Hello, and welcome to the Grandfathered Pet Directory, the original directory of unconverted Neopets.

On April 26th 2007 everything in Neopets changed. The entire site was revamped, with a brand new layout, and lots of exciting new features, the main one being customisation. In order for customisation to work, all of the pets in a species needed to be drawn in the same pose. So on that day, Neopets received a new, more standardised look.

However, some pets were given an option whether or not to convert. These pets tended to be those that had drastically different redraws, or were very expensive colours. Of course, some owners chose to convert their pets in order to customise them, but some did not. Some pets remained in their old form, non-customisable, but rare and special. These are the Grandfathered Pets. And this directory is dedicated to these few remaining pets which allow us to glimpse back at what Neopets used to look like.

Adding your pet

If you would like to add your Neopet to the Grandfathered Pet Directory, first make sure that your pet is an unconverted pet. To do this, go to
quick ref to view your Neopets. Select the pet by clicking on its image at the top. If to the right of your pet's image it says ... must be converted in order to be fully customisable, then your pet is unconverted, and therefore eligible to be added to this directory. If your pet is not unconverted then this message will not appear.

Then just send me a neomail including the name, species and colour of your pet(s) and I will add them to the directory as soon as possible.

If you would like me to list your pet under a nickname then please say so in the Neomail.

If you adopted or traded for your Neopet, please make sure that they are not already listed before contacting me.

the pets

Below are the Grandfathered Pets, listed alphabetically by species.

Remember, these pets are only here for your viewing, and are not up for adoption or trade, so please do not harass their owners.








Lahjii, Phonesy, Salmonisha, Velli, Kiko, Nich


Limerick, Trotai


Rahr, Or_ez_tez



Quiguki boy

FroggerAlan, Keiropi

Quiguki girl

Coralcleo, MzPurdy


Amasanis, Sir Veth


Trenalea, Zambizu


Momanoru, Getine



Frequently asked questions

What is a Grandfathered Pet?
A Grandfathered Pet is one that is unconverted.

How can I tell if my pet is Grandfathered?
Go to
quick ref to view your Neopet, if there is a box to the right of your pet which reads ... must be converted in order to be fully customisable then your pet is Grandfathered.

If I have a Grandfathered pet, then paint it another colour, will it still be Grandfathered? Unfortunately no. If for example, you have an unconverted Darigan Aisha, and you choose to paint it say, Grey. Your Aisha will become the converted Grey Aisha, you will not get an option to choose the old Grey Aisha.

If I have a Grandfathered pet, and change it's gender, will it still be Grandfathered?
Yes, if you change the gender of an unconverted Neopet, it will remain unconverted.

If I transfer or pound a Grandfathered pet, will it stay unconverted, or will it automatically be converted in the Pound?
Neither pounding or transferring will convert a Grandfathered pet.

I've noticed a mistake in this directory, what should I do?
If you have found any mistakes or errors in the Grandfathered Pet Directory it would be very helpful if you could neomail me about it.

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