Watch your step guest , you are in MY territory now!

As you know my name is dragy_67__93 the Grarrl. Grarrls are ferocious creatures and I am no exception (well unless you are my friend). My owner, joaquinee says that I am a very fast learner. I am only 93501 hours old and already my strength is at 47! Why not see exactly how strong I am and fight me in the NeoPets Battledome?
My hero is Grarrg, the Tyrannian Battle Master. He is so brave and strong that no one dares to cross him. Rumour has it that Grarrg trained the Lupe who beat the Monoceraptor and taught him everything he knew.
joaquinee says that if I am good and complete all my training, they will take me to Tyrannia to meet the great Grarrg himself! That would be the best thing in the whole world! Anyway if you fancy a battle or chatting to my owner, why not neomessage joaquinee ?