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Hi! I'm Drak, and I'm the muscle behind this operation, so it's only right that my petpage should display all the other mutant militia members in our efforts to revolutionize Neopia!

Sure Queyen's the one who gives the orders, but I'm here to keep these mutated mongrels in shape!

Please keep checking back for more information and more updates as our Militia grows until the mutated gooey goodness of our lives changes Neopia forever putting Mutants in their rightful place as rulers of the world!

Oh and before you go, check this out! One of mom's guild members - Foster (the_foster_home235) - made some lovely artwork for me! (just drag the pic to your address bar to see it full size)

Oh and look - another nice Neopian made me a custom!! I feel so loved - it's so nice to have fan art!!!

This adorable Mutant Cybunny is clearly very loved! And he's very happy to remind us not to judge a book by it's cover!

If you'd like to be spotlighted, just just send a Neomail to Banet_eh_Rih with a short blurb about your pet and we'll see about getting you spotlighted! ;)

Welcome | About the Militia | Mutant Directory | Don't Be Afraid! Adopt Me!
Show Your Mutant Pride | Links, Affiliates and Thanks

Site Updates (last updated January 16, 2011)
Remember, if you haven't received a neomail confirming that your pet has been added, please re-submit!

News Flash!
January 14, 2011: A Mutant Acara was released today for the 2nd best holiday in Neopia - Sloth Appreciation Day!! Please be sure to contact GetxthexPoint or Banet_eh_Rih if you have a new Mutant Acara or know of someone who does!

January 9, 2011: We've just discovered that there will be two new Mutant Petpets soon! They are the Mutant Gulper and the Mutant Naalala!
December 30, 2010: The Mutant Militia hopes everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Hannukah/Holiday celebration this year and wishes you all a wonderful New Year filled with growth and excitement!
November 23, 2010: I have added some new link images made by Siridhata for the Mutant Militia! They're pretty spiffy so you should definitely check them out!
November 7, 2010: So I don't know if you all have realized yet, but I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised to go to the NC Mall today and see on their front page an "Elegant Mutant Cape". TNT has finally made a clothing item for Mutants! I of course had to buy one for my lovely Gryphonsinger...

I think it's fair to say that some Mutants may look better than others in it, but I'm so excited to see a piece of Mutant clothing, that I can barely contain myself! Now I know what to get my pets for Christmas! ;)

August 25, 2010: Yay! It's Mutant Day yet again - the most glorious holiday of the year, and I'll be spending the new few days updating and polishing up the lovely Mutant Militia pages! And we have two Huge pieces of good news.

First, my Mutant Gallery - The Mutant Militia's Marvelous Gallery of All Things Mutant - won the Gallery Spotlight!!

And second, we've got a new Mutant to celebrate! Say hello to the Mutant Ogrin!

And dear lord! The new Mutant Petpets are the most adorable yet!

And of course the new Mutant Books are very exciting as well!

May 23, 2010: We hope everyone is having a wonderful Mutant-filled Summer so far! We apologize that the Mutant Militia has been fairly inactive lately, but we hope to get most if not all of the pages updated and back in tip-top shape ASAP! Thanks for your patience!

January 17, 2010: TNT has finally released all of the previously announced but inactive mutant items. All have been posted in our Mutant Items page for your perusal!

November 17, 2009: Good grief! It has been months since we last had an update. I have to apologize, but when TNT changed the code filters a while ago to disallow the word "position" that meant the Mutant Militia pages all needed to be fixed as they'd heavily relied on this code. Thankfully, Wtrswoopes my lovely coder buddy helped me out this week and got it all fixed. We'll be updating the other Mutant Militia pages as soon as possible, but of course the Militia's directory takes precedence. If you asked to have your pet added to the list over the last few months, please neomail me again and I will get your pet listed ASAP! So sorry for the trouble. Hopefully TNT won't change code filters on us again anytime soon! ;)

June 27, 2009: If you're looking for the list of Mutant pets stuck on the pound_release account, it's been moved to the Mutant Adoptions page because it makes more sense there and frankly the news was getting a bit long! ;)

June 24, 2009: All old "gear" images have been updated. Thanks to those who helped!

March 13, 2009: Wow! So we here at the Mutant Militia are very excited because today we won the Site Spotlight! *dances*

It's so exciting to have the Mutant Militia recognized after all these years! I'm not sure if TNT intended it or not, but this is rather like a late anniversary present as the Mutant Militia just passed it's 3 year anniversary on Feb. 25, 2009! I did want to clarify two things though. First, a HUGE thank you goes to Wtrswoopes! She is the one who coded the lovely Mutant Militia pages for me, as my HTML skills are sadly lacking. This trophy is as much hers as it is mine, and I can't thank her enough for all of her help in making information for and about Mutants more readily available and helping to create a more user-friendly site for Neopians everywhere! And second, when I wrote the entry years ago the Mutant Militia was still new and at the time it was truly the only Mutant directory available (at least that I could find). Now, the Militia has been up and running for many years and has expanded greatly, and there have also been a number of other Mutant directories (many of which are affiliates to our site). I just didn't want anyone to interpret the Site Spotlight information as intending to snub any of the Mutant directories that have arisen following the development of the Mutant Militia.


You have stumbled upon the training grounds of the Mutant Militia, an elite if mutated fighting force geared towards the revolution of Neopia! Have a look around and meet some of your fellow mutants, unless of course you happen to be a non-mutated Neopian. I suppose if you're a non-mutant you can stick around and learn about the amazing reality of what it is to be a mutant, but we won't tolerate any prejudiced types around here. If you have any questions or would like to join the Militia after you've looked around, please contact our founder GetxthexPoint. She'll be glad to answer any of your questions or direct you to Drak, Queyen or GryphonSinger the three mutant masterminds in charge of this operation.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, so continue on and read more about this magnificent militia.

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About the Militia

First of all, we should explain that the militia is not just a fighting crew. The name is a bit of a misnomer. We welcome all mutant types and we recognize that some mutants, due to the changes their body has undergone, are more suited to some tasks than others. ALL mutants are welcome to join and become a part of the Mutant Militia directory you'll see below. Also, I should make it clear that the Mutant Militia Directory itself is not a guild. We are an independent militia/directory geared towards helping Mutants unite and get to know one another without the necessity of an official guild! That said, due to popular demand we have created a Mutant Militia Guild that you are all welcome to join and enjoy. That said, the directory was here first and you are more than welcome to join the Directory without any affiliation to the guild.

But why have a Mutant Militia you might ask? Hmmm? Well, I'll tell you. We mutants are positively sick of the treatment that we have received from the more typical and "beautifully" painted Neopians that abound. Well, we're beautiful too, it just might be a bit harder to see it. For instance I had to console a weeping Mutant Gnorbu because his owner disowned him as soon as he was zapped mutant because of how "hideous" he was.

Well, we're here to say that all mutants are to be cherished and not to be automatically treated as gross or ugly or unkind, and we Mutant Militia members are hear to protect mutants across Neopia! We are the force that will defend their rights!

We are sick of pets being mutated not because of the natural glory it is to be a mutant, but instead as a cheap way to change a pet's species. After all, how many mutant Draiks have you known that actually stay in the most handsome form of a Mutant Draik for longer than the time it takes the owner to get their next paintbrush? For too long, the concept of mutant pets has just been a cheap means to an end, and we at the Mutant Militia are determined to change this and have mutants be honored for the great beings that they are!

But we can't do it alone, we need to band together! We have strength in our numbers for there are thousands of mutant pets across Neopia - and banding together we show those "normal" Neopians the greatness it is to be mutant!

To join our noble cause simply contact GetxthexPoint with the FULL name of your mutant pet(s). Then, she will add you to our growing list of mutant warriors, scholars, inventors and artists as we show the world that mutants are a force to be reckoned with and not simply a means to an end! Also, feel free to include a short one-line sentence describing your pet!

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Mutant Directory

Acara Aisha Blumaroo Bori Bruce
Buzz Chia Cybunny Draik Elephante
Eyrie Flotsam Gelert Gnorbu Grarrl
Grundo Hissi Ixi Jetsam JubJub
Kacheek Kau Kiko Koi Korbat
Kougra Krawk Kyrii Lenny Lupe
Meerca Moehog Mynci Ogrin Peophin
Pteri Quiggle Ruki Scorchio Shoyru
Skeith Techo Tonu Tuskaninny Uni
Usul Xweetok Yurble Zafara

Remember the first time you morph one of your pets into any of the amazing Mutant species listed above using a Transmogrification Potion, you will receive the Mutant JubJub avatar!


None yet! :(
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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Aeziru Angelina456 Angle_Reborn Anorch Audfae Aywa x_chronicles_x Cindyoneneo

...and i thought it was fruit punch...


He tends to be annoyed all the time, is the biggest prankster, and generally wants to try beat anyone and everyone in the Battledome.

Diontre Dizziest

Why yes, he is parinoid, why do you ask?


No Legs, But Loving Life


She can only speak in grunts and has no friends apart from her petpet ad the ones she makes up, she hates all people.

Menntal Rickha Serenity100421

Who said mutants couldn't be attractive?


Depressed, quiet, thoughtful, poetic, and brooding, this mutant aisha lusts for beauty - something he can never posess.

Vakoura Yaioh Zaberran Zenna_Peels
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

*Credit Jellyneo

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1337_high_roller bloddylips Boomanchi CloudyMayFlower _filter_ Forestfire763

Translucent beauty

Gelluah kalong19971993308 Kjq NeoBlumBlum

This dashing mutant blumaroo loves dung! You should check out her petpage if you like dung too!


He is sweet and nice but he isn't so sweet once you call him ugly!

seandude366 Shananmom

Be mean to her or her friends and she will spit acid at you!

Syddion Tomax_Xamot Tweedley_Dee03

He's a scholar and enjoys reading under trees in the sunshine, with a tequila on hand.

Vakier Wemisspeanut Wierdo82

Was adopted from the pound and is truly a weirdo.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Biibula Bornak90 Cranberry_35 Eiciea Hazardous_doon

What a grouch! Do cyborgs even have feelings?

JacquelineLovesChris Jaspzer Jeffic


Jhinxed Ma7ad0r_96

Sure is a good thing she isin't like her twin brother.

Meiban Riggamortis Rivariko _Squatchy_ Urzuras Vanko Ventery Winnerwishbone
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Astrond BabyBonzii Boblara BoroidCipherP21 DoubledImage

Well, I did say I wanted to NOT be like the other girls...


I'm the cute one in the family!


He likes to simply stomp around gurgling at others

Kishimujin Pipinkin SeniorAlfonso Sezirue Shredlord Sketchyes Tashakelsey Telvan Zillsis

Visit the lookup of any Bruce listed here to receive the Wanna Be Friends avatar.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

*Credit Jellyneo

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baka_jr_911 Bern_hart Beserk_Insect BusterMcfly

A caring, kind, and loving Buzz, he looks after his brother. Ace. He is quite clever, but can sometimes act reckless, usually under pressure.

Chompy4880 Czzzzz Dragoneye123

A loner and a forever sad fellow...

Drasalohoin Flamesruss360 Good_n_evil2poison grrrawrrrrrrrrted Grevess Grixkye

None of us really knows what happened to him when he ran away, but he came back a mute mutant. He loves Edgar Allen Poe and stargazing on the roof.

Innervated Khythor MrLupe210 Lilfrogcutie Mozzqito Neashana Pasty_Bloater Plasma4987 redeye66 Surinapurina Vex0098 Yinelarko

She's an inventor who likes flutes, experimenting with things and the colour black. She dislikes the idiots who hate mutants, makeup and pink.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Astulpho CosmoAriv D-dog

Friendly, slightly odd but lovable.


He's sweet, cuddly little mutant who loves fishing and his sister, Kali.

Fire_storm_1247 Gelatinshelldung Gloroid Greatest_pet_ever Hairyone02 LeenaLanaLou lettuceboi9

A mutant chia who likes fishing

Lit_Grundo_199 Maicha118_qc Mr_Big_Food Mudychia oxxx_love_xxxo Silver__eyes v_florg_v Zigimo
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

*Credit Jellyneo

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Agent 007 (also known as Pet by his co-workers; Professional, Elite Toddler) is a young,talented cybunny who's up to any challenge.

Alvak Deranged_Rabbit devinscoolcybunnu Ehmso

Don't judge a book by it's cover, no matter how ugly the cover is...

Emryah Fenomena

An isolated experiment of Sloth's gone wrong.


She's a sweet cybunny, however tough she looks on the outside!

Kasugami Killied MerlinPoo

He's a funny little character who loves eating cheese.

Mukantagan Shyuji Skullz0rz TheWormwood

Don't wish upon this fallen star; you're not likely to get anything good.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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6GodofShoyru9 Ajdarha Andrevlin

Call me 'Andre' and I'll tie you in a knot... xP

AquaDepth Artrmy

Wild Warrior, barbaric, Man of few words.


Capricorn is smart, beautiful, and powerful. She will forever protect those who are close to her.

Cronosu Dauvit Dragaraul

He's a very territorial fellow who makes a sport of attacking nearby castles for fun, and food of course!

Faladain Globuscorch GryphonSinger

Proudly Mutant, flying high and putting those other "prettier" draiks in their place!


Her wings stretch wide, as well as her heart, trying to show that we are all beautiful on the inside.

Hugs_Books Hudvig

Though I may look intimidating, I am a loving and complex pet just like any other.

Izodeh JETSON287 Karladelvil marshmallowfluff2 Noctivaygus Xifel

Unfriendly and viscious loner.


Visit any lookup of a Draik listed here to receive the Back Off! avatar.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Darkmagicbird JacyStarshadow Metallica396

Metallica396 was turned mutant on the 11th day of swimming he became a mutant elephante and i love him i wouldn't want him ant other way.

Peanuttie_N_Jelly Three_Eyed_Cutie_Pie Tiarnaa Vally452316

Friendly, kind and a sweetheart!

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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I'm another member of GetxthexPoint's Mutant family. I used to be a plushie eyrie, but I'm glad to have finally found my true form as a Mutant Eyrie!

Clacked Lhivo Pook_the_Mutant Raguriy Rcales Ryvas Zaieus Ziziuo
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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DISC0BALL Eiwl _emo_star_ Etopere Fierko Finnark

He don't take smack from nobody.


~Ugly, Evil, Thorny~

GranCanario MutiMite Pebblez812 Pogmager

Always working on new potions, he's found enjoyment in turning people into mortogs...

Radioactived Rangies Rawric RedDowzer Reylae

Born a Meerca, she now loves to terrorise her old species.

son_la1244 Strawberry554679 The_Prince_of_Whales WizardTheLizard
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Aldris Alvsy Caligar Elemunks Eventure Fireball110880787 FIRpepper iafgsdifubh Ivuit Kaizokue Keymaster4533

He seems really emo. I wonder why?

Kharix Montagor

He is a rather introverted beast, loving nothing more but to spend all day amongst his beloved bone collection.


Born a Lutari, Ended up as a Mutant Gelert...and that's just the beginning.....

Necrosis2 Revolut

Strong. Elusive. Fearless.


She is very Secretive, Cunning, Smart and Interesting pet.


Sarcastic and straight forward, Ruoks may seem like undesirable to be around, but once you get passed the rough exterior, he's loyal to the end. (Roleplay Open)

SquallLeonhartFFVIII Syanchur Teddylove th3_l0rd_0f_n1flh31m Tokanui Transmorgrified

With a name like mine it's clear I was meant to be a mutant. Can you believe someone created me and abandoned me?! But now I'm a handsome mutant gelert like I was surely always meant to be!

Tyrialis Viorre Voaozh Vrykolakas Zhinae
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Unreleased Design

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AntiPinks Celixiea Emma111205 Gamorr Ghiradehli

Merph, Dow Jones." (check out her petpage for explanation. ^^)


I'm the youngest and prettiest of the family, I never used to look this good but a gentleman named Jeremy fed me a potion and now look at me! perfection *dribbles*

gnorbi114720287 Gruelove Helaminkia Hyen Itcheth

I'm the all-star male mutant model that's rocking the runways of Neopia! Be sure to catch me and my entourage of flies at our next show - you won't be disappointed.

jubjub_jordan2001 Kaleigh_Marie105 Nizumi Pappillon_juane Ruryn Tesshora Turd_Hurdler

Well, she is a bit cocky for one thing and is an odd looking gnorbu for another.


It's hard being mutant when you love Lovellies.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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She started her life as a lupe, now she's a powerful mutant grarrl!

Dragon_beast_329575 Drunken_Leprachan Flying_Skies67 Grand_Tyrant_Warrior gringy556674 kinngu22 Lacertaae

Large carnivourus, feathery dinosaur who likes the color green a little too much.

Mauarine MutaSean

You've got to love this boyo with the clever name. But don't underestimate him, he is ferocious!

Nadrews Repossessedsoul Tatch00 Ultima_Weapon59
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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We call him Big


Tree looks mean but hes a great Grundo. He's the man of the house and enjoys looking after his sisters. Tree's goal is to reach level 250 so he can train at the Ninja Training Center!


Six, as our family has affectionately dubbed him, is mute and a bit dull, but that doesn't stop him from giving all he's got every day, no matter the situation.

Chris9592334 Giddish

A big grundowith an even bigger heart who uses his strength in times of need, likeopening pickle jars!

Gluomph Grand_Warrior_0 Gredhorg herrine570347 KeenVoc Merculios Oak_Kit7456 Quikzilla

A warrior and one day hopes to command his own army.


An actual wimp despite the name

Varlais Xeteo XsandX
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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1xlEnNyx1 ahick04 Amazzinn BirthdayGyrl Black_rainbow_8501 Cait_rhiana Ceida345 Cevran Claire0823 Cynaphae Diablos__Demon Edwin_and_Magda

Edwin likes everyone to think he's in charge, but Magda is the true ringleader. You can tell by all the scars on poor Ed's nose.


Two heads: two brains, two personalities... and that also makes two mouths to feed!

_Escariot_ hissi305neo hissi_GuiGui Iycin Kern_wolfeye Koolsnakes

Our names are actually Eumyang and Umyang. We're striving to be the smartest thing with two heads, and we are the new heads of the Mutant Media! Be sure to check it out on our petpage.


Lio and Ariel are the best of friends, and can officially never be seperated.

Louise_12 Mcfluffypants

Intelligent, sly, fast. He is a real warrior, a truly vicious fighter. He is very proud to be a part of the Mutant Militia!

Medusas_children Murphy_and_Clark Neiju Nicolie_Rundster Peskiest rAWr_BOy2

Im the strongest, fastest, and the loyal defender in my family. Im rawr_boi98's most favorite.


Fiercely loyal to his family, espically his younger sister Leyawin, RebeledBoi is undergoing harsh training to be able to protect the ones he cares for.

Reqya Rivenella Ryikuo SabreEyei

Two heads constantly fight. They like to battle.

Scarehh shandin902587 shang95870

Twice the heads. Twice the mayhem.


They never agree on anything exept this; mutant pets deserve to be treated with respect. Slitheesa says thanks... her other head is to busy eating steak.

Tayrani Tsusta Unni_08

She is mutant and proud, an intelligent scholarly Hissi. She does however have to put up with constant disdain for her two-headedness from some of the other family members ( ILIANZA ) but she is still proud as ever.

Valder_ Xwatch_your_backX xxSslytherin Yunora Ziliacery
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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AbrahamII Anderzyn Arior Arlcor Bill_Haverchuck Biryn

Cursed, trapped...but still hopeful

Ix_Eatin Ixi000000390

She's a bit loony, really. She loves spaghetti and meatballs... O.o She's nice though ^^

IxiGenesis Jazzehious Jeqil Kreekatoa Kyaberto _13urned __langsuyar__ Malvaduco Mello_Huey

You better not meet him at night alone.

Mirrinias MutantEmperor Mutantors Obscurus Odd_della_robbia281 _Oocha_ Phil_phish PlutoFri Poizsoned PrinceSeverusS

Why don't you come to my grand dungeon and take a look around. Just ignore my cobrall he can be a bit, overprotective, sometimes.

Razmile Rhasputyn Suadii Skewgog

The cliff-dwelling prophet of Krawk island is responsible for as questions as he answers.

Skubii Slient_Pond Solarialon Talaily
Toumb Tsariya Vixen_2853

Moody, Bitter, Revengeful.

Xyrenn YasuhaChan


Yibone Zadralin Zhaenndra
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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AgentCrazy Andorites Bladesz_x

The musle. The bodyguard. The henchman. blades has been discovered by wings and is now also in search of the master.He combs the seas with much speed and ferocity.Blades has a scar on his left ear. He won't tell anyone where he got it.

Creost Doomdude333

He's been confused ever since he was transmogrified from a buzz, He still thinks that he can fly.

Flurry_of_Styx Jestamte kaciama749573

I love to fight so bring it ON!

Kool_shark Malevolentrexx

He's the most perfect mutant, and luvs every other kind of mutant there is. He might not have the best fighting skills at the moment, but he's training to be an under-water ninja! And Nefarious the Arkmite is always by his side too.

Nevordol _Stew_ tentacles2006 Ultimate_Shark_LV10 Zowayix

Rude and Mean, Zowayix loves fighting (even though he stinks XD)

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Arukoh BabyJubsJubs Boochee980

A moody,little boy,he would make sure you felt pain if he heard you ever called him 'Boo

Braern Ianaho90298 I_wen_di_go Jupbub26 Kactusy Reitrei saywatever Shorty110493 Triimiity
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Angelusuno Bladeeye73 Brainie

She enjoys visiting Eliv Thade, solving anagrams, and picking flowers.

Douggie_the_Third Infection_x3 KittieKat_luv Landora_55

Landora, or Laney, is a sweet and understanding librarian, who lives on the Brightvale coast with her sisters. She practices magic, mostly to protect her books. If your ever in the area, drop by and see her. She loves getting visitors, as long as you can avoid staring.


Not much to say about Kaworu....his eternal suffering has made him insane and he never stops crying ...

Munchskin Remmy_goat Skeithster420 xXx_Opeth_xXx
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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ivebeenzappedbyaray Mootantica Moraion Othuyeg Takashalen Viscerals
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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L33T__4G3NT_L4RG0 Nick9110 Neill60 skyes_little_kiko
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

*Credit Jellyneo

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Aouw _Effervesce_ GiGitheevilacara Jelevroux

A cuddly koi looking for friends.

Nimlycalm Savage_Beast_666 _Water_Spirit_9999
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Azanvex is an anti-social goth Korbat. It is highly recommended to steer clear of her when possible.

Bewilda BledingNeedles Bo_Jimmety

A mutant korbat addicted to gambling and pillaging. He loves music and playing his guitar. And he'll give you the raindorf avatar if you look him up!

Blau_Sohma Blue_Eyed_Pegasus

I'm one of GTP's big family of Mutants! And I'm hosting the Mutant Superlatives page of the Mutant Militia, advertising all the famous mutant pets out there!


Bryony, or Experiment 2579, has a pessimistic attitude but is a good Neopet once you get to know her. She can be easily recognized by her stripes and her torn wings.

Bythus Ceida count_vamprye Darkside4moe Desert_Sage

She love o hang out with her sister kitty and loves to fight in the bd, she trains alot, and draws sketches, she also likes to bother Lefe, her brother.


Did you know Die Fledermaus is German for bat? It's pronounced DEE-FLAY-DER-MOUSE.

Elise_Mabel faerie_powder_dust Galadrial_4 Gaara1_5_5 Geshoni

Geshoni is a real potions master, once a gelert has been experimented on until the present day, he is most recognizable by his forked tail.

Hadeneth Iskingrod Jumper5736 Karaktorius

Evil general of Naveexas army, this cruel korbat is a vicious oppent.

Kau_1592 King__Neopian Lornevar

Something of a recluse, the Lord of Monsbury's arrogance is as legendary as his razor tongue.

__Macki__ Marcus_VII Maxnum mouhun37122 My_gemmeration

Can design clothing...but that doesn't mean I can't hurt you

Nightryo Phyrical

He is a great worrior and will attack you in the blink of an eye. His best freind is Worf2neo.


She is a traveling salesperson, which makes her really, REALLY annoying. She's also rude, weird, and gross, but she's pretty smart if you get to know her.

Rath_the_beast RedToro4356365 sasha34518



Ryou is a quiet mutant korbat with a taste for the abnormal and alternate clothing styles. He likes to spend time witht he few friends he has, and has a fetish for pancakes.


Shyealia is a nervous little korbat who has an abnormal fear of her plushie snowbunny, she claims it is pure evil and is trying to take over the world, despite this she is a very loyal and caring.

Skitchitt SunshieDasiyLilly Syskis Valentine1170

He was adopted from the pound, but never speaks of his past life.

Warzle Wingsz_z_

Wings is looking for his master. His true master. If any one knows who it is please get in touch. "I will do anything it takes to find the Master." wings flight is endless. He has been circleing the skys for what seems like eternity. The search for his master goes on.


Prankster, fondness for expensive wines.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

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1234567_8_9 Airadria

I am a witch! Beware of my spells!


A rambuncious trouble maker with a nack for mischeif.

Arikuna Bazann Blakc_Rain136

The name's Rainie. Don't let size fool you. (Open for roleplay)

BloodRaven915 Boutosi295 Budbud0 Butiful8152 _christmis_

He was created and painted Christmas just so that a spoiled pet could have the clothes. Abandoned afterwards, he has chosen to be live as a mutant as a way of rebelling against the fashion world that was responsible for his fate.

Dark_Angel_Beauty Darquenessin Destroyedsoul999

He is feisty and is also part of the Mutant Army, another mutant pet directory.

Eomer_1 Esquired

Brave. Powerful. Proud.

FalconitePX9 Fanqorn

A true minion of Sloth.


Check out Feed_Florg225's petpage!

homocide10 huggable

A beautiful girl mutant that is extremly kind...if you don't insult that she is mutant.(Open for Roleplay)

InkMesherew Jaeken

he's questing for his past. roleplay open.

Jesdah Kaisandria Komodo_Venom

He's an angry, mutated fighter that loves the sight of blood. He's also open for roleplay!

Korhf Kougralee Lexnos

This is my King Mutant! He will be changed into a mutant bori when i find a potion, he has great stats and is willing to help any mutants in need, and he can't stand mutant haters and the belittlement of other mutants.

Lightining_tiger Mehupurkii Nuqyc

Call me Nuq!

OrphansCall RascalYu Rasorix Rhazael

I wish people took their time to look beneath the surface, and not be scared by the outside. What they would find would most likely surprise them.

Shang64723 Slavarm Stolen_art Sybirian Taemokia Tropical01 TsukiiYoukai

Kii is a flirtatious, protective, strong, and quite charming shapeshifter. She doesn't mind the fact that she is mutant, because she is actually quite beautiful, but she has a bad temper. (Open for roleplay)

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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_Belinda_757 Grieveh

The cyborg Commanding General of Robotic Army.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Brudalova Caseyt1995CaturbulanceZadar dyrii_4 EndlessPain _feracious_ Flightiah

Used to be a Blue Buzz, hence the name. Unfortunately, not too intelligent and is easily scared.

Freshaswinter Genoseed

He's been shunned from all existence in neopia to a cave with the snowager because of his mangy, matted fur, but i came along and gave him a nice present (winter shenkuu river rush board) and since then we've been great pals.


He's very intelligent but rather soft-spoken and not much of a fighter.


Weightlifter...indestructible! RAWR; RP: open

Jhoro Masgern

Likes to fight alot,he's hoping to be level 250 and to get a mutant petpet.

OEquinoxO Rhelena SoopaPeaa

Mean blue beast with big claws!

Titanicuz Vaati_Shadow Verasho

Was born a brown lupe, and one day decided it was time for a change, and he's never regretted it.

xPuff_Ballx xXKyriiIstCoolXx
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Don't call him Dark, or you'll see what this thief's apprentice can do.

Astronne Awriin BelaDionna XBird_Of_PreyX Bronzes Carol_Susan CountEricVonNotte

he's a big traveller, he's been everywhere. He's also pretty kind-hearted, but he isn't a wimp or anything.


He is very silent, but you can see the intelligence alight in his eyes. He is exactly as his name describes, creepy.

Danger_Hustler Devancroix Dzurei Egeristic

A very content mutant Lenny that not afraid to show what she really is, for it doesn't matter what on the outside. Her beauty lies within.

Esynam _Farquaad Fingall InspiredDarkness Khrysto

I am a fighter, without the best weapons. I am loyal to my owner, and I am very much loved by my family, which includes Bielliv, a chomby, and Nightsteed_001, an uni. There is always a foster pet running around, and it is my job to watch after them.

Lucknocerous Marymat_Mortis

I can tell what you're thinking about me.

MuTaNtXvUlTuRe Pacem_Deus

He lives with my boyfriend right now, and he's being trained to battle in the Battledome and for mutants rights!


He's somewhat evil and has a very strange, eerie accent, but makes great potions. (Has a love for plushies.)

Preorder Quiggleywiggley411 Runatal

A wise and cunning Lenny who deals exclusively in information-- facts, rumors, and sometimes outright lies.

Sakashala Shadowfar312 Sisaaria Sky7008 Smartnesswithin Synara Teleportation_Device

Teleportation_device is sick of eating junk, so decided that being a skeith was horrible and is just glad that she no longer hs to gulp down rotten shoes!

The_Smell_of_Sticks Tzarrc Villiage Vrynmor xen1123192113750 Zaeiz Zyracci

Visit the lookup of a Lenny here and receive the Mutant Lenny avatar.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Alpha female, the family protector.

Damijet Daushy Doyanu Drandrix 1_Elite_Lupe_1 Engeryz Evergreen711887 Exocese ForgottenArt Kaivora Xx_Karone_xX Kedikeda

Katie loves to torture other neopets and playing tricks on them.She claims to hate everybody,and the only one she talks to is her sister Anyany.


She is more friendly, but her heart is heavy with her past. She wears her mutant coat with pride, though, as all should!

Kyorasha Marreeto Mentrixx _Mid__

Mid used to have a great beauty until people started to hate her that gift turned into her killer of today.


A chuunin ninja that of the Konoha village. 13 years ago, the Kyuubi no Yoko fox demon was sealed inside him as an infant when it attacked the village. He has gone under isolation, and now tries to become Hokage, leader of Konoha.

Nanuk82092710 OkiTheDemon _opera_ghost_erik_ Queyen

I'm the brains behind this Mutant Militia and keep Gryphon and Drak in line!

Reenie159 Resarz Sadrith Seviper4532 Speedy_762 Sokrate Tacken2k Telance

She was lost, the 'last of the storm', she never really understood it, but now her past is slamming into her...


I was told a long while ago that I was a true leader. You see I lead a scot team one day and were am bushed by a group of angry Darigan Pteri but I lead my team into battle and won. My greatest comrad is Phyrical.

Xavio_the_First x_Etienne_x Zappy_Mutant Zethuro Zukova Zullpa
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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95865505 Antorncha

~Emo, Stubborn, Crazy~

Chelvev0043 cruel_mutant_meerca Destryoer_X_202 DolcePaciocchina doryicel Eetill Elrond_1_1 Kagarkathat KXenophon

I'm up for ADOPTION!

Leounick Lunar_flow

He is a mutant meerca with average stats, he will not tolerate being made fun of! if he is made fun of he uses his giant tail to whoop upon the people who made fun of him.

mAhBlUeBbY Meerca4672

She was adopted from the pound painted Mutant. She loves her new home and all of her new friends!

Meercagocrazy Mucanto Nepharious _Panic

The mutant meerca is hyper and weird but very sweet once you get to know him.


A fighter who was adopted as a dainty uni but soon transformed into a mutant meerca.

Scullisa Smycks _StolenArt_ Takeky TheeEye Wreckage28
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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36000000 _Aniki__5 Bouncybeanie Celenina

Shes not a very nice eater, but loves battledome!

dfg1200180 Evee399374 General_tso_5678 Hungy264_1 Marilyn_Man Marshmow Savatte13 Superberry961 Tarulle TFUJ TikiAzar Trumous Vhalain
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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666_CURSED_666 A_F_T ChiAbitaInSole

Proud to be a mutant mynci, will never be painted. Sad that there are so few of her kind.

Doddi_abinajm Flekman Ghbi GreyTech292

Not much to say. He looks large/mean/scary, but has a soft side, since i can get him to play with a lot of "baby" toys, or anything "unmanly".

Leurch Matress_Mojo Melayoe Murklins Myncitaur Rhino829 Savage_Fighter Thanior The_stallion_619
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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Ahbelle Amanora Aurellene

The first known Mutant Peophin in Neopia!

Byqo Dacyrio Gestoy

I'm a real lady's Mutant. I wink my third eye and they all melt.

Hydriea Knight_of_the_Seas Larimaria

So I believe I may be the 1st Non-Zapped Mutant Peophin in Neopia - but it's kinda hard to tell! Either way, I'm very excited to be yet another Mutant in GTP's growing Mutant Family! Who knows maybe I'll soon be hosting a branch of the Mutant Militia!

Seawavz Sonlet Sylviiana Quadruplex1

Meet Quadru,the evil master mind and battle warlord of the family.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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50wolf60pepper Syriack

He is THE fiercest Mutant Pteri in Neopia

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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blazefirespit473 _cheesh_ Friggly1 Kazroid Leonardo

Disciplined, honorable, and a natural born leader, Leo will loyally support his friends and allies.

0oboardwalko0 Poorly_named _Stricky Zarahk

Visit the lookup of a Quiggle here and receive the Mutant Quiggle avatar.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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999_gar_999 Alex12165

His appearance is deceiving, he's really a tender hearted Ruki, with strong attachments to his insect kin. He can't stand bug spray, and is very defensive about his appearance.

Buggy314323 Bugzey Carnifex_

This Ruki is bigger than most, He stands at a height of 30 feet tall. He hates it when other Neopets hate mutants.

Cryptofiendy444 DarthIsis

Don't mind her looks.She's the youngest in the family.

death_eater109 Doctor_Sitnam Enaxe Gubbol

Although he is far from a pretty faerie ruki, he has intelligence beyond comprehension and connections with people too famous to mention.

_o_Itachi_o_ Kelizaper knightofpuredark lindasy_cannistra __Magnus_ mutant_made Naiekuu

Naiekuu is a quick, cunning ruki. He is Yinelarko's apprtince and helps her in her work. He was misstreated, and seeks vengance on all of those mutant haters.

Sayyida_Sahar Servant_of_Bankotsu Smokin28 Yahtolos

This ruki loves his little Slymook ^___^

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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2060668 Antiquation Arheiu Auronoko

Music loving rocker Scorch.


I like to chase Meepits, if I ever catch one, I bet it'll taste like chicken!

_BigBrother_ Big_Menace Bindladinde

He's the warrior of the group, he finds it's his job to protect the other mutants he lives with, especially that little snot grundo.

Boiler28 Drakkenfire626

I'm one of the founding mutants of the Mutant Militia, being one of GTP's pets, and like all of the pets of the Militia, I couldn't be prouder to be a mutant pet!

Epsanal FearedMutantDragon Fire_Dragon_198 Flash_05_80 FrancescoSchwartzman Freaki_Freddi Giant_Gummy Gyiriu

Searching for ghosts to capture, but people think he's weird, because there's no such things as ghosts...and jelly world...


Haruno is still dealing with the changes that come with being a mutant, but she is rapidly becoming accustomed to it and enjoys the prestige it brings.

Kacheekapeek25 Kez_Mar

Kez is the protective older brother of my pets and loves to fly around Mystery Island at night.

Lillyanne25 Lord_Evil_Red Maidensfolly Masekur Ocean_12004 Pichoni x__Pork__x SalakGleameth Scorchiogocrazy stupid3idiot3

He's mad of his name but was morphed.

Tatooed_Fangs Tennotsukai

Calm, extremely shy in an unhealthy way, follows the rythym around her.

Tiambo Twistwing Venu1117neo2

strange and always hungry once tried to eat one her siblings a strawberry techo.


A creature after his own pleasurs but don't let that fool you he is very protective of his family and friends not one you want to cross.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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As his name suggests, CRAZY! He is very hyper and difficult to control, but we all love him for it!


The hyper, small, cursed to an eternity of life shoyru who specializes in slingshots.

Dreadlordzer0 Dragon_flyer1999 Fire1138923394753 Forest_Runner_13 Grimbelle Kiegerz Kilala_Rules22 MysteriouslyAdorable

He was created to be a mutant! when i saw how adorable the mutant shoyru was i knew that i had to have one! i think his name suits him well because its a mystery how something so mutant can be so adorable.

_Pinao shoy_shoy_ru_ru700 Stormdawn_Thunderjoy

Created for the sole purpose of being a mutant, her attitude can change as quickly as the weather and can be just as varied.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Very strong and some-what a bit misfigured in bones.


Used to be a red eyrie, Aetwan has a heart of gold despite his mutant exterior.

Badnik300 Bezene Djatinogoro DrakoDemon Dumblonde188 Glafekyn Glintical HiDeOuSlYxBeAuTiFuL Imperial_War_Dragon

This is my Queen Mutant! she is the only female of the pack and she takes care of all mutant, big and small, weak and strong! she has above average stats and is willing to support your cause!

Ionasii Jeanaurr Minutest Mutopian Phercyvhal Ron_______ Sarolyate Texbob2 Thundrao Wazzzup1991 x_ripter_x_x Zeldaboy34
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Allanon_1 bd_fabhearh44576 Beourn Black_Thrasher BlueIceFist713 Cluelessbabe Drayerz

Dray is a lonesome techo, looking for friends...


He doesn't like to help out but eating is his life!

flamerschorch GeckotheTecho25 Hansel314

Is the strong silent type.

Hottstuff_56359 Icy927 Inu_and_Naruto_Fan Jhyste6 legendary_shenron LillyP92

Playful, funny, and oftimes annoying, LillyP is bound to drive you insane if you spend too much time with her.


He is a mutant techo (but soon to be mutant hissi or draik) and has basic stats also, he hates people who dislike mutants because of our "beauty

Plums_Are_Good_ Pumplur

He is eager feisty and willing to do anything that seems impossible.

Puraj sasagi_4 Spikeballer

A techo who likes a good challenge.

Supersean92 Techo200431 t3h_r34l_51im_5h4dy Tycenar

A shy mutant techo who wants nothing more than a friend. He's quite pessimistic and has very little self confidence. Ty cannot cry. Whenever he is sad, rain falls onto neopia.

Willowtina Wisteraa Yurazu
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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5_Brena_5 82nd_4irb0rn3 Cerebaus Cose268neo Deraigonu

She says she's a pretty girl. I have to agree on that.

Deralic Exhilarator

Protector to his family, the death bringer to his enemies.

Floppy08131 gonfreecs121 HoneyNut_Devil Jippers95 Kacheek253434 Kircholm Maxximmo MeanThunderbolt Neo_Sneezles NiteRhino Nomelai Roxxana237

A brilliant pet with a desire to obliterate steriotypes.

Trogdax _xKingxShionx_ Xnei Zillios

Visit the lookup of a Tonu here when he or she has a sickness or is injured below 1 HP to receive the Ouch avatar.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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I'm a handsome mutant boyo, and while I was originaly intended to be a foster project, GTP has decided to keep me! So I'm one more amazing mutant in her growing mutant family! And as you can see from my lookup - I'm easily the best looking!

Cersali Diamantje_1 Green_Ruk Jacquecusteau

He's relatively quiet but burps alot.

Kneelia laxs230 Rieese

Rieese is an energetic little guy who loves to give big squishy hugs. Beware of drool.

tusk_O_mutant Zandesero Zillzem
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Elinina Groo_
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!
Unreleased Design

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Alexis099 Cyalyst

After two years of zapping she turned into what she is now and we both knew immediately that she wouldn't see the Scientiest again outside the battledome.

Killerofthen00bs Lhitah Little_Putrid Propylaia sqwerel_

Outgoing and friendly, but he doesn't have many friends as they judge him by his looks.

sweety39662 sweetypie1329471 tiggy20202neo Vatikus Vilensi xoxstylexox

She is blind in her two main eyes and was adopted into the family.


The mutant usul likes to write poems and hang out with his friends.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Very Old/Unreleased Design

*Credit Jellyneo

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1_Smeetock_1 A_Crazy_Kat A_Psycho_Cat Anthrophobic

She's very open minded and outspoken. If even those 'cute' pets get to know her, they can't get tired of her!

AvaLovin Awiso



Shy,loves to act,easily annoyed.

_Brainstew_ Cryo_nova

Standing out is better than fitting in!


I'm the mutant with an appettite! My hero is Templeton because in truth "A Fair is a Veritable Schmorgesboard . . .


If you've ever read the /His Dark Materials/ series, you know what his name means. Deceitful and sneaky, he knows everyone and everything. Lies through his teeth.


Hey-- Don't steal those diamonds I stole!

Little_wigin Majizi

Not much time to introduce myself just now, I'm in the middle of a meal.


Don't mess with me!

n_faerie pook138 PuchiNezumi __pyewackett__

A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Ratgo Rodentu Unoriented

Such a sophisticated young man, is he not?


Caring, sweet and pretty tomboyish.

Vanqar Wrathsfeild

What, isn't stink the new cool thing?

xee1133396844661 _xxXxWeetoxXxx_ YoungEdwin

9/13/08: Born a mutant

Yuushix Zinios Zirianny

Ever met a mutant that loves cooking and flowers?

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Quattizzle sad_bananaz Temtale Terishes Xilpe

He is a dreamer but his heart is of gold.

New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design
Didn't exist prior to the new design!

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Blinded_Glances Desgrosia Ecuababy13 Emdnatsrednu

In a league of my own.

Essala729215 Geruth

Never, ever play cards with him...

_Lixx_ Merceadez Reinoffire Tasythani Vendehtta

You may call me V, and...just don't mind the dagger behind my back.

xWiCkEdxZaFaRax Zaffrene Ziggydoodle
New/Converted Design
Old/Unconverted Design

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Don't Be Afraid! Adopt Me!

If you, like the rest of us are convinced of the unparalleled magnificence of Mutant Pets, but don't have a mutant pet or you're looking for another mutant pet to add to your growing Mutant family, then you should check out adoption agencies like Billopan, Neopound and the DLAA where there are tons of wonderful mutant pets just waiting for you to come along and adopt them! There are many, many mutant pets sitting in the pound of Neopia unloved or in foster homes waiting for a permanent owner. Given the surplus there is normally no need to create a mutant pet - you can just adopt one which means that you're saving a pet from an otherwise bleak life while also saving a lot of nps! So remember to adopt a mutant today!

But of course, if adoption really isn't your thing, or you want a rare mutant pet you can turn to the lab ray, the Fountain Faerie or nifty potions like these . . .

I'd suggest searcing the Shop Wizard or the Trading Post if you're looking for one of these items. To see all avaliable Mutant items (including Transmogrification Potions like the above), check out Mutant Items, yet another branch of the Mutant Militia.

Sadly though the public has a mistaken view of these potions due to the nefarious efforts of certain individuals *shifty eyes* to make mutants appear "gruesome." Just read this if you're confused! And I quote . . .

Although their origins remain shrouded in mystery, the effects that are brought on by the Transmogrification Potions are stunningly clear. Should your pet be unlucky enough to drink one of these concoctions, they will instantly take on a rather ghastly appearance. You'll also notice a stark turn for the worse in their attitude: the warm and loving pet you once knew will have been replaced by an embittered cynic.

Or look at this description of Mutant Usuls - DISGUSTING! SICK! YUCK! GROSS! SICK! VILE! SICK!

Do NOT believe these terrible statements! Mutant pets can have wonderfully loving or evil personalities just like any other pet!

And if you'd like to read some real stories about Mutants and their wonderful personalities, you should check out these books! We combed Neopia over looking for the best books featuring Mutants and this is what we found! (Be sure to check out the pull-out Moehog poster - perfect for posting in your neohome or just drooling over!)

So be sure to read through all of those before you start jumping to conclusions about Mutants!

You can also learn about the history of Mutants and all sorts of other fun facts by visiting the Mutant Museum!

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Show Your Mutant Pride

The fact that your here shows that you're either proud to be a mutant, proud to be an owner of a mutant or just plain proud to know a mutant and want to help out! Either way, we're glad to have you here and we hope that you'll show your mutant pride not only by wearing those stylish mutant t-shirts around Neopia . . .

But also by visiting one of the many branches of the Mutant Militia run by Koolsnakes! It's called the Mutant Media and it has TONS of images, coded graphics, adoptables, and much more to help you transmorgrify your lookups, petpages and shops (most NOT created by me)! So check out the Mutant Media and let it help you show your mutant pride for all of Neopia to see!

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Links, Affiliates and Thanks

We'd also like to recognize the amazing mutant petpets that have aided our efforts as well, like xBlackxRavenx's Mutant Peo Spaz, but unfortunately, there are just too many to list here at this time and almost impossible to find as these poor petpets are often controlled by non-mutant pets and owners, a sad reality. But while it's not feasible for us, there is an amazing affiliate of ours - the Mini Mutant's Lair - who can help you out!

Counter Started Feb. 25, 2006

Link Back

Buttons Made By Others

You can get a button like this one (multiple mutant images available) at at the following link:

Thanks teacuppbones for making these!


Siridhata, a loyal Mutant Militia member, has also made some stellar Mutant Militia barriers for everyone to use (that can be used with either the Guild or the Directory). They can be found on her page at: They're also linked below:

Please take the time to link back to us if you can! We really want our militia to grow, and it certainly won't do that if we don't get the word out!

And speaking of growing! The Mutant Militia has expanded expontentially since it's inception. We now have MANY branches, all of which are linked to via our top menu bar! We're even a guild . . .

So be sure to go check all of the other branches out as soon as you get a chance, and of course you're welcome to join our guild too, but it's certainly not necessary to be part of the Mutant Militia Directory!

And goodness, we recently received an award from a friendly Neopian! How honored we are to know that at least some Neopians out there love our site!

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Looking for any other mutant related sites or directories? Check out my affiliates . . .

Note: We are always accepting new affiliates but only those that are Mutant related.

Guide to Transmogrification
Guide to Transmogrification

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Special Thanks

A huge thanks goes to my best friend Wtrswoopes! She and I were discussing the need for a new look for the Mutant Militia (and it's sister pages) and she graciously offered up her extremely advanced coding and graphics skills and so this newly designed Mutant Militia (and it's sister pages, which are also being re-modeled) was truly a joint effort between the two of us! My content, art and design ideas were combined with her amazing skill to bring forth the brand new directory you see before you! So thanks so much to you Swoopes because without you this page would never be as amazing as it is now! ;)

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