Hello there, I'm Cheese, owner of Elephantzze's Art. This site opened on September 13th, 2010. This site has been through so many changes. Switching back and fourth from an art request site to a portfolio and back again...So yeah. Now it is permanently a portfolio. I don't do requests anymore. Hope you enjoy browsing the art. Have a question? Feel free to neomail me at any time. Thank you for visiting! :D


April 10th, 2015:
Elephantzze's Art is closed. I will no longer be taking requests and I will no longer be updating this page. But if you like terrible art, I'm leaving up my portfolio for you to look through. Yayyy. :)
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Things to keep in mind...

01. Do not remove my username from the art, or edit the the art in any way.
02. These are requests, so only use art that was made for you. If you aren't the person who requested it, please don't take it.
03. This is my art. You may not enter it into the Beauty Contest, Art Gallery, or any other competitions.

Portfolio (newest to oldest)

Older art


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