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Welcome cmpiscool85 to Legend, a layout, button and banner requesting site opened on January 31st. 2012. I'm Michael, the owner of this site. Here at Legend I strive to make graphics to the best of my ability. I hope I can help you find what your looking for. If you have any questions please, neomail me! So, have a look around and request a graphic. if you'd like.

Daily Updates

JULY 19th 2015 - 3:50pm NST
- Not sure how many will see this, but this site is now closed. I may be back in the future, but I'm entering my senior year of highschool and I have a beautiful girlfriend to tend too. It was fun while it lasted. :-)

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001) - Visible credit to /~exxula is a must.
002) - I only make graphics for on-neo sites.
003) - I do not make buttons for about me pages and other button sites.
004) - I only make Neo-related graphics.
005) - If the image you provided me will not be a good fit or your graphic I'll ask you to pick another.
006) - If you request a button, I will pick the border, font, and animation. You get to pick the image.
007) - Please, don't be rude! Put cheese anywhere in your neomail.
008) - If you don't like what I made you tell me! I'll be happy to remake it for you.
009) - Please be as descriptive as possible in your form. This way your graphic can come out just perfect!

Which one would you like?
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Button requests:

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You can pick an image from here or here, or I can pick for you.
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Waiting list

01) - Esme @ Karma.
02) - no one @ no where.
03) - no one @ no where.
04) - no one @ no where.

Petpage layout requests:

Requesting Info

Requesting form

You can pick an image from here or here, or I can pick for you.
Did you read the rules?

Waiting list

01) - Maddie @ My portfolio.
02) - Brenda @ Serene.

Requests take 3-6 days to complete, depending on your spot on the waiting list.

Banner requests:

Requesting Info

Requesting form

You can pick an image from here or here, or I can pick for you.
Did you read the rules?

Waiting list

01) - no one.
02) - no one.

Requests take 2-5 days to complete, depending on your spot on the waiting list.


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~ All the layouts that we've used.

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~ All the places Legend has been Featured, Ranked and everything else!

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Past layouts

(V.1 Stone) Used from January 31st to April 3rd. 1600+ views
One of my favorites. I really liked how this one turned out with the navigation. I'll always like this one, because it was Legend's first layout.

(V.2 Lost Desert) Used from April 3rd. to July 21th. 1400+ views
This layout wasn't my favorite but it worked. The reason I didn't like it was it looked to much like my old layout.



February 3, 2012 3rd in layout requets Featured site February 27th, 2012.



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Legend (V.3 Fall Days) and all related layouts & ideas © cmpiscool85. 2012 [?]

Envelope from Details.

Open/Closed signs and Bullets by Bedazzled

Backgound from 49 Days, re-colored by me.

Textures and png on layouts, buttons and banners from Details.

Brushes from The Stamps Co.

The name Legend came from The Continent of Server.

A HUGE thank you to Madame for helping me find images. ;)


If you graphic is not here it's in my Portfolio.
(insert graphic type here) by Legend.

For Brenda

For Borealis

For Maddie

Sat. August 4th 2012
- I'm so sorry for not updating! My internet has been out and is still not working very well. I've been working on requests but since my internet is to slow right now I can't make uploads.
- My internet is getting better though. I should be active next week sometime.
- I'm terribly sorry if you still waiting for your button/layout. I will get your button/layout out to you ASAP!
- Thanks for understanding! I'll be back soon guys. (:

Sun. July 29th 2012
- Nothing much new. :/
- Working on requests!

Sat. July 28th 2012
- I closed layout and button requests.
- Banner requests are still open! Why not request one?
- +2 button requests.
- +2 layout requests.
- Finished 2 layout requests.
- Finished 1 button request.

Fri. July 27th 2012
- Requests are still open! Why not request something?
- +3 button requests.

Thurs. July 26th 2012
- Requests are still open! Why not request something?
- +1 layout request.
- +1 button request.
- Now affiliates with the awesome Scheme!

Wed. July 25th 2012
- Requests should be open by Friday

- Requests are OPEN! Why not request something?
- +1 layout request.
- Now affiliates with Inspire, Autumn Breezes & Infinity!
- Now listed at Legendary Directory & Scamander Directory

Tues. July 24th, 2012
- All requests shouls be open later.
- All requests are DONE! ;D

Mon. July 23rd, 2012
- I finished a lot of requests last night. I'll upload them some time today tomorrow.
- Finished the last layout request! :D
- +2 banner requests.
- All requests are closed. :/

Sun. July 22nd, 2012
- Layout & button requests closed.
- +6 button request.
- +1 layout request.
- Finished 1 layout.
- Nothing else new.. Just working on requests.
- Now listed at HOLT.

Sat. July 21th, 2012
- Guess what? Legend is BACK! I'm so excited to get back into the groove of things. :)
- All requests are open! Why not request something?
- New layout. Welcome to V.3 Fall Days.
- +1 Button request.
- +1 Banner request.
- +1 Layout request.
- -6 affiliates.
- +3 Link back buttons.

May 16th 2012
- Sorry for the lack of updates AGAIN!!
- If your waiting for a graphic from me, I'll have it done soon!

May 13th 2012
- Sorry for the lack of updates! D;
- Finished 1 banner and layout.
- Finished 3 buttons.
- +2 banner and button request.
- All requests closed.

May 10th 2012
- I'm back from my two day camp! :)
- +3 button requests.
- I'm going to try to get at least one layout done today.

May 7th 2012
- Sorry I didn't update yesterday. :P
- I'll be gone tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll probably won't update until Thursday.
- +3 layout requests.
- Layout requests closed.

May 5th 2012
- I'm back from my Mini Hiatus no one knew about xD
- All requests are OPEN!! :D Why not request something? ;P
- +1 button request. Finished it. :P

April 19th 2012
- Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack in updates.
- I'm planning on opening requests toward Monday. :)

April 11th 2012
- I'm going to be very inactive with Legend until Monday or Tuesday. :/
- Now ranked 7th under layout requests at Echelon!!! :D
- Now ranked 4th under requests at Short & Sweet!
- Now ranked 4th under layout requests at Shenyi!

April 10th 2012
- Sorry updates are slow. :/
- Finished 2 layouts!

April 9th 2012
- I got a LOT done! :D
- Finished 6 buttons.
- Finished 2 banners.

April 8th 2012
- I SO SORRY! My cousin invited me to her house and I couldn't say no! Sorry to all requesters, I'll have your graphic done as soon as possible!
- All requests closed.
- +2 button requests.
- +1 banner requests.

April 7th 2012
- I worked on some stuff last night. Sorry for the long wait everyone!
- Voting has started at Zig Zag. Would you mind sparing a vote for Legend? :) :)
- Now ranked 3rd under layout requests at Zig Zag!
- +1 canceled button request.
- +1 button request.
- Now affiliates with Mediocre Salad!

April 6th 2012
- I won't be on at all today. Maybe later.
- Now affiliates with Opaque!

April 5th 2012 - 1:58pm NST
- I won't be on much today. :/
- I entered the SOTM at Zig Zag!
- +3 button requests. :)
- +1 banner requests.
- Now affiliates with Zig Zag!

April 4th 2012
- My spring break starts tomorrow so updates my be slow.
- Wow, I got a lot done today! :D
- Finished 2 layouts.
- Finished 1 button.
- +1 banner request.
- +1 button request.

April 3rd. 2012
- New layout is up (V.2 Lost Desert)! Feedback would be accepted.
- Did anyone see the new Extras section? Go check it out!
- All requests are OPEN!!! :D Why not go request something?
- +1 button request.
- +4 layout requests.
- Layout requests closed.
- Now affiliates with Boxed Up Inside.
- Now listed at Simple Gifts, The Secret Library, The Shelf Directory & Serendipity Directory!
- All of these directories are awesome! I suggest you visit them.

April 2nd. 2012 -
- I finished a TON of stuff on Legend's new layout today. It should be up tomorrow.
- Finished 4 buttons.
- Requests will be open tomorrow. :)

April 1st. 2012
- I'M BACK!!!! :D
- No, this isn't an April Fools joke. :P
- Anyways, I'll be working on a new layout. So, requests will be closed for a couple days.
- Now listed at Serendipity & The Shelf

March 15th 2012
- I feel like I'm neglecting Legend. D; Every since Soroptimist closed I've lost motivation. Also, it's been so nice outside! I apologize to everyone for lack of open requests.
- I'm finishing up Mimi's layout.

March. 14th 2012
- I don't have school tomorrow so I'll work on requests tonight and tomorrow.
- So, instead of going on hiatus, I'm just not going to open requests for a couple days. During those days I'll be working on a new layout for Legend and an Extras section. ;)

March 13th 2012
- Dude I really need to finish this last layout! :/ Sorry Mimi!
- +1 banner request. :P I thought I closed those, but I guess I didn't.
- Now affiliates with the amazing Rambo. I suggest you check that site out. :)

March 12th 2012
- So, here is whats going on. As soon as I finish Mimi's layout request, I'm putting Legend on a Hiatus for 3 to 4 days. I feel like all I do everyday since Legend opened is work on requests. I really need a break. @_@ But it's only going to be a few days thought. So I will be coming back. :) Thanks for understanding. :D

March 11th 2012
- Replaced two link backs. I really like them both.
- Finished three button requests.
- Sorry for the late update, I helped my dad with some yard work.

March 10th 2012
- Working on requests.
- I'm almost done with everything so requests should be open soon. :)
- The day we have all been dreading. Soroptimist is... *cry* closing. :( Cass, if you see this, all I want you too know is you are by far one of the best site makers I know. Good luck with your future and don't forget us. :) But lets be real here, what are we going to do without you? D; You are the glue of the site community. Whats going to happen? D;
- Ahh myy bad I can go on and on about stuff like that ^ But really. Who is going to take her place?

March 9th 2012
- Working on requests still. :)
- Finished two layout request.
- Finished two button requests.
- Now affiliates with Queen of Hearts!

March 8th 2012
- Working on requests. :)
- Finished one banner.
- +3 button requests.
- Button requests closed.

March 7th 2012
- Got my review back from Voila! After reading my review I've decided to re-make everything I've made today.
- Sorry if your still waiting for your graphic, I'm trying my best to go fast.

March 6th 2012
- Working on requests.
- Now affiliates with Annex & Mesmeric!
- +1 button request.

March 5th 2012
- Working on requests. :)
- Finished two banners, and one button.
- Voting is still going on at The Escapist! PLEASE spare Legend a vote?
- +1 banner requests.
- +2 layout requests.
- Layout requests are closed.

March 4th 2012
- It's my birthday! :D :D :D
- Finished the last layout request!
- All requests are open! Why not request something? ;)
- +1 button request. :)
- +1 layout request.
- Voting is still going on at The Escapist! PLEASE spare Legend a vote? :)
- Listed as a Honourable Mention under button requests at Hype! :D

March 3rd, 2012
- Working on requests :)
- +1 banner request.
- Finished one layout. :D

March 2nd, 2012
- Ok, it's Legend's offical one month anniversary!
- Also, we hit +1000 page views :D I just want to say thank you to all the people who vist Legend everyday. It means SOOOO much to me. You have no idea.
- Well after all the great news posted above, it's Friday! I'll work on requests later.
- This day keeps getting better and better for me! :D Now ranked number 5th under layout requests at Illusion & listed as a Honourable Mention under button requests at Echelon!
- Finished two banners :D
- +1 banner request.
- Voting is still open at The Escapist! Spare Legend a vote? :)
March 1st 2012
- Won't be on much today.

Feb. 29th 2012
- I'll work on requests tomorrow.
- If you haven't seen the new neopets games room I suggest you check it out.

Feb. 28th 2012
- I'm not going to be able to work on anything tomorrow! :( I'll try to get a lot done today.
- Finished two button requests! :)

Feb. 27th 2012
- Working on requests :)
- Replaced the second link back button. I never liked that one very well.
- Finished one layout request. :)
- Finished two button requests.
- Legend is the featured site at Excessively directory! :D

Feb 26th 2012
- Voting has started at The Escapist! Spare Legend a vote? :)
- I closed the button requests. :(

Feb. 25th 2012
- I closed layout requests cause I got three over night! :O
- +3 layout requests.
- +1 button request.

Feb. 24th 2012
- Guess what?? I'm not sick anymore! :D
- I'll open requests when I finished some re-do's. :P
- All requests are open! Why not request something?
- +1 button & layout request.

Feb. 23rd 2012
- I feel a lot better today! I think I might wait until Friday to open requests.
- Now listed at Excessively Directory.
- Now affiliates with the awesome Seraphic! :)

Feb. 22nd. 2012
- I'm sick! :( I don't think I'll be on much today..

Feb. 21st 2012
- I finished everything! :D
- I'm going to open requests Wednesday night.

Feb. 20th 2012
- I think I'll be able to open requests soon.
- Finished 2 buttons and 2 banners. :)
- :O 700+ page views? Did I read that right? Thanks to everyone who has vistited Legend. It really means a lot.
- Now affiliates with Glow, Saranghae & Hype! :D

Feb. 19th 2012
- Working on requests :) I think I'll be able to get them all done by Wednesday.
- Wow, I finished almost everything! :D I'll upload tomorrow.

Feb. 18th 2012
- I visted my sister at collage today :D
- Finished one layout.
- Now affiliates with Asylum!

Feb. 17th 2012
- 630+ page views. :)
- I feel like I'm not working on requests! I'll get most of them done this weekend. I hope.

Feb. 16th 2012
- I entered the SoTM at The Escapist! Spare a vote for Legend? :)
- Wow I'm about to hit 600 page views! :D

Feb. 15th 2012 - 8:24pm NST.
- My internet = terrible. Enough said. My internet is a lot better! :D
- Wow, Opulence closed! :( What a great site. It's a shame to see it go.
- All requests closed.
- Working on requests. :)

Feb. 14th 2012
- I'm about to hit 500 page views! I hit 500+ page views! ;D
- Finished one layout and two buttons.
- +1 button request. :)
- New affiliate, The Magic of Disney! :D

Feb. 13th 2012
- Nothing much new today, just the start of another school week. :/
- Wow I got 5 layout requests! :O I accepted them all because it's a long weekend this week.
- Layout requests are closed.
- +5 layout requests.
- +2 button requests.
- +2 banner requests.

Feb. 12th 2012
- Wow. I finished all the waiting lists!
- All requests are open! Why not request something?

Feb. 11th 2012
- 2+ button request.
- 1+ banner request.
- 400+ page views! :D
- Finished the last layout request.
- I'm planning on opening layout requests tomorrow.
- Button requests closed. :/

Feb. 10th 2012
- Working on the last layout request :)
- It's been a little slow around here *echo*
- I'm almost done with the last layout. :)
- +3 button request. ;)
- Now affiliates with the newly opened Lucky!

Feb. 9th 2012
- One new link back. I think it looks awesome! Go check it out!
- Finished 3 buttons! :D
- Button requests are now open! :D

Feb. 8th 2012
- Working on requests at the moment. :)
- Finished one button request. One down three to go. :)
- Finished the whole button waiting list! :D Now I just need to upload all of them. :)

Feb. 7th 2012
- Woo hoo my internet is back! :D I'll get working on requests.
- Wow I finished a lot of stuff. Now I just need to upload them.
- Finished one banner & button. :)
- Finished two layouts! *Pats self on back*
- Sadly I had to close Button requests. :( But, banner requests are still open! Why not go request one? :)
- 2+ button request.
- 2+ banner request.

Feb 6th 2012
- My internet is pretty slow right now. I can't do anything! I'm hoping it will get faster soon. If it doesn't I'll spend some time at my grandmas house tomorrow so I can work on requests.
- I'll work on requests after school.
- Affiliate requests are open, so please apply!
- +4 3 button requests. Finished one button.
- Button and banner requests are still open! Why not request something?

Feb 5th 2012
- Finished both waiting lists! Just in time for the super bowl. ;) GO GAINTS! :P
- All Button and Banner requests are open! Why not request something?
- Wow three layout requests already? :P
- Layout requests closed.
- Now affiliates with One of a Kind & Flowerbomb!

Feb 4th. 2012
- Wow I made like three buttons last night! I'll upload them later. :P
- Finished three button requests.
- Requests will be open sometime Monday I think.
- One new link back button. I really like how it turned out.
- Now affiliates with Bedazzled, J'accuse, Opulence & Illusion!

Feb 3rd. 2012
- Received three button requests.
- All requests are closed until I finish all the waiting lists.
- :O Wow I was looking around at some sites and guess what? I'm featured site at Shenyi! :D

- Finished two layout request
- 200+ page views ;D
- Now Listed at Silver Directory.

Feb. 2nd. 2012
- *yawn* I'm really tired. ;/
- Working on requests at the moment. :)
- Sorry updates have been slow. I'm really tired today (as I said).
- I won't be able to get on until late tomorrow.

Feb. 1st. 2012
- Happy February! :D
- 100+ page views ;)
- I'm re-making one of the buttons I did last night. It looked really bad D;
- I will probably spending the day at my grandma's house. so we well see if I can work on requests.
- Affiliates with The Escapist & Pulse!
- I moved the counter from the Credit page to the home page.
- Two Three requests done. Now I'm working on Abbie's layout.
- Now listed at Plethora, Hippotastic, Smiley Central & Dragon's Lair.

Jan. 31st. 2012
- Legend is finaly open! :D
- Requests are open so why not request somthing?
- Hoping to get some affiliates and listers soon.
- Got two requests done! :D I'll upload them in the morning. :)
- +1 button, bannner request.
- +2 layout request.
- Layout requests closed.
- Affiliates with Wishing Star, Gloss & Mockingjay
- Now listed & Recommended at Soroptimist Directory! :D