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The Drugal Gathering is presided over by Brenda, her ixi Dylusions, and Dy's drugal, Tangerine. They're pretty much experts on drugals. The purpose of this Gathering is so other drugal fans, fanatics, and admirers can come together and learn more about these poofy petpets and visit with others.

Please have a look around. There's lots to see!

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All About Drugals

Here you can find all the information you could ever want about drugals! Follow the links to find out more.

Drugal Facts

Some of the winning captions were:
Drugal: Don't worry, he still has 8 lives left to go....

Babith: Look at what I won from the Fruit Machine!
Wain: Are you sure you got the right machine?

Kadoatie: Hey, is that a cherry?!? Gimme!!!
Kadoatie: Okay, that was NOT a cherry....

Getting a Drugal

Getting a Drugal is not terribly difficult. They can be found in four places in Neopia.

It is unknown at this tme exactly what score you ned to reach in order to win a drugal from Test Your Strength.

Drugal prices in user shops fluctuate between 2000 nps and 8000 nps. (as of the launch date of this page, they are currently priced under 3000 nps)

Drugals typically found at the Trading Post are painted and can be immensely more expensive. Prices of painted drugals are entirely dependant on petpet paint brush prices.

In order to paint your drugal, you will of course need to give it to your pet and take it to the Petpet Puddle with an appropriate petpet paint brush in your inventory.

And that's it! That's all you need to do in order to get your very own Drugal!

Caring for your Drugal

Caring for drugals is not difficult. But it does take a little special know how.

Caring for Drugals 101

That's about all you need to know about caring for drugals. Enjoy your new drugal. If you care for them properly, they will reward you with their love forever!

Drugal Items

MiniMME9-S2: Water Drugal Handheld Plushie NC Mall item
Released: Feb 22, 2012
Screamer Drugal Trinket NC Mall item

Released: Oct 30, 2017

Roxie drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
zoexy pet

Lapis drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
teensy pet

Kieran drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
electra pet

Illusion drugal's name
marvalicity owner
doppelganger pet

Tangerine drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
dylusions pet

Mortes drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
cempasuchil pet

Minion drugal's name
sanamm owner
cirenny pet

Flouf drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
choe pet

Iris drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
piper pet

Virak'kara drugal's name
captainjamessmirk owner
weyounone pet

Tia Dalma drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
reki pet

Flower drugal's name
angelofdarknessmomo owner
meliiea pet

Kione drugal's name
vampire_bloodraven owner
jingle pet

Aysu drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
tomie pet

Selkie drugal's name
hunubluflu owner
peophin_a__85 pet

Simon drugal's name
riss_chan owner
drugal pet

Peri drugal's name
shadowsoul23 owner
verluna pet

Macro drugal's name
rainingzomutts owner
belysah pet

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