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Welcome fellow Pound-Chatters, Newbies, and anyone simply looking for help.

This page is a directory, to helpful pages that should answer all of your questions about the PC. I do not own the pages listed in this directory, and all of the content writers should be given credit where credit is due. I'm dedicated to only listing current pages and information, due to the ever-shifting value scale, and the constantly evolving dynamic of Neopia.

So, brave adventurer, go forth! And, the best of luck to you. Navigation is to your right.~ Link text is in yellow.

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  • 12/08/13 Finally, an August update! I have a LOT of new pages to list! So I've decided that I will be doing monthly updates and page-sweeps from now on, just to simplify things. The updates will likely be in the middle of the month, due to the demands of my new job.

  • So as of August 8th, 2013, I have removed 5 adoption agencies (sadly, some had just stopped updating), and I've removed an etiquette page. But the good news is that I've added 5 new Adoption agencies, 1 new Service, and 1 new General page! Go check them out!

  • I'm still thinking of adding a new section for all of the funny/nice pages I see that are PC-specific. I may be collecting opinions on that. :)

  • Keep checking for the HELPINGNESS boards around the PC. I'm looking for other people to advertise this board. If you'd like to help me out, please send me a neomail! The link is at the side of the page. :)

  • My button code is not currently up. I'm working on it, sorry guys! :)

  • I am still in desperate need of pages that are specific in helping to trade Draiks and Krawks. The only Draik page that I have is horribly out-dated, but the closest thing I've got. If you know of any, the link to mail me is on your right, beneath the navigation. Thank you!

  • Lingo, Etiquette & General


    If you're new to the PC, this should be a great starting point. Acronyms can be scary, and the PC is wrought with 'em. "VWN UC RG Draik with 250HSD UFVQT for other P/D/R/K!".


  • PC Language Help A simple, alphabetical list of acronyms/terms that are commonly seen on the PC.

  • The Chat Speak Dictionary A pretty comprehensive list of basic acronyms/terms used across the boards. Good if you don't know anything about chatspeak, and use other boards as well. Very general, but still has some PC terms.

  • A Newbie's Guide to Pound Chat Lingo A very easy-to-read, simple page for the basics to the Pound Chat. It categorizes the slang into different types that you'll see around the PC. It even lists the types of offers you may get when trading. An awesome place to start for Newbies on the PC.
  • Etiquette

    A little politeness will get you a long way. Seriously, just be nice to people! But if you're unsure what to do in a situation, or need a bit of help, this section should help you. ^_^

    Pound Chat Offenders This page will prepare you for the types of people you may encounter on the Pound Chat. Not everyone is like this, of course, but this page has an in-depth description of the more… unsavoury characters lurking and clogging up the PC. It's also an extremely good example of what not to do on the PC. It's pretty funny to boot. ~


    If you're new to the PC, and want to get a general feel of how things are, or are looking to get a brief description of the inner workings of pet-trading, this section should help. These guides cover pretty much everything, but for the most part, they're not too in-depth. They're an excellent starting place, though.

  • Cae's PC Guide This guide details pretty much everything. It's got a unique "dual answer" system, which can give you a short answer, if you just need the gist of things, or a detailed answer, if you're looking for the ins-and-outs. Great Guide.

  • Unofficial Pet Trading Rule Guide This guide gives you a more "legal" look at things. It references article from the Neopian Times that have rules and answers directly from TNT themselves! It's a bit wordy, but If you're really unsure of something, and want to make absolutely sure you're not breaking the rules, it's a good place to go to. Just make sure that what you're reading is current.

  • Blue's Guide to the Pound Chat This guide has a little bit of everything. Lingo, etiquette, trading procedures, scam warnings, all you could want as a newbie just being introduced to the PC. All in all, an excellent starting place for a new PCer.
  • Trading Values

    Color/General Species

    What can I get for…?" "What's he worth?" "Good pound catch?" "Good trade?"
    The questions are endless on the PC. Hopefully this section of the guide should answer most of these questions, or at least give you a bit of reference before you have to ask! These guides are general, for colour and species, mostly. If you're looking for specifics like names or DUCKS, refer to the navigation on your right.

  • Emily's Pet Value Guide This is probably the most popular value guide I've seen on the PC. Most people refer to it as a basis for what colours should trade for, and what is a fair trade based solely on a pet's colour and species. It's current, and I'd say very accurate for basic trading.

  • Flan's Guide to Trading Pets This guide has a little bit of everything. It covers the basics, customs, UCs, and has a brief list of jargon and other helpful stuff. It's pretty accurate, but a little bit outdated (it's missing a few colours, and hasn't accounted for Draik/Krawk deflation), but it's good if you want a second opinion, and it's pretty accurate for what it's got.
  • BD Trading Value

    BD trading can be finicky. Values inflate and deflate based on plots, and with the recent upgrade to the Battle Dome, it's important to know what you're getting into when you're trading BD pets. This section, should help.
    I'm sorry that this section is so brief. It's hard to find BD trading guides that are up to date.

  • Aid: The Battledome Trading Database & Help Center This guide is probably the only current BD trading guides I've come across. Because of the recent update to the BD, most of the others have become more or less obsolete. This is an excellent guide, with a database to show what pets have traded for, and a cost guide to show you how much you're spending on trading.
  • Draiks, Krawks, & UCs

    Unconverted Pets

    Unconverted pets can be intimidating to trade, adopt, and even identify sometimes. This section should help with UC trading values, and some general points of interest. Because UCs don't change, the guides here pretty much can't go out of style.

  • Unconverted Pet FAQs This guide give you a general overview of what UCs are, how to identify them, and it contains images of all of the UC pets out there. There is no trading help on this page, but it's a good starting place to understanding UCs.

  • Jamie's Unconverted Pet Value Guide This guide in particular seems pretty popular amongst UC traders. It's comprehensive, has images, and is very descriptive. What I've found especially great about this guide though, is that it has a very current section on how traders can break into UC trading (accounting for Draik/Krawk deflation). If you only have converteds, and want to know how to trade into UC territory, this is an excellent read.

  • Sparky's UC Tiers Trading Guide This guide is very image-heavy, and has great graphical depictions of the UC-Tier system. It's got a comprehensive description of Tier-ratings, and has wonderful charts explaining what offers you should expect for your UCs. It even shows what converted offers you can expect.

  • The UC Trading Database This is a large database of UC pet trades. Essentially, this database shows what trades have been made for certain UCs, so it can help you understand what to expect for your UC, and your UC's trading potential. This is a good place to go before making an A/R/B board.

  • Jabberwocky's UC Trading Strategies Guide Unlike other UC trading pages, this page give you specific trading tips and tricks, and doesn't focus so much on the tier-system. If you have questions about a specific colour of UC, just choose yours from the navigation, and get "Q & A" style answers. Happy trading.~

  • The UC Network A pretty awesome and current directory, that can link you to tonnes of helpful UC-specific pages, including UC-specific UFA/UFT pages, guides, guilds, and more! All UCs, all the time. If you're looking to connect with other people about UC pets, this is the place to go.

  • Krawks

    Krawks, though they've dropped considerably in value due to the Krawk Island Dailies, still deserve their own section. They're still considered one of the rarer and valuable pets in Neopia, even though they're more attainable now. This section should help you deal with deflation, and understand Krawks and their trading values.

  • Adventures in Krawk Trade Values I love this guide. It's current, well-formatted, and overall very well-rounded. It tells you everything you really need to know about Krawk trading in the current market, has a handy chart to visually explain Krawk values, and even has a section on Draik colour values. An excellent guide if you want to trade your Krawk or PKC.

  • Draiks

    Draiks are basically Neopia's sweetheart. Everyone loves 'em, most people want one, even if just to trade up to bigger and brighter things. Hopefully this section can give you some insight on Draiks, and what they're like to trade with/for. *If you're looking to adopt a Draik, there are some Draik-specific agencies in the Adoption section

  • Draik Trading Database To be honest, there aren't a lot of Draik pages out there. You think there would be. This is the only Draik database I've seen, and I think it's pretty current. It doesn't have a lot, but it could at least help with a second opinion of sorts.
  • Hiatus Help

    If you've been on a hiatus, for, even a couple months, there's a lot you've missed. Neopets is always changing! New plots, pets, colours, everything! And don't get me started on deflation/inflation. Point is, you're going to want to get caught up before you dive back into the big bad PC. A lot may have changed.

  • The Hiatus Rescue Kit This page is impeccable. It gives you a play-by-play of passed years, all the way back to Year 7. At the top is the site's most recent development, and at the bottom, is a small section that can direct you to some reminders about plots, Dailies, and other important things you may have forgotten.

  • Daily Neopets Clicks This page gives you a list of all the major dailies, right off the bat. It has an updated log of the current plots & mini-plots, and outlines all of the past Altador Cups, mini-plots, and major site plots. It shows you just how much there is to do on Neopets, while at the same time allowing you to update yourself on everything that's gone on over the time you've been away.

  • JubbyJub Jack's Guide to Neopia A graphical guide to the world of Neopia… Just in case you forgot anything. This page has a list of major dailies, tips on making neopoints, and is updated daily to give you information on things like the Daily Puzzle, or Faerie Crossword. Definitely a good place to start, if you're looking for where to continue.
  • The Pound

    The pound can be a complicated place. Pets get stuck, released, transferred, and sometimes, just plain ol' adopted. The basics can be easy to understand, but when you get to stuff like Pound_release… well that's just plain complex. This section should help with some the obscure and advanced sections of the pound.

    Stuck Pets

    Stuck pets" are pets that can't be found by searching the pound normally. They don't show up unless you specifically search their names. There are theories for why some pets get stuck, and some pets don't, but nobody knows for sure. All you've got to know for sure, is that they're there, just waiting to be adopted.

  • The Lost and Pound The Lost and Pound is pretty well known around the PC. This site lists a TONNE of stuck pets. It's wonderful if you want to find a lab pet, or sometimes chance of finding a decent painted pet. Stuck pets get adopted pretty fast; so this page is only good for its older selection, as it doesn't update every day. For a constantly updating list, search "Lost Quiggle" in your browser, and you'll find their main website.

  • Kassi's Guide to Finding Stuck Pets This is a very concise, straight-forward guide to finding stuck pets using the "petpage" method. This guide pretty much can't go out of style, because I'm pretty sure TNT hasn't changed the standard petpage since… ever. Happy searching!

  • Rutpea's Stuck Pet Guide This guide is one of the more popular stuck pet guides. It's a wonderful guide that explains how to search for stuck pets by petpage and by stats. It has a list of petpage text that you can copy and paste to search with directly. Overall, it's incredibly useful.

  • Pound Screenies & Stuck Pets Guide This guide elaborates on the "petpage" method of searching for stuck pets. A pet lookup hasn't yet been updated, but it's one of the less popular methods. The "screenies" section, is basically a PC custom. But in this case, it can give you an idea of the pound's potential. A lot of amazing pets get abandoned every day, it's all about timing and luck.

  • Madie's Stuck Pet Guide I know there are a lot of stuck pet guides, but each of them have their own charms, as does this one. This is a very comprehensive, easy-to-read, guide. This guide also has brief outlines of other methods to find pets in the pound. It's short and sweet, and has very helpful visuals, that make the entire process of finding your perfect pound catch easier.
  • Pound Release

    Pound Release is an interesting phenomenon, that has helped some people get some amazing pets. To be honest, I don't know much about it, but I do know of some great guides! So, without further ado, onto the guides! Hopefully they'll help you understand it all.~

  • King Lot's Guide to Stalking Pound_Release This guide is very helpful in understanding how Pound Release. It tells you everything about what it is, to how to search for pets, to how to get pets from the PR. It doesn't update anymore, but it doesn't need to. The information is still very useful, and hopefully, this will allow you to get a great pet.

  • Pound_Release Markers List Here's a list of markers from the Pound_Release account. It'll help you keep tabs on "strings" currently active/worth stalking in the PR. You must either know what PR is already, or read Lot's guide (listed above), to understand why this marker thread is useful.
  • Names!

    Names! Names have become quite a hot topic on the PC recently. Names are basically the most important thing on the PC nowadays. Short names, long names, Real names! Especially with the recent Purge (we'll get to that later), names have gone up in value. By a lot. So, if you're not sure what your name is worth, or would like to know about other name-related issues, this section should help!

    Name Values & Trading

    Values. Everyone wants to know 'em. To be honest, there's no real answer. Name-based trading is all about the trader. People are usually seeking something very specific, and you might just so happen to have it. Or you don't. Sometimes a nice-sounding name goes farther than a real word. However, just like in all things, there are guide-lines. Hopefully, this section will give you a better understanding of what you should expect when you're trading that name you're curious about. And you may even find that elusive RW/RN that you've been seeking!

  • Espresso's Guide: Trading Values for RW, RN, & VWN Pets This guide is very up-to-date, and gives great insight into the modern trading market. It covers everything from 2L to RWs. I also sincerely appreciate the personal trading experiences provided by the author. Personal experiences can give you real context to the values presented. A great guide, overall.

  • The Dictionary: A RW/RN Trading Database & Directory Kind of a wordy title huh? (Yes, pun intended). Anyways, this page is awesome! It's a large directory/database of Real Words and Real Names that are up for trade! It lists words in different (more popular) languages as well. Add your own, or find a pet you want to trade for! A great page, overall.
  • Untaken Names

    Having trouble finding the perfect name for your new pet? Curious to see if there are still any of those elusive RWs or RNs out there? Well, this section should help! All pages listed are updated and current.

  • A Gift For Life: Untaken Names This great page has both untaken pet names, and untaken usernames. It seems to update daily (or at least very frequently), and has sections for different kinds of names, even including a multilingual section for real words. It's a wonderful page, and it's used by a lot of the PC.

  • The Forgotten: Untaken Names This is a very new page, which means it's current! Huzzah! This is up-and-coming, and I hope it'll become very useful for everyone seeking a name. It also has a section for requests, which is pretty neat!

  • Whispers of the Wind A very long list of untaken names, including 4-letters, Real Words, and a section on just miscellaneous names. At the bottom of each section, it lists names taken. This pages updates relatively frequently, both adding and taking names away to/from the list. This is an awesome page that's relatively new, and full of opportunities to help you find a great name. Happy searching!

  • The Unborn This is a relatively new name page, with an alphabetical list of untaken names. An awesome feature of this page, is that beside each name there is a pronunciation guide, which I'm sure will come in handy to anyone confused about certain names. The page is set to update once a week for availability and new names, so keep checking back!

  • A Spiffy Collection of Names A relatively new name page with a lot of awesome names already listed. This name page focuses primarily on Real Words, which seems to be much needed on the PC these days. There's also a section for made up names, and Real Names/Place names. All are listed alphabetically. They update a lot to ensure that all names are still available, and cross out the taken ones, so keep checking back.

  • Classic Roots A really cool name page, focused on English RWs… with a twist! The names listed are RWs based in Latin. Names are listed alphabetically, and by Latin root-word (so cool!). If you're looking for a really unique naming experience, I truly recommend this page.

  • Kiearyn's Untaken Names A small untaken names page that lists pronounceable names in alphabetical order. The page is current, and they even take requests! The names on this page tend to run a bit long, but if you like longer names, then seriously check it out!

  • The Purge

    The Purge (as it is so lovingly referred to by the PC) is a process in which TNT deletes very old accounts and the pets in them, and allows the names to be taken by the citizens of Neopia. The most recent purge is a part of the reason why name-trading is such a big thing right now. This section should answer all of the questions you may have about the Purge; it can be a complicated thing.

  • The Purge FAQs This is an excellent, comprehensive guide to the Purge. What it is, Purges of the past, "Gwenning", and everything you might need to know. This guide is well-organized, and overall, is probably the only one you'll need.

  • The Purged Name Directory Here we have a directory for Purged names. It's pretty straightforward, and these names, I'm pretty sure, are all, if not mostly, taken. The list is at least worth a look-through; it's interesting, and you may have some luck!
  • Adoptions

    Adopting can be intimidating, especially when you don't draw, or RP, or code… Sometimes you feel like you're in the running with Olympians, and you got a consolation prize in your high school track meet. Yep, it can be scary. And sometimes, even just trying to find a pet you want can be difficult. Or hey, what if you want to adopt out, and you have a pet that you're not sure if anyone wants. Well, this section will list adoption agencies and App help, to walk you through the scaaaary process of adoptions.

    General Adoption Agencies

    There are tonnes of agencies out there, most of them unique. Here, you should find agencies listing all species and colours.

  • ZYDP: Zapping Your Dream Pets One of the most popular adoption agencies on the PC. It's constantly listing new pets. Anyone can list pets with this agency, to allow everyone equal publicity. They have boards up frequently around the PC.

  • ZAP! Zapping Abandoned Pets A great agency that adopts pets from the pound, and uses the lab rays of its members to make them into lovely pets. They also have a section on spare paint brush clothing, in case you've adopted an unclothed pet. There's also a list of the dream pets of other users. Click on the image of the pet, and it'll take you to that user's lookup.~

  • Happy Zappers An agency dedicated to taking requests, and granting dream pets. There's a section for requested "dream pets". This agency lists no pets, but takes requests.

  • Pet Trading Post This isn't a traditional "adoption" agency. It lists pets that are both UFT and UFA. Individual pets are moderated by those who listed them. Anyone can list a pet, either UFT or UFA. This particular page is just a "FAQ" page, and I can't link it here, but I would suggest searching their website "Pettp", in your browser.

  • Vanilla Sky This is a pet agency that list both UFT and UFA pets. There's also a section for spare PB clothing, and a list of zappers, and pets that are currently being labbed.

  • Sparkie's UFA A small, individually run adoption agency, run by a wonderful Neopian.~ The rules are straightforward, comprehensible and give you some general tips that you can use in future apps. She's rehomed many pets, and most of them have been V/WN, so if you're a more name-conscious adopter, I definitely recommend this agency.

  • Silver Linings Adoption Agency This agency is small, but incredibly top-notch. Funded completely by the owner, Silver Linings adopts pets from the pound, zaps them with the Lab Ray, and then gives them at least 30 books to read, and enters them in the beauty contest. That's right, this agency adopts out intelligent trophy pets. An excellent concept.

  • Limitless Adoptions This agency is one word: AWESOME. They list a variety of awesome pets from different users, but the coolest part about this agency, and something that I think will revolutionize the way adoptions are carried out, is that there are several ways to apply for each pet! From the traditional petpage apps, to Interviews, and a bunch of others, it's an amazing new way to give everyone a fair chance for a great pet. Check. This. Page. Out.

  • Find Your Home This is more of a listing agency than an adoption agency, but they do have pets UFA, so it qualifies. This agency lists both UFT and UFA pets (UFA pets are at the bottom, so don't send apps for UFT pets; be careful!). The biggest reason I felt that they deserved to be listed, is because of their overwhelming success rate. They've managed to adopt out/trade over 300 pets with a near 100% satisfaction. Pretty amazing.

  • One Week Adoptions An app-free agency with a great cause! They adopt BN pets from the Pound, zap them until they have a better colour, and advertise them for no longer than a week. It ensures that even badly named pets have a fighting chance for a good home. They're constantly updating, so keep checking back!

  • Cocopalm's Adoption Agency A new adoption agency, with a solid list of zappers, and a great head-start. This agency is particularly interesting because of the large number of pets listed (especially for a new agency), and the diversity amongst the pets. All names, species, and colours are welcome, and they have everything from VWN high-painted pets, to VBN basics. Everyone gets a chance for a new home.

  • Zip, Zap, Dip! I've been considering adding this one for quite awhile now. It's a nice agency, run by a lovely Neopian. This agency takes pets out of the pound and zaps them until they can find a new home! They also do Magma dips (hence the "Dip" in their title). They list a LOT of pets, so definitely check them out!

  • Painted Palace Adoption Agency And a palace it is! So, not all of the pets listed are painted, but they are all quite lovely. This guild-run agency lists a good number of pets, of all species and colours, and ranging in name quality. The pets are listed from many different users around Neopia (and you can list yours too!). They also list UFT pets.

  • The Brightside Adoption Agency A nice little guild-run agency that rescues pets from the pound, zaps them, and gives them good homes. The pets range in name from VBN to VWN. They also list UFT pets.

  • Jenn's FostersA lovely individually run agency that adopts stuck pound pets who otherwise would never have been found, zaps them, and adopts them out to good homes. The agency also does Magma customs, either on current fosters, or on other stuck pound pets.

  • Heartfelt AdoptionsA simple, guild-run adoption agency that adopts out all sorts of pets. The pets range in colour and name-quality, but all are deserving of excellent homes. They list pets of fellow guild members only. And please keep in mind that some pets are listed by nickname, not by their actual name.

  • Hissi Adoptions An awesome, Hissi-specific adoption agency for our slithery winged friends. This agency zaps Hissis, and adopts the results out to deserving users. They also list people's "dream" Hissis, just in case you have one to gift or adopt out. A very solid adoption agency.
  • Save a Cybunny A neat, Cybunny-oriented adoption agency, dedicated all to our long-eared pals. They list both UFA and UFT Cybunnies, and they also list stuck bunnies, just in case you want to go the noble route of adopting from the pound. Or possibly paint one yourself. A lovely agency.
    Camp G! An adoption agency originally tailored to Gelerts and Grundos, but has now expanded into all species. They do list the Gelerts and Grundos first, just to give them a slight advantage. They list all kinds of pets, labbed to perfection. This agency has a really upbeat theme, and its overall quirkiness makes it stand out from the crowd.

  • Anahadri's CornderA nice, small agency that adopts back! The pets they list range in names and paints, but the coolest feature, by far, is that they adopt a pet back from you. You can either trade one of your own pets, that would then be adopted out through the agency, or adopt a pet from the pound and transfer for the pet you'll be adopting. A very cool idea.
  • Draik/Krawk/UC Adoption Agencies

    There are a handful of agencies out there focused on adopting out "high tier" pets. These pets are expensive, and hard to attain. The Neopians running these agencies are very kind to do so, and deserve a lot of respect, and tact. They don't adopt these pets out to just everyone, but an honest, caring Neopian with a simple app, is more likely to get one of these lovelies than a fancy applier who just wants a "status" pet.

  • The Draik Glade This agency is an individually run, Draik-centric adoption agency. They have lovely pets up for adoption, and they've done great work, and put up new Draiks UFA very often. It's all run by a single person, wow!

  • The Draik Realm This is a Draik-centered agency, listing both UFA, and UFQA Draiks. This is an agency dedicated to granting deserving Neopians their dream Draiks. This agency is constantly listing new Draiks, and updating constantly.

  • Gemmaa's Draik & Krawk Adoptions This agency has a good number of Draiks and Krawks UFA, and they're very new. The rules are very simple and realistic, and the person running the agency seems genuinely caring for the pets they adopt out.

  • Neowonders (UC Adoption Agency) A UC-Specific adoption agency. That's right, all of the pets listed UFA on this page are unconverted. Pretty cool huh? The page is updated regularly, with a nice number of lovely UCs UFA. Please be respectful of staff and pet-owners on this page; they give everyone an amazing opportunity.

  • Krawk Kravings An awesome, individually-run adoption agency that creates, and adopts out Krawks (ranging in colours, but Krawks are created through PKMP, or MPKP). Krawks are adopted out through regular UFA processes, or sometimes through UFQA boards.
  • Application Help

    Applying for pets can be scary. Neomail, petpage, and board applications. There seem to be so many crazy expectations when you're trying to get your dream pet. This section should direct you to some pages that have helpful tips on applying for pets.

  • So You Wanna Adopt? This is a great guide, going in-depth about the different types of applications, what to expect when you're an applicant, and lets you know some basic expectations of people adopting out pets.

  • Adopt a Dream This is a guide that walks you through the entire application process, from beginning to end. It focuses on petpage applications, and it seems incredibly useful. It even has a handly checklist for the adoption procedure.

  • Rawrimmakitty's Guide to Making an Application This guide has tips that primarily focus on petpage applications. It has notes on the completion, why an application is necessary, and some very useful tips on the layout of your application.

  • Cib's Pet Application Guide This guide is very concise, and is good if you already know a little bit about adopting pets. It's still very informative, but less wordy overall. It gives you brief summaries of the components of a good application.
  • Useful Services

    This is a section for services given by kind and generous Neopians. They can't really be classified, but they're useful to you, the PCers. So, pardon that this is essentially a "miscellaneous" section, but you'll find some really cool stuff here! :D

    Pet Services

    This is a section for services offered by kind Neopians directly for your pets. If you need to change your pets in any way, etc., these pages should help.

  • Genderswaps and Magma Dips This page just recently became operational again after a hiatus. The operator of this page is a lovely Neopian, who offers Genderswaps with their ray, and Magma dips. Spots are limited.

  • Interactergation This service introduces a whole new concept to character creation. If you're having trouble making a character for your pet, the staff will take you through an interview process, wherein you answer questions as your pet. Very cool, and a lot of fun! It's a really awesome concept, so check it out!

  • Extra Paint Brush Clothes Tonnes of people constantly ask around the PC for extra PB clothes. Well, now you have a page dedicated to it! Are you looking for a set of clothes? How about have an extra set that you'd like to get rid of? Well, this is the page to go to! For each species, there's an "Available Clothing" and a "Requests" section. The lists feature clickable lists which will take you to a user to mail for those clothes. An incredibly useful page.

  • Trading/Adoption Services

    In this section you'll find services to help you trade your pets, adopt new pets, or adopt out your own. There are not any adoption agencies or trade listings in this section. There are some in my Adoptions section, but this is reserved for people rendering an active service.

  • Evolution An absolutely incredible, and kind service, run by an individual PCer. This service is to help you trade up for your dream pet, whatever that goal may be, using the owner's own pets and resources. Because it is only one individual running this, it may take time for goals to come to fruition. Moreover, actually getting a request fulfilled does not have a specific availability, so please keep that in mind when checking out this service.
  • Accept, Reject, Beat? This page lists helpful and knowledgeable Neopians who can give you excellent insight if you're unsure of a trade. Making an A/R/B board can be awkward or get you ignored. Pages like this can give you solid opinions of experienced traders. Members are organized into sections of what they specialize in.

  • The Telegraph Office Here's a page for gifting safely and smart. Gifting boards are not technically allowed on the PC (Who would have guessed?). This page has people on-staff to stalk the boards for you, to see who might be seeking certain pets. Gift smart!

  • Pet Wishlist Directory I wasn't sure where to categorize this one, but I finally decided to put it here. This page lists the pet wishlists you might find for every day Neopians, and is helpful whether you run an adoption agency, or want to gift (Or know someone who does!). This page will help you gift/adopt out safely. :)

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    I do not own the pages listed. I'm just a directory. Thank you to all of the wonderful Neopians for creating these incredibly useful guides.

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    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.
    Heads Up! You're about to leave Neopia!

    You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of We do not control your destination's website,
    so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be
    different! Are you sure you'd like to continue?

    It is a journey
    I must face...alone.
    *dramatic music*
    I want to stay on Neopets,
    where the dangers of
    Meepit invasion
    are taken seriously.

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