Oooh so beautiful!

Hi there,
My name is Evunesence and I'm a beautiful Uni. Already I'm 137348 hours old!

When I'm not playing with my owner, I love to play games and hang out with my friends. Unis are naturally really athletic, so of course I usually win. Afterwards we all have a snack, like ice cream or chocolate cake - vegetables are so uncivilized!

These are some of my favourite foods :)

I always use NeoGlo shampoo and conditioner to keep my mane and tail tangle-free and shining. My owner will tell you that I accept nothing but the best to buff and polish my pretty petite hooves. Oh, what's a Uni to do? I hope I have the outfit to match.....

I am not just a pretty face however, I read books regularly and once a week deviiie takes me to the Neopian Battledome to watch the tournament. I would like to enter, it looks such fun but I am afraid I might chip a hoof.

I really love my owner and I think I am the luckiest pet in all Neopia. If you would like to play with me or chat with my owner, NeoMessage deviiie!