Good day!
The sound of the aisha's voice surprises you.
Oh, Come in! Come in! I've just set some water to boil. Since I moved to this part of Neopia, no one seems to know who I am. I'm just another face on the corner.
Her face does look vaguely familiar, but you know you've never met her before.
Erm, surely you know me?
You are about to shake your head to say no, but then it hits you! The movies! The televisied premieres! The autograph signings! She's a star! A movie star! But it seems rather rude to ask for an autograph after randomly (And a tad rudely,) showing up at her door. Maybe later you can swipe a tissue or something...
I can see it in your eyes! You do know me! Well, that makes one. I miss the shine of the spotlight in Neopia Central. Meridel is so different. The best entertainment here is potato counting, though I must say I am getting quite good at it.
Well, then why are you here?
My mother thought a change of pace would be good for me, since the heat of the limelight was beginning to burn, and so she sent me to live with my new landlady, Esthermyla. By the way, what did you say your name was?
You suddenly remember that you never told her your name. guest, you sputter.
Well, come on in, guest. Make yourself right at home. I'll show you around. Oh, and don't take anything. It seems that half my visitors always steal something to sell later. Its so dreadful! Sticky fingers lead to sticky ends...
Your face turns a shade of red as she turns around to lead the way.

Just incase you'd like to know some more, or if you didn't already know anything, here is some trivia about moi!

Name: Deseani (Dee-saw-nee) Also goes by Des
Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Actress
Coloring: Milky fur, but not quite white. Auburn hair.
Eyes: Black
Clothes: Usually likes her red 'star' dress, but of course her outfit changes movie to movie.
Personality: She believes in all kinds of magic, and acting is her magic. She is headstrong and always has ideas and things to say floating around in her head, but she never lets it show. She seems quite, reserved and shy, but can surprise by taking sudden risks. She is mostly a very private person.
Quirks and Such: She has to fight the urge to just walk inside the building every time when everyone else is posing and taking pictures; her favorite pearl necklace is the one with little flaws on each pearl; she loves the second language she is learning, it being French; she is afraid of the fake tails she has to wear sometimes (See below); she is extremely quick to anger, but she works hard at keeping it all inside. Whether its healthy for her or not, it is what has to be done to survive in her world.
Other: She is a manx, though she appears with a tail in some of her movie roles. While it sets her apart from the other actresses, she's not quite sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
~ Box Office Bombs
~ Gossip
~ Bad Plots
~ Trashy Magazines
~ Her Manx Tail


~ Acting
~ Fabulous Dresses
~ Classic Movies
~ Taking Tea
~ Her Manx Tail

A small, scarlet bird glides in from the other room. He rests on a couch cusion and begins to chirp. No, maybe peep is a better way to describe it. Either way, he begins to peep questioningly at her. She puts her manicured finger up to her lips and makes a small shushing noise.
Can't you see I'm with a guest?
After addressing her bird, she turns back to you.
I used to have this simply awful little Juma. He hated people, and that is a very bad thing since I'm a celebrity and I am forced to meet new people all the time. I'm afraid he gave people quite a few bad first impressions of me. I always dreamed of more standard pets, like four-legged, furry gruslens. So when Esthermyla got me a Beekadoodle, I wasn't too happy. Birds don't do much, or so I thought, but I have learned. He, or Fedele as I call him, is the dearest little thing ever! He loves to drink tea, so we have tea parties with crackers and I get to dress him up. He doesn't mind. Well, not too much, anyway. He has such an expressive little 'peep' that it often seems like he understand what I am saying. We like to talk a lot. And I'll never forget that time with that photographer and those wigs!
She begins to laugh at this, and Fedele seems to enjoy this memory too. You are about to ask what in the world she is talking about, but she tells you its a story for another day and leads you along. How peculiar...

Here is my new family!


Midy is 20, and she is my dearest friend. She was one of Esthermyla's first pets, but she is all grown up now. She's off and away at college, but she visits me often. She loves all the glamour in my life, but i love her independent, quiet lifestyle. I look up to her quite a bit, but not just because she is older than me. I get to have the privlige of watching her go through all my problems before me. While her problems aren't really the same as mine, I'm always able to learn from her mistakes and apply it to my own life. We both absolutly love going to movie premiers together, and i am so jealous of her adorable petpet! We also both adore messing with the photogs. Its so fun, but I could never dream of doing it without her! I think I also would quite fancy going off to college someday as well...


Ghostlymoon, or Ghost as we all call him, is an adorable five-year-old. (By your human standards, anyway.) He is such a darling! Of course, he would kill me for saying that. Or, most likely, he would just gnaw softly on my leg. He's so little he's only got two little baby teeth! While he frustrates Midy to no end, he is such a little sweetie to me. Well, most of the time. Sometimes he gets a little rambunctious before his naps. But he always likes it when I tell him stories. I hope he will never discover that all my stories are really just old movie plots! He's such a blast to take into public. He just soaks up the attention, and everyone just loves him. I am quite envious of his blissful, carefree, happy life, sometimes. If only I could be five again!


Felinoir is 19. I don't really know what to make of her, or what to say. She's a close friend of Midy somehow, but I haven't really even gotten the chance to talk to her. Whenever I try, she always claims she has somewhere else to be and some prior commitment at that very moment. She is a priestess of some sort, so I figured she would be best friends with Tser, (Coming soon!) but to my surprise, they both despise each other! I just don't understand her, and I wonder why she dislikes me so. She despises any attention or publicity I get. Its not like I go out of my way to get a few candid shots for some magazine! Its always so awkward talking about being a star around her. I invited her to come with me once to a movie premier, and she slammed the door in my face! I guess I will just keep trying.


Esther, as we call her since it is much easier to say, is technically my landlord. But she has been a second mother to me ever since I moved away from my real mother. She has been so kind to me, and even very tolerant of all the fuss I can cause sometimes. Though she can be a little crazy, and though I sometimes don't see her for weeks at a time, she has been a great help to me. She also doesn't want people to know what she looks like, hence the anteater for her picture.

What's that? Friends you say? Oh. Well, I don't really have any besides my family. Its so hard to find people I can trust...

Oh! The tea is ready now!
She hands you a cup
Is it to your liking?
You nod, and the sweet perfume of the tea fills your mind.
Then sit yourself right down. Since you are here, we might as well learn a bit about each other. And since you don't seem too talkative, well, I've got a story to tell...

I have always been fascinated with magic, but growing up in typical neopian suburbia didn't expose me to a lot. So, I had to make my own and though I didn't know how, I never gave up. I was obsessed with magic as a little kid, and I wondered how and when I would get my own magic. I had no tragic past. My parents still lived together and loved each other. None of my siblings had died; I had no siblings. I hadn't lost all my worldly possessions and I wasn't lost in some strange land. (Though many a time I pretended to be.) From looking at the stories of others, I concluded that magic came from a tragic past filled with angst. I was missing this, but I pressed on. I grew older, but my thirst for magic stayed the same. Then, one day, I found some.

My friend, whom I believe was named Llanaa, took me to the movies. I was about 11, but I had actually never been to the movies before. It seemed like such a waste of time. The only magic in movies was special effects, and that didn't count. But I went anyway, if only to please my friend. We bought the tickets and we purchased the popcorn. We stumbled to our seats in the dark theatre and we dozed through the previews. But then it started. It was a fantastic movie to me, one who had never seen a movie before. I remember it being a mystery. One of the lead characters was an actress, and I was mesmerized. Her husband was the detective, and her ex-husband, whom she still loved, was the victim. Throughout the movie, the suspense built line by line, clue by clue until I found myself breathless on the edge of my seat. The actress's character had descended into grief and madness throughout the movie. At the final climax, I forgot where I was. The actress was a double-crosser. She had killed her ex-husband, to revenge herself, and then planned to kill her husband as well, since he had discovered the truth. My eyes were wide. A knife flashed onscreen_ A scream shot through the crowded theatre! Then the movie cut to the epilogue. The detective was all right, while she had been placed in a mental hospital. The movie ended on a cheery note, with a taste of darkness and the theatre itself sank into darkness. Then credits rolled. I didn't move. How could I? There was so much to consider and ponder. Llanaa made me leave anyway, though. As we filed out of the theatre, my head was spinning. But then the real magic happened.

Only a few weeks later my other friend, Maddie, and I were walking through Neopia Central. We were supposed to be buying some bread, but, of course, we got sidetracked. The sun was shinning cheerfully in the sky, and when we were heading out of the Grooming Parlor we accidentally ran into the actress from that mystery movie I had loved so much! As I helped her collect her things, I was shaking with fear. She had played such a dark and crazy role onscreen_ Surely she couldn't be that much different off-screen. I handed over her things, making sure not to look into her eyes. They surely must be bloodshot and filled with evil, or so I had thought. But then she laughed, apologized, and flashed me a bright smile. Her eyes were light and honest. I was amazed. She was so nice in person! How could this be?
Here, let me make this up to you to.
I had forgotten Maddie was still there. Her eyes were wide. She knew who this actress was too.
I swear they are in here somewhere!
She was digging in her purse. Eventually she pulled out two programs from the latest awards show she had attended. Her pen flew across the page, leaving an inky flourish behind on each program. She handed then to us.
There you go! Seeya later!
She waved goodbye as she continued into the Grooming Parlor. We looked down at the programs. An elegant 'Antonielia' graced the cover of each one. I finally knew her name! And I had also discovered magic. We bolted home.

My heart pounded the whole way home. How could someone lose herself so completely and so far onscreen and still stay true to herself? The more movies I watched, the more I saw of this. For every role, the actor or actress was no longer themselves. They took on new triumphs and new trials. Again and again they did this, but they always stayed true to themselves. This was magic. I had found what I wanted. Now I just had to get it.

The morning was cool, but it promised a fine day. This was perfect line weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Others crowded in front of me and behind me. The line snaked around buildings. I had struck up a conversation with an ixi in front of me. She was about my age; 13. We discussed what parts we dreamed of in the movie we were auditioning for: The Warlock of Moz. I wanted the lead role of Dorothy Garland, but I worried that I was too young. Judy, the ixi I had met, assured me that I looked much older than I was. Then, I fretted about my missing tail. I thought for sure that they would take one look at me and throw me out. But, once again, Judy assured me that my mising tail would be a great asset to me. I forced myself to believe her. The sun climbed high into the sky. Judy's mom brought us some lunch, which I preferred over the smashed cheese sandwich I had packed myself. The sun was in the western sky by the time I stepped inside the building. The doorknob was cold and I shivered even though I felt like I was burning up. They asked me a few questions and I answered them truthfully as sweat ran down my face. The lights seemed too bright and I prayed that they couldn't see how scared I was. Then they put a script in my shaking hands and pointed out a few lines that they wanted me to act. I read them over and I closed my eyes and listened to my heart pounding as I reminded myself of the magic I had found. I had to lose myself for the next five minutes. When I opened my eyes, I was no longer me. I don't remember much. Time flew. It seemed like we had barely started when we finished up. I looked at the clock as I wrote down some information that they wanted, and handed over the permission slip my mother had signed. Twenty minutes had passed! They had kept me longer than the rest. I hoped this was a good sign.

For the next few weeks, I was a wreck. I swung between being on top of the world because I knew I had made it, and being a cranky nervous wreck that couldn't stop thinking about the mistakes I had made. My mom had almost thrown me out of the house when a letter arrived in the mail. I had been cast as the back up for Dorothy Garland, and several other small parts. I was so excited! I pinned the letter up next to my autographed program. As much as I wished that the girl who had been cast as the main Dorothy would drop out, I knew it wouldn't happen. I was just so happy to not have been rejected at my first audition ever and I was content. The passed in bliss as I awaited the first day of filming, but then I received another letter in our little mailbox out front. I feared the worst. Had it all been a mistake? Surely it was all too good to be true. I had to wipe my hands off on my leg so I wouldn't smudge the fine writing with my nervous sweat as I opened the letter. I didn't breathe as I read the important words. No! Yes! Oh, dear! Hallelujah! The other girl had been kicked from the cast! This was karma! This was fate! This was my destiny! I did a little dance and probably got some stares from the neighbors, but I didn't care. No one could wipe the smile from my face. I didn't know why she had been fired at the time, but I later figured out that she had been caught on television at a controversial rally, and the producers thought it would give the film a bad reputation. I felt bad for her, but I was too ecstatic to be bothered too much!

The next few months were hard. I was too young to skip neoschool, and a private tutor was very expensive, but I promised my mom that I would make enough from the movie to pay for that and more. Somehow she believed me, though I didn't quite believe it myself. I got home late and exhausted every night and I left early in the morning. My days were packed with acting and verbs and characters and multiplication. I gave it my all, and in the end, it was worth it. I can't tell you much more about the filming, for I truely don't remember much more about it. I was shaking as I dressed for the premiere. My mother was coming with me, but I was still so nervous. I hoped, no, begged that people would like the movie. Most of the night was a blur, but I do remember one thing. The credits had begun to role and I could see my name fly upwards to heaven, where I was. Someone stood and began to clap. More people joined in. The thunder echoed through the grand room. It rocked my seat as I stood to clap, and then it hit me. They were clapping for me. They were cheering for me! For me! For me! For ME! Yes, I had found my magic. This was what I wanted.

Life is not always a fairy tale for me, that is for sure. There is always some dragon of scandal I must fight. There is always the shadow of the 'Hollywood standard' trying to force me to toe its mediocre line like an evil curse. The stress of my ceaseless acting schedule can sometimes isolate me from my my new family like a lost princess locked away in a tower. But when I see my name dance across the silver screen; when I hear the roar of the crowd and the crash of hands; when I see that little golden statue in my palm and its shine sparkle on the lavish dresses of the audience; when I feel the lights beam at me and the podium's smooth wood under my quivering hands as I tell the gallery "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!", well, that is when I know that every chance I have taken is worth it. That is the magic, and it runs deep through my blood. That is my magic, and I will not abandon it.

She stares out the window for a while, and watches the curtains waltz in the breeze. You hadn't noticed that the window was open. The clock on the wall ticks. You accidentally take too large of a sip of tea, and smash a small cough against the contemplative silence. Her happy, evasive eyes focus back on you and she leads you away from the chairs you two had been reclining in.

She ushers you to a wall hung with picture frames and points.
Here is some of the art that Esthermyla has been so kind to make for me.

Here is some delightful art that others have made for me! I'm always looking for more to add to my collection!

Des leads you next to a handsome trophy case, though it looks a little famished for lack of trophies. She assures you this is only temporary.
Someday soon I will have more!

I have an award to give away as well!

~ Don't change or modify the trophy. If I messed up, just tell me!
~ Don't claim it as yours in any way.
~ An organized and working layout.
~ Art! If you can't draw, get some from others! (But don't claim it as yours...)
~ A nice backstory. It doesn't have to be six pages long. I actually prefer it isn't!
~ One truely unique characteristic about your pet. I want to see something I have never seen before.
~ Or a truly spectacular custom design. You must really stun me.
Note! I Do not consider these things unique. There's nothing wrong with them, and your pet may still be amazing, but I have probably seen them before. Here they are:
Blindness; missing one or both parents; being undead; being part of creepy genetic or surgical experiments; being a nomad; being a pretty princess who lives in a happy kingdom; being a princess who does not live in a happy kingdom because it was stolen from her by some means. Your pet can have one of these things and still win this trophy if they have another very unique characteristic, or they manage to make that characteristic unique in their own way. Please honestly take a look at your pet. It can be an awesome pet, but if it isn't the most original out there, then...
Happy applying!

And, wait, oh drat! Did esthermyla seriously make a typo in that trophy? She did! Oh, I - the nerve - how - but - why - nevermind. I guess we'll just move along then.
She gives an exasperated shake of her head.

Oh, well, I suppose the time has come for us to part and say farewell. Perhaps if our trails ever stray near again, you could drop me a line and we could talk some more. You've been a nice guest, if a little quiet, and I'm very grateful for your time. It can be so lonely up here among the stars. The moon is a dreadful companion!
She chuckles at this one as she waves goodbye. She seems to like her metaphors.

Perhaps you could link to me?
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