Want to list your permie Bori?

Mail me on my main wolfycries104 with this form:

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Are you a Bori Hoarder?

If you own more than 3-4 permie Boris, please let me know, so you can be listed here as a certified Bori Hoarder!

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Bori Adoptables

Aw, how sad! No Bori Adoptables yet. :(

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Welcome to the Bori Brood!

The Bori Brood is a directory in which I, Wolfy, list all PERMANENT converted and UC Boris (which are, in fact, quite the underrated species) that people have worked so hard to create or trade for, and give loving homes to!
Since these Boris are permanent, I will be taking them down if one were to go UFT/A. If you do put your bori UFT/A, please contact me so I can take it down!

Please make sure, when in listing your Bori, they are at least at the very minimum, wearing a Background. If they are not, I won't list the Bori. If I notice it without clothes on for a certain amount of time, I will take it down.

The Boris!