Hi! Welcome to my page! I'm Epistulae, the Aisha. My owner, sugarkin, created me 57694 hours ago.


Well I guess I ought to tell you a little bit about me, I am an Aisha and as you should already know all Aishas are incredibly smart. sugarkin makes me read lots of books and I am getting really intelligent, soon I will be the brightest in my class :) If I get straight A's I will be treated to a Faerie Paint Brush and then I can have beautiful wings like this Aisha!
As well as being intelligent, Aishas are incredibly agile and I am no exception. I love playing Gormball in the park with my friends and have only had the Gormball explode 4 times! I like Garagarox the Grundo Chef best, he is funny *giggle*

This is a picture of the Fontaine sisters, possibly two of the most beautiful Aishas in Neopia. They work at the Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island and are always really nice to me :)

I love going to Krawk Island, there is always loads to do, sometimes I play Armada with the grumpy old Skeith, sometimes I go to Lil Nippers and play with the Snarhooks (they are soooooo cute!). I have even been to Smugglers Cove, although the nasty old smugglers wouldn't let me in.

This is my school photo, it is really yucky, but for some stupid reason sugarkin thinks its great and loves to show it to everyone. *how embarrassing*

When I am old enough to go adventuring on my own, I want to go and see the Alien Aishas, Shreegla VI, Arlhox VII and Gargon IV. Whizzing around in a space ship looks so much fun, much better than boring old walking!

Are Lennys clever?
Noooooo!!!! Aishas are much smarter!!!

Well thats all folks, if you want to know more about me
or my owner, drop sugarkin a Neomail :) Byyyyyyeeeeeee!