Hello, my name is dragonselo and I am a Bori. You may already know this, but Bori orginally come from the icy wastes of Terror Mountain. Despite it's name it really isnt such a bad place and the skiing is excellent there.

Plus the lovely Taelia lives on Terror Mountain and watches over all the Neopets who venture out in the snow.

This is a cool photo of me!
I live with my owner, f_c_dragons in a very nice little Neohome. f_c_dragons is an avid plushie collector so we often visit the Toy Shop to see what new things they have in stock. As a result I have an awful lot of toys to play with including my favourite the Hannah Quiguki. Its just so cute!


Bori Gnomes - A must for any garden.

Bori Cupcakes - four flavours to collect!

Any Bori Book

Bori Morphing Potions - why not see for yourself what its like to be a Bori?

So what does an intelligent young Bori like me enjoy doing? Well being a Terror Mountain native any wintery sport is fun for me. Even watching the Bruce Dancing Contest (although it does look a bit silly).

When I am not playing out in the snow I try to get in some training for the Battledome and spend a few hours planning all kinds of great adventures that I will have when I am a little older.