Welcome to the sorta-new-but-really-four-year-old site, Eight Is Even. You're all giving me confused looks, aren't you? We started off as Cloudy Day Layouts about 4 years ago. Since then, we have traveled offsite, name changed 3 times, and then landed on this name: Eight Is Even. We are still primarily an off-neo site. However, since neopets has not only been a part of our site for so long, but was the cause of the site to begin with, we have decided to keep going with it, and part of that is to make Eight Is Even a site on neopets. Without neo, who knows if I ever would have gotten into web designing.


06.26.12. There are 4 days left of accepting auditions for The Design, and we need 9 more contestants at least. It would be super cool if you could pop on over to the site and submit an audition. Go here, right meow. Thanks.(:
06.21.12. Let's just say that I have quite a few other things on my plate, and this site has slipped my mind a bit. I'll make a new layout for it quick to give you something new to look at, and perhaps add content. It's such a bother trying to figure out the convoluted way I have everything coded, but fear not... I can handle it, I think. After Rain listed me on her directory of favorite sites. That is perhaps the biggest reason I'm updating, because people still visit my site. I forget that sometimes. I love you guys, and thanks for not forgetting me.(:
04.28.12. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ON NEO SITE OF EIGHT IS EVEN! I know I said I'd have a special birthday surprise, but I'm away from my computer with all of my stuff on it right now, so I'll have to make the birthday surprise next week. Sorry about this, but don't miss it for sure.
04.03.12. I went through and cleared out my affiliates. Oh well, that's what happens when you never update. Speaking of which, UPDATE! Ha. It's almost a year since I opened up this version of the site... so be ready for a surprise!(: heh.
01.23.12. Now that I work part time and am a full time student again, I have even less time than before, but I'm trying to stay caught up with all things online_ I still check neomails. I had a suggestion made to me that I'm going to start working on when I have some free time. Peace. Love. Happiness.
12.09.11. Now affiliated with Eminent.(: I also have decided that I don't plan on changing this layout for a while... even though it's already been up for a while, I quite like it. :D
12.08.11. I just got a neomail saying my site was recommended at Tastic. This really made me happy considering the lack of time I've been able to put into this site lately. So thank you very much, Bri, that's super awesome!(:
11.29.11. I'm still here. Just affiliated with Emily's CSS. I'll work on adding new stuff to the site. I just got a new computer.(:
10.12.11. My computer has been broken, and I've gotten a new job that has been keeping me occupied these past couple of weeks. Hopefully my computer will behave itself and I'll be able to get more things done. -2 Affiliates :(
09.02.11. +3 New Affiliates Yay for Storm being back open! +3 New Petpage Layouts in a new CSS style.
08.31.11. It's 2 in the morning, I've finished the new layout (yes, and idea randomly came to me). I've reorganized the site and everything should be in tip top shape.(: +2 New Userlookup layouts in the 2nd style. That's right, I've finally added them.
08.30.11. Don't worry about any broken links across the site. All content still works and everything will be back to normal soon.
08.28.11. Cleaned up the site. New Journal. Thinking 8i7 needs a makeover, but I don't know what to do.
08.27.11. +8 New Shields All animated.(: +1 New Affiliate
08.26.11. +1 New User Lookup Layout in style 1. It's Glee Themed. Oh, and happy affiliate appreciation day?
08.25.11. +6 New Affiliates Sorry I let all of the replies pile up so long. I was on vacation last week. I suppose I should start posting up new content, eh?
08.11.11. Did an affie sweep. Posted a new journal. Read if you're bored or actually interested in what I have to say.
07.27.11. +2 new affiliates.(: I am back!
07.13.11. +3 new affiliates.(: huzzah! I might make some new layouts tomorrow, but don't hold your breath. I'm going to be pretty busy.
07.09.11. I added 3 new pixels to the graphics page. I've also been working like crazy on The Design, the new competition that you all should check out and consider joining!(: Mostly, all of my time and energy is being spent towards my actual site Eight Is Even, not this neo one. I've been making a lot of resources and blends, but I'll get back to making layouts for neo soon. I still need to add all of the userlookups and petpages on the main site onto this neo site =/ Aghhh. The tediousness, mindlessness, repetitive obnoxiousness of it all. Don't think that I'm not here. I check my neomails daily.
06.27.11. Hey guys, check out the new competition I've been working on with Karlee right here. That's why there's been a lack of updates. I will certainly be adding more layouts and such soon! I have added a BRAND NEW pet page style - various CSS layouts. There are currently 3 of them.

Jayy's Journal

04.03.12. It's a bird. It's a plane. NO! IT'S SUPER JAYY!!! That blur of a 20 year old that never seems to have time to spend on any one thing for any length of time anymore. What's up with that? Is this what growing up feels like... because I don't like it. It's not just this site that's felt the wrath, either, but my actual main site has been somewhat of a ghost town for the past couple of months. What have I been doing?
001. Work. It's so much fun dealing with the classy people I get to deal with. Being a cashier basically means that everything that is wrong with the world is my fault and I get to deal with all of the ignorant people that think so. Yep, I just love it. It's not a good day if I don't have someone coming up and yelling at me for something I didn't do.
002. School. Yep, I'm back in school this semester. I'm taking a computer class -_- My professor has even said I could probably teach it. Yep, not a waste of time or anything. At least it's an easy credit. I have to do a lot of work and studying for my other classes, though. It's a pain in the neck. Actually, I'm avoiding marketing homework right now. xD
003. Tumbling. What an addicting site. I have a Gilmore Girls account that I love and make all of these wonderful GG related things... so if you have one and that's something that you're in to, look up gilmorabilia.(:
Anyway, as far as my neopets life goes... I sort of stopped checking neomail for a while because no one ever neomails me. It's kinda like, who wants to talk to that grumpy old maid anyway? Don't worry, I don't bite. I actually enjoy those rare neomails I get. You people make me smile.(: I will be making more content and adding it soon. So look forward to that my little sitelings. Kisses to you all and I'll be seeing you around.

12.08.11. I know I have been rather absentee lately. It doesn't really warrant and apology, as this is my site I do for fun in my free time, but I feel like I should explain. Right around the time of my last journal entry, I got a new job. This job takes up a lot of time. It wipes me out, so all I end up doing, is go to work, eat, and zone out watching TV. My computer was broken in October-November, so I was using my friend's netbook and didn't feel like making content on that. I now have my computer back AND a new macbook (which I'm super excited about and using right now) so I guess the only thing keeping me from updating is lack of enthusiasm. I just have been finding it hard to get inspired lately. I'm not sure if there are any of you out there that will be disappointed by this, as I know I am when I read similar statements on sites I like to visit, because I'm not sure if there are any of you out there that enjoy my site that much. I would appreciate knowing that, as it would probably give me more incentive and an umph towards making new things. As it is, I'm still jazzed about being a recommended site, and this has me wanting to create more for the site.
I'm not entirely sure what people use most from the site. I was thinking about making shields, because they're fun and easy to make... But I suppose I really should try to make new layouts. It's been forever since I've made a premade layout. A few months back I asked a few of the graphic makers around if they would be interested in collaborating on an idea I had. I would make the base layout and some banners, but the other graphic makers would make banners that would also fit in the layout. Basically, it would become a universal banner size... kinda like the whole 88x31 pixel button size. How cool would that be? Saying that you're the one that started that. Well either way, I think that would be pretty cool to have a variety of options with a banner layout. I'm still planning to go forward with that, but neomail me if you'd like to be a part of it.(:
I always end up complaining about something in the neo site world in my journals, but since I haven't been involved in that world much lately, I really have nothing to say. I'm sure I could look around and find something, but eh. I don't really want all 2 of you reading this to think I'm a mean person, because I'm not. Not really. I just get aggravated easily... It's no reason to be afraid of me though, I'm still really nice to everyone who talks to me. :D

08.28.11. It has been everyone's birthdays lately. Yesterday was one of my good friends, today is one of my lovely site friends, Lyn of Snookumz' birthday. August, March, and October are the biggest birthday months, I think. Oh wait, September too, half of my family was born within the same week of September. My sister and I were born in October, though. Ah yes, birthdays. It's hard to believe that in 2 short months, I'll be turning 20 o.O I'm so old! hehe.
I decided to clear out all of the old journal entries (who actually sits there and READS all of that? I mean, I do, but I can't imagine it's all too entertaining for the average viewer. I also cleared out updates over 2 months old. I also redid my affie section. I cleared out closed sites or sites that didn't have me listed and I re-ordered them all so that they are closer to what I feel is best to worst. Of course, it's not a set in stone ranking, as it's really hard to compare all of the various sites to each other, but this way since I don't have an affie limit, I have the better and more active sites on the first page. Don't feel like I don't like your site if it's on the second page either... if I didn't like your site, then I wouldn't have accepted your affiliate application.
What with cleaning out the neo site like this, I feel like it needs a big layout change. Unfortunately, I'm so uninspired right now, that I'm afraid if I attempted to make a new layout it would turn out looking like utter poop. Therefore, I'll save that endeavor for a different day.
I've been wanting to make shields for a while. I've made them before, but not since I've become inspired from some of the truly amazing shields out there. Hopefully, I am improving in my shield making abilities. Photoshop helps a lot with that (yes, the last time I made shields was when I only had gimp over a year ago). I also have some new ideas for layouts and whatnot, we'll see if I get them done. The next layout I might scrap all of this fancy previewing I have going on, and just make it bold, clean, easy to follow like on Nienke's. Although, a lot of the layouts look the same only with a blend or the colors or something changed... so I'll have to think of a new way to do that, but I'll come up with something.(:
Oh my my my, I was looking at The Magic of Disney and saw a bunch of my stuff from the past. For example, all of the animations I requested for the style 2 lookup layouts (I should probably change the credit on them to the current name) and the review my sister/I did when we ran Simplicity Reviews. My favorite reminiscing memory on her site though would be the cumulus cloud award. It wasn't even the first one I gave out, but it was for the month of November 2008. I remember when I stopped giving them out because it got to be obnoxious. Maybe I'll start again? Idk, people don't really do awards much anymore. I told you though, I've been around in the site world for a while - since 2006.

Hurricane Irene has failed to wipe me off the face of the planet, and it is once again sunny here - with the occasional 100 mph wind blowing through (ok, definitely not that fast... I tried to fly in it earlier, but it wouldn't sustain my weight -_-). I know I have a lot of disappearance moments from my neo site, and I'm not sure how long I'll stay active with it this time, but just know that I am never gone for good. I always check my emails, and I'm always making new things. I'm always active on the main site though, so feel free to visit that some time.(:

I am an avid rambler. I can't help it... I just tend to think a lot and talk a lot and therefore type a lot. Just something else to love about me? xD


001. You must leave credit on everything (unless stated otherwise).
002. You may not redistribute.
003. Ask if you want to incorporate something in our codes in your own coding.
004. If you get "inspired" by anything you see here, please credit us… and no carbon copies, thank you.

Mostly, what we make is our own idea and we took the time to make. We would like to keep it that way. Our content is for you to use, so don't take advantage of it.


Do you do requests? No. Please don't ask as I don't like turning people down, but I will say no if you ask.
How come I don't see my suggestion? Suggestions are just that - suggestions. They are a form of request, yes, but I am not obligated to make them. I have made every suggestion people have given me up to this point, though.
Would you like to be affiliates? Make sure you send me a full link to your site so I can check it out. I don't accept everyone. Since I don't have a limit on my affiliates, I have to be more picky on sites to affiliate with.
Can you teach me how to _____? Dougie? No, I am an awful dancer. Sorry. As for anything else, I am not in the business of teaching - however, if I can give you pointers or help in any way, I will.
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