Welcome to Don's pet page. Here you'll find information about the battledome, weapons, and training.


Don is a pleasantly plump Tonu baby Lenny fabulously re-drawn meerca with an affinity for chance and puzzle games as well as all sorts of sweets. His favorite game of all is Bilge Dice but he's always willing to try something new. Don't let his calm at the chance tables fool you, Don trains every day to get his strength, defense, and endurance up. Despite the rigorous training the two-player battledome has never held much appeal, so Don only does one-player fights and participates in wars.

Night Owl is Don's loyal compaion. Have you ever wondered how some neopians just seem to be extra lucky at the Neopoker table? They may just have a little birdy whispering in their ear :) A skilled puzzle solver herself, Night Owl often takes over games while Don goes in search of treats or a nap. She is particularly fond of tapping Shapeshifter tiles over with her beak. While her appetite isn't as large as Don's, Night Owl loves all sorts of berries.

Don and Night Owl picked Talarius up at the Bilge Dice table after he fell out of a particularly lucky die Deadeye had been rolling. After being assured Night Owl had no interest in making him breakfast Talarius decided there were better ways to spend life than fixing dice for pirates.

So you want to battle without spending a fortune?

Well then you've come to the right place.

First off - all weapon stats and other information of that sort is courtesy of IDB - the In Depth Battlepedia - since offsite linking is a no-no I'll leave it at that.

Second off - this guide is for new battlers or people who choose not to spend a small fortune on weapons. Weapons are the most expensive items on the site and that makes battlers some of the richest neopians. If you'd rather spend your neopoints elsewhere or don't care to invest the time to make millions of nps then this is the place for you.

Third off - what is a fortune? Well, the thing of it is there's a huge gap between intro level 6-9 iconers and higher icon weapons and strategic defensive/dual duty weapons. If you can spend more than a million you're going to need a better guide.

First Things First

The battledome isn't all about weapons. Training and faerie abilities also make a big difference in the battledome. Not surprisingly, I've divided the guide up accordingly. If you're very new to neopets or to the battledome start with the training section and work your way down. If you just want weapons info then feel free to skip down to that section.


Your pet has six stats that change as you play the game: Level, hit points (endurance), strength, defense, movement (agility), and intelligence. I'm only going to focus on the first four here because any weapons that are affected by the last two are very expensive and apart from that both stats are useless in the battledome.

There are lots of ways to train your pet but the most reliable are the two training schools: The Academy on Krawk Island and The Training School on Mystery Island. Start with the Academy and keep going there until your cost in dubloons is more than it would cost with codestones or you reach level 40, whichever comes first. Remember you can only train abilities to 2x your level so be careful to train evenly of you'll get stuck and have to spend a lot of time on one stat later. I do recommend training all stats evenly at first and then training hit points as high as possible once you're happy with your strength and defense.

These next methods are random so if you have more than one pet there is no guarantee that the stat will land on the right one. You can get random stat increases from Coltzan's Shrine so make sure to visit once a day. Kitchen Quests can also be rewarded with random stat boosts but make sure not to spend more on the quest than you would training. Terror Trove Scratchcards sometimes boost your pet a level if you win. Finally, if you're lucky, one of the faeries will give you a quest and reward you with a stat boost.

You can also train with the lab ray but that is expensive, random, and can take away stats as well as change your pets' color, gender, and species. Some neggs also give stat boosts but they are generally very expensive.

Now that you know how to train it's time to understand just how it works. A bigger number doesn't necessarily mean your pet will do more damage or defend itself better. Increasing levels is good for faerie abilities (as you'll learn below), getting the Berserk attack ability at level 50, and to continue training other stats. Strength and defense both increase in boosts, which means you have to hit a certain number before you can start doing more damage. Below is a list of when you get each boost and its damage/defense multiplier.

0 - 0.5
8 - 0.75
13 - 1.0
20 - 1.25
35 - 1.5
55 - 2.0
85 - 2.5
125 - 3.0
200 - 4.5
250 - 5.5
300 - 6.5
350 - 7.5
400 - 8.5
450 - 9.75
500 - 11.0
550 - 12.0
600 - 13.0
650 - 14.0
700 - 15.0

What this means is that once you hit 35 strength points you are doing 1.5 icons of damage for each icon a weapon can do. The same goes for defense. That means you can do 9 icons of damage with a six icon weapon, and so on.

Those abilities you see in the pulldown menu under your weapons depend on the level of your pet. These are not faerie abilities and are standard for any pet of a certain species at a certain level. Most of them are self-explanatory and species specific attacks can be looked up on IDB.

Faerie Abilities

Whether or not blessing your pet with a bottled faerie does anything depends on your pet's level. If your pet has a high enough level different faeries will give you different abilities that can be used in the battledome. Some of these are very helpful and others are utterly useless. To activate different abilities go to your Quick Ref, click on "Abilities" under your pet, and then click on different ability icons to activate them. These will now show up in the pulldown menu in the battledome and each one can be used once per battle.

Below is a list of the most useful abilities for each type of faerie and what level you can get them at. These are only the abilities I consider the most consistently useful, check IDB for an exhaustive list.

Earth: Fiery Gaze at Level 6, low chance of freeze; Burrow at Level 10, blocks 97.5% of earth, air, water, fire, and physical icons; Regeneration at level 23, restores 33% of your lost hit points.
Water: Healing Vapour at level 27, restores 33% of your lost hit points.
Dark: Drain Life at level 21, steals 11% of your opponents hit points (up to 100) and gives them to you; Sink at level 30, blocks 97.5% of light, dark, water, fire, and physical.
Light: Restore at level 22, restores 33% of your lost hit points.

Get Sink, Burrow, and Drain Life the moment your pet hits the proper level.

So now you've trained and blessed your pet and either have the stats you want or are on your way there. All of that is pretty useless unless you have...weapons.


You can equip up to 8 weapons to your pet. Each weapon on the site has a specific number of icons that it does, blocks, or both. These icons are then multiplied by your pet's strength and defense boosts. Defense icons are much, much more useful if your defense boost equals your strength boost. On this site the focus will primarily be on 6-9 icon weapons because they are the best weapons you can get for a cheap price. Again, this list isn't exhaustive but it does cover what I consider the best, most affordable 6-9 iconers available.

Think about who you will be battling and what sorts of weapons they will be using when choosing your battledome set. You don't want to get a weapon that is totally blocked by Sink, Burrow, or a Leaf Shield.

6 Icons

All of these weapons are easy to find and should be buyable on the shop wiz.

Scarab Ring: 2 water, 2 dark, 2 physical / blocks 3 fire, 3 physical

King Kelpbeards Blessing: 3 water, 3 dark / blocks 3 light

Tiki Amulet: 3 earth, 3 light / blocks 2 earth

Zapatron 2000: 6 light / blocks 3 dark

Tooth of Terask: 3 water, 3 air / blocks 3 dark

Staff of Impenetrable Gloom: 3 earth, 3 dark / blocks 3 physical

Hand Buzzer: 3 fire, 3 light

Lost Desert Dagger: 3 earth, 3 fire

Scarab Stone Slingshot: 4 earth, 2 light

Cobrall In A Can: 3 dark, 3 light

Scroll of Flame Strike: 3 fire, 3 physical

Scroll of Moon Light: 6 light

Scroll of the Clouds: 3 water, 3 air

Scroll of the Dark Star: 6 dark

Bone Sceptre: 2 dark, 2 air, 2 earth

Sword of the Dead: 2.65 air, 3 dark / blocks 5 light

Variable 4-7 minimum icon weapons:

Mud Mixture: 5.2 earth / heals 1-5 hit points

Halo of Devilpuss: 5 dark, 1-5 physical

Shaken-Up Can of Neocola: 2 water, 2 air † 3 water, 3 air - this means you either do 4 icons or 10 icons.

Obsidian Dagger: 2 fire, 3 earth, 1-3 physical (5-8 actual icons)

Earthen Wand of Stone: 3 air, 2 light, 1-2 physical

Jittery Jipple Potion: 3 air, 3 dark when opponent has 9 initelligence or less / 5 air, 5 dark when opponent has 10+ intelligence

Thief Dagger: 3 earth, 1-3 physical / blocks 3 light, 3 physical

Von Roo Dice: 2-3 air, 2-3 dark, 2-3 physical

Fighting Folder: 3 fire, 2 earth, 1-3 physical / heals 2 hit points

7+ Icons

A lot of weapons in this range are variable, meaning they do 7 icons minimum but may do more. If you're just going for icons then it's best to skip this category and upgrade right to one of the new 9 icon weapons. I'm leaving these in because some of the icon diversity might be useful for 2-player battles.

Brain Tree Mace: 2 earth, 2 water, 3 physical

Wand of the Moon: 3 earth, 2 fire, 2 light / blocks 3 dark

Melting Mirror: 3 earth, 3 dark, 1-3 physical

Sinsis Sword: 2 fire, 2 air, 2 light, 1-3 physical

Electro Sword: 3 fire, 3 light, 2 physical

Tyrannian Lupe Tooth: 2.6 fire, 3 earth, 3 physical

Spectral Forest Bow: 2 fire, 2 air, 2.65 dark, .2-3 physical

Cloudy Wand of Storms: 2.6 fire, 2.6 dark, 2 water / blocks 3 earth

Frozen Wand of Crystals: 3 light, 2.6 air, 2 fire / blocks 3 water

Enchanted Wooden Bow: 2 fire, 2 air, 2.65 light, .2-2 physical

Earth Faerie Slingshot: 3 air, 3 light 1-3 physical

Battle Ready Pencil Box: 3 earth, 2 light, 2 physical

Steaming Skeem Potion: 2 fire, 3 water, 3 air when opponent has 19 initelligence or less / 5 fire, 3 water, 3 air when opponent has 20+ intelligence

Unstable Slime: 2 water, 3 air, 1 dark

Gold Handled Katana: 2 fire, 3 earth, 3 physical

Skeletal Fire Gun: 6 fire, 2 light

17-Pound Trout 2.65 water, 3 earth, 1-3 physical

The New 9 Iconers

Neopets has recently(ish) released a handful of low rarity, 9 icon weapons. These are the best bang for your buck if you're willing to spend a bit more on your set.

Psellias Fighting Fan: 3 air, 3 light, 3 physical

Stone Club: 3 air, 3 earth, 3 physical

Essence of Esophagor: 4.5 water, 4.5 earth

Ice Club: 3 water, 3 air, 3 physical

Golden Compass: 3 fire, 3 air, 3 light / blocks 2.6 dark

Pike Pike: 4.5 water, 4.5 light


These are once per battle (you will be able to use it again the next time you fight) items that generally do a lot of icons in one go. They are, of course, cheaper than multiple use weapons dealing the same number of icons. Be aware that for most casual battlers it is often cheaper to keep buying snowballs then to buy one, expensive bomb.

Illusens Earth Potion: 6 earth, 1-3 physical

Blood Grub: 3 fire, 3 earth, 1-5 physical

Ummagine Battle Muffin: 6 earth, 1-6 physical

Honey Potion: 13 earth, 1-3 physical - this is the bomb until you can invest multi-millions. This is a prize for completing Illusen's Quest #35 so if you're very lucky you can earn it cheaply yourself. Otherwise honey potions are very expensive.

Shields and Defense

There are many, many shields in neopia but few that are particularly useful. All icons listed are what each shield blocks.

Downsize!: blocks 50% of air, dark, earth, fire, light, physical, water (once per battle)

Leaf Shield: 5 earth, 5 water, 3 physical

Virtupets X-514 Super Shield: 2 water, 2 light, 3 earth, 2 dark, 1-3 physical

Heavy Round Shield: 2 water, 2 earth, 2 air, 1-2 physical.

Earthen Scorchstone: 5 air, 5 dark

Patched Magic Hat: 5 earth, 3 light, 3 or 6 physical

Fish Scale Breastplate: 3 earth, 3 dark, 3 physical

Shiny Shoal Shell Shield: 2.7 water, 2.7 air, 2.7 earth, 0.2-2.4 physical

Mystical White Cloak: 3 air, 3 light, 3 dark


These can be used once per battle to restore your pet's lost hit points. You can only equip one healing at a time. Below are some of the affordable options. Remember to use your faerie abilities to heal as well.

Greater Healing Scroll: heals 50 hit points before damage (that means if you get hit for 50 damage you won't heal at all).

Slime Potion: heals 10 hit points after(?) damage.

Lesser Healing Scroll: heals 25 hit points after damage.

Bronze Scorchstone: heals 15 hit points after damage.

Red Scorchstone: heals 20 hit points after damage.

Blue Scorchstone: heals 30 hit points after damage.

Green Scorchstone: heals 40 hit points after damage.

Stealing Weapons

These weapons have a chance of stealing one of your opponent's weapons for the duration of the battle. You don't get to keep the weapon you steal but you can use it for that battle. Only one stealing weapon can be equipped at a time and they are once per battle.

Purple Sticky Hand: steals roughly 55% of the time.

One Use Items

These items are able to be used once and then they disappear. This is a list of the ones you will probably find most useful.

Exploding Snowball: 4 water, 4 fire, 1-4 physical

Icy Eye Snowball: 4.5 air, 4.5 water

Jhudoras Snowball: 4 water, 4 dark, 1 water, 1 dark

Sand Snowball: 5 fire, 4 earth

Sticky Snowball: 4 earth, 4 water, 1-5 physical

Tortured Snowball: 5 fire, 5 water

Silver 00 Hog Battlecard: 4.5 air, 4.5 light

Silver Spectre Battlecard: 5 water, 5 light

Fire Muffin: 4 fire, 4 light, 4 physical

Radioactive Muffin: 4.5 light, 4.5 dark, 4.5 physical

Stone Muffin: 4.5 earth, 4.5 dark, 4.5 physical

Water Muffin: 5 earth, 5 water, 5 physical

Shooting Star Muffin: 5 fire, 5 air, 5 dark

Brain Muffin: 5 earth, 5 light, 5 physical

Robot Muffin: 5 fire, 5 air, 5 physical

Darigan Muffin: 5 fire, 5 dark, 5 physical

Smelly Dung Muffin: 5 water, 5 earth, 5 physical

Ornate Fighting Fan: 5 air, 5 earth, 5 physical

Ruby Elixer: 10 fire, 5 air

Thick Smoke Bomb: Blocks everything, yes everything.

Lucky Robot's Foot, Life Giver, Jade Elixir, and Amulet Of Life. Each fully heals your pet after(?) damage. Default to whatever is cheapest.


Freezing is an expensive proposition. It lets you do as much damage as you can in one turn and your opponant can't block. You can only equip one freezing item at a time.

Scroll of Freezing: 100% freeze, once per battle, breakable. This means that you will freeze your opponant but the scroll has a good chance of breaking permenantly.

Snowglobe Staff: 3 water, 3 light OR 1 yellow snowball OR defends against icy snowball/nothing OR breaks for the battle OR freezes (about 20% of the time).

Species Weapons

Each species of neopet has special weapons exclusive to that species. A lot of these are total rubbish but some are very useful. Below I've listed a few of the best, meaning that they are cheaper than non-species weapons or do very nice icons/defense.

Fish Bone Bruce Sword: 3 earth, 3 air

Chia Skunk Tail: 6 air / blocks 3 physical

Steel Chomby Sword: 3 earth, 3 light

Cybunny Utility Belt: 6 earth

Elephante Stunray: 3 fire, 3 water, 2 air (may freeze your opponent)

Elephante Unguent: heals 50% of your max hit points.

Ancient Eyrie Battle Mask: 6 air / blocks 1, 3, or 8 light.

Ancient Eyrie Power Wand: 3 light, 3 air, 1-2 physical

Flotsam Ice Shell: 3 air, 3 water / blocks 3 earth, 1-3 fire

Gelert Healing Remedy: heals 50% of your max hit points.

JubJub Helmet of Doom: 3 fire, 3 dark / blocks 3 light

Mighty JubJub Sword: 2 earth, 2 light, 1-3 physical

Kacheek Life Potion: heals 33% of max hit points when you're under 33% of your max, full heal if you're over 33% of your max when used.

Oaken Kacheek Sword: 3 fire, 3 light / blocks 3 earth

Kau Knight Helm: 3 earth, 2 fire, 1-3 physical / blocks 3 earth, 1-3 physical

Koi Battle Gloves: 3 air, 3 water / blocks 1, 2, or 3 earth

Pearly Koi Bubble Wand: 3 air, 3 water, 1-2 physical

Kyrii Protectogoggles: 5 earth / blocks 3 water

Kyrii Rocketboots: 3 fire, 3 physical

Dazzling Steel Lenny Mask: 3 light, 3 physical / blocks 3 dark

Dazzling Steel Lenny Sword: 3 light, 3 air

Ancient Lupe Wand: 100% freeze, breakable.

Iron Lupe Sword: 3 fire, 2 air, 3 physical

Mynci Helmet: 5 dark / blocks 3 light and 3 physical

Mighty Peophin Helmet: 3 earth, 3 light / blocks 3 dark

Peophin Bubble: 3 water, 3 air, 1-2 physical

Quiggle Boomerang: 2 earth, 3 air, 2 water

Mighty Techo Helmet: 5 light / blocks 3 air

Deciding on a Battledome Set

Confused yet? :) There are two kinds of sets that you might want to put together. The first is for everyday battling and will include mostly multi-use items. The second is a set for a special battles - either for an av, defenders of neopia, or a particularly hard war challenger - and will include more expensive, one use items.

Everyday Sets

Combine two or three multi-use weapons, a healer, a bomb, and your choice of defensive weapons. Add a stealer and/or a freezer if you'd like. And extra slots can either be ignored or used for cheap one use items like snowballs.

The cheapest (all prices estimated, 8/12/07) set available for a brand new battler looks something like this:

That would be Obsidian Dagger (500 nps) x 2 or Bone Sceptre (10 nps) x 2, Illusens Earth Potion (900 nps), and Slime Potion (1,100 nps) or Mud Mixture (50 nps).

Something a bit better would be: scarab ring x 2 or unstable slime and battle ready pencil box, leaf shield, downsize!, and greater healing scroll. This set is my answer to anyone who posts on the battledome chat "I have 100k to spend and I want to start battling, what should I buy?" Buy that set and spend the rest on training.

Don't be afraid to stick with a set like this for a while as you train. I used this set for quite some time and had a great deal of fun with it. Swap out different 6-8 iconers and cheap shields. Work on your 2-player defensive strategy.

When you're ready to invest more in your set don't run out and bid on the first green scorchstone, 9 icon weapon, or honey potion you see. Weapon prices fluctuate quite a bit and there are good and bad times to buy. Bad time to buy: right after a war is announced or during a war. Good time to buy: in the few weeks immediately following a war. Watch prices, be patient, and haunt the Battledome Chat reading seller's boards to see what prices are doing.

The 'I'm good at Neopets and have money to spend but I just want to have some battledome fun once in a while' set: 9 iconer x 2, honey potion, downsize!, and greater healing scroll. Use the other 3 slots of defensive weapons or single use items, depending on your opponent.

Special Sets

So you just can't seem to beat that challenger for the new avatar or the next Defender's of Neopia trophy. If you can survive through most of a battle with your everyday set then you should consider investing in some good one-use items to give you the advantage.

And just which one-use items? Simple. At least one Thick Smoke Bomb and a single use full healer (remove your multi-use healer). Keep your downsize! but don't hesitate to remove your multi-use weapons in favor of more powerful single use items. Freezing in one-player battles is easy because you can use low-chance freezers (like the snowglobe staff or the faerie ability fiery gaze) and withdraw (visit the status page) until you successfully freeze on the first turn.

Other Helpful Bits and Pieces

Other things involving the battledome that you may be interested in.

Defenders of Neopia

Defenders of Neopia is a game in which you battle specified challengers for a series of spiffy trophies for your lookup. You have to defeat the challengers in order and return to Defenders of Neopia Headquarters after each victory to get your trophy. Below are a list of challgners, their trophies, and where to find them.

The Pant Devil: Get him through a random event or by landing on his space on The Wheel of Excitement.

The Ghost Lupe: Visit -invalid_word-Neopian Central's Soup Alley and enter the address 131.

The Cave Chia: Refresh here, the second coloring page in Tyrannia

Meuka: Go to your quickref when your pet has Sneezles or Neoflu.

The Brain Tree: Complete one of his quests.

Commander Garoo: Refresh at the Space Station

Tekkitu the Witch Doctor: Take a Tiki Tour on Mystery Island.

The Meerca Henchmen: Click here and refresh.

Giant Ghostkerchief: Click here, 27 October 2003 news.

Evil Sloth Clone: Visit Neopia's Moon.

Snow Beast: Refresh at the Advent Calendar.

Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby: Refresh at the Giant Omelette.

Mootix Warrior: Automatic challenger.

Kastraliss: Refresh at his user lookup.

Slug Monster: Have a Slug Flakes in your inventory then go Maraquan Ruins click anywhere not labled and refresh the pop-up.

The Drenched: Refresh at the Maraquan weather page when its stormy.

Qasalan Mummy: Random event here

Defenders of Neopia 2

Defenders of Neopia 2 is the sequel to DON1. When you have defeated the challenger return to Defenders of Neopia 2 headquarters for your trophy.
Mr. Chuckles: Refresh at Coconut Shy.

Eyrieki: Visit The Temple of 1,000 Tombs and click on a door.

Kasuki Lu: Buy a Kasuki Lu card and look at it.

Lady Frostbite: Visit the Issue #98 Storytelling Competition

Battledome Avatars

These are avatars gotten in the battledome only, not avatars having to do with weapons. Most of them involve beating a challenger.

Own a Shoyru and win any fight in the battledome.

Fight a darigan Tonu in the battledome - doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Will appear randomly on the "...and the winner is" page. You can no longer refresh for this avatar.

Fight a Jetsam (or fight using your Jetsam) - doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Beat the Ghost Lupe.

Beat Meuka.

Beat Kasuki-Lu - to get him put the Kasuki-Lu card in your neodeck.

Beat the Black Pteri - getting him as a challenger is a random event.

or Beat the Meerca Brothers - you randomly get one of the two avs.

Either own a lupe and lose in the battledome or lose to the one player challenger Balthazar (get him by refreshing here)

Beat the Space Faerie - you get her as a challengers by entering a rare item code (non-TCG) at the Grundo Warehouse on the Space Station.

Lose to Punchbag Sid in the battledome. Sid is random - he's appeared when Punchbag Bob appears on your list at 100 hit points instead of 0 hit points.


The following are petpages with helpful guides for beating one-player battledome challengers and other useful information.
Garmfry's petpage has a great guide that covers more expensive weapons as well as stat increasing items.
Nangauta's petpage has an in-depth guide to all of the DON challengers.
MysticArianna's petpage has guides for the Meerca Henchmen and the Space Faerie.
Wyvern280's petpage has a very in-depth guide to beating Meuka.
Frickle's petpage has basic strategies for beating 1-player challengers.
SSAMSSAM_2004's petpage has a battledome set for every budget.
DemoiselleRogue's petpage has nice weapons lists.

The End

Well I hope this guide has been helpful. Feel free to neomail me with any questions, suggestions, or comments you might have.