Hi, my name is Ergots the Meerca. I love my owner, poutybrat so very much. I am 90992 hours old and my strength is at level 1! Thanks for visiting my site guest, I hope you will become my friend.


I wanna let you in on a little secret.
I'm a the BEST kind of NeoPet! A Meerca!!!!!!!!

Chuffer Bob is my hero. He is a hero to all Meercas. We all look up to him. I wish I could meet him one day.

This is poutybrat's best photo of me!
It's not very good, since I was having a bad tail day.

Isn't my tail lovely and long :)

Things that
are BAD:

Meerca Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what does a Meerca like me like?
This is a list of my favourite things!

  • Golden Juppies - MMMmmmm these are great, sadly they are hard to get hold of so I only get to eat them as a special treat.
  • Gormball - That game is the greatest! I would love to be as good as Brian or Ursulla. One day I may play in the Gormball Tournament with them... you never know!
  • Fuzzles - They are just so cute. I want the whole set but poutybrat says I will be spoilt if I have them all.
  • Poogle Racing - Sometime poutybrat takes me to the Poogle Racetrack, its on Faerieland you know. Last time we won 500NP on just one bet. I got a bright orange Fuzzle and my brother got a green bike from the winnings.
  • I also love reading these books. They're all classics!
  • Oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys about the greatest game ever created! Meerca Chase!!!!!!!

  • There also been some great stories and comics written about the marvelous Meercas in the Neopian Times. Check this one out!