Endurance, Tangibility, Sensual approach, Balance, Self-sufficiency


Name: Leifur
Gender: Brute
Age: Four winters and three moons
Title: Vizier
Partner: None
Pups Maybe one day
Family: Anna (mother), Nova (father), Eponine (sister)
Roleplayed by: Ellie (sweetcupcakey)

More Than the Exterior

Appearance: Leifur's most striking feature is his pelt. His fur embodies the best of both of parents and is a beautiful combination of reddish-blonde, crisp white, and just a hint of gray. His muzzle combines a black nose white melts into gray, and then white. The bridge features reddish fur and blends into his face which is covered with the richness of pure blonde and red. His pelt flows down his body, thickest at his head, chest, back, and tail and thins out at his white legs and black paws. His tail is purest red with a white tip.

He inherited his mother's interesting blue eyes mixed with the darkness of his father's eyes to create blueish-gray orbs. His body is lean with muscles in his legs and back. He is not the most muscular wolf, but he has fairly built legs which allow him to run quickly and a very sharp intuition for hunting. He is the average size and weight for a male wolf his age.

Personality: Leifur makes sure that family is his first priority. But since his parents passed on and his siblings all left he has been able to focus on himself and his pack. He considers his pack his family and will do anything to protect them. His sense of loyalty is very strong and believes that everyone should be faithful to their pack and always put the pack first. Leifur wants a family of his own and is secretly searching for his partner. It it something that he doesn't wish to admit to anyone, though.

Leifur chooses to be very giving and wants to put himself before others. He's very sensitive to what his peers want, and strives to help them in any way he can. This giving nature stems from the need to be accepted. He desperately wants to be held in a good light by his packmates and will stop at nothing to achieve that.

He is also a very paranoid character, constantly worrying that others won't like him and that he's not doing his best. He loves to be praised and chooses to associate himself with wolves that can satisfying this desire. His truest friends are those who stick by him and those who have proven their loyalty to him.

Leifur is not hot-tempered and will almost never be the instigator in a fight. The only time he will challenge another wolf instead of backing down is if that enemy has insulted his family or his honor. Both his family and his honor are things that he holds as priority in his life, and will stop at nothing to defend both.

Seems like a past life...

(Told in Leifur's viewpoint)

I had an average childhood, I'd be lying if I told you otherwise. Both my mother and my father were attentive parents and truly cherished their young ones. I have six other siblings and I am the third eldest. My siblings are long gone, I'll be honest with you I don't know where most of them are. My younger sister, Eponine, though, stuck around and is now a commoner. I don't see her often, but I hope she knows that I am loyal to her and our family first and foremost.

My mother's name was Anna and my father's name was Nova. My father was a strong and courageous brute with rippling muscles and pure white and dark black fur. He was truly an incredible and powerful-looking wolf who was loyal to the Aziza until the end of his days. My mother was the kindness being I've ever known. She was a beautiful wolf born to a family who cherished their hereditary and believed in devotion. My mother, Anna, had a long reddish-blond pelt and the most incredible blue eyes. I've been told time and time again that I am the spitting image of her. Honestly, to be compared to her in any way is an honor.

My parents' families both believed in furthering the Aziza excellence by pairing two wonderful wolves together to produce pure Aziza pups. From what I understand my mother Anna was very young when she met my father and was told that he'd be her partner. I was told that she was afraid of him and was hesitant about the decision, but to please her family she kept her fears quiet.

She made the best of the situation and was loyal to my father, her family, and the Steini. They raised their pups very traditionally and instilled good values in us. My father, though, hoped that one of his sons would rise to greatness in the pack, and he told me once, that he knew I would be that son the moment I came into the world. I don't know if that was a compliment or a curse because the road ahead of me would be treacherous.

My father believed that to rise to greatness I had to be able to be an excellent hunter and a strong wolf (in body and mind). Since I was two moons old I was out hunting with him and training to be a strong brute. My mother, though, had different plans for me. She wanted for me, like she did for all her pups, to have a happy and fulfilling life. She didn't need me to have power within our pack, she just needed me to have a strong family and balance.

After a day filled with hunting I'd come home to my warm and loving mother who would ask me, almost every day it seemed, if this is what I wanted. I wanted so desperately to please my family, especially my father, so I said yes, I was happy. In reality, though, I wasn't sure if this is what I wanted. I was so young and confused, but my father was so convinced that I was meant for greatness and I believed him.

Moons went by and I grew into a strong and capable wolf. Thanks to my father I had the physical skills to prove myself to the pack. I wasn't the largest or most muscular member of the pack, but I had the endurance and capability to succeed at anything I put my mind to. My father could not be prouder and made it a point to brag to anyone that would listen. My mother, however, was still hesitant to be completely happy knowing that I was being worked so hard. She tried so desperately to instill kindness, fairness, family values, and balance into my life, and I believe she succeeded.

I continued to pour my heart and soul into my pack, just as my father and ancestors did before me. What I did I did for the good of the Aziza. But that devotion came at a price. As I worked I found that my family was drifting further and further away from me. I hardly spoke to my sister anymore and my mother grew ill.

When i was just three winters old, my mother's sickness took her and just a moon later my father passed on from the same fate. Despite the tragedy, my sister and I didn't grow closer, only farther apart. She became distant and I continued to work - our paths rarely crossed.

Maybe it was my father's training and the stress he put on me, or maybe it's my mother's encouragements and gentle but firm paw that guides me, but I will forever remain true and loyal to the Aziza.



Who has Leifur met?

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