The Garden

Hi there! Oh, wait, please don't go so quickly. I seem to get a lot of visitors here in my garden and they usually just run through. Won't you stay a while? Please excuse the dirt--I've been gardening! ...In my garden! This is all mine, this whole acre! My owner Abra let me use it for my potato patch. That's all I have here in my garden! Potatoes! Maybe I can tell you a little bit about myself if you'd like to help me dig up the last of the crop? It won't take too long, I promise. Some potatoes are just so deep, after I dig them up I can't even reach down and get them! Your arms look much longer than mine though, I know you'll be a great help. So please, won't you stay?

I'd absolutely love to show you around! I don't know a whole lot about gardening, but I do know about potato patches. In fact, I know about my potato patch the best! Here, let me give you a tour.

As you can see, I grow plenty of potatoes. I only choose the finest spuds for my garden! I practically eat potatoes every day. They're my absolute favorite form of carbohydrate. You can eat potatoes with almost anything, I think. Well... almost anything.
Here you see that I've already started! And, well, what with all the plants I have left... I really, really could use your help. What do you say? I'll even throw in some free taters for your trouble!
Now, what potato garden would be complete without its very own Gravy Pond?? ...Okay, that came out wrong. It's actually very clean; sometimes I come out here, dig my potatoes right out of the ground and eat them raw--with a little warm gravy from the pond on top, they're delicious! Go on, try a bit! You're welcome to help yourself.
This here is my Mashed Potato Fort! Isn't it great? One of my friends made it for me, and it's SO wonderful! Of course, Ubu won't let me play in it though because then I'll track potato all over the house when I come in... but it's still a lot of fun to manage. It doesn't exactly stay up all the time, so on hot, gooey days I come out here to rebuild the fort. ...Again. And again. But don't get me wrong, it's so much fun! Would you like to help me?
This is my gnome, Baxter! I realize it's silly to name an inanimate object, but you users do it all the time with your non-neopian devices... computers, cars, boats, and all those mechanical gizmos. So what's the harm in naming a harmless gnome, hm? Right on! Baxter used to watch over my potatoes, but I've found something even better!
Aha! My Scareblu! A very kind anonymous citizen of Neopia gave this cool guy to me as a gift in May of 2009! He works just perfectly! Not a Crokabek in sight. Thanks random, kind Neopian!
Here's my shovel. I use it to dig holes! I dig holes to plant and I dig holes to harvest my potatoes. It's a very useful shovel. I only have one though, and my little paws aren't very good for digging... Sorry, I guess you'll have to use your hands.

Well, that's about everything! Say, I don't think I ever introduced myself. My name is Emsohl. And what do people usually call you? "guest"? What's with the quotes? Don't you have a nickname or something--OH! I do, I have a nickname! Sometimes Abra, she's my owner, sometimes she calls me Emmy. And my friends thinks that's kind of cute! Well, really they're Abra's friends, but I'm kind of friends with them, right? Oh, Abra made this little checklist for me to fill out in case anyone stayed long enough to bother to read it. It's just little factual stuff, I suppose if you're in a hurry you could just read it... But I really would like you to stay longer!

[ Persona and Statistics ]

Name: Emsohl
Pelt: Mud Brown
Marks: Sand Brown
Eyes: Orange-Brown
Nose: Clay
Ears: Large, Tan-Brown
Figure: Small, overweight
Faults: Over-Optimistic, Idealist
Tail: Short and bushy
Species: Lupe
Brush: Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Personality: Loving, Annoying, Caring
Owner: Abra
Petpet: Plushie Spyder
Spyder's name: Langley

Reference Sheet

Re: Potatoes

Did you know that the potato is vital to our society?! ...Okay, well, maybe not the potato itself, but the vitamins and minerals in it sure are! I know everything there is about potatoes and I'm a little upset how some people just treat them as a throw-away vegetable. The potato is actually a tuber, meaning it's dug up out of the ground. It's kind of like yams, sweet potatoes, roots... all that jazz. Here in Neopia we have a great variety of potatoes!

Meridellian Potato. So called because it is the colour of the Meridell flag! || Don't let its colors fool you; this delicious tuber tastes just like the real thing! Though be careful when cooking with it... I'm not sure what it is, but this particular type of potato tends to cook a lot faster than a normal potato. Keep your eye on it in the oven, and never, NEVER bake it without supervision!
Pootato. Gross! Yuck! This has to be a joke right? || Umm... Probably not the healthiest choice. But for some reason it's considered a Gourmet Food, so, uh, knock yourself out?
Obliteratoes. Theyre just normal potatoes, honesAAAAHHHGHGHGHHHHHHHHHHHH!! || These little guys are absolutely MOUTHWATERING! When eaten raw they can be a little feisty, so make sure to cook them before eating. Personally, I love these on the grill or over an open fire. They get all smokey and crispy and... Mmmm...
Heartatoe. Eurgh, if you can bear to eat this thing, you may be pleasantly surprised by its taste. || This pink delicacy is best served boiled, preferably in a pot of stew. The broth flows into the veins and out the arteries, making the starch juicy and flavorful! Try adding a dash of ginger, you'll be even more pleasantly surprised!
Spudnick. This bizarre vegetable is soft and squishy on the inside and tastes strangely like mashed potato. || I'm not exactly sure where this potato is cultivated... it's a pretty well-kept secret if I'm not mistaken. But don't let that deter you from this delicious morsel. Baked with butter on top is the best way to go: nice and simple!
Ahh, the Raw Potato. It can be eaten, thrown, or erm... well, a potato doesn't have that many uses... || I personally beg to differ with its description. Potatoes indeed can be eaten and thrown, but they can also be turned into forts, structures, art, stamps, jewelry boxes, shoes... just about anything you can imagine. But my personal favorite is the eating part. *Munch*
There is one particular Neopian food that is commonly mistaken for a potato. The dreaded Flotato. Sure, disregarding its color, it most certainly looks like a potato, right? Well, almost. Perhaps the biggest giveaway about the Flotato's non-tuberous origins is the leaf sticking out from the top. Potatoes grow underground. Leaves grow above ground.
Why? Oh, a little thing called photosynthesis, involving energy in the form of sunshine. Plant cells need to breathe you see, and that's done in the leaf, where energy in the form of sunlight plus carbon dioxide and water are converted to glucose and oxyg- ...Um. Never mind. Point being--with the Flotato's leaf, it could not possibly grow underground as a tuber. Another giveaway? Read its description: This bizarre fruit floats if you put it in a bowl of water. And there you have it. The Flotato is actually and very factually a fruit. So don't go baking it in your oven or mashing it up for dinner, unless you want a very big mess to clean up when you're through.


This is Langley, my Plushie Spyder. He doesn't usually say a whole lot, but he's still very nice! I love to take him with me where ever I go, ever since I lost Rondue my Black Gruslen... Well, he ran away one day and I never found him. I think my big brother Ubuuroi left the front door open on purpose and let him go. That wasn't very nice of him to do, but I'm sure Rondue has found a good home by now. At least I hope so... Well, usually when no one else is home, Rondue usually used to be there to talk to. One afternoon when I was looking for him, I found a raggedy Plushie in an alley... Its front leg was ripped off, and the rain and sun bleached a lot of its color. Even still, it wasn't until he started to scuttle away I realized it was alive! With that torn leg of his, he could barely walk though. Stumbling and rolling around, he squealed a frightful noise and hid in the darkness. I had no idea it wasn't really a regular old plushie. I was sort of scared, and too dumbfounded to move: I wasn't sure what to do. But I couldn't just leave him there.. Alone, cold, sopping wet, under a dumpster and all that. I felt really bad. So.. I coaxed him out from under the dumpster. I spent nearly an hour trying to get him out of there, but he finally realized I wasn't going to hurt him and crawled out right when I was about to give in. I took him home and sewed him back together immediately. His leg is a little flimsy and comes off every now and then, but there's nothing a little needle and thread can't fix, right? And, well, ever since, he's been sort of my 'comfort zone.' For when I get lonely. I love Langley.

(To be honest, I think Christina explains his story much better! Drag the picture to your URL for a better view.)


I live here in my home but a lot of the time I go to visit my guild called Shukumei. I love it there! It's a great place where all of my friends and I can hang out, and even our owners can go there and talk about... the weirdest stuff. I kid you not. One week those people didn't talk about anything but their most embarrassing moments! It wasn't a contest or anything, they just got off on this really epic tangent! Haha, like this one time Abra was out with her friends and--oh wait, Abra gave me ten potato plants to shut me up about that... I'd better keep my promise, sorry!

You know, some times I hear some really mean things about Shukumei and the people in it. But I don't think any of it is really true? I mean, people say stuff like Shukumei is full of elitists and stuck up snobs. I don't think anyone in Shukumei is very stuck up. Okay, Paarlei is kind of a snob, but he's no elitist! It's true you can only get into Shukumei through application, and yeah, I guess we have kind of high standards, but nothing too irrational, right? I mean, we like to keep Shukumei small! And a lot of the time we have to turn away applicants who are already REALLY good artists but from what we've seen of our OWN members, we know that with practice they can get even better. Shukumei isn't about being the best artist or writer by general standards. It's about being the best artist or writer by your standards. The council members in Shukumei are really good at figuring out just how much 'potential' someone has. I mean, sometimes it's just a matter of looking at anatomy and fixing a few leg or head issues or something silly like that. ...Okay, maybe that IS a little elitist but you wouldn't want to be in an art/role-playing guild where the artists didn't work to try to improve themselves, would you? I didn't think so! So if you're interested in joining, check out our Info. Page!

Gift and Fan Art

These are all (well, okay, not all, but a lot!) of the most beautiful drawings in the whole world, and they're all of beautiful, adorable me! But okay, here's the thing. I'm getting kind of old and my memory is going. I you have ever drawn a picture of me (either when I was Shadow or even now that I'm Brown!), send it to me again and I'll add it here! Also, if you see your picture here but your username isn't listed, for the love of Taelia, neomail Abra and let her know! She can't keep track of all of those usernames!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Sparkler Adoptables

I just love to play with Sparklers! And just about everyone I know does. I mean, look at all of these Lupes playing with their sparklers! Go ahead, take one. Just please make sure not to take credit for them. After all, you didn't make them! Oh, and please don't take one that wasn't made especially for you... that would be pretty rude.


































Royal Boy

Royal Girl














I do actually make custom adoptables of other Lupes! Here are a couple that we've made--in order of their creation of course, going in order of newest to oldest. We're very sorry, but we don't have time to make you an adoptable if you ask. We need motivation! That means we can only do adoptable trades. Keep checking back to see what our trading status is!

Trades are now CLOSED.
No requests, sorry.
Neomail my owner Lachtaube to trade!




























Coming soon... when TNT stops updating their HTML and CSS.

Lost And Found

Wow, look at all of these toys I've collected! Abra's friends made them for me. I have a lot of them from when I was a Shadow Lupe and I still keep them here in this box... I don't think I could ever get rid of them, I love them too much! But recently I've been adding some brown ones to my collection. What do you think?

 =P m33p Can't catch me! x3 Oooh! Sparkley!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SCOOT i'm bringing taters back, YEAH! WE'S ALL GONNA DIE

Leaving So Soon?

Leaving so soon? Well, I suppose it is starting to get dark. Alright, well it was really nice to meet you, 'guest'. Maybe I'll see you again some time? Oh, before you leave, won't you take this little patch or banner? I know it looks sort of silly, but if you could maybe um... Maybe hang it somewhere? Hehe I don't know, you can do with it what you want I suppose. It'd just be nice if you could put it some place where other people are able to see it maybe? Thank you--I really appreciate it!

Oh, one last thing. Before you go, won't you check out one of these petpages? They're really interesting!

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...just an ordinary little boy... :B Rawr Enteite ...

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