Why, hello there, and welcome to Fleur!

My name is Anne, and my mission is to provide pets all over neopia with unique pieces, for display on their pet lookups.


.. because I have a special love for pets with personality!

I love reading those small stories, references, and looking at how other artist styles. Isn't it fantastic how many ways you can interpret a character?


  • Taking one request today via a board on the PC. Please ignore the "closed" sign, and send your request at my board or in a neomail. Thank you :)
  • Request

    Information about requesting (PLEASE READ);

  • This is not first come, first served
    I will choose the requests I find most interesting, which I will be better at drawing, what I am in mood for, ect. Your chances of getting picked will be greater if your pet has some kind of personality.
    Please accept this, and please refrain from getting mad at me for not picking your pet.

  • If I accept your request, I will draw a few rough sketches and show you, so you can pick the pose you like the best. If you don't pick within two days, I will begin on the next request on the waiting list, and come back to you later.

  • Finishing a piece can take everything from one day to a week, depending on the style, if you want me to include a background, ect. Please be patient.

  • All requesters will rechieve a neomail, whether I will fulfil their request or not.

  • I only accept neorelated requests.

  • Even though I have a few preferences (ex. I prefer drawing quad), I am always open to suggestions!

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to neomail me! (:

  • Rules

  • Name the topic of the form "Fleur request *your pet's name here*".

  • Do not crop out the credit.

  • Do not enter into any kind of competetion, including but not limited to; The art gallery, the beauty contest, pet spotlight, petpet spotlight and random contest.

  • Don't use anything that wasn't made for you.

  • If you would like to use the drawing I've made you in a graphic, please feel free to do so! I would love to see it.

  • Please only request when requests are open.

  • Waiting list

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