Amber on Green, Green on Amber

I laid in my bed, the future well on my mind. The only thing around to distract me from my thoughts is the slow, steady ticking of the grandfather clock on the wall. I loved the sound. It was always right on time, perfectly aligned, never missing a beat. So steady, as if it was the only thing left in this world with a rythm. Everything else was falling to pieces.

Sorce barged into the room, gripping a small stack of white papers like they were his last chance. Our last chance. He set them down as gently as he could, attempting to control his rage. But it was all given away by those fiery amber eyes of his. They met my emerald green ones, and I could instantly tell how panicked he was. Sorce doesn't panic.

Ren, there's a small problem with your calculations. There's no way we can get all those troops down to Yunell in a week, much less 48 hours. We're done for." He slammed his hand on my desk with a loud thud and a grunt. I could tell from how he wearily swayed that he was up all night, analyzing the situation. That, or throwing one of his hissy fits.

Don't you trust me?" I made puppy eyes at him and took his right hand, gently stroking it with my thumb. The emotions passed through his light light through a -blocked- Confusion, anger, fatigue. This mission had been doing a number on him, as I could see.

Of course I do, but... I mean, how are we gonna pull this one off? Your crazy fate-trusting plans have gotten us nearly killed before." I noticed his tone was softening. Good. He seriously needs to invest in some blood pressure medicine. Even if it wasn't as cheap as it once was, we could afford it easily. Of course he wouldn't take it though. He's too proud.

But we're not dead yet, are we? And we swore to Neala we wouldn't give up, no matter what." I saw his expression change rapidly, and instantly regretted my choice of words. He turned back to his regular, stone soldier self. I hated when he did that. Didn't he know I wanted to see the real him?

I'd prefer if you didn't mention Neala, captain." He swiped his hand away from my grasps, his face emotionless. The only sign of any human feelings in him was the occasional twitch. I felt my chest swelling with anger. I knew Neala was his sister, but he forgot what she was to me, too. An inspiration. A true hero. A true friend.

I turned my back to him, not saying a thing. He wasn't the only one who could play that game. My rough footsteps were heard down the narrow hallway, and a few of the recruits turned their heads to look in my direction. Who cares. I thought. They could stare all they wanted, for all I cared. But I looked back over my shoulder again and they had gone back to their quiet conversation.

I stormed to my simple bedroom, which consisted of only a very basic cot and a pile of clothes on the floor. I sat down on the cot, and put my head in my hands. I had never exploded like that before, and prided myself as a levelheaded person, able to think out my problems. It's just that Sorce could never think of anyone but himself. Oh, and his mission at hand. Not once had he stopped to consider my feelings while I spend my days listening to him rage on about the mission. He was such a hothead. But, I guess he's my hothead now.

I sighed, standing up. I had to keep my cool, at least around the recruits. I couldn't let them see that their trusted leader was slowly losing it. No, that'd cause panic, commotion, and without a doubt at least one act of stupidity. One act was all it would take to bring us to our knees.

I walked out of my room, attempting a look of indifference. My mind was going a mile a minute, my feet carrying me where they pleased. I was running the plan over and over again in my head. Send a fourth of the troops up to Yunell, hopefully by Monday. Once there, it'd be easy to sieze Radewater's Tomb, the main camp for the Ambers.

You see, there's two groups in the earth now-the green-eyed Ambers and the amber-eyed Greens. Then there's us. The Neutrals. Our mission is to stop the fighting before the Ambers and Greens do something stupid and end up blowing up the earth. Me? Well, I'm the leader of the pack, of course. It used to be Neala, but... Well, it's a long story.

I was sidetracked from these thoughts when I relized where I had wandering to. Sorce's room. He wasn't there, needless to say. Probably off, taking a walk in the forest by the base. I felt the sudden urge to find him, throw my arms around those broad shoulders of his, and say I was sorry. But that was one thing my pride couldn't take.

Letting out a deep breath, I exited the room. I needed to keep my thoughts on stopping the war, not him. For everyone's sake. I forced my thoughts to shift back to the plan. Our troops were ready, and everything was set up. We left tonight.