Welcome to Aleu's Glitter Tutorial for GIMP!

GIMP is a FREE image manipulation program that one may download off the Internet.

This is the finished result! Look below for a general guide to which glitter strength works best with different colours, as well as tips on how to use layers.

The golden rule I use is: Dark colour = strong glitter, light colour = weak glitter. Below I'll list some tips on how you get your glitters to look the best.

The most difficult colours to operate with (in my opinion) are white and yellow. Red also is a colour that doesn't always look too good.

Blue - I chose 20 for light blue and 25 for dark. I'd recommend between 18 and 25 for light blue. For dark blue, anything between 20 and 30 looks good.

Red - I used 19 for dark red in this example. Darker shades of red can be difficult to glitter. For lighter shades, I usually stay in the range of 17 to 23.

Green - Again, as a general rule, darker colours look better with stronger glitter. Here I used 25 for dark green and 17 for light green.

Yellow - Not a fan of this colour... I chose three different shades of yellow, and as you can see, the darker the colour, the stronger glitter you can apply. Light: 12 (Poogle) Darker: 15 (Chomby) Darkest: 15 (Bori) For this example, I chose the same strength for both the darker shades of yellow simply because 15 was what looked best, in my opinion.

Black - for this colour, you need to go up to the high numbers! I find myself using anything between 40 and 100. In this example I used 60.

White - This is without a doubt the worst colour to which you can apply glitter. It doesn't take much to make it look bad. Stay below 20! In this example I used 14.

What NOT to do: Making the glitter effect too weak or too strong! Try to find a perfect balance. Apply the strength you think looks best. Below are a couple of examples of how it looks when you go over the top, or are too cautious..

I think you'll agree this doesn't look very good! (The Flotsam and Kacheek ARE glittered, the effect is just so weak you can barely see it)

Everyone has their own style when it comes to glitters. Some like strong, sparkly glitters, and others prefer those that have the effect more subtly applied. Below are three different examples of how glitters can be done in terms of how much of the image you want to glitter. The second one is my personal favourite. Which one do you like better?

I hope you enjoyed this Tutorial! Remember, have fun with it, experiment, find your own style and make your glitters however you think looks best! If you have problems, questions or comments, please send me a NeoMail! If you decide to make your own glitters, I'd love to hear from you and look at your pretty creations!

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