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Acara Rina's Adoptables

Aisha Anna's Aisha Adoptables Annoying Little Aishas Sunny's Aisha Adoptables



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Chomby Icysnowe's Chomby Pixels Monkee's Chomby Adoptables

Cybunny Aeracura's Adoptables Delta Adoptables Trippinhun's Teahouse

Draik Alissca Petpage Arquiro's Draik Adoptables Zaydhen's Draik Adoptions


Eyrie _Alkazar_'s Eyrie Adoptables Icey_griffinie's Eyrie Adoptions Kamaida's Eyrie Adoptables Raeihr's Eyrie Adoptables

Flotsam Flotsam Adoptables


Gnorbu Elavira's Gnorbu Adoptables Faelithe's Gnorbu Adoptables


Grundo Gelatin Dream

Hissi Hissi Adoptables - Set 2

Ixi Ackruna's Place Deka Adoptables Duke_of_Spork Adoptables Mossy Adoptables Neppiej Adoptables Oreelka's Healthy Site Arcenyk Adoptables



Kacheek Fly's Adoptables





Kougra Byakko_7's Kougra Adoptables Kougie Adopties

Krawk Faerie Tales


Lenny Lenny Lovers Graphics

Lupe Bluorae's Petpage Emsohl's Sparkler Adoptables Lupe Adopties Lupe Adoptables Wicked Xayam's Lupe Adoptables

Lutari Kitxoone

Meerca Meerca Adoptables 1






Poogle Lemon's Poogle Adoptables Tyler's Adoptables Yellow_Ewe

Pteri Fandom Pteri Adoptables










Usul Über Usul

Wocky Xweetok X-wee Ones Adoptables Xwee!



Multiple Species

Derpoptables Holyhelper's Adoptables Kihanni's Peophin & Uni Adoptables Lindz's Adoptables Mini Adopts II Rurouni Okami Adoptables SB's Adoptables

Petpet Adoptables

Kya's Ebil Kadoatery

Miscellaneous Adoptables

Adopt-A-Celebrit Animated Fish Tanks Ice Cream Adoptables Ice Cream Cone Adoptables Ice Cream Parlor Scene Sun Kissed S_L's Pokemon Eggery The Purple Slorg Page Turtlez Xel's Voodoo Dolls

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Some guides aren't as good as others, while some guides are better. Some people may find other guides more help while others don't. I'm not going to recommend guides, because I believe that all these guides listed here are all helpful. You just have to find the one right for you! Also note that some guides coding is all mixed up, however the content is still useful.

General Guides

Account Safety/Scams: Animefreak869's Scam Help Page Brayca's Guide to Scams CarpeDeum's Guide to Avoiding Scams Chain Letter Burning Eyries Keys to a Long Neo-life Kittyxneo's No Worries Guide to a Safer Account Lanivia's Scammed Help Punchback Bob The Anti-Scam Tips Page Tips Against Scammers Who Knew?

Cookie Grabbers: Defend Yourself From Fake Login Pages & Cookie Grabbers Information On Cookie Grabbers Macky's Petpage About Cookie-Grabbers and Scammers NoScript and You

Ad Blocking: Adblock for Firefox Be Ad-Free Browse Like Premium* No More Ads

Adults on Neopets: Adults On Neopets

Advent Calendar: (x) Advent Calendar Fizzy's Advent Archives Loveywovey's Advent Calendar List Shelby's Advent Calender Item List

Almost Abandoned Attic: (x) Attic Restocking Times Le Grenier

Altador Cup Directories: Altador Cup Directory 1 Altador Cup Directory 2

Altador Cup Teams: Altador Cup Statistics Roster: AC Team Guide The Celebrity Altador Cup

Altador Plot: Altador Plot Guide Ferrarihorse360's Altador Plot Guide

Alternate Ways of Making Neopoints:

Apple Bobbing: (x) Apple Bobbing Guide


Application Story-Writing:

Art Gallery: (x) Lobster's Guide to the Art Gallery

Art Guides/Tutorials:

Assorted Adoption/Related:

Auction House: (x)

Avatars: (x) 2dog2's Avatar Guide Av Game Guide Avatar Help Collector Jocelyn's Avatar Guide Mylanithi12's Avatar Guide Quyda's Daily Avatars Spottypuppydog's Avatar Guide Secret Avatar Guide Something Has Happened Stevo's Avatar Guide Tavi's Avi Help The Avvie Scribe

Concert Avatars: Concert Mania Review Concert Schedule Concerts of Neopia Guide

Packrat Avatar: Cheap Item List For Packratters Katharine's SDB Avatar Guide Packrat and Avie Guide Packrat Emporium Packrat Avvie Guide SDB Avatar Guide The Pack Rat List 1 The Pack Rat List 2 (in SDB order)

Specific Avatars: Daily Asparagus Prices How to Get Every Borrowable Item Avatar Kelp Project The Most Efficient Way To Collect Avatar Pets UNIVERSE Avatar Clickables

Restocking Avatars: Chocolate & Spooky avatars (so far) Elusive? Restocking Chocolate Guide

Beauty Contest: (x) Beauty Contest Basics Beauty Contest Guide Help!!! It's the BC... Kaep's BC Guide The True BC Definitions

Winning Votes:

Booklists: Azzy's 5k-or-Less Book List ChiChiChi_ChiaPet's Newly Released Books Cyrill's Cheap Books Guide Frosty's Cheap Book Deals Jerishes Booklist Smerg's Book List ToonerT's Booktastic Booklist

Booktastic Books: (x) Booktastic Bonanza Booktastic Book Guide

Castle Nox - Corridor of Chance: (x)

Caption Contest: (x) Caption Contest Guide 1


Collectibles (Stamps, Etc.): (x) All About Stamps Collectible Sea Shells Complete Stamp Spoiler List Dragona5's Stamp Help Page HRH's Guide to Stamps Neopia's Stamp, Sea Shell, Coin, Coconut, & Charms Guide Stamps


Coltzan's Shrine: (x) Coltzan's Shrine Stats Project

Cooking Pot Recipes: (x) Cooking Pot Recipes Neopian's Cooking Pot Information Center

Converted Pets: Converted Pet Images

Customization: Basic Guide to Customizing Custom Clothing Dressed-Up Pet Screenies Lilacia's SWF Collection NC Catalogue NC Guide for Customizers NMagazine No NC? No Problem! Panther's Customization FAQ Poise Restockable Wearables The Closet The NBC Guide Wearable Clothing Guide Wearable Items (Neopoints ONLY)

Backgrounds: Atmosphere - Backgrounds, Foregrounds and Trinkets Background Bonanza Wearable Backgrounds (Nps ONLY)

Specific Pet Customization: The Ixi Closet Bunnygotcarrot123's Cybunny Customization

Specific Wearables: Sweetheart Grams

Customization Spotlight: (x)

Daily Dare: (x) Daily Dare 2010 Daily Dare 2010 Prize List

Daily Puzzle: (x) Daily Puzzle Answers

Dictionaries: Chat Speak Dictionary Chatspeak Dictionary ChiZzab3L's Acronyms Guide Crio3mo's Acroynym Page Katfun's Word Help NeoDictionary

Diseases & Cures: Hover - (x) (x) (x) Cool's Meds Chart Etheline's Guide to Health and Cures Doctor Roo Neopian Emergency Room

Faerieland Employment Agency: (x) Boxstercraz's Guide to Job Coupons and Basic Jobs Juniper's Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency

Festival of Neggs: (x)

Previous Years: Negg Festival Quest Guide

Fonts: (x) Love to Make: A Guide to Beautiful Fonts Oasiah's Font Guide

Galleries & Collecting Items: (x) Destiny's Guide to Collecting

Gallery Spotlight: (x)


Gourmet Food: (x) Gourmet Foods Gourmet Food Guide Quramia's Gourmet Food Guide The Guide to Gourmet

Guilds: (x) Animefreak869's Guide For a Successful Guild Diggerzy's Guild Helping Site Elsewhere Froggy's Guide to Starting Guilds Guilds 411 Naiomit's Guide to Guild Making Pirate's Guild Guide Serennoking's Guild Owning Guide

Finding the Right Guild:

Guild Advertising:

Guild Leaders:

Guild Members:

Private Guilds:

Help Chat: (x) CD's HC FAQs Chauwmbeh's Common HC FAQs Help Chat FAQ 2 Sassygirl0002's Complete Guide to the HC The N00b FAQ Answers Page for Help Chat

Igloo Garage Sale: (x)

Illusen & Jhudora Quests: Diafaneia's Faerie Guide Faerie Files Illusen's Glade

Item Buying, Selling, & Trading:


Item Lists/Prices: (general) Guide to Grooming Products Little Foot Price Check

Kadoatery: (x) 2cents on Kad Feeding Andy's Kadoatery Guide Carmen's Kadoatery Guide Guia de Kados (Portuguese) Guide to the Kadoatery Kadoatie Tips Kadoatie Wizard: The Beginner's Guide to Wiz Feeding Kadoatery Feeding Guide Kali's Kad Guide Mandy's Kad Feeding Guide MissAttie's Kadoatery Guide Nyctophobia: A Kadoatery Guide The Kadoatery Xaiveren's Kadoatery FAQ

Kadoatery Food Lists: Carmen's Kadoatery Food List Cathy's Grouped Kad Food List Kad Foods A-Z Tony's Kad Food List

Kadoatery References: Karen's Kad Guides & Kadoatery Hi-Score List How to Make a List of Kad Foods From the Last Main

Time System Explanations: Time System Explanation 1 Time System Explanation 2

Krawk Island Event: (x) Krawk Island Event Guide 2 The Black Grail (directory)

Event Fun: Put Something in McGill's Hand

Lab Maps: Dekasin's Lab Map Guide Maps, Maps and More Maps! The Forgotten Shore Map Guide The Zapped Meepit

Lab Map Prices: Treasure Map Triduo's SLM/PB Prices

Lab Ray: (x) La Estrella's Lab Ray Guide Lab Ray Diary (stats)

Petpet Lab Ray: Petpet Lab Ray FAQ Zapped and Proud

Limited Edition Pets: Limited Ed. Rishi's Limited Edition & Restricted Pet Guide

Draiks & Krawks: Draiks VS Krawks Lilic's Krawk Guide

Lunar Temple: (x) Lunar Calendar Guide Lunar Temple Guide 1 Lunar Temple Guide 2 Lunar Temple Guide 3

Lutari Island & Talismans: (x) Lutari Island Lutari Island Mobile Guide Lutari Talisman Guide Lutari Talisman Help & FAQ

Moltara: (x) Gerrysfluffypancakes Guide to Moltara Guide to Moltara Moltara Dark Cave Guide Moltara Guide

Magma Pool: (x) Getting into the Magma Pool The Sleeping Magma Guard

Money Tree: (x) All About the Money Tree

Morphing Potions: Morphing Potions 1 Morphing Potion and Transmogrification Potion Guide

Multiple Accounts: Akaunts' Accounts FAQ Side Accounts

Mysterious Morphing Experiments: Mysterious Morphing Experiments Mysterious Morphing Experiment Guide

Mystery Capsules: Almost Capsule Guide Cap Value Guide Mystery Capsules Page 2 Mystery Capsules Page 3 Values Are Not In Capsules!

Specific Capsules: Fall Pumpkin Patch Mystery Capsule 1

Mystery Pic: (x)

N00bs: How Not to be a N00b N00bs VS Newbies

NC Mall: (x) Guia de NC (Portuguese) Mall Minutiae NC Mall FAQs NC Mall: Items Retiring Soon NC Mall Limited Edition Guide Super Saled!

NC Card Items: NC Card Items Neocash Card Guide Neocash Card Vault

NC Item Values: Neocash Item Values

NC Mall Directories: NC Value Directory The NC Mall Pages

NC Mall Gifting/Trading: How to Tell If Your Trade is Fair NC Trading 101 NC Trading Etiquette The Official Neopets Gift Guide


Neggs: (x) Negg Training Guide The Complete Guide to Neggs The Neggery Guide

Neoboards: (x) Attack of the Hypocrisy: Chatters Need a New Awakening (essay)

Neodecks: (x) (aka collectable cards)

Neohomes: (classic | v.2) 12 Step Overview Comparing V2 & Classic Neohomes Flash's Tile Tutorial Neohome 2.0 FAQ Neohome 2.0 (FAQ) Neohomes & Gardens Guide Rascalus's Revered Rooms The Shed

Neogarden Design:

Neohome Design:

Neohome Item Lists:

Neomails: (x)

Neopets: All About Lupes Gnorbu Pedia Lutari Guide Quart Cs The Resistance Wikibunny

Neopets Help: (x) Ageless Accounts A3sk's Help Page Common Misconceptions Copy & Paste; Dailies, Freebies, Giveaways, and More! Don't Panic: The Neopian's guide to the Worst-Case Scenario Eratw's Help Page Exploring Neopian Help Guide For You Guide to Becoming a Successful Neopian Loyal User Perks Momof52004's Help Page Quagthistle's Web Questions of Neopia Quick Answers to Common Questions NeoAid Sacred's Guides Sunflower25's Help Page The Friendly Village Guild - How To Guides The Hiatus Rescue Kit The Neopets Q & A

Neopets History: Neopets April Fools Old Neopets Old School Neopets Neopian Museum Remember When?

Neopian Activities: Bumpity Bump KELP'S Maraquan Menu Notable Neopets The Expanded Calendar The PPL Award List Twisted Roses Unique Sites

Neopian Shops:

Shops Listings: All the Stores in Neopia Shops Around Neopia

Neopian Characters: All About Illusen

Faeries: Faeries Domain

Neopian Contests: (x)

Neopian Economics:

Neopian Events & Holidays: Hover - (x) (x) Devil's Guide to Neopian Holidays International Talk Like a Pirate Day Who is Boochi?

Past Events: Dupe Day 2005 Spring Promotions & Giveaways (2009) This Year in Neopia

Neopian Items: Asparagus Anonymous Glaishio's Guide to Trick or Treat Prizes Hot Diggity Dogs Jellies Potions & Tonics & More...Oh My!! Raspberry Madness SAND! So You Want to Be Fruity? Spreadin' the Snow The Cupcakery The Neopian Fruit Encyclopedia The Rainbow Registry The Toy Box

Neopian Times: (x) Neopian Times Readers Association The Neopian Times: A Complete Guide

Article Databases:

Editorial: Metis The Condensed Neopian Times Editorial

Getting Published: (x) Inscribe Talia's Guide to Becoming a NT Star The Secret Rulebook The Weewoo Den

Neopian Worlds: (x) A Guide to Shenkuu Belle's Hidden Links Jollyjellyeater's Jelly Guide

Nerkmid Guide

Newbies: Complete Newbie Guide Gauditt's Newbie Help Getting Started Guide Graciegirl63 Explains Help for Newbies Ladera's Guide to Everything and Anything Neo Newbie Help Guide The Hitchhiker's Guide to Neopets The Information Station The Newbie Guide to Using the Trading Post, Auctions Games and Shops Traveling Neopia

Poetry Gallery: (x) The Poetry Contest

Paint Brush (Prices): Dytz's Painted & Rare Guide Emroza's PB Guide How To Change The Trait Of Your Pet Paint Brush Price Guide Painting Your Pets Pihve's Reverse Rainbow Pool Studio 54 The Neopian Paint Brush Inflation Rate The Paintorium

Obtaining a Paint Brush:

Petpet Paint Brushes:

Pet Lending:

Pet Naming:

Pet Trading:

Unconverted Trading: Unconverted Trading Database

Petpet(pet)s: Petpets: A Pictionary & History Petpetpet Help Petpetpet List The Petpetpet Guide

Specific Petpets: The Candychan Sanctuary

Petpet(pet) Matching: Petpet Matcher Pet(pet)(pet) Matching Petpet Matching Guide Your Perfect Petpet

Plot & Quest Prizes: Prizes from Quests/Plots Sweep's Plot Prize Guides

Pound Chat: (x) Blue's Guide to the Pound Chat Cae's Pound Chatter's Guide

Premium: Balthazar's Premium FAQ's Leto's Guide to Neopets Premium LeenaLu's Premium FAQ Premium At Heart

Quests: CleopatrasCat's Quest Help Faerie Quest Directory Faerie Quest Guide Faerie Quest Items Quest Help The Faerie Abilities Guide The Faerie Shrine Usedbooks Water Faerie Quest Book Guide What You Need to Know About Quests Your Guide to Faerie Quests

Specific Quests:

Rainbow Fountain Quests: (x) Rainbow Fountain FAQ

Random Contest: (x)

Random Events: Darkstormer666's Pet Page of Randomness Saxlitsa's Random Events List

Restocking: Ayperi's Guide to Restocking Just Another Restock Guide Kristie's Guide to Restocking Miniature Restocking Guide Nutty's Ultimate Restocking Guide Restocker Restocking Restocking, A How to Guide Restocking Guide 1 Restocking Guide 2 Restocking Made Easy Scorchi's Shop Guide The Ultimate Neomillionare Guide

Choosing Shops to Restock At:

Retired Items:

Roleplaying: Roleplay For Newbies Roleplayer's Guide Roleplaying for Beginners

Rules & Etiquette: (x) *Always read the Neopets Rules first! Cheeroh's Summary of Copyright Law Know the Rules Learn the Rules Neo-Rules...Simplified Userlookup Rating Etiquette What Is Harassment?

Saving Neopoints:

Scratchcards: Hover - (x) (x) (x) My Scratching Technique Scratchcards Guide Oakko's Screenie Tutorial Screenie Help Screenshots Tutorial

Shop Wizard: (x)

Shopkeeping & Malling: Bugsy's Guide to Shopkeeping & Malling Frisky Business: Shop Guide QuadTails' Guide to Shopkeeping Sabrina's Ultimate Shop Promotion Guide TMC Guide to Shops & Malls What to Sell in Your Shop and Earning Neopoints

Site Themes: (x) LordMule's Site Theme Page Smoking_Fish's Site Themes Guide

Sniping: (aka reselling) Amy's Auction Sniping Guide Moonie's Guide to Successful Sniping Sniping The Wizing Hour: Sniping Guide

Trade-Sniping: (x)

Snowager: (x) Snowager Stats Project The Snowager's Cave

Stock Market: (x)
*Also check out Neopets' own Stock Market-Related Help. Advanced Stock Strategies ANA's Stock Market Guide Buy & Sell's Stock Market Guide Jazz's Stock Market Guide & Tips for Beginners Journey Through the Stock Market Kat's Guide to Stocks New at Stocks? Here is a Basic Guide Ny's Stock Advice Central Pyramiding the Market Sniggy's Stock Tips Sohquest's Guide to Stock Market Stock Market Stock Help Page Stock Talk Stocktycoon

Storytelling Contest: (x)

Tarla: (x) Tarla & Neopets Toolbar Info Tarla'd: A Compilation of Tarla'd Items Tarla Tracking Xoe's Guide to Tarla

Tarla's Tour of Mystery:

Tarla in Firefox: Tarla's Toolbar

TCG: Neopets Trading Card Game Guide TCG Virtual Prize Code Prize FAQ

Specific Packs:

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity: (x) TDMBGPOP

The Faeries' Ruin Plot: (x) TFR Plot Guide Directory Another Hilarious TFR Parody! Cat's Guide to the Faeries' Ruin Plot Neopets Plot Detectives The Faerie Rescue Plot Guide

Trading Post: (x)

Training: Basic Start Training Fast Training Guide Keep It Straightforwardly Simple Training Mystery Island Training School Guide Nootrishus' Training Guide

Transmogrification: Guide to Transmogrification Transmogrification

Turmaculus: (x)

Twice Painted Pets: (aka cross painted) Cross Painted Pets Twice Painted Directory A-H | P-Z Twice Painted Pets

Unconverted Pets: Raz's Guide to Unconverted Pets UC Comparison

User Lookup Spotlight: (x)

Usuki: Enter the World of Usuki

Virtual Prize Answers: Virtual Prize Answers

Weapons: Grephun's Weapon Statistics Saxlas Weapon Guide The Weaponry Weaponpedia

Wheels: The Wheel of Extravagance

Wishing Well: (x)

Wishing Well Avatar: (theories) Amount/Wish Data The Wishing Well: Avatar Donation Amount Wishing Well - Occam's Razor Theory Wishing Well Avatar Theories


Guide Directories:

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex: (x) (aka Underwater Fishing) Fishing Made Easy Underwater Fishing Item Rarity & Value

Games Guides

200m Peanut Dash: (x) 200m Peanut Dash: Game Guide A Walk in the Park - A Guide to 200m Peanut Dash

Advert Attack: (x) Advert Attack Guide Zelda's Advert Attack Guide Adverti***ts Attack: Amazing Ace Assaults Ads! Advert Attack: Ten Tips for Everyone Advanced Advert Attack Tips

Anchor Management: (x) Anchor Management Item List Anchor Management Prize Guide

Armada: (x) Guide to Multiplayer Games

Attack of the Gummy Dice: (x) Advanced Gummy Dice Attack of the Gummy Dice: The Guide Attack of the Gummy Dice – The Official, Unofficial Guide

Attack of the Marblemen: (x) Attack of the Marblemen Why You Should Play Attack of the Marblemen!

Attack of the Revenge: (x) Attack of the Revenge Attack of the Revenge Attack of the Revenge! ArRrRr!! Attack of the Revenge: Master Them Pirate S***s! Game Theory - Attack of the Revenge Attack of the Revenge – Slash those pirates!

Attack of the Slorgs: (x) Attack of the Slorgs Game Guide Obiwanpi's Guide to Attack of the Slorgs Attack of the Slorgs - It's Never Too Late to Repel! Tips of a Gamer - Attack of the Slorgs Attack of the Slorgs!! A Guide Attack of the Slorgs Slorgerize Your Way to an Avatar A Quick Guide to Free the Crops

Barf Boat: (x) A Barf Boat Guide: Doesn't It Sound Appetizingly Fun? The Best Cruise This Side of Krawk Island: Barf Boat

Battledome: (x) A Battledome Set For Every Budget Battle Basics Battledome Battledome Challengers Battledome for Beginners Battledome Guide Battledome Guide For Kids Battledome Help Battling Without Spending a Fortune Beat the Avatar Opponents Ghost Lupe Battle Guide Snakanat's Avatar Opponent Guide Southwest's Battledome Help Battledome Secrets A Battledomer's Guide to Common Courtesy 50 Battledome Items That We Can Be Glad Do Not Exist A Message from Punchbag Bob Knee-Deep Battledome Guide The Avatar and Trophy Collectors' Guide to the BD Battledome-ify Your Neopian Times Items How to Win EVERY Match in the Battledome The Battledome Blues: Species Uncovered Interpreting the Battledome Screen The Battledome: An In-depth Guide A Prickly Potion Explanation (Finally!) Sad Days in the Dome: Battledome Weapon Downgrades Deciphering the Dome Lab Rats and the Battledomers Who Love Them Deciphering the Dome: Bombs Away! Preparing a Pet for the Battledome Battledome Panic? Guide to the Battledome Era of Anagram Swords Battledome Clueless? – An Interview With an Expert

Punchbag Bob:

Space Faerie: Space Faerie Guide

Berry Bash: (x) Berry Bash: A Step Back... and in the Right Direction Serving Up the Berries- A Guide to Berry Bash Berry Bash - The Complete Guide

Better Than You: (x) Better Than You Guide & Archive

Bilge Dice: (x) Bilge Dice: What To Keep Increasing Your Ten-streak Chances Mastering Bilge Dice Recovering from the Lucky Streak Blues Ruler of the Bilge

Biscuit Brigade: Hagan's Last Stand: (x) Biscuit or Cookie: A Guide to Biscuit Brigade Biscuit Brigade: Become a Top Cookie Crusader Biscuit Brigade; Hagan's last Stand Biscuit Brigade Guide Glunf's Guide to Biscuit Brigade

Bouncy Supreme: (x) Apparently, You CAN Play With Food

Black Pawkeet Slots: (x) Pressing Your Luck with Black Pawkeet Slots The New Black Pawkeet Slots! What You Need to Know!

Brucey B Slots: (x) Brucey B Slots

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway: (x) A Guide to Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway Backwood Breakaway Guide Breaking a Way Out of Bruno's Backwoods

Bumble Beams: (x) Bumble Beaming Bumble Beams Guide Bumble Beams - Saving the Petpets Bumble Beams... Unbaffled! How to Beat Bumble Beams Let's Get Ready To Bumble!

Buried Treasure: (x) Buried Treasure Guide

Carnival of Terror: (x) Carnival of Terror- Tips From a Champion Conquering Carnival Games Conquering Your Fears of Carnival of Terror Don't Get Pied - A Carnival of Terror Guide Hiya Clown!**Bang!**Bye Clown! Shoot Those Pie-throwing Creatures! Show Those Evil Robots Who's Boss Taking Life One Chia at a Time Revenge of the Chia Clown What Came First? The Pie or the Clown?

Castle Battles: (x) Castle Battles: A Guide Castle Battles Guide Your Awesome Guide to Castle Battles!

Cave Glider: (x)
Cave Glider Guide

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island: (x) Caves and Corridors Guide Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island Guide

Cellblock: (x) Blocking Vex: A Guide to Cellblock Cellblock - Behind the Scenes Cellblock Guide Cellblock Guide Escaping Cellblock Mastering Cellblock Master Vex Unlock Cellblock VelvetMoon's Cellblock Guide

Chariot Chase: (x) Chariot Chasing: A Guide To Keep You In Your Seat!

Cheat!: (x) Catmenfrommoon's Cheat Guide CHEAT! Proof That Cheaters Do Win Cheat!: A Thinking Neopian's Game How Well Can they Cheat? Cheat! Chat Heilley's Best-selling Guide to Cheat! To Cheat or not to Cheat CHEATER! Cheat!!! Can You Handle the Pressure? Cheat! A Game Worth The Effort Cheat! – It's All about LOGIC

Cheeseroller: (x) Cheeseroller Cheeseroller Guide A Guide to Winning Trophies #9

Chemistry For Beginners: (x) Advanced Chemistry Chemistry For Beginners Chemistry for Beginners Guide Experimenting with Chemistry

Chia Bomber: (x) Chia Bomber: Bomb With the Best A Guide to Winning Trophies #8 Chia Bomber - The Guide Chia Bomber 2 – The Guide Chia Bomber II: a Real Blast! Becoming an Expert Chia Bomber Chia Bomber 2 – Shooting Through the Neighborhood Become a Champion at Chia Bomber 2!

Cliffhanger: (x) Cliffhanger Answers Cliffhanger Guide The Joys of Cliffhanger Everything You Wanted to Know About Cliffhanger But Couldn't Figure Out Without the Letter "A Look Beneath the Surface: Cliffhanger

Cloud Raiders: (x) Cloud Raiders Guide Cloud Raiders for the Aerodynamically Challenged

Cooty Wars: (x) It's Raining Mootix! – Your Guide to Cooty Wars

Cork Gun Gallery: (x) None! Submit one?

Crisis Courier: (x) Crisis Courier A Courier In Crisis In Crisis Courier Crisis Courier Game Guide Crisis Courier Game Guide

Dar-BLAT!!!: (x) None! Submit one?

Deadly Dice: (x) Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice Guide

Darigan Dodgeball: (x) A Guide to Dodge those Bal*s in Darigan Dodgeball!

Deckball: (x) How to Kick Back With Deckball Deckball For Dummies The Art of Deckball And it's a GOAL!

Defender Trainer: (x) Training to Defend Into Defending? Training to Defend Neopia: A Defender Trainer Guide

Defenders of Neopia: (x) Defenders of Neopia' Do's and Don'ts

Destruct-O-Match III: (x) Destruct-O-Match III Guide Destruct-O-Match - Your Friend? Can You Be a Grand Master? The (Un)Official Destruct-O-Match II Strategy Guide Crushing Those Boulders Some How-To Tips on Playing Destruct-O-Match II Introducing Destruct-O-Match 3! Destruct-O-Match III Guide A Neopian's Guide to Destruct-o-Match III

Dice Escape: (x) Dice Escape Game Guide Game Codes & Dice Escape Guide Dice Escape: A Guide to Success

Dice of Destiny: (x) A Guide to Help You Roll Your Dice of Destiny Are You Destined For A Trophy?

Dice-a-Roo: (x) Dice-A-Roo Guide & Prizes Dice-A-Roo X-Treme Dice-A-Rooing... Sort Of 3 Strategies for Being a Successful Dice-a-Roo Player Beating the Dice-A-Roo Blues How to Not Get the Dice-a-Roo Avatar Be the King of Dice-A-Roo Making Dice-A-Roo Less Dicey Good or Bad? Dice-A-Roo Dice-A-Roo: The Game of Kings

Dubloon Disaster: (x) Holly's Dubloon Disaster Guide A Pirate's Guide to Dubloon Disaster Mine-Blowing Guide to Dubloon Disaster Dubloon Disaster is Not a Disaster! Dubloon Disaster: New vs. Old Much Ado about Dubloon (Disaster) How to Navigate the Harsh Seas of Dubloon Disaster Dubloon Disaster – Not Just Some Floating Mines Dorak, Dubloon Disaster Dignitary A Guide to Winning Trophies #9 How to play Dubloon Disaster and win BIG

Dueling Decks: (x) How to Out-Duel on the Decks Dueling Decks: The Ultimate Guide Dueling Decks, a Trophy Guide – Going for the Gold Dueling On and On and On

Dungeon Dash: (x) Dungeon Dash Dungeon Dash: Race for a Better Score! Earning the Dungeon Dash Trophy

Edna's Shadow: (x) Edna's Shadow Edna's Shadow - The New Challenge Edna's Shadow: The Guide

Escape From Meridell Castle: (x) Escape From Meridell Castle Escape From Meridell Castle Escape From Meridell Castle Ultimate Guide Escape From Meridell Castle: The Guide (Levels 1-10) A Guide to Winning Trophies #11

Building Castles: How to Create your Perfect Castle

Escape to Kreludor: (x) Dodging Comets Saving Neopia One Ship At A Time Escape To Kreludor: The Guide

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars: (x) Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars Game Guide Talek's Guide to Evil Fuzzles Fuzzles of Doom Advanced Guide to Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars Invasion of the Fuzzles - A Guide to Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars Get Those Evil Fuzzles! A Guide to Winning Trophies #8 My Guide To Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers: (x) In The Clouds: A Guide To Extreme Racing Faerie Cloud Racer – A Beginners Guide

Extreme Herder: (x) Extreme Herder Guide Who Let The Petpets Out - Extreme Herder Tips Your Friendly Guide to Extreme Herding The Dummy's Guide to Extreme Herder Extreme Herder Guide – Chasing Around the Paddock!

Extreme Herder 2: (x) Are You Extreme Enough? A Guide to Extreme Herder 2! Extreme Herder 2 – Extreme Herder with a Twist

Extreme Potato Counter: (x) Extreme Potato Counter Guide Your Groovy Guide to Extreme Potato Counter! An Extreme Guide to Extreme Potato Counter The Average Neopian Guide To Extreme Potato Counter Radically Insane Extreme Potato Counter Game Guide

Eye of the Storm: (x) The Way Out of the Eye of the Storm Storm Center: Cyodrake's Gaze Eye of the Storm - Eye Think You Should Play!

Faerie Bubbles: (x) Chaosrocket's Faerie Bubbles Guide Faerie Bubbles Guide Juf_marieke's Faerie Bubbles Guide The Ultimate Faerie Bubbles Avatar Guide Faerie Bubbles - Making the Shot My Faerie Bubbles Game Guide to get the Avatar! Faerie Bubbles Guide Bubble, Bubble, Faerie Bubbles! Bubble Trouble?

Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest: (x) Faerie Caves II: Fyora's Quest Walkthrough Faerie Caves II Game Guide Fyora's Caves How to Create the Perfect Faerie Cave Old vs New: Which Game is For You? Part II

Faerie Cloud Racers: (x) Faerie Cloud Racers Game Guide Faerie Cloud Racers Game Guide Faerie Cloud Racers, the New Trend or Bend? Faerie Cloud Racers Uber Guide Faerie Cloud Racer – A Beginners Guide

Faerie Crossword: (x) Crossword Help Page Faerie Crossword 101

Feed Florg: (x) Feed Florg Avatar Guide Feed Florg Guide Don't Feed Florg (Petpets) Feed Florg Frenzy The Essential Feed Florg Scoring Goals to Feed Florg Mmm. Petpets. { A guide to stress-free Feed Florg } Ten Tips to Feed Florg Feed Florg In Defence of Feeding Florg A Guide to Winning Trophies #10

Fetch!: (x) Fetch! an Unofficial Guide How to Fetch! a Top Score Fetch: A Guide to Fetch and a Shiny New Trophy What is Fetch!?

Flycatcher: (x) Flycatcher Flycatcher - a Guide to Licking the Competition Pretty Fly for a Pink Guy

Food Club: (x) Food Club Food Club - A Complete Guide of Definitions and How to Bet Sirhatter's Guide to Gambling in the Food Club Food Club: A Guide for Beginners Food Club: an Allergies Ana*ogy Five Years of Food Club Making Sense of Food Club Food Club: Your Best Friends in Betting Demystifying the Food Club The Food Club: How to Bet Efficiently How to Play Food Club and Play it Well The Food Club How to Play Food Club and Play it Well

Freaky Factory: (x) Freaky Factory Freaky Factory Freaky Factory: The Easy Way Melanie's Freaky Factory Guide Ohmigosh So Freaky!! Tiffany's In-Depth Freaky Factory Guide Freaky Factory Tips and Tricks Conquering Freaky Factory Freaked about Freaky Factory?: A Guide Yoinked! My Freaky Factory Experience A Guide to Freaky Factory: Working for Krelufun Ind. Freaky Factory Follies!

Fruit Machine: (x) Fruit Machine Fact or Fiction: Fruit Machine A Stealer? Forever Whirling: The Lost Desert Fruit Machine

Frumball: (x) ...and *Pop* Go the Bal*s! Korbat's Lab v. Frumball - The Ultimate Showdown Frumball... YEAH!!!

Gadgadsgame: (x) Gadgadsgame Game Guide How to Succeed at Gadgadsgame Without Really Trying A Gadgads-tastic Guide for Gadgadsgame! Hey! It's Tips for Gadgadsgame! Playing with Your Food A Guide to Winning Trophies #11

Game Challenge: How to Earn Major Np from Game Challenges

Game Codes: Game Codes & Dice Escape Guide Games Slim_Cognito Game Codes

Game Guide Directories: Daxo's Game Guides Game Central KeyQuest Guide Directory Little Black Box NeoQuest I and II Links The Games Room

Game Ratios: Joderi's Game Ratio Change Guide

Games Master Challenge: (x) Lilly's Games Master Challenge Guide The Games Master Challenge: Total Domination

Games Neoboard: (x)

Geos: (x) Geos: A Game for Monthly Fun Multi Player Frenzy Pet-tiqutte: Multiplayer Madness!

Ghost Bopper: (x) A Guide to Whack-A-Ghost A Ghost Whacker's How-To Bop A Ghost Ghost Bopper Guide Ghost Bopper – the Trophy Guide

Go! Go! Go!: (x) Cheat!! vs. Go! Go! Go! - Which Should You Go For? A Guide To a Fast-Paced Game of Cards Advanced Strategy Game Guide for Go! Go! Go! Go, Go, Go, but How Far??? Knowing How to GO! GO! GO! Go Go Go Play Go! Go! Go!

Godori: (x) Godori: A Game of Strategy Godori: A Card Game Lover's Guide A Great Godori Guide

Goparokko: (x) Goparokko - A General Guide to the Game

Gormball: (x) Mystikal_angel99's Gormball Guide Direct From The Annual Gormball Championships A Not-So-Helpful Guide to Gormball For The Love Of Gormball Blast From The Past: Rediscovering "Lost" Games Gormball: Taking Down the Championships Extreme Gormball The Old Standbys

Gourmet Club Bowls: (x) Peo's Gourmet Club Bowls Guide Gourmet Club Leader? Not Likely Gourmet Club vs. Book Award Gourmet Club Bowls Game Guide The Gourmet Game - A Gourmet Club Bowls Guide Gourmet Club Bowls: the Trophy Guide Gourmet Club Trophy Getting Started in the Gourmet Club Paupers Gourmet Foods Gourmet Club Gourmet Feeding 101 0 to 1000: How to Enter the Gourmet Club Gourmet Bites: Holiday Edition Breaking Down Gourmet Club Bowls

Grand Theft Ummagine: (x) Grand Theft Ummagine: A Guide to Success Grand Theft Ummagine Help A Guide To Grand Theft Ummagine

Grarrl Keno: (x) Grarrl Keno Grarrl Keno - How to Play Like a Pro

Gwyl's Great Escape: (x) Gwyl's Great Escape Trophy Guide Gwyl's Great Escape Guide

Habitarium: (x) Guia del Terrario (Spanish) Habitarium Tips Locked Out? Tina's Hab Guide Your Beginners Guide To The P3 Habitarium! Maximizing your Habitarium's Success A Champion's Guide to the Habitarium Habitarium: Let's Rock your Role! Habitarium - Level 50 Starting to Bug You? Feng Shui for Habitariums Fast Habitarium Playing Habitopia – 10 Ways to Improve Habitarium Habitarium Break Strategy Guide A Habitarium Guide for Slow Computers Your Guide to a Healthy Habitarium

FAQ: Also check out Neopets' Habitarium FAQ. Frequently Asked And Repeated Questions From The Habitarium Board!

Habitarium References: EK's Habitarium Screenies Habitarium Ink & Decoration Preview Habitarium Levels & Upgrades

Hannah and the Ice Caves: (x) Hannah & the Ice Caves Guide Hannah & the Ice Caves Guide Hannah & the Ice Caves Walkthrough Scarvogue's HATIC Guide Hannah and the Ice Caves Expansion Interview Hannah and the Ice Caves (TCG) Expansion Hannah and the Ice Caves for Beginners Don't Lose Your Temper! Mastering Hannah and the Ice Caves Hannah and the Ice Caves - Trophy Guide Conquering Hannah and the Ice Caves: Part One A Guide to Mastering Those Ice Caves: Levels 1-10 A Guide to Mastering Those Ice Caves: Levels 11-15

CaveMaker: The Basics of Cave Making Tips to Design Your Very Own Cave using CaveMaker Pirate Cave Making 101

Hannah and the Kreludor Caves: (x) The KGLF's Guide to HANNAH and the Kreludor Caves Hannah and the Kreludor Caves - Trophy Guide Tips to Design Your Very Own Kreludor Cave

Hannah and the Pirate Caves: (x) Hannah & the Pirate Caves Guide Hannah & the Pirate Caves Guide Hannah & the Pirate Caves Guide Mastering Hannah and the Pirate Caves Hannah and the Pirate Caves - Trophy Guide

CaveMaker: Hannah & the Pirate Caves - CaveMaker

Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure: (x) Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure

Hasee Bounce: (x) Hasee Bounce The Bounciest Game Around...Hasee Bounce!!! Mastering Hasee Bounce A Hasee Bounce Novel Hasee Bounce and Its Surprising Applications to Life Delightfully Frustrating - Hasee Bounce Bounce Your Way to Glory! Hasee Bounce... or Life Lessons? 3 – 2 – 1 – Bounce! A Hasee Bounce Guide

Hot Dog Hero: (x) Carving Meaty Marvels in Hot Dog Hero Hot Dog Hero – Be the Hero of Your Own Hot Dog Stand

Hubrid's Hero Heist: (x) Hubrid's Hero Heist - The Guide Hubrid's Hero Heist: Learn the Basics Advanced Hubrid's Hero Heist Your Friendly Walkthrough to Hubrid's Hero Heist

Hungry Skeith: (x) Hungry Skeith Game Guide Hungry Skeith Guide Higher Score on Hungry Skeith! Hungry Skeith: Just One More Jelly Left... Hungry Skeith - It's Feeding Time! Playing Hungry Skeith with the Buzz A Busy Buzz, a Hungry Skeith and a Lot of Jelly: How to Master the Jelly Processing Plant Game

Ice Cream Machine: (x) Ice Cream Machine Ice Cream Machine Game Guide Ice Cream Machine Guide Ice Cream Machine Guide Ice Cream Machine Guide Ice Cream Machine Guide The Ice Cream Guide Ice Cream Machine - So cool, it's freezing... A Novice's Guide to the Ice Cream Machine Ice Cream Dodging is Not For the Faint of Heart Ice Cream Machine - the Guide with Cherries on Top Surviving Hypothermia: A Guide to Ice Cream Machine The Real Scoop on Ice Cream Machine A Chia's Guide to Ice Cream Machine Ice-Cream Machine: a Guide

Igloo Garage Sale - The Game/Store: (x) Igloo Garage Sale - Watch Out for those Pianos! Igloo Restocking Guide Iglooing For Beginners An Ice Crystal in the Rough: The Igloo Garage Sale The Almost Abandoned Attic or the Igloo Garage Sale? Watch For Falling... Pianos!? Igloo Garage Sale Explained

Imperial Exam: (x) Imperial Exam Guide Imperial Exam: Passing the Cut Guide to Imperial Exam Imperial Exam Game Guide Success Has Two Cs: A Guide to Imperial Exam

Invasion of Meridell: (x) GoldEyeGriffin's Guide to Defending Meridell RQ'S [Invasion of Meridell] Guide Conquering the Invasion The Art of War: A Guide to Defending Meridell The Most Efficient Invasion of Meridell Strategy How to Become an Invasion of Meridell Champion A Guide to Winning Trophies #10 How to Beat Invasion of Meridell

Island Chef Academy: (x) Mastering Island Chef Academy A Guide to Island Chef Academy: Being the #1 Chef

Itchy Invasion: (x) Itchy Invasion: A Guide for Skeiths A Rash Response to the Petpetpet? Itchy Invasion: Blast those Petpetpets! The Ultimate Guide to Itchy Invasion

Jelly Blobs of Doom: (x) A Guide to Eating Jelly Blobs of Doom You Are What You Eat (Or What You Get Eaten By)

Jolly Jugglers: (x) Jolly Jugglers Guide Jolly Jugglers - Juggling Your Way to a Jolly Trophy Help Save Jolly Jugglers' Sister A Guide to Jolly Jugglers The Jolly Jugglin' Guide For Juggling and Glory

Jubjub Blackjack: (x) Blast From The Past: Rediscovering "Lost" Games

Jubjub Power Bounce: (x)

Jubble Bubble: (x) The Jubble Bubble Guide Helping your Jubble Bubble Troubles! Jubble Bubble Guide Bubbling YOUR Way to EXCELLENCE

Jumpin' Gem Heist: (x) Jumpin' Gem Heist Game Guide

Jungle Raiders: (x) Jungle Raiders Guide: Swing Your Way to a High Score

Kass Basher: (x) Aerial9's Guide to Whack-A-Kass Kass Basher Guide If You Can Swing It, Bring It! Relax with Whack-a-Kass Whack-A-Kass Game Guide The Wonderfully Helpful Guide to Whack-A-Kass!!

Key Quest/Mini-Games: (x) *Also check out Neopets' Key Quest Tutorial! Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know Abut KeyQuest! Guide to KQ Glitches KeyQuest KeyQuest FAQ Key Quest Guide KeyQuest Help Keyquest Help/FAQ KeyQuest Token Directory KeyQuest Token Guide KeyQuest Token Prizes Marmeri's KeyQuest Powerups Guide Quest for Etiquette Key Quest: The Game KeyQuest PowerUp Tactics A Beginner's (Satirical) Guide to Key Quest Beta A Treatise on Controversy: Quitters and Key Quest Earning Neopoints with Key Quest Key Quest - Play to Win. Play to the End. What Makes You Good at Key Quest? Key Quest - The Power-Ups Key Quest: A Lesson in Good Sportsmanship The Art of Key Quest Advanced Key Quest Tactics: Becoming a Homebody The Odd Annals of Key Quest: Losing Well Advanced Key Questing: Powering Up Your Way To Victory Advanced Key Questing: 1+1=3?! Advanced Key Questing: Miscellaneous Strategies Advanced Key Questing: Stepping Up Your (Mini) Game Key Quest Horror: How to Survive a Super Key Grabber Enjoying KeyQuest Keyquest! Silver is Just As Good As Gold! Key Quest Power-ups and Their Many, Many Uses Key Quest: Keeping the Game From 'Ending Abnormally Key Quest and Heresy: A Second Look Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! Key Quest: For (Fun and) Profit Advanced Mini-Game Strategies Ti–Key: Your Guide to the Key Quest Board Advanced Key Quest Mini-Game Strategies Part 2 Advanced Key Quest Mini-Game Strategies Part 3 Making the Sweet Board So Much Sweeter - Key Quest A Solution to the Problem of Key Quest Quitters Key Quest's Delicious Sweets and Guides! Masterful Power-up Play: A Guide to Key Quest Gold A Simple Guide For Playing Key Quest 5 Tips to Key Quest Domination Mastering Key Quest Everything You Need to Know About Key Quest!

Key Quest Item Lists: 5tar KeyQuest Item Guide KeyQuest Item List KeyQuest Prizes

Kiko Match I & II: (x) Kiko Match II Kiko Match - All You Will Ever Need?! Kiko Match vs. Kiko Match II Gone Fishing: Making Money Four Kikos at a Time Are You Kikonfident or Kikomatose?

Kiss the Mortog: (x) Kiss The Mortog Kiss the Mortog or Double or Nothing?

Kookia: (x) Kookith Capturing: A Guide to Kookia Kookia: Capture the Neopian Craziness!

Korbat's Lab: (x) Korbat's Lab Korbat's Lab Tips Getting Freaked over Korbat's Lab! Korbat's Lab: The Basics of the Lab Korbat's Lab: A Strategic Guide Korbat's Lab v. Frumball - The Ultimate Showdown

Kou-Jong: (x) Kou-Jong Kou-Jong Guide Kou-Jong - The Beginner's Guide Game Guide for Kou-Jong Addicts

Krawps: (x) Plunder Pirates, Play Krawps Krawps Q & A The Neopian Seedy Underbelly

Kreludan Mining Corp.: (x) Kreludan Mining Corp. Guide Kreludan Mining Corp. - Earning a Golden Spaceship Kreludan Mining Corp. Walkthrough The Secret of the Kreludan Mining Corp. Discovered! The Mystery Behind the Meteor Mining Made Manageable Kreludan Mining Corporation - The Guide

Legends of Pinball: (x) Legends of Pinball: Become a Pinball Wizard!!

Lenny Conundrum: (x) Lenny Conundrum Tips & Tricks Pickledom Guide to the Lenny Conundrum Crac*ing the Conundrum A Salute to the Lenny Conundrum Belated Solutions to the First 25 Lenny Conundrums Solutions to Lenny Conundrums 51 to 60 Lenny Conundrum: Impossible Puzzle, or Silly No-Brainer?

Let It Slide: (x) Let It Slide- the Guide! Sliding to Gold: A Let It Slide Game Guide

Lost City Lanes: (x) Lost City Lanes: A Place Where Striking Out is Good!

Lost in Space Fungus: (x) Lost in Space Fungus Lost in Space Fungus...A Guide Spaceship Sick – A Lost in Space Fungus Guide

MAGAX: Destroyer II: (x) Magax Destroyer My Take on MAGAX: Destroyer Magax Made Easy Magax: What I've Learned From the Destroyer The Ultimate Guide to MAGAX: Destroyer II The Magax Mystery Is Magax Destroying You? Tips of a Gamer - MAGAX Destroyer II A Guide to Winning Trophies #10 Guide for MAGAX: Destroyer A Guide to Magax: Destroyer

Magma Blaster: (x) The Art of Magma Blasting We Have a Blast Off! Advanced Guide to Magma Blaster How I Blasted 201 Magmata Magma, Magma, Blasted Away Want a Magma Blaster trophy? Jump in! Magma Blaster Guide

Maths Nightmare: (x) Maths Nightmare 2 The Devious Babaas of Your Maths Homework Did You Have the Math, Or Did the Math Get You?! Sweet Dreams: Maths Nightmare 101 The Devious Babaas of Your Maths Homework Mastering Maths Nightmare Maths Nightmare: Great New Game or Another Bad Dream? A Guide to Winning Trophies #9 Remove the Nightmare in Maths Nightmare

Meepit Juice Break: (x) How I Learned to Hate Meepits Meepit Juice Break Guide Meepit Juice Break Guide Meepit Juice Break Tips How to Feed Those Pesky Meepits! Juicing the Meepits How to Hydrate a Meepit Feeding Picky Meepits: A Guide to Meepit Juice Break Please DO Feed the Meepits - a Juice Break Guide Game Review: Meepit Juice Break Meepit Juice Break On Zen Mode How to Juice Those Meepits

Meepit vs. Feepit: (x) Meepit vs. Feepit Meepit Vs. Feepit Avatar Guide Meepit vs Feepit Easiest Guide for Avatar Your First Complete Guide to Game: Meepit vs Feepit Meepit vs. Feepit: a Guide to the Avatar *BAM!* Player One Wins! Meepit vs. Feepit - Let's Rumble!

Meerca Chase II: (x)

Moon Rock Rampage: (x) Moon Rock Rampage Moon Rock Rampage

Mootix Drop: (x) Mootix Drop Made Easy

Mop 'n' Bop: (x)

Multiple Games: CRG Game Guides Game Tips Grand_Hippopotamus Game Guides Guide to Multiplayer Games Ionic Game Guide Kreative's Game Guides LeeAcara1's Game Guides Liirth's Game Guides Neopets Gaming Guide Newbie or Gamer

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II: (x) Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide

Mynci Beach Volleyball: (x) Mynci Beach Volleyball

NC Mall Games: Games of the NC Mall

NeggSweeper: (x)

Neopets Trivia: Neopets Trivia Answers & Easy Sponsor Game Guide

Neopian Adventure Generator: (x)

Neopian Adventure Spotlight: (x)

Neopian Battlefield Legends: (x) Neopian Battlefield Legends Courtyard Ambush Guide

Neopoker: (x) None! Submit one?

NeoQuest I & II: Dukiri's Guide to NeoQuest 2 Kate's NQI Guide NeoQuest I & II NeoQuest 1 Guide For Beginners NeoQuest 2 Guide For Beginners NeoQuest II NeoQuest 2: A Comprehensive Guide NeoQuest Boss Levels NeoQuest Encyclopedia NeoQuest FAQ Shoe's NeoQuest II Guide S***s in NeoQuest II Evil Spybook's NeoQuest I Guide Yet Another Guide to Neoquest II

Neverending Boss Battle: (x)

Nickelodeon's Big Green Help Trivia (Ad): (x)

Nimmo's Pond: (x)

Other/Game-Related: Fred's Multiplayer Guide Game Scoring Levels Hard To Find Games Mayhem's Manor (games list) Reset Night Scores

Petpet Battles: (x)

Petpet Cannonball: (x) Your Official Guide to Petpet Cannonball

Petpet Park: Petpet Park Guide Petpet Park Guide Petpet Park Guide

Petpet Plunge: (x) Petpet Plunge

Petpet Rescue: (x) Petpet Rescue Petpet Rescue Guide The Ultimate Petpet Rescue Guide

Petpetsitter: (x) Ari's Petpetsitter Guide Fi's guide to Petpet Sitter The Official Petpet Sitter Guide

Piper Panic: (x) Piper Panic Guide

Plushie Tycoon: (x) 10 Step Guide to Plushie Tycoon Having Fun with Plushie Tycoon Plushie Tycoon Guide Plushie Tycoon Guide Plushie Tycoon Reference Guide Plushie Tycoon Tax Brackets PT Central Reference Charts Wages Help Page

Poogle Racing: (x)

Potato Counter: (x)

Pterattack: (x) Armyofvalhalla's Guide to Pterattack Pterattack 2 Guide & Tips

Puzzle Adventure: (video game) None! Submit one?

Pyramids: (x) Pyramids Help Page

Quizara's Curse: (Videogame) Quizara's Curse Faerie Finder

Raiders of Maraqua: (x) Raiders of Maraqua Raiders of Maraqua Guide Raiders of Maraqua Guide

Ready To Roll: (x)

Revel Roundup: (x)

Rink Runner: (x)

Roodoku: (x) Roodoku Guide

Round Table Poker: (x)

Ruins Rampage: (x) Ruins Rampage Guide Ruins Rampage Guide

Sakhmet Solitaire: (x)

Scamander Swarm: (x) None! Submit one?

Scarab 21: (x)

Scorchy Slots: (x) Scorchy Slots

Sewage Surfer: (x) Sewage Surfer Sewage Surfer Trophy Guide

Shapeshifter: (x) A Guide to Shapeshifter Advanced Shapeshifter Guide

Shenkuu River Rush: (x) Shenkuu River Rush Guide Shenkuu River Rush: The Master's Guide

Shenkuu Tangram: (x) Crayonz Guide to Tangram Shenkuu Tangram

Shenkuu Warrior: (x) Shenkuu Warrior Game Guide

Shenkuu Warrior II: (x)

Skies Over Meridell: (x) Skies Over Meridell

Slorgs in Space: (x)

S.M.E.L.T.: (x) SMELT Game Guide

Smug Bug Smite: (x) None! Submit one?

Snot Splatter: (x) Beating AAA in Snot Splatter Snot Splatter Snot Splatter Levels 1-20

Snow Roller: (x)

Snow Wars II: (x) Snow Wars 2 Guide Snow Wars II Snow Wars II: No Thrills Help Guide

Snowball Fight: (x)

Snowbeast Snackrifice: (x) None! Submit one?

Snowmuncher: (x) Mr__System's Snowmuncher Guide Scarvogue's Snowmuncher Guide Snowmuncher HELP!

Sophie's Stew: (x) Guide to Sophie's Stew

Sorcerers' Skirmish: (x)

Spacerocked!: (x)

Spell-Or-Starve: (x) Spell-or-Starve Tips

Spellseeker: (x)

Spinacles: (x)

Splat-A-Sloth: (x)

Stowaway Sting: (x) Deckswabber Avatar Guide Stowaway Sting Deckswabber Avatar Guide

Super Hasee Bounce: (x)

Sutek's Tomb: (x) Suey's Sutek's Tomb Guide Sutek's Tomb Guide ZincTheFrogFromMars's Guide to Sutek's Tomb

Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back: (x) Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back! Guide Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back - The Guide

TNT Staff Smasher: (x) Staff Smasher Guide TNT Staff Smasher Guide Whack-A-Staff Member Guide

Techo Says: (x)

Terror Mountain Tilt: (x)

Test Your Strength: (x)

The Buzzer Game: (x)

The Castle of Eliv Thade: (x) Eliv Thade Eliv Thade Game Guide

The Darkest Faerie PS2: (Videogame)

The Great Desert Race: (x) The Great Desert Race Guide

The Great Qasalan Caper: (x) Great Qasalan Caper The Great Qasalan Caper

The Haunted Shootery: (x)

The Last Blast: (x) The Last Blast Game Guide

The Return of the Return of Dr.Sloth: (x)

The Search for Princess Lunara: (x) The Search for Princess Lunara Tori's Guide to The Search for Princess Lunara

The Usul Suspects: (x) The Usual Suspects Guide

Time Tunnel: (x) Time Tunnel Guide

Tombola: (x) Tiki Tack Tombola Tally

Top Chop: (x) Top Chop Guide

Toybox Escape: (x) Toybox Escape Guide Toybox Escape Guide

Treasure Maps: (x) Kreative's Game Guides

Treasure Seekers:

Trophies: (x) Easy Trophies Fairly Easy Trophies Guide Fred's Trophy Guide Getting Started With Trophies Moderately Easy Trophies Nineteen Easy Trophies

Trouble at the National Neopian: (x)

Tubular Kiko Racing: (x)

Tug 'O' War: (x)

Tunnel Tumble: (x) None! Submit one?

Turmac Roll: (x) The Ultimate Turmac Roll Guide Turmac Roll Guide

Typing Terror: (x) A Typing Terror Guide Scarvogue's Typing Terror Guide

Tyrannian Mini Golf: (x) The Ultimate Tyrannian Mini Golf Guide

Mini Golf Maps:

Tyranu Evavu: (x) Tyranu Evavu

Ugga Drop: (x) Daniel's Ugga Drop Guide

Ugga Smash: (x)

Ultimate Bullseye: (x) Ultimate Bullseye Ultimate Bullseye II Guide Ultimate Bullseye Guide Ultimate Bullseye Guide

Usuki Frenzy II: (x) Usuki Frenzy II Guide

Volcano Run II: (x) Soda Boy's Volcano Run Guide Volcano Run 2 Guide Volcano Run II Advice

Warf Rescue Team: (x) Warf Rescue Team

Web of Vernax: (x)

Wheeler's Wild Ride: (x)

Whirlpool: (x) Whirlpool Game Guide

Wicked Wocky Wobble: (x) Wicked Wocky Wobble Guide Winning Wicked Wocky Wobble

Wingoball: (x) A Guide to Wingoball Wingoball Wingoball Guide Wingoball Guide

Word Poker: (x)

Word Pyramid: (x) Word Pyramid Tips

World Challenge: Snape's World Challenge Guide Wolfie's World Challenge Guide World Challenge 101 World Challenges: Better Than Everyone! World Challenge Guide World Challenge Guide World Challenge Tips

Wrath of the Snowager: (x)

Yooyuball & Altador Cup: Altador Cup Guide Altador Cup Rankings: Q&A's Altador Cup Tournament Altador Cup Video Guide COGS Krystal's Yooyuball Guide Logan's Official Altador Cup Guide New Yooyuball Guide So You Want to Play Yooyuball? Snowflower's Guide to the Altador Cup Yooyuball Guide Yooyuball Planet Yooyuball SOS

Other Altador Cup Games:

Zurroball: (x)


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