Day 13 Challenge: Stained Altador Cup Workout Shirt
Day 14 Challenge: Virtupets Map Screen (NB: This is a Neohome V2 item)
Day 15 Challenge: Altador Cup Stadium Wave Background
Day 16 Challenge: Tyrannian Lunch Bag
Day 17 Challenge: Yooyuball Snowglobe
Day 18 Challenge: King Altadors Golden Noil Throne (Neohome V2)
Day 19 Challenge: Skeletal Face Paint
Day 20 Challenge: Kiko Hammer
Day 21 Challenge: Yooyuball Lava Lamp
Day 22 Challenge: Spike Darigan Bracers
Day 23 Challenge: Yooyu Purse
Day 24 Challenge: Sparkling Ice Staff
Day 25 Challenge: Faerie Make-up
Day 26 Challenge: Fiery Yooyu Pizza (Super food)
Day 27 Challenge: Delicate Desert Pottery
Day 28 Challenge: Rough Game Bandage
Day 29 Challenge: Gikerot Kite
Day 30 Challenge: Roo Island Toy Merry Go Round

Finals - Day 1 (Day 31 Challenge): Altador Cup Warm-up Tote
Finals - Day 2 (Day 32 Challenge): Rag Doll Yooyu Plushie
Finals - Day 3 (Day 33 Challenge): Altador Cup Sunglasses
Finals - Day 4 (Day 34 Challenge): Altador Cup Confetti Shower

11 Challenge Bonus: Altador Cup This Way Sign (Awarded for completing your 11th challenge)
17 Challenge Bonus: Altador Cup Nail Varnish Set (Awarded for completing your 17th challenge)
29 Challenge Bonus: Yooyu Marble Set (Awarded for completing your 29th challenge)
All the bonus items are Neopoint items, not NC.

Final Prizes:
Commemorative Altador Cup IV NC Challenge Shirt
Crazy Techo Fanatic Glasses
Crazy Techo Fanatic Hat
(The above items were part of the Altador Cup NC Challenge Prize Pack, which split into individual items upon reaching the inventory like a superpack, so unless you trade for them only the pack will show in your NC Mall Album)
Golden Altador Cup IV NC Challenge Medallion
Altador Cup Yooyuball Net Background (NP item)

New Game Challenge - NC Prize List

The New Game Challenge is a very unusual beast. It's sort of like an... irregular Daily Dare. Basically it comes out every time there's a new game released, and you can play the game and win prizes based on whether you beat AAA or Abigail (or both), and have until the next new game is released to earn those prizes. There is, naturally, an NC element, playable by activating New Game NC Challenge Game Ticket. What follows are a list of the prizes from first release; the current prize is the last item listed on this list. These are NC prizes, not NP.

July 8th 2009 (Challenge 1, Dice of Destiny - Score to Beat: 200): Lost Desert Treasure Room
July 15th 2009 (Challenge 2, Legends of Pinball - Score to Beat: 350): Pinball Paddle Frame
July 28th 2009 (Challenge 3, Spinacles - Score to Beat: 350): Floating Skull Bubble
August 5th 2009 (Challenge 4, Darigan Dodgeball - Score to Beat: 650): Churning Red Clouds
August 20th 2009 (Challenge 5, Slorgs in Space - Score to Beat: 4000): Slorg Slippers
September 4th, 2009 (Challenge 6, Chariot Chase - Score to Beat: 250): Chariot Kite

the difference between the GMC and Daily Dare shops

There are two different annual Neopets events focusing on the wacky melon headed Blumaroo, Aristotle A. Avinroo, and they both have their own NC Mall Specialty shops with exclusive limited-time-only items. However, some items only show up in the Daily Dare and some are Games Master Challenge only. To avoid confusion, here's a breakdown of the specially made items, as well as retired items made available again:

The following items appear only in the Daily Dare shop: AAA Thought Bubble, Abigail Thought Bubble
The following items appear only in the Games Master Challenge shop: Hovering Chair Background, Games Master Challenge Flag, Turmac Roll Background, TNT Staff Smasher Home Edition
The following items appear in both shops: Games Master Background, Games Master Headset, Wind Up Aristotle, Play Time String Lights, Freaky Factory Background, AAAs Hover Chair
The following items only appeared in the 2009 Daily Dare shop and did not return again: Blue Daily Dare Mystery Capsule, the NC Mall Daily Dare Ticket Packs
The following items only appeared in the 2008 Daily Dare shop and did not return again: Green Daily Dare Mystery Capsule, Orange Daily Dare Mystery Capsule
The following items only appeared in the 2007 Games Master Challenge shop and did not return again: Games Master Challenge Mystery Capsule

Other random tips and useless information

This section will contain other assorted information that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Since you've been dying for the answer since you started reading this petpage: approximately 30 pieces of fencing covers one side of a Neohome; all sides appear to need equal fencing, so you'll need 120 pieces of fencing to fence off your entire Neohome, which is equal to 3000 NC. Remember, unlike wallpaper and floor tiles, fencing is not unlimited use; one purchase of 25 NC fencing buys you one piece of fencing.

All mystery capsules contain the word 'gashapon' in the image URL. This is an onomatopoeic name given to toys obtained from Japanese vending machines that come in small capsules.

So what is the deal behind the Down with NC Flag?: This item was made as a joke; it says 'Down with the NC Mall', but you have to pay $50 to the Mall to buy it. TNT never seriously expected anyone to buy it. It has, ironically, been used as a symbol of support for the Mall.

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Other Links

If you're still interested in customisation and the Mall, or can't see your query answered here, here are some other useful links.
The Mall itself. Oh, the EXCITEMENT.
Sarika_ambrielle's complete catalogue of past and present NC items.
Ringling_thingling's guide to mystery capsules.
randommar's Almost Capsule Guide.
Jade_ixi's Capsule Bonus Item Previews.
A catalogue of NP wearables.
Pianosylv's NC Mall FAQ.
The NC Mall Neoboard - keep an eye out for the NC Mall Chat Club, or NCMCC for short.
The Customisation Neoboard.
The Editorial TNT released directly following the Mall's opening.
A helpful Times article on Green Neoboard Pens.
TNT's Official Mall FAQ.
An easy link to the management of your NC Mall Album.
The Qasalan Expellibox, which can award 150 NC if you hit the blinking tube (it can also give out 5,000 NP instead).

If there's something about the Mall you consider really important and can't see it on a petpage here, Neomail it to me if you'd like to see it here. (Alternatively, if you think it goes better on one of the other petpages, neomail whoever owns that.)

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credits, footnotes and acknowledgements

I got this PetPage CSS from Kitty. Get your own here!
I got this Homepage from neopets.com.

Thanks to the following contributors:
memeroni, for providing some of the item previews.
phoenixs_angel, for providing some of the information (including the fencing thing), item previews and suggestions.
randommar, for her hard work and efforts in putting together her capsule guide.
deepfriedeyelash, for providing a great deal of the item previews.
mariniyakaos, for telling me about the big flash images thing.
Angelwings78 for allowing me to link to her Mall album.
Sarika, for the Mall album preview and correcting me on a certain matter.
kattola and inhinyero for helping me out on the Daily Dare NC prizes.
Jas, for helping me on anchor links.
Centient, ames, wolfgangsmom for one of the item previews each.
And everyone who looked over this page when I first started it.
Everyone else who provided help, album skin previews, screenshots and weird item previews.

Incidentally, I'm aware of the redundancy in providing a preview of the Faerie Dust Shower and Exploding Coconut, so don't point it out.

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