Fairly Easy Trophies Guide

Written by htamale

Hi htamale. Ever wondered how people get those amazing scores in flash games? Me too! This is a guide for those of us cursed with sausage fingers and the reflexes of a slorg who like to see a few shiny trophies on our lookup. Yes, these games require brains or strategy or patience, sometimes all three. I'm not going to write a guide for all of them, most of them already have excellent guides. Treat this more as a list of opportunities to obtain a few trophies which will point you in the right direction. By the way, it's a guide to get trophies, not necessarily gold. If you want to be blinded as the light glints off your cabinet of gold you will have to invest a bit more time and effort in these games.

I have divided the guide into sections. Pick the section that suits your objectives.

Section Description
Neopian Versus Machine Games played against the computer with no high score table
Multiplayer Board Games Games played against other neopians
Not Quite So Easy Trophies Games that need a top 17 place on the high score table

Neopian Versus Machine

This first section makes pretty much every easy trophy guide that has been written. This is because you are not competing to get on a high score table or against other neopians, just the computer. These are all about whether you are good enough at these games to get to a level that grabs you a trophy and as most involve luck/patience rather than talent they truly are within your grasp. I've tried to provide a rating guide as to how easy it is to get a trophy, clearly it's a little dependent upon your personal strengths and weaknesses but its better than no indication. Given the title of this guide, if you really can't play flash games at all, ruins rampage may be a stretch, as may grand theft ummagine and faerie caves II, they do involve some quick manoeuvring at times.
Below is a table of the games in question, for guides on how to play these games see the link below. It has links to guides covering most of the games available on neopets:

My First Little Pony Game Guide

The guide I have linked to is written by garmfay and is nothing to do with myself. All credit goes to him and his helpers for this page - it rocks

Another good guide is Fred's trophy guide. The games in there are shown below but his was the original and explains about tied trophy scores, the exceptional eight, high score table resets and lots of other very useful information. I strongly suggest you have a read.

Game Rating Trophy Description Guide
Snow Wars Easy Battleships neopia style (bronze after level 2) None – but you can play battleships right?
Pyramids Easy Card game – pyramid patience (bronze for beating it twice) My Little Pony
Sakhmet Solitaire Easy Card game – normal patience (bronze for beating it twice) My Little Pony
Neoquest Easy Role play – save the world! (beat it on easy for bronze) My Little Pony
Neoquest 2 Easy Role play – save the world! again (beat it on easy for bronze) My Little Pony
Cheat Easy Card game – Cheat (beat round 3 for bronze) My Little Pony
Go! Go! Go! Easy Card game – Go! Go! Go! (beat level 2 for bronze) My Little Pony
Round Table Poker Easy Card game – Poker (beat level 5 for medal) My Little Pony
Beating Punchbag Bob Easy Battledome – beat up Bob – he can't hit you but he is very tough! Go to the battledome and fight him 1 player
Cellblock Easy Board game – make a line before your opponent (beat level 4 for medal) My Little Pony
Grand Theft Ummagine Medium Flash Game – steal the ummagines and avoid the guards (get max score for gold) My Little Pony
Invasion of Meridell Medium Board game – destroy your opponents in this turn based game (beat mission 5 battle 3 for medal). HOPEFULLY TEMPORARY UPDATE: THIS GAME IS DOWN PENDING IT BEING FIXED BY TNT. CROSS FINGERS THEY DO GET IT FIXED. I BLAME THE MEEPITS (who wouldn't) My Little Pony
Faerie Caves II Medium Flash puzzle game – collect all the treasure on each level avoiding the traps (get max score and gold) My Little Pony
Ruins Rampage Medium Flash puzzle game – collect all the treasure avoiding monsters and traps (get max score and gold) My Little Pony
Plushie Tycoon Medium Business simulation game – build, ship and sell plushies (end the game with over 50k np for bronze) MapleHood
Dungeon Dash Hard Platform game - get AAA to the end for max score and gold - WARNING this takes some practice and requires quick fingers Gamers_Page
Chia Bomber 2 Very Hard Destroy them before they destroy you on a 2D grid. Complete all levels without using any bombs and losing any lives (including using the code geoffrey to gain an extra life) to get max score and gold. WARNING - if you aren't a great gamer this is a very difficult game to complete and get max score Unbeatable13
Brunos Backyard Breakaway Hard A platform game. Requires some platform gaming ability. Get max score for the trophy. yuio88
Clockwork Codebreaker Medium A puzzle game with no time limit. Beat 3 levels to get max score of 1000. Be in the top 100 at trophy time. qeat
Ugga Drop Medium Guide your parachuting pet to the bottom first on all levels for max score. A fairly straightforward arcade type game. Migdalanis

Multiplayer Board Games

The next three do involve opponents so they are a little harder, but as many opponents time out and you can claim the win by default you can get bronze often making only one move per game. It's unlikely to get you a gold, by that stage you are playing an active player in most instances, but this is a guide to get you trophies, I didn't say they would be gold! So when I say easy below that assumes you get a walkover. If you have to beat your opponent who knows how good they will be.

If you do play these, please make sure you finish your games. There is nothing more annoying than someone making one move a day. If the game isn't finished in a week you both lose – if your opponent is active try to find a time that suits both to finish your game. You might as try to win and maybe lose than not try at all.

GLITCH WARNING: The games play fine but there seems to be a problem with the script where the new games don't start properly. Eventually you should get lucky and get enough games played in a month to get a trophy but it can be a little frustrating.

Game Rating Trophy Description Guide
Kacheekers Easy Board game - checkers weeminkle
Armada Easy Board game – a neopets invented game, somewhat like othello weeminkle
Geos Easy Board game – a neopets invented game, build your shapes first weeminkle

Not Quite So Easy Trophies – Drat and Blast!

The following games do involve a high score table and you therefore have to do better than other neopians to get into the top 17 on the high score board. This in itself makes them trickier. That said, many of these games are not as popular as the flash game classics so you are competing against less players. Some are also considered boring or to take too long. Sweeeeet! Just my kind of game when I'm trophy chasing. The games I have listed are as follows:


Jhudoras Cloud

Illusens Glade

The Great Desert Race

Biscuit Brigade: King Hagan's Last Stand

Chemistry for Beginners

Castle Battles

Gourmet Club Bowls


Sewage Surfer

Wheeler's Wild Ride

Jolly Jugglers

Neopian Lottery

Meepit vs. Feepit

Dice Escape

Gwyl's Great Escape

Grarrl Keno

Berry Bash


Rating: Easy (unless you are very unlucky…)

There was a superb guide on how to play this game by ghoulmauler. Unfortunately they appear to have been iced. No idea why or what for but with it died an excellent guide. I will summarise the key points from that guide, but all credit must go to ghoulmauler (may he rest in peace). If it has been transferred to a new account, please let me know as I'd love to link to it, thanks.

Your master has sent you off to retrieve an object for him in a maze (it makes no difference what the item is). You have to go into the maze, grab the item and get out of the exit in less moves than you have available. The quicker you do it the more points you get but the main objective is to get out.

There are 5 levels of which the last two have to be unlocked. As the levels get harder they get bigger and the number of available steps goes up, but not by as much as the size, so it gets harder (otherwise it wouldn't be insane would it?). Fiendish becomes available at 1000 points and this is the map we want in our trophy hunt.

Level Size Steps NP for Completing
Easy 10x10 65 101
Medium 15x15 100 201
Hard 20x20 175 225
Fiendish 25x25 225 1501
Insane 30x30 250 2501

The item can always be found a maximum of 1 square from the centre. So on easy it's in the 5th or 6th from the top and 5th or 6th from the side. In Fiendish its 12th, 13th or 14th from the top and 12th, 13th or 14th from the side.

The exit is always on the opposite side to where you started. The only problem is when you start in a corner as that means it could be on 2 sides – better hope you are lucky!

How does the above help? Well you can count your way towards the centre. If you are lucky enough to be able to see 2 sides when you start, work out your location and then as you move add one or take one away. For example, I start in the top left hand corner so I start at 1-1. I move right so now 1-2. I move down so 2-2. I move left so 2-1. I move down 3-1. etc etc

We are aiming for the centre so if you know where you are you can work out what direction you want to be moving in to get the item. Not that it's always that easy, it is a maze, but it keeps you on track.

Upon getting the item aim for the opposite side to where you started. I tended to find upon picking up the item it was best to continue on in that direction rather than double back. Don't neomail me if it doesn't work, it's just a personal observation.

You get a high score by chaining together wins. Each game scores you the number of neopoints you get for beating that level plus half the number of steps remaining. You can chain together 5 wins maximum. For a trophy score play on fiendish. Insane scores more but you only get 25 more steps and the map gets a lot bigger. If you can chain together 5 wins on fiendish you are virtually guaranteed a trophy – at the time of writing this 5 fiendish wins has a base score of 5 x1501 = 7505 which would be a silver (for bronze a chain of 4 would get you there). Add on the fact you must have some steps left and it could be a gold score and that is at the end of the month. You may not need that, have a look at the hi score table to see what is needed. Remember on reset day that a score posted early may well not hold by the end of the day as people in other time zones wake up. Scores are more stable later in the month. If you do beat it 5 times on fiendish you may as well have a go on insane. If you win your chain of 5 will increase in value by around 1000. If you lose you still keep your old score.

Key requirements are the ability to count, a little spatial awareness so you don't keep going back where you came from and luck.

Jhudora's Cloud

Rating: Medium (gameplay is very easy, the routine is harder)

The evil Jhudora wants you to go questing for her and speed is of the essence. Gameplay is easy. You click on Jhudora and she asks you for an item, you rush off and get it (normally by buying it) and then rush back to Jhudora and click on the button to give it to her.

It really is as easy as that, items at first are buyable and cheap. Only in later levels do we hit the unbuyable problem and risk running out of time because nobody is online to sell you one (I'm not bitter). However, getting the trophy is all about speed. The faster you get the item and click back on Jhudora the more points you get.

My tips are:

On reset day (1st day of the month) as early as possible in the day

Have the shop wizard or SSW open and ready
Resize the Jhudora screen so you can see the wizard
Click go on Jhudora
Copy the item she wants
Paste into the wizard
Click on the cheapest
Buy it as quickly as possible (and hope you don't get one of those shops with 3 miles of pictures at the top as you'll be wasting time scrolling down)
Click back on Jhudora to say you have it
Check the hi score table to see where you are (you don't have to do that bit but I'm always curious)

You then can't do another quest for 12 hours. Set an alarm clock or something because as soon as you can do the next quest, repeat the above. Keep doing this every 12 hours. Even if after the first quest you are 100th don't worry. Just keep doing them every 12 hours.

Others will forget or be visiting family and miss a day but not us; we will be waiting next to our computer every 12 hours. If you can keep this up for a few days and buy the items fairly quickly you should end up with a bronze fairly easily. If you want keep going for the gold. If you can stick to the 12 hour pattern it will happen. I say 12 hours, if sometimes its 13 or a little more it's not a major problem but you must do 2 quests a day. If you take 18 hours on one this may mean waking up in the middle of the night for the next quest. To avoid this pick when to start your quests so they are both in waking hours but the earlier in the neopian day you start, the more slippage you can get away with.

Illusen's Glade

Rating: Medium (gameplay is very easy, the routine is harder)

It's exactly the same as Jhudora except this time you do quests for Illusen, so do the same as in the Jhudora guide. A couple of things to note:

You can't do Jhudora and Illusen quests, its one or the other. You will have to fail one of the quests to be able to start the other one.

Illusen tends to be cheaper items but is more popular so it can be harder to get the trophy.

The Great Desert Race

Rating: Easy

This is a board game where 4 characters race through the desert to the finish. For the trophy you play a one player game and pick two of the characters (doesn't matter which). You roll the dice and pick one of your characters to move.

Getting a trophy requires patience and time, but zero ability (that's why I have a gold!).The secret to this game are a couple of things:

You can only finish with an exact roll. So if you are one square from the finish and roll a three you will not move for that turn

You can choose which character to move

The tug of war if you roll 4, 5 or 6 it gives you 100np

There is a whirlwind square shortly before the finish which takes you back to just before the tug of war.

So the plan is to run your first character until they are one square from finishing. This means if you roll anything other than a one and select that character you will not move for that turn. Then with your other character you go on a loop, landing first on the tug of war and trying to win the 100np and then carrying on to the whirlwind which puts you back in front of the tug of war. If you roll a number too great to land on the tug of war or the whirlwind, simply select the other character and keep rolling until you get the correct number. If you roll a one, you must move your active character, otherwise the other one will finish and you will not be able to maintain the loop. Keep going until you think you have enough points and then finish with both characters and submit – its trophy time.

Below is an image of the game with the characters in position - hopefully it will make things a little clearer:

The only issue is whether you can cope with what becomes a somewhat boring routine long enough to get the trophy. How long it takes will depend on how lucky you are at the tug of war. If you play solidly for a couple of hours the chances are you would have a solid trophy score. As always, pay attention to the high score table and be aware that if you get a high score and it is reviewed it may not hit the hi score table that day, so make sure you are comfortable its going to stick in the table. It's somewhat frustrating if having invested a lot of time in a game you don't get the trophy to show for it.

Biscuit Brigade: King Hagan's Last Stand

Rating: Easy

To play this game from scratch would be time consuming and difficult. However, there is a brilliant guide

Fnarghlor_the_weird Biscuit Brigade Guide

Towards the bottom are solutions sent in by various biscuit brigade veterans which shows how likely it is to work and how many points you get. I got the trophy using my friend Bartdrunkeys setup. It took a lot of tries to get it to work but eventually I had my trophy. However, people have since developed a higher scoring setup which is also more reliable, scoring 7497. It's been around a while so I have no problem sharing it with you:

As an aside, why is it called biscuit brigade but then in the game they are cookies – was this game a collaboration between the UK and USA? Whatever happened to consistency…..grumble, grumble, grumble

Chemistry for Beginners

Rating: Hard

Again, there is a great guide for this game

SjakieDrakie Chemistry for Beginners Guide

This is all about chaining together certain colours to make patterns. The guide talks you through the first moves of the first 15 levels. Complete all those and you are probably looking at a trophy.

The reason this game is hard is you do need the right pieces. Concentrate on clearing the board as it gives you bonus points, you need those bonus points in the later levels. You will also have to look at the pieces coming up to lay them in the optimum way. Don't know why I'm explaining this, its all in the guide. Brain power definitely required for this one. It's a good game to play early in the month when the scores are lower.

Castle Battles

Rating: Medium

Again there is a good guide:

Goldflag Castle Battles Guide

I do just want to clarify something, it is in the guide but I know a lot of people who missed it (including myself) and it is important so I thought it wouldn't hurt to mention it again here.

The game tells you that new castles have been unlocked as you play. This does not mean you can play with them yet. You have to score 1000 points in a game to access your unlocked castles. Next time you play they will not be available. You have to get 1000 in the game you are playing to unlock them.

This is the one and only time you can rebuild your castle in the game and you get to build Castle 5. Early in the month, 1000 is normally a trophy score so the fact you get to build a completely undamaged castle which protects you really well takes you a long way up the table. The challenge is to get to 1000.

I tend to hide the treasure tucked in to the side of the castle just in front of the rear turret. I know others who put it behind the door hoping it will fall and hide the treasure. Either way you need luck and a bit of aiming practice but frankly not much.

Gourmet Club Bowls

Rating: Medium

It's exactly what the title implies – you play bowls. Beat everyone without your opponents scoring anything against you and you get maximum score. I have never done this and it's not necessary for a trophy.

Getting this game to load is a nightmare. Make sure you have shockwave up to date and if it still won't load (it probably won't) then try following this guide. The author claims it takes 1-6 refreshes, this is optimistic, it can take many more but it generally does work in the end.

Getting gourmet bowls to load guide

Make sure you use the shepherd code, it doubles your score and you are not getting on the high score table without it.

Here is a guide:

Peophin12345987 Gourmet Bowls Guide

I would like to add a few personal views:

I found that when curving the ball (you'll see what I mean when you read the guide and play) that doing any more than a one click curve makes it very hard to control. I found it far more effective to use only a one click curve and then angle the shot if I need it to bend more.

Opponents never seem to bowl on an angle; they just curl the ball around obstacles. This gives us a major advantage.

The last level is tough. Your opponent nearly always ends up very close to the jack. However, he also has a tendency to knock the ball off the end of the playing area which automatically loses that end. Ends that look impossible as he crowds around the jack can come good if he gets carried away. Just get as close as possible and hope.

You need 7 to progress. If you have enough winning bowls to get to seven, bowl blocking bowls. I found it very effective to drop a ball straight in front of the target as softly as possible (like you dropped it on your toe). The number of times they just bowl straight into it!

Be careful. If your shot could knock the jack away from your bowls and into his be very careful. The same if your bowl could knock his towards the jack. Can you come from another direction? Try to play safe, it is important for your score he wins as few ends as possible. It's better to get a safe two than take a risk trying to get three and end up losing one.

If you want the trophy you need to beat the first few levels without losing a point. You can afford to lose 1 or 2 later and get the trophy. The trophy scores vary a bit on this game month to month. Have a look and work out what you need to do.

You do have to play this one for a bit to get used to the strength to bowl and how much they curve. You can take as long as you like to make shots, there is no time pressure. I really like this game and the fact a trophy is very achievable is a bonus, its fun to play anyway.


Rating: Medium

It's a puzzle game where you place pieces on a board and try to end up with all the correct pictures showing. I have written a guide for this game - enjoy!

HTamale's Shapeshifter Guide

Sewage Surfer

Rating: Easy

It's a puzzle game where you place pieces of pipe into the sewage system to complete a circuit. Solutions using more pieces of pipes score higher but are harder to do. I have written a guide which talks through all aspects of this game and has images showing high scoring solutions. It's really a question of having a little spatial awareness and a lot of patience as you will have to restart levels a lot to get those high scores that get you a trophy.

HTamale's Sewage Surfer Trophy Guide

Wheeler's Wild Ride

Rating: Easy

Wheeler's Wild Ride involves you peddling a yellow Lenny named Wheeler on his bicycle, collecting coconuts for points and also doing tricks to gain points. You have a certain amount of time to complete each level.

Simply cycling through all the levels is not going to get you a score which will win you a trophy. The secret to scoring over 10,000 is to cycle through some of the levels and then at the start of a level stop and do a wheelie until time is nearly up. Land the wheelie and then topple Wheeler over his handlebars. He drops one coconut by going over the handlebars. You do another wheelie until time is nearly up and so on.

My suggestion is to pedal through the levels until you get to the start of level 2-3. You should have around 60 coconuts at this point if you haven't crashed. It's worth restarting until you get there without crashing as this will take around 45 minutes and is pretty boring so you only want to be doing this once! The start of the level looks like this :

Start doing a wheelie on your front wheel by tapping the right cursor. Try to hold it at around 45 degrees as shown below :

If you land back on your two wheels, quickly hop back into your front wheelie position. When there is about 8 seconds left, land back on two wheels to get your points and then hold down the right cursor key so you go over the handlebars. You will crash and lose one coconut :

Do it over and over again until you run out of coconuts. I normally score between 13000 and 14000 with this tactic which got me a gold last reset. A trophy should be yours!

Jolly Jugglers

Rating: Medium

Jolly Jugglers is a platform game where you switch between characters to shoot the different coloured enemies.

Here is a guide on how to complete all of the levels.

Jolly Jugglers Guide

When you get to the final level you have to destroy a nasty chia. When you shoot him, only one colour will damage him and that colour changes constantly. You know you are damaging him when you see a red 1 rise above him. The chia fires energy blasts at you which can be avoided by getting on the end of the platform on the other side from him. The screenie below shows where to stand:

The secret to a trophy worthy score is that when the chia runs out of energy and lies unconscious on the floor you can keep shooting him and getting more points. The chia looks like this when it's unconscious:

So my favoured tactic is to knock down the chia's health to pretty low and then just jump from side to side, avoiding its blasts and collecting extra ammo from the top platform. as you get 1 point for each shot and you can see your current score, a bit of simple maths shows how much ammo you need to get to a certain score. A point of caution is that when the chia falls unconscious he will only be able to e shot with one colour, so when you are collecting ammo to get to your target score you need to have that much in both green and purple.

A simple mathematical example:

In the first screenie I have a score of 829. If I wanted to score 2000 then I need to have collected 2000 - 829 = 1171 of both green and purple ammo before I finish him off. Then I can just stand there and unload to get my score up.

An additional trick which both Bartdrunkeys and Talek told me about is to get lots of lives on the earlier levels and then to complete nearly all of level 7 and at the end deliberately lose a life. You then restart level 7, get nearly all the way through, lose a life and so on. Keep going until you have only 1 life left. This time finish the level and progress to the final level with the chia boss. You can pick up about 200 points each time you play through level 7 so that's a lot less ammo you have to collect on the final chia level - thanks guys!

This does take a very long time which is why I have bronze not gold, it requires concentration to keep dodging and not lose a life which would mean having to collect the ammo all over again. That said, the dodging really isn't that hard so this is very achievable.

Neopian Lottery

Rating: Easy

The Neopian Lottery trophy is obtained by matching the most numbers in the daily draw. You can pick 20 numbers a day and the odds of being a winner actually aren't that bad.

I wrote a Neopian Times article explaining the odds and how to maximise your chances of a win. It's called "The Neopian Lottery – to Play Or Not to Play...". Due to filter changes I can't code straight to it but you can search the Neopian Times for the title or for me htamale.

Now the only thing not mentioned in that article is that you can, with a bit of html coding, make picking your 20 numbers a day much faster. An example of the code you need to link in to pick the numbers 7, 11, 13, 17, 27 and 29 is:


For those of you too lazy to create your own numbers and coding, here are 20 numbers you can use. However, if a number of people are using these exact numbers your chances of a large win are small as you will be sharing the jackpot. The filters block me from setting this up as a link on neo so you will have to copy these into a spreadsheet or something. They can then be pasted into your browser to pick the numbers. Not quite as quick as it used to be but not too bad


Meepit vs. Feepit

Rating: Medium

Meepit vs. Feepit is a fighting game. You play a blue Feepit who takes on a variety of Meepits in kung fu style battle. Winning the game isn't hard once you have got the hang of combos but getting a trophy is a little more tricky.

There are a couple of guides for this game that I use - both are good:



The guides describe how to get a trophy score but for reference I have laid out the key points here and an extra tip:

For each opponent there are 5 rounds. To maximise your score, win 2 rounds then lose 2 rounds and win the final round

When losing a round, do combos until the meepit is very nearly out of energy, then let him beat you up and lose the round

When winning a round, use combos until the meepit has nearly run out of energy and then do a jump combo for bonus points

The jump combo timing is hard. My top tip (given to me by Bartdrunkeys) was to get the jump combo set up but then defend until your opponent is the right distance away and then execute your jump combo. By defending you stop the meepit ruining your jump combo by getting in a hit against you.

Following the guides and using the above tactics, even if you don't get the jump combo timing right every time you should be able to score a trophy winning total, especially on reset day.

Dice Escape

Rating: Medium

Dice escape involves moving a dice (technically a die as there is only one but lets not be pedantic) around a maze using the cursor keys. The guide below shows you how to complete each level, how the scoring works and whether it's worth collecting the coin on each level.


To get a trophy score you must be able to do each level quickly and accurately as any wrong moves cost you points. This takes practice, but not too much, as the guide tells you exactly what to do.

Once you can complete the game and not lose lives you are ready to try for a trophy score. Also by this point if you didn't have it already you will have gotten the avatar. The trick to a trophy score is if you start a level that has a 25 bonus coin then go collect it and restart the level. This loses a life but as you can complete the game without losing a life that's not a problem is it?

I didn't try for this trophy for a long time. When I sat down recently to have a go, I had scored enough for bronze within 3 hours and that was mid month. It may well have been gold on reset day. The guide is excellent, a bit of practice and some luck with 25 point coins and you will have a trophy.

Gwyl's Great Escape

Rating: Medium

A hugely underplayed game - it's really fun and due to it being not very popular and people not understanding how the scoring works is an easy trophy. I wrote a guide for this game:

HTamale's Gwyl's Great Escape Trophy Guide

Graarl Keno

Rating: Easy (if you have an old account)

Grarrl Keno is an old game on neopets and can also earn you an avatar. However, the tactics for getting a trophy are very different from avatar hunting. If you want the avatar bet 1np and pick 10 numbers and hope you match 4 or more. If you want a trophy, and given this is a trophy guide I assume you do, read on.

Your score is the amount won in a particular game which is based on the amount you bet and the odds. The older your account the more you can bet. So the way to target a trophy score is as follows:

Work out what score you think you need (a). Find out what your max bet can be (go to the game and it will show you (b). Divide the target score (a) by your max bet (b). Compare this number to the table below and the payback column. You need to score at least that number to get your target score. The less payback you need the better the odds of winning so work down the table and stop when you get to the right payback figure for you.

For example, my target score is 10,000 and I can bet 2100 per game. 10000 / 2100 = 4.76. I need a payback of at least 4.76 which comparing to the table means matching 2 numbers from 2 to give a payback of 5 is my optimum strategy.

The table also shows how many times you are likely to have to play to win. Using my above example, to match 2 from 2 the odds are 1.42% which means on average I will have to play 70 times to win. It's just an average, could be less, could be a lot more if you were unlucky.

It's also worth noting this trophy will probably cost you neopoints. If I have to place 70 bets of 2100np that's a total cost of 147,000np. When I win I get 2100np x 5 = 10500np, a net cost of 136,500np! Could be more, could be less, it's an average folks. You have been warned.

No. to match Payback Odds of winning No. plays to win (avg)
2 from 4 x2 6.87% 15
2 from 3 x3 3.83% 26
2 from 2 x5 1.42% 70
4 from 6 x8 0.17% 588
3 from 3 x25 0.15% 667

Berry Bash

Rating: Medium

Berry bash is a farming game. Get into the rhythm of placing someone at the table, click on them to find out what they want, go to the bush to get it, feed the person, clear the table of someone who has finished and start again. After a while you will find there is a natural rhythm to keeping this going without getting a log jam anywhere.

If you carry on doing that you will complete the game and not score a huge amount. To score the amounts you need for a trophy you need to let some customers get angry and leave. I normally do this on level 3. When the visitors leave your completeness (the fruit next to your score) decreases. By letting the right number get angry and leave and serving the rest you can keep playing the level indefinitely. I try to keep two tiki men on the left and feed them but don't clear the crumbs. Everyone else I feed and clear, which seems to balance nicely the completion amount. Do keep an eye on it though as you may need to adjust so you don't accidentally complete the level (or accidentally fail it). Below is a diagram showing how to farm on Berry Bash: