layouts for you
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and edit and adapt
and optionally credit
if you need help editing
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for the artsy creators for the guild leaders for the site makers for the pet owners for your things for the rest
remember ctrl + a, ctrl + c to grab the code
the guild layout with the big side banner An anchored guild layout site, including dedicated areas for your joining page, your council members, rank explanations, and introductions and rules. The title on the banner is fully editable to include the name of your guild. Also note that I've had to change the angled brackets around the textarea on the joining form to round brackets to upload the code here, be sure to change those back before you save.

the recipe folder An organised recipe page, including a cover image, space for six categories of food (with suggested categories included) and a short introduction. I was debating whether this belonged under guild or not, but that's where I've seen most recipe collections so I stuck with it. To get you started I've included two recipes - a lovely fresh salad and an adaptable casserole recipe. Note that most of the recipe links in the contents are place holders at the moment; only those two link through to actual recipes.
the one set up as an anchored newspaper A layout with everything you need for your guild news, including a highlight reel on the front page, a notice board for short messages, a welcome section (or featured article, or whatever you like), links to each article, a section for upcoming news and activities, and finally, a menu of external navigation to your other guild pages. What more could you want?

the premade layout site with trees An anchored site for layout makers, including a welcome page with news and bullet point list for rules, a requests page, request pickup, two premade layout pages and a full sitely. Note that I've had to replace the angled brackets on the textareas with round brackets to avoid breaking the code here; be sure to change these back before you save the page.

the button site with gloriousness A full site for button makers, complete with snarky 3am comments because I finished this one fairly late at night. Features a home page with welcome, featured buttons and news, an options / examples page, requests, pickup, porfolio and sitely. The icons and banner on the home page are easily changeable, though the title text and semi-transparent background behind the navigation are coded in rather than part of the graphic. Make sure to replace the round brackets around textareas with the standard angled brackets before you save.

the portfolio one with the icons A simple porfolio layout, containing sections for your goals (with coded goal trackers, no need to use images to change your progress), your avatar checklist imported directly from jellyneo, and each of your pets with a description shown on hover.
the blog layout with the fancy title Normally, I encourage you to add your own titles and the like, but I'd advise caution before stepping into this one - the title effect is a touch messy in the code. Leaving that aside, the blog itself is pretty neat. The stars across the top are designed to be external links; perhaps use the first post as asticky welcome post then continue your blog after that?

the three column portfolio layout A modular style portfolio layout with three columns. Each section can be put wherever you like, copied, removed, however you plan to mix it up. The links across the navigation bar at the top are designed with external links in mind (eg to your other pages) but can also be used for navigation within the page if you prefer.

the giant goal tracker of doom A modular portfolio site designed to keep track of your goals and things you are working on. Contains sections for your dream pets, any pets you have up for trade to achieve these dreams, wishlist and NC trade list, avatars you are working on or want to be lent, and pet tracker including items needed for their perfect customisation and training targets. I used Sunnyneo's training calculator to get the figures for the training targets on the tracker. You can copy and paste each section as many times as you like and swap the order of the modules up to suit.

the anchored layouts with the pretty graphcis These layouts were made as a collaboration with the amazing Jewlz of Jewel and Bejeweled. They are multipurpose with six links leading to blank sections, though I have included a header style and a couple of precoded image styles for you.

the minimalist column layout A very pared down column based layout, featuring a fixed sidebar with space for a picture (or logo), short description and freeform links. The column is set up with different sections, each one ending in a link back to the top of the page. The layout would suit a blog, guide, article or other similar page (though of course can be used for whatever you want)

the pair of layouts with many links Circular or rectangular, the choice is yours. These links will display a short description when you hover over them; take care to read the editing notes, there's some useful stuff there. The layouts are designed to be vertically centered on the page; if you have a different number of rows, adjust the margin-top of .main to be half the height of .main so that it centers properly.