Welcome to Emblazoned, a button request site run by me, Kierron. I strive to create appealing buttons for anyone that desires one. Additionally, Emblazoned offers plenty of other content that can be found in the Extras section. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to neomail me via my userlookup. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!


September 21st, 2011
I've been so terrible with the site lately, it kind of bothers me. Anyway, my inactivity will continue for a little while longer (not long or inactive enough to merit a hiatus, however); I just have so much going on in my life right now and some things to sort out (not bad things, just a lot of great things). I definitely won't be closing though, and I'll keep you all posted and make updates to the site when I can. Thanks! (:

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Rules & Request

You must credit Emblazoned for your button.
I will make a button for everyone and everything; I'll never reject a request, unless--of course, your site somehow breaks the neopets rules, or requests are closed.
You may request one button at a time.
Please make sure the button text isn't too long, as it makes for an unattractive button.
I'll neomail you both when I receive your request (even if I reject it) and when I have completed it.
I take and complete requests in the order they are received, on a first come, first served basis.

* = Optional

The subject should be "Button Request".

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This section is cleared once a week, so if you cannot find your button here, try looking in my portfolio.

Remember, I will gladly redo any button that you don't like for you.

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General Use Buttons

Button Resources

General Use Buttons

Welcome to the general use button section of Emblazoned. The section is so named because the buttons are premade for everyone to use for any purpose, although I do take suggestions below. Anyway, enjoy the buttons!

It's not required that you credit Emblazoned, though it would be appreciated.
Do not claim any of the buttons as your own or redistribute them in any way. In other words, no stealing my content.
If you can't find the button you need or want a certain button here, then just suggest a button using the form below.

Suggest a button!

General Use Buttons

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Button Resources

This section is dedicated to providing all button-makers, especially beginners, with various resources for use in their buttons. At the moment, this section contains only button bases and tutorials, but expect to see more soon.
Linking back to Emblazoned for the use of these resources would be appreciated, but by no means is it required.

Button Bases

These are simply some button bases for your use. Some are bases that didn't work out for me, and others were made especially for this purpose. Feel free to edit these to your heart's content, of course!


These are just some basic button-related tutorials for GIMP users. Use them as you wish, and if you would like to see a certain tutorial here, then simply suggest one and I'll be sure to make it.

How to Achieve the Glow Animation

Glow Animation Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how achieve the animation used in the above button in just a few simple steps that will allow you to give your buttons a little something extra.

For this tutorial, you must start with your base and text layers separate. (Some great tutorials for creating button bases and text can be found at Impulse and Create Impressions)

First, select the text layer then go Layer-Transparency-Alpha to Selection to select the text.

At this point you can merge the text layer down onto your base and duplicate that layer. Then, create a new transparent layer, the text still being selected.

Next use the Bucket Fill tool to fill the selected area with white and then go to Select-None.

Next go to Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur and set the radius to whatever you think looks best to create the actual 'glow' around the text. I usually set it to about 3. Then set the opacity of the layer to about 50 so the 'glow' isn't too strong and merge it down onto the second base.

After that, select the first base layer (with the normal text) and duplicate it. Move the newly created layer to the top, so that the layer with the 'glowing' text is sandwiched between the two layers with the normal text.

Now comes the part where the button is actually animated. Go to Filters-Animation-Blend and change the number in the Intermediate Frames space to 10. If you want, you can experiment with different numbers in the 8-12 range to adjust the animation speed (8 is faster while 12 is slower).

A new window containing 22 frames will pop up. Select frame 11 and duplicate it several times (If you used a different number for Intermediate Frames then simply duplicate the frame that is half the total number of frames). This will create a pause so that the animation is not continuous. Then go to Filters-Animation-Playback to preview your button and make sure that everything looks alright.

Finally, save your button as a GIF. When the Export File window pops up check Save as Animation and click Export. With the next pop-up, leave all of the defaults, click Save, and enjoy! Here's the result:

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