Oh! Hello there, hopewithinmymind! My name is Drakazaar, and as you can probably already tell, I'm a blue Lupe. Welcome to my home. I should probably start by telling you about my great family: Dan

Dan is a great guy. He buys me Faeries, Books, Toys and Food. All in all, he's a pretty great guy. Around Neopia he's known as hopewithinmymind, but you can call him Dan. Or even Hope, 'cause that sounds kinda cool, right?

I don't have any siblings right now, but that's fine by me, because it means more stuff for me, right? What can I say, I'm high maintenance!

Dan keeps a small supply of treats such as Chocolate, Cookies and Toys in our nifty Safety Deposit Box, free from the National Neopian Bank. If you don't currently have one, you're proabably curious as to how you could possibly keep food in a SDB, right? Well, there was this great Lupe that reinvented them. He designed a super awesome SDB with a refridgeration compartment for those perishable items, a frozen compartment for all that Tigersquash Ice Cream, and even a playpen for all those petpets that some people hoard.


So you want to know all about me, right? Well you definately came to the right place! I would describe myself as your average Lupe, with a kind heart and curious nature. I love to explore the unknown. I guess that's why I live on Mystery Island; It's such a mystery!

As I said before, Dan likes to buy me Faeries. When I get one, I release it and they give me a blessing. I think it's cruel the way Balthazar the Bounty Hunter catches them and traps them with a spell. I have lots of different Abilities and I'm working on improving them. My current Abilities range from Static Cling to Cranky.

I want to be painted Island one day at the Rainbow Pool, but paintbrushes are too expensive, so I'm going to wait. Maybe the Rainbow Fountain will spring back to life, or I'll get a quest from the lovely Water Faerie that resides there. Pirate Lupes and Faerie Lupes look cool too, but they're real expensive as well. So I'll stick to my dream of being Island, to fit in with my home. :)

Did I mention that I just love to read? Dan buys me lots of books. I probably haven't read as many as many Neopets out there, but I read enough to get me by. :-) My IQ is 280, after all! I'm always trying to improve my mind, as well as my body. I'm currently at level 24, but I'm working on improving my speed, strength and defence first. Now that I'm level 24, why don't you Challenge Me at the Battledome?

Name: Drakazaar
Species: Lupe
Colour: Blue
Age: Hours Old
Birthday: 28th May (Y8)
Level: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 51 Centimeters
Weight: 133 Pounds

Hit Points: 38 / 23
Strength: 32
Defence: 23
Movement: 24
Intelligence: 280

Battles Played: 0
Battles Won: 0
Battles Lost: 0
Battles Drawn: 0
Battle Score: 0

I used to train at the Mystery Island Training School using Codestones, as it was quick and right next door! Now that I'm above level 20, it costs at least two Codestones per course. That's why I starting travelling to the Swashbuckling Academy as it costs Two Dubloons per course, and it lets me explore the whole of Neopia! They're a little cheaper than Codestones, too.

I'd like you to meet Zankou, my great Geraptiku petpet. He's a Tekkal. Now that I'm a bit older, tougher and smarter, Dan lets me explore on my own. However he gave me Zankou to come along with me and to protect me. He's great! Sometimes I send him to explore the Catacombs Below Neovia. He often comes back with some cool stuff and stories to tell me. He's definately my Mystery Island buddy! One thing I do wonder though, and it's something he never speaks about... What is down that Symol Hole?!

Although I'm only a beginner, I do like to train at the Battledome. I have some pretty cool items that Dan gave me. Defeating Evil of Neopia is real fun and rewarding. Some items that are slightly expensive, but I would recommend are: Red Frost Cannon, Illusens Potion, Bronze Scorchstone, Scarab Ring, Leaf Shield, Large Metal Shield, Scroll of Dark Nova and Radioactive Snow. Just make sure that you use them for the good of Neopia! We really don't need another Dr. Sloth on our hands...


Over the years I've won a fair few trophies. Dan is very proud of me! Amongst my favourites have to be winning the Site Spotlight #667 (for this very page and almost identical theme on 6th September 2007), participating in the old Battledome, beating Punchbag Bob and becoming an Astronomer! If you want to see all of the trophies I've won, you could always visit Dan and have a look!


There are absolutely tons of great places to visit in Neopia, including a few places oribiting too! I love to explore, and my advice to you is if you're an age-old traveller, or prefer the comfort of your own home, there's somewhere for everyone! Firstly we have the main worlds of Neopia: Altador, Brightvale, Faerieland, Haunted Woods, Jelly World (MYTH!), Kiko Lake, Krawk Island, Kreludor, Lutari Island, Maraqua, Meridell, Moltara, Mystery Island, Neopia Central, Roo Island, Shenkuu, Terror Mountain, The Lost Desert, Tyrannia and Virtupets Space Station.

Here are some of my favourite places to visit. The ones below are absolutely free, arranged in frequency order (I get the OCD from Dan). :-) So, what are you waiting for? Go Explore!

Name: Healing Springs
World: Faerieland
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Available once every 30 minutes.

I get on really well with the water Faerie that runs the Healing Springs. As well as selling various potions, she also has the ability to restore some HP, cure diseases such as Sneezles and even diminish hunger! What a great friend. :-)

Name: Underwater Fishing
World: Maraqua
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Unknown. Most people visit every 4-8 hours.

Simply cast your line into the fishing vortex and see what random item you'll find. Some items are pretty rubbish (such as Mossy Rock), but the more you fish the better your fishing skill, and the better the item you'll get (such as Healing Springs Residue)!

Name: Coltzan's Shrine
World: The Lost Desert
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Available once every 12 hours.

King Coltzan III was once a great ruler of The Lost Desert. When he died, a shrine was errected in his honor. It's pretty awesome, as if you visit the shrine you'll often see his spectre! You usually find items burried in the sand, such as Dubloons or even 1,000,000 NP! He can also increase stats, such as speed or defence. All hail King Coltzan III!

Name: Fruit Machine
World: The Lost Desert
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

Have a spin and if the first two symbols match you win a prize, and an even better prize if all three match! Prizes range from Tchea Fruit to Jelly Muffins to NP. What more could you want from a free fruit machine?!

Name: Tiki Tack Tombola
World: Mystery Island
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

Just pick a ticket and if it ends in a 0, 2 or 5, then you could win a fantastic prize! Prizes range from Codestones or Faeries to a Dung Cream Sandwich. Yuck.

Name: Giant Omelette
World: Tyrannia
Cost: FREE
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

This is an absolutely enormous omelette. I can't even describe the size of this thing. They let you take a slice once a day. It's pretty cool, because each time you visit you get a random flavour. I think it must have been hexed by one of the Faeries from Faerieland. Free food! Yum!

Name: Giant Jelly*
World: Jelly World*
Cost: FREE*
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.*

Rumour has it there is a land where everything is made of jelly! They say, similarly to the Giant Omelette, there is a Giant Jelly where you can get a random flavour of jelly each day! I don't really believe in this, though. I mean, it sounds ridiculous, right?

*Jelly World is just a myth! Nobody really believes that is exists, let alone have actually ever visited it!

Name: Forgotten Shore
World: Krawk Island
Cost: FREE*
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

Dan once found a piece of treasure map, and decided to track down the other 8 pieces. When he did, he discovered a secret and Forgotten Shore on Krawk Island! I like to visit the shore once a day and see if I can find any burried treasure. There isn't always treasure, but I hear that sometimes really valuable items wash up just waiting for a good Neopian like me to find!

*Once all 9 pieces of the Forgotten Shore Treasure Map have been collected and Redeemed.

Wheels! I just love wheels. Have a spin and see what happens! The activities listed below are all wheel-based activities and charge a small to moderate fee. However, I think that they're worth it! Again, they're organised by frequency. :-) Spin, spin, spin!

Name: The Wheel of Excitement
World: Faerieland
Cost: 500 NP
Frequency: Available once every 2 hours.

This wheel really is exciting you know! You can win lots of things, from 10,000 NP to getting struck by lightning. Ouch. Unlucky, but on the whole this game is great.

Name: The Wheel of Monotony
World: Tyrannia
Cost: 150 NP
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

As you may have already guessed by the name, this wheel is slightly more... monotonous that the previously mentioned wheel. However, you can win some pretty awesome prizes. Just spin the wheel and sit back and relax for a few hours. I've only ever really won Lottery Tickets (none of which I've ever actually won with), but you can't have everything, right?

Name: The Wheel of Knowledge
World: Brightvale
Cost: 500 NP
Frequency: Available once every 24 hours.

As the name would suggest, the prizes from spinning this wheel are mostly knowledge-based. For example, you may win a book on Brightvale Maps, or you may learn a helpful hint for one of the various games available to play. Like they say, knowledge is power!


I feel that I have to mention the good Faeries of Neopia. They are some of the greatest magical beings I have ever met, save few. Nearly all of them are good, but there are the odd few evil ones. Balthazar the Bounty Hunter gives us Lupes a bad name - he captures them and traps them in bottles with a spell, selling them on the black market. Dan knowns how much it upsets me, so he buys me a Faerie often. I release them and as thanks they bless me so that I can learn new Abilities.

This is a Weak Bottled Light Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Light based abilities include: Positive Thinking at Level 10, Lens Flare at Level 50, Float at Level 100, Burrow at Level 100, Snowager's Breath at Level 200, Rejuvenate at Level 300 and Reflect at Level 400.

Famous Light Faeries include the one who watches over The Wheel of Excitement, and also Siyana, the First to Rise. She became a founder of Altador for saving an entire village from being looted and taken over.

This is a Weak Bottled Dark Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Dark based abilities include: Shade at Level 5, Irritable Minions at Level 25, Shroud at Level 100, Burrow at Level 100, Warlock's Rage at Level 200, Drain Life at Level 300 and Meepit Stampede at Level 500.

Famous Dark Faeries include the quest faerie Jhudorah and The Sleeper / The Darkest Faerie, a founder of Altador who betrayed the other heroes and tried to rule alone until thwarted.

This is a Weak Bottled Fire Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Fire based abilities include: Cranky at Level 10, Sear at Level 25, Shroud at Level 100, Warlock's Rage at Level 200, Healing Fire at Level 300, Rally Cry at Level 400 and Summon Monoceraptor at Level 500.

Famous Fire Faeries include Ember, a Gormball contestant. People mocked her, because she wanted to be the Gormball champion. She thought they were boring for blessing Neopets.

This is a Weak Bottled Water Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Water based abilities include: An Icicle at Level 25, Float at Level 100, Snowager's Breath at Level 200, Rejuvenate at Level 300, Drain Life at Level 300, Adrenaline Rush at Level 400 and Esophagor Stench at Level 500.

Famous Water Faeries include the Rainbow Fountain Faerie. She used to allow Neopets to get painted her with passes, but now she has restricted it to Neopets who have completed a random quest from her.

This is a Weak Bottled Air Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Air based abilities include: Meditate at Level 5, Meh at Level 10, Throw Pillows at Level 50, Float at Level 100 and Tempest at Level 200.

Famous Air Faeries include The Dreamer, one of many founders of Altador. To become one of 12, she saved a Blumaroo who bounced too far to the edge of a cloud and fell. She saved him, and earned her place among the heroes.

This is a Weak Bottled Earth Faerie. When released, she will give you a blessing that can be exchanged to learn an ability at Aethia's Ability Academy. Earth based abilities include: Bandage at Level 5, Shhhhhhhhh... at Level 50, Shroud at Level 100, Burrow at Level 100, Tempest at Level 200, Healing Fire at Level 300, Meepit Stampede at Level 500, Summon Monoceraptor at Level 500 and Esophagor Stench at Level 500.

Famous Earth Faeries include Illusen, the quest faerie. She resides in Meridell and can reward you in return for an item! I'd say this was way worth it.


For most Lupes, and indeed most Neopians, Jeran is a hero and an inspiration. He experienced a lot and had lots of adventure. When he was little, he was playing hide-and-seek with his younger sister, Lisha. Unfortunately, he was teleported to Meridell, which was at that point unknown to the rest of Neopia. It turns out that Jeran and Lisha had travelled back in time to ancient times! They succeeded in preventing a war, rewriting history and putting Meridell back on the map. How awesome is that?!

Many years ago I used to regularly play heroes, dressing up as Jeran. Okay, I sometimes do it these days too. Anyway, there are tons of cool Jeran Items out there just waiting for me to buy them! I'm saving up some NP to buy some cool stuff. All my stuff can be found in The Lupe Lounge, our Lupe themed gallery. :-)


If there's one thing you can't live without it's Oxygen. And food. I try to eat a balanced diet, but like most, I have a sweet tooth! However, unlike most of my kind I don't eat actual Chias, but I do enjoy the odd Chia-shaped snack now and again! As a treat Dan even made me a reservation at the Kelp restaurant. The food was very expensive but fantastic! (I am worth it, you know!). I was annoyed that they didn't give me a doggy bag though. :-(

Name: Chocolate Chia
Shop: The Chocolate Factory
World: Neopia Central

One of my favourite Chia-shaped snacks has got to be a good old Chocolate Chia! Looks like a Chia but tastes delicious. Like I said, I don't really have a taste for Chias. You can buy these quite cheap from The Chocolate Factory, Neopia Central. Dan tries to keep a good stock of these, just in case I have a craving for chocolate. I would recommend this item to any Chia-loving Lupe!

Name: Munuberry Coconut Milk
Shop: Tropical Fruit Shop
World: Mystery Island

Not far from my Neohome on Mystery Island there is the Tropical Fruit Shop that sells all kinds of delicious fruity dishes! I visit several times a week, usually buying a Munuberry Coconut Milk. It's full of vitamins and minerals, and keeps you healthy. What more could a Neopet want?

Name: Glorious Fyora Sundae
Shop: Faerie Foods of Faerie City
World: Faerieland

Mmmm, there's nothing better when you're craving sugar than a Glorious Fyora Sundae! You get three scoops of different flavoured ice cream in a Fyora themed bowl. Yum! The ice cream is the lightest ice cream I've ever tasted - guarnteed to cheer you up.

Name: Purblare Fruit Bowl
Shop: Brightvale Fruits
World: Brightvale

When I'm trying to be a little healthier in my eating I sometimes crave a Purblare Fruit Bowl. A delicacy of Brightvale, this carved out Purblare contains lots of fresh fruit from Brightvale Fruits! It's delicious - go try one!

Name: Fruity Star Juice
Shop: Cafe Kreludor
World: Kreludor

It's a bit far to go so I don't go all that often, but there's a great little cafe on Kreludor called Cafe Kreludor. They sell a delicious Fruity Star Juice drink. It's a fruit juice but with little jelly stars in it! How cool is that?! Refreshing and tasty!


Being a Lupe, I enjoy reading about Lupes in general, and tales and adventures featuring Lupes. I've read a few already, and there are a few more on my shopping list. That's why my IQ is currently 280 - I'm smart! I'd recommend reading some, if not all! All of the books below come from the Book Store, Neopia Central.

Name: Feeding Lupes

This book is called Feeding Lupes. As you can probably tell by the name of this wonderful book, it tells you everything you ever needed about a Lupe's nutritional requirements. You could read this, or simply ask me (I have already provided a list of my favourite foods!). Don't forget that each Lupe is different. For example, most Lupes like to eat Chias whereas I don't. I prefer a nice Chocolate Chia. Mmmm!

Name: Inside the Mind of Lupe

Have you ever wondered why Lupes do the things that we do? Maybe why we are supposed to enjoy Chias so much? If you have, I would recommend you read Inside the Mind of Lupe. I think Dan learnt a lot about me by reading this book, too. It also tells you to buy us lots of nice things, 'cause, you know, we need them... to keep our minds... working. :-) It also explains why we look longingly at the Moon. I like to try to spot the old Mines on Kreludor. :-)

Name: A Tale of Two Lupes

I love to read a good heroic tale, including my favourite, A Tale of Two Lupes. This book is so exciting! It has drama, comedy, emotion, action and best of all - Lupes! If you haven't read it, then I don't want to talk to you anymore until you do read it. Seriously. Okay, I'm kidding. But it is a great book! It'll make you realise you want to Adopt a Lupe because of our intrepid nature! :-)

Name: Guide to Lupes

The ultimate guide, however, in understanding Lupes has to be the infamous Guide to Lupes. There are already so many books out there that already cover different aspects of being a Lupe, such as how we think, or what we eat, but this is probably the best book because it combines everything into one! You could always head to the Book Store and pick up a copy, if you'd like. I could sign it for you?

Name: Jeran the Lupe

Okay, so I know that I said that A Tale of Two Lupes was my favourite Lupe adventure story, but I was lying. Jeran the Lupe is definately my favourite Lupe adventure story! Jeran is an idol of mine. Okay, so I haven't exactly read this book yet... But I just know it'll be awesome! It's really expensive at the moment. :-( Maybe one day I'll read it. I've read nearly everything else on him, and I can't wait to the day I finally read this one. :-)


Well, even adults like to play with toys now and then, don't they? I realise that I'm now hours old, but I still like to act like I'm only 1000 hours old! I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite toys that I like to play with now and then. It's good to keep the imagination alive!

Name: Hall of Heroes Play Set

I got this gift when I helped out the Heroes of Altador, and even got a trophy! This Hall of Heroes Play Set is fantastic though, with a limited edition miniature Gold-plated janitor!

Name: Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie

Ever since I first started playing Hasee Bounce I really really wanted a Rainbow Doughnutfruit Plushie! I finally have one now, and it's so squishy! And also delicious... or at least, I'd imagine it to be delicious. Maybe I should buy an actual Rainbow Donutfruit Lolly from the Chocolate Factory instead?

Name: Jeran Play Set

So you should have realised by now that I'm a huge Jeran fan. When I'm bored I like nothing better than to borrow my old Jeran Play Set from our Gallery and pretend that I'm fighting alongside my wise and brave Lupe brethren!

Name: Altador Cup Mystery Island Snowglobe

When I last saw the Altador Cup I supported Mystery Island. As a gesture, Dan bought me an Altador Cup Mystery Island Snowglobe! I keep it on my desk because it's kind of cool to look at now and then. I hope you'll be supporting Mystery Island in the next Altador Cup!

Name: Lupe Dartboard

Sometimes when you get worked up because the evil Pant Devil has stolen your super rare Air Faerie Crown, you want to vent your anger, right? The best way to do that is playing with a Lupe Dartboard! It's therapeutic throwing the darts, and it's Lupe themed and hey, Lupes are great aren't they? ;-) Fortunately I've never lost anything as valuable as Air Faerie Crown to the Pant Devil (I could never afford it!), but I still like to play darts!


I'm a very adventurous Lupe, and I like to explore and play Games. It keeps me fit and healthy! There are absolutely loads of Games to play. I try to play lots of them daily, as they can earn you quite a lot of NP. They usually earn me around 15,000 NP in total. I give some to Dan, but I also spend some on mouth-watering Food, Books, Toys and General fun things. :-)

Game: Meerca Chase II
NP Rate: 0.56 points = 1 NP

I like to play this game on the hard level as it gets you more NP! All you have to go is guide the Meerca around the screen, collecting the Neggs (avoiding the evil red Neggs of doom!). Fancy Neggs such as fish Neggs can give you loads of extra points. I usually earn around 200-300 points per game, giving around 240-360 NP per game.

Game: Ultimate Bullseye II
NP Rate: 0.18 points = 1 NP

A simple game to test your accuracy. Aim for the bullseye and fire your arow! If you get a bullseye, you get a special key to use so you can get bonuses. For example, one key creates a Punchbag Bob with an apple on his head for you to aim for. I usually earn around 30-50 points per game, giving around 300-500 NP per game.

Game: Dubloon Disaster
NP Rate: 1.64 points = 1 NP

Possibly one of my favourite games of all time. All you have to do is guide the Krawn on his boat towards the Dubloons, collecting each Dubloon as you go. However, each time you collect a Dubloon a mine appears. The trick is to lure the mines towards each other so that they contact and detonate, removing them from the game. So much fun! I usually earn around 500-1500 points per game, giving around 150-900 NP per game.

Game: Faerie Bubbles
NP Rate: 1.64 points = 1 NP

This game is fantastic! It's based upon the good old bubble popping games. You have to match three of the Faerie Bubbles, such as Earth, Air, Fire, Light, Water or Dark. Match three and they disappear from the screen. Bewarned - match more than three and there could be either great or disastorous consequences! Play yourself to find these out. :-) I usually earn around 600-1000 points per game, giving around 350-600 NP per game.

Game: Hasee Bounce
NP Rate: 0.36 points = 1 NP

Who wouldn't love a game with Hasees in it?! Did you know it's based upon the story of Woogy and Jimmi, two Hasees who fell from Faerieland? The clever little things made a see-saw to get the delicious fruit from the top of the trees! I remember the actual event, many years ago - it happened right here on Mystery Island! Anyway, all you have to do is bounce Woogy and Jimmi in time to catch the delicious fruit. Collect all fruit shaped like the letters belonging to the word Hasee and get extra time to eat. Neat! I usually earn around 100-200 points per game, giving around 270-550 NP per game.


Many years ago we lived in our classic neohome, on Mystery Island. Dan spent thousands of NP renovating it and adding rooms, central heating etc. It was a great home! Then we decided to move to a new simpler Neohome, where we currently live. It's simple but we love it! I like to go shopping for furniture for my room. We had to leave most of our furniture behind at the last place, as they wouldn't really go with the new house. That's okay - it means I can buy more Jeran themed furniture! :-)

There are many furniture items I'd like for my new Neohome, including Jeran Bed, Tropical Mystery Island Sofa, Mystery Island Totem, Tiki Mystery Island Wallpaper and Flickering Tiki Sconce. Unfortunately most of those are from the super special NC Mall, which doesn't accept NP. Apparently they use some sort of rare and valuable NC, which Dan doesn't really have. Oh well! A Lupe can dream!


Before you go, there are some cool places I haven't really mentioned that you should check out. If you want to, that is. Just a helpful reminder: always make sure that you're carrying Weapons to defend yourself against the evil of Neopia!

Just a disclaimer on behalf of Dan. He wanted me to tell you that whilst you should carry Weapons to to defend your self around Neopia, he said you should also carry Defence items around with you, as violence can always be avoided. I guess he's right - the best form of offence is a good defence!


Well, the sun is setting over the beautiful Neopian sea. I guess it's time for you to head home, right? Well thanks for stopping by, and I hope you've not only learnt a lot about me, but also about Neopia and Lupes. Hopefully our paths will cross again one day. Farewell, and be safe!

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