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we are a newly private and neopian related guild with a twist.
that twist being, we're royalty! okay, not really but the guild does have
a royal theme to it. we are a mostly literate guild that aims to
provide a fun, supportive and positive experience for every member.
our message board is very active with extremely helpful members
so please don't be afraid to post any questions you have.
we went private at 20 members!

not yet a member? the links at the top are going to be most
helpful in showing you straight up what you need to know about us.
the links on the right will show you what we offer here at neopian royalty.
join now

already a member? you won't really need the links at the top
unless you're looking for something specifically so have a blast
with the links on the right!

are you royal?


Common Sense
you must abide by all neopets rules! it's not
our choice, but we don't want to lose the guild.

Multiple Accounts
you may join the guild on your side account as
well as your main just Brooke know when you are
joining and the names of both accounts. if you do
decide to join with both, you must be active on
both, by posting or running pages for the guild.
you can only play guild activities on one account.
anyone found to be doing otherwise will be banned from the guild.

Members & Joining Rules
we are a guild with no age restrictions, however, this
doesn't mean just anyone can join. our guild council
members decide via application whether you're
fitting to our guild. your right to become, and
stay a member, is at our discretion.

everyone must be able to understand what it is you're
saying. it's okay if you have a spelling error or use
brb or lol and other well known chat-speak phrases,
however, if we can not understand your entire
sentence, this is not acceptable. if this all sounds a
little bit difficult, after you type something, read it
aloud; does it make perfect sense? if the answer is yes:
post right ahead!

please no fighting, we are a drama free guild. however
everyone is totally up to a good healthy debate as
long as it isn't crossing any lines in regards to
neopets rules or being rude to your fellow guild members.

you must be active! we won't give you any set number on
how often you should be on, but we reserve the right to
judge whether you are active enough. If you have been a
member for a month & nobody knows your name, this probably
means you're not active enough. If you have 100 posts but
70 of these are asking for quest help or advertising your
shop, this also means you're not active enough.

The cliche, obligatory rule
have fun! why else would we run a guild if we
didn't want you to enjoy yourselves!?

are you royal?


our ranking system may seem hard to achieve - it may take
you a bit of time to rank up, that's for sure, but the
benefits are well worth it. it's not an effort to rank up - just
be active in the guild and it will happen with time.


this is the first rank. you have just joined the guild and
haven't yet posted enough to really fully experience everything
neopian royalty has to offer. you are currently allowed to post
on the boards, use the guild shop, and benefit from guild random events.
Rank qualifiers: just join.


this is the second rank. you have posted quite a bit, and
if you're lucky, made a few friends in the guild. you are
now allowed to participate in all guild activities.
Rank qualifiers: 100 posts & 1 month in the guild.


this is the third rank, and you're almost there!
you probably know a lot about the guild by now and are
ready to really get involved.
Rank qualifiers: 250 posts & 2 months in the guild.


this is the fourth rank. you're really getting somewhere
now! you are now allowed to run activities from the guild
pending approval from Brooke, as well as apply for council
should a position become available.
Rank qualifiers: 500 posts & 3 months in the guild.


this is the absolute top rank!
this rank is saved for sub council members only.
Rank qualifiers: 1000 posts, 4 months in the guild &
chosen by Brooke.


Brooke (promisesilence)

age; 19! birthday; march 16th location; australia proudest neo achievement; would probably have to be every time i reach the 1,000,000NP mark! dream pet/s; faerie draik, island krawk & plushie bruce favourite game/s; hannah and the ice caves favourite neopet; probably bruce or blumaroo collection/s; i'm not collecting anything at the moment likes; spending time with my 9 niblings, dancing and singing (even though i can't), watching films, baking, spending hours on neopets, food, halloween related things, leopard print, shopping and working with my hands! dislikes; the heat, tomato, yellow fabric, chocolate ice cream, bad films, mosquitoes, buzz & ogrin of any colour, bad smells, being stressed, when my nail polish chips and red drinks with bad tastes! 3 facts about me; i wing my eyeliner, every day. i call my mumma 4+ times a day. i collect avatars~

none yet

Major Roles:



activities page
adoption agency
graphics page
avatar lending
royal points page

if you'd like to host a page or have
an idea for one, neomail brooke

welcome to the neopian royalty classifieds page! if you're looking to have a bigger part in the guild and would like to help out, you've come to the right place! the different jobs listed below are available to all guild members, but not for long! please keep in mind that jobs are given out on a first come, first serve basis to those who meet a job's specific requirements. so if you would like to apply for one please neomail brooke as soon as possible!

also, to give everyone a fair chance at helping out only two jobs per person will be allowed. if at any point you would like to switch positions, you're more than welcome to by notifying brooke.

graphic designer

job description: interested in displaying your artwork
on the guild home page or other pages? then this might be the job
for you! graphic designers are in charge of creating guild layouts, petpage
layouts and/or banners.

job requirements:
to become a graphic designer you must:
● be accepted by brooke
● be active enough to submit something twice a month

current designers: none yet!
privilege(s) received: layout control

board monitor

job description: as a board monitor, you are responsible
for taking care of the message board. if you happen to see a double post,
or perhaps a message that could potentially lead to trouble, it's your
job to step in and use your administration privilege appropriately.

job requirements:
to become a board monitor you must:
● be deemed an active member by council
● are a trustworthy person

current board monitors: none yet!
privilege(s) received: board monitor

poll creator

job description: poll creators are the members who are responsible
for updating the guild poll. whether it is something fun and quirky, or a
little more serious, your job doesn't require much upkeep and is perfect
for those who can't get on everyday.

job requirements:
to become a poll creator you must:
● be deemed trustworthy by council

current poll creators: none yet!
privilege(s) received: poll admin

advertising committee

job description: for those who consider themselves an active part
in the guild and enjoy recruiting, being apart of the advertising
committee might just be for you! as an advertiser, you're responsible
for getting the neopian royalty name out there and inviting those
that are interested in joining.

job requirements:
to become apart of the advertising committee you must:
● be deemed active by council
● willing to make advertising boards

current advertisers: none yet!
privilege(s) received: invite privilege


so you want to know who we are? here we are!
if you'd like to be added, neomail brooke the form below.

also send me the name of a neo item
you wish to be used as your avatar

guild home
neomail brooke

are you royal?


mc - purplemm3469009643

age; 19 birthday; 1/12/95 location; (Is this neopia or earth?) U.S.A proudest neo achievement; randomly wining coconut shy THREE times in two months time and then donating all the money dream pet/s; lots and lots of Eyries of all colors! favourite game/s; On Neopia or irl? Neopia--Meerca Chase, Hasee Bounce. Irl--Neopets, obvi ;) favourite neopet; Eyrie collection/s; none on this account but open to ideas likes; reading, neopets, meerca chase, organisms, learning dislikes; unkindness, the sun (I burn easily [picture a vampire]) three facts about you; 1- Love animals of all sorts, 2-Reading is my thing, 3- I lead a very active and busy life (still in school!)

ling - mewmew_shaina

age; 17 birthday; July 25 location; Australia proudest neo achievement; winning the story telling contest with a random passage I wrote during a class dream pet/s; pirate Xweetok favourite game/s; snowmuncher favourite neopet; Xweetok collection/s; Plushies likes; arts & crafts dislikes; maths three facts about you; my favourite colour is black, I like blue clothes, I play
too many video games (lol)

brittany - 1britt1097

age; 21 birthday; December 3rd 1992 location; USA, NST +3 proudest neo achievement; Saving 3 million nps and getting my boyfriend to play Neo lol dream pet/s; Mallow Grundo & Asparagus Chia favourite game/s; Key Quest favourite neopet; Wocky, Kougra & Lutari collection/s; Plushies and Instruments likes; music, concerts, video games, animals, tattoos, piercings, psychology, mountain dew, sleep, thunder storms, converse chucks, chipotle mexican restaurant, drawing, christmas time, good movies, and spending time with family and friends. dislikes; lettuce, snow, chalk, math, getting up early, being stressed, mcdonald's, headaches, caterpillars, and touching metal doorknobs three facts about you; I have double jointed elbows. I'm a psych major in college. My favorite color is orange.

princess - thewiseprincess

age; 24 birthday; Feb 14 location; In a kingdom far, far away... proudest neo achievement; getting 20,000 np on the Wheel of Excitement. dream pet/s; royal or anything pretty favourite game/s; turmal roll(?) and majhong favourite neopet; my pets!!! collection/s; anything pretty likes; dancing, singing, drawing and grossing people out with my knowledge of the human body. dislikes; not able to move, snakes, snot and stupid, rude people. three facts about you; I like the taste of toothpaste, I'm happily married, and I love to create anything..

brittany - l3ritt182

age; 22 birthday; May 22 This is my golden year ;P location; Washington proudest neo achievement; Getting to 3mil and having a krawk! dream pet/s; Draik any color, but royal! favourite games; Kass Basher, Habi, and key quest. favourite neopet; YuckiCharm (Back when she was a uni colored halloween) collections; Faerie items. I am collecting them to my gallery. likes; Blink182 dislikes; Drama three facts about you; I have been a player since I was 12, but I lost the account due to I didn't like the user name :/ I once pounded a pet trying to get it from a side account and somebody took it when I tried to get it back they refused and were very rude :/ Something happy!!! Uhmm I am a dedicated dailies doer.

kylie - amara_starleaf

age; 24 birthday; January 18th location; Washington proudest neo achievement; When I hit 9 years! dream pet/s; Darigan ANYTHING favourite game/s; Sahkmet Solitare and Meerca Chase favourite neopet; Aezenreial collection/s; Plushies! Dark/darigan/spooky items! likes; Art, dark/spooky things, fairytales, comic books dislikes; girly things, twilight three facts about you; I am an artist/costume maker, I have met many famous artists, and I like to cosplay!

jazmyne - lovergal20042002

age; 27 birthday; August 28th location; Small town USA proudest neo achievement; Saving over 3 million NPs, only to spend them all. Back to square one. dream pet/s; I have my dream pet. But I wouldn't mind owning a Disco Uni or Wocky. Maybe an Eventide Draik. favourite game/s; I am addicted to Key Quest. I also enjoy Hasee Bounce. I don't play many games outside of Neo... no time. favourite neopet; Lutari, my Lutari to be more specific. collection/s; I collect neggs & all things doughnutfruit. Thinking of starting a vegan/vegetarian gallery on one of my sides... we shall see... likes; 1. Animals - I have 5 dogs. Who needs kids when you have so many pups? 2.Passionate about education - so passionate it is what my career has been themed around. 3. Music - any music will do, country to be more specific dislikes; 1. People who are cruel to animals 2. People with negative attitudes three facts about you; 1. I am a psychologist 2. I am 100% southern 3. I am vegan

masha - dtfyb09

age; 17 birthday; september 17 location; australia proudest neo achievement; winning the dicearoo jackpot dream pet/s; wraith xweetok favourite game/s; whack-a-kass favourite neopet; elephante collection/s; funny items likes; puns, crafts, bunnies, candy, theatre sports and sailor moon dislikes; summer, prejudice, that darned pant devil *shakes fist* three facts about you; i earn money through blogging and the occasional graphic design commission, i have a pet bunny named minion and i have no idea what i want to do after high school ^^

misha - emtwant2be

age; 22 birthday; April 26th location; Somewhere between insanity and sanity in the Eastern Time Zone. proudest neo achievement; Helping someone adopt their dream pet. dream pet/s; Baby Shoyru, Faerie Draik, Cloud JubJub favourite game/s; snowmuncher favourite neopet; Dont really have a favorite species. collection/s; Medical Related Items. likes; My job, chatting, the colors blue, purple, red, and yellow games, music, dancing, Zumba, reading. dislikes; Drama, The Cold, Rude People, when my phone dies in middle of my favorite song. three facts about you; I work as an EMT, I dance around my kitchen when I cook, I have 4 siblings and I'm the middle child.

amanda - amksh29

age; 23 birthday; March 22 location; East Coast USA proudest neo achievement; Breaking 1 million NP and then hatching a pretty Draik. dream pet/s; Pink Lenny - I LOVE flamingos! favourite game/s; Kass Basher and Meecra Chase favourite neopet; Gnorbu! collection/s; plushies, apples, petpets, and spooky food. likes; neopets, Harry Potter, reading in general, traveling. dislikes; the cold, or just winter in general. snakes and spiders. three facts about you; 1. I love most animals, big and small. 2. I love make up - collecting it and wearing it. The same goes for nail polish. 3. My favorite color is purple!

dana - cybunnyluver5

age; 18 birthday; May 15 location; USA proudest neo achievement; Painting my cybunny royal! dream pet/s; Royal cybuny, grey kackeek, desery cy, piarate lupe favourite game/s; I like all of the games on this site lol. favourite neopet; Cybunny of coarse! -pokes username- collection/s; Petpet gallery, plushie gallery likes; The color Purple, fb, neopets, papa johns pizza, reading, drawing,coloring, animals, bunnies, kitties, relaxing, sweatpants leggins and skirts, hoodies, Spendng time with Bry when he is back down, classic cars dislikes; shopping, being rushed, mondays, rat terriors, people who ask too many questions three facts about you; I'm a leftehh! I am studying to be a veteranairy for big farm animals. I have an addiction to red velvet lipgloss!

coming soon

would you like to host this page?
neomail brooke


so by now, you've had a look through mostly all links we have
available, and have decided neopian royalty is the guild for you, yay!
because we try to monitor maturity and a reasonable level of social
intelligence, we have a quick application form below. please fill out
this form and neomail it to brooke.
you should not have to wait long for a response!

before sending in your app; we ask that you be sure you
have enabled guild invites. after you join, we want you to enable
your guild mailings, as well. You can do both of those here.

note; we do not have an age limit, your acceptance into neopian
royalty is solely based on how you fill out your application.

please don't be daunted by the fact that there are quite a few questions.
it's so we can determine your level of literacy more than anything else!

are you royal?

council application

so you want to apply for council?
well look no further! to apply for council simply fill out this application
and neomail it to brooke or put it on a petpage and neomail the link to brooke.
applications are no longer valid after the 27th so get in quick!

● why do you want to be a council member?
● what activities or pages do you have in mind for the guild?
● are there any activities or pages you want to host?
● what can you offer the guild?
● why should you be chosen?
● is there anything else you want to add?

note: if accepted as a council member you are expected to
share ideas, host pages, run activities and do jobs delegated to you.

guild home
neomail brooke

are you royal?

royal archives

feb 1st: graphics page and royal decree created
head on over and check them out~

jan 31st: layout and content change to webbie
deracoy won, as voted~

jan 30th: guild till reached 150k
want to help? check out the donation shop!

jan 29th: guild till reached 100k
want to help? check out the donation shop!

jan 28th: guild till reached 50k
want to help? check out the donation shop!

jan 27th: guild till reached 30k
want to help? check out the donation shop!

jan 26th: guild till reached 20k
want to help? check out the donation shop!

jan 24th: council positions became available

we reached 20 members and officially went private, yay! ^-^

jan 20th: adoption agency completed and neoboard fonts started.
adopt a pet or change your font, making changes to your account however you like!

jan 18th: adoption agency started and near completion.
just working out the tweaks~

jan 17th: neopian royalty was created. webbie and activities page completed.
now we're getting somewhere! ^-^

royal decree

this is where all guild mailers for neopian royalty will be archived.
while we do send out guild mailers, we have realised that due to
meepits, not everyone gets them every time. this should alleviate
anyone not getting to see them!

feb 8th 2014

hello my lovelies, i hope you're all well.
if you're receiving this you were not deleted from the guild in
the sudden member sweep, oh and i'm here with some news.
we will be having a recruitment rush week, yay! ^-^
^ for details.
also; at the end of that week, a member sweep. if the recruits
haven't posted at least 5 times they will be deleted.
we will sort the cap out once that sweep is over.
council positions are still available;
please let me know if you have any questions

brooke :*

jan 31st 2014

hiya my lovelies!
alright so just so everyone knows, we're having a member sweep
on february 17th. if you haven't been active enough, you'll be deleted.
by active enough i mean posting at least a couple of times a week or
day (this does not include members that have previously notified
me of their absence for holidays, work or school)

we have had a layout and content change on our webbie so check that
out, we also have a whole heap of pets to adopt out and don't forget
council positions are available and i am taking applications c:

love brooke! xoxo

make a wish

to make a wish first read the rules of the wishing well and then answer
a few questions, neomailing your responses to brooke. it's that simple!


you can only make one wish at a time
you do not have to wait a certain amount
of time after your wish is granted to make another one
you cannot change your wish for one month
(this is to give members time to grant your wish)
no neocash items
your rank depends on how expensive an item
you can wish for
Peasant: 5,000np or lower
Jester: 10,000np or lower
Knight: 25,000np or lower
Count: 50,000np or lower
Highness: 100,000np or lower


neomail brooke

granting a wish

granting wishes is a great way to give back to other guild
members as well as earn a few RP for yourself. first, send
the member the item they wished for, neomail brooke telling
her you have done so (leave time for her to confirm this)
and then wait for your response back.

when you grant a wish you will earn RP to the value of the item.
for example; 5,000np item = 5RP

note: hover over item image to see why that member wants that item.

current wishes


bruce rooth faerie crown

granted wishes

16th feb 2014
brooke wished for royal mynci powder puff
and it was granted by: bee thank-you!


12th feb 2014
malarkey wished for zei codestone
and it was granted by: brooke thank-you!


11th feb 2014
brooke wished for royal girl mynci plushie
and it was granted by: toni thank-you!


10th feb 2014
brooke wished for royal gelert diary
and it was granted by: shadow thank-you!


8th feb 2014
brooke wished for royal umbrella
and it was granted by: cicero thank-you!


5th feb 2014
brooke wished for zafara princess stamp
and it was granted by: tanisha thank-you!


5th feb 2014
misha wished for neck brace
and it was granted by: malarkey thank-you!


3rd feb 2014
brooke wished for royal scorchio shake
and it was granted by: masha thank-you!


2nd feb 2014
brooke wished for faerie queen purfume
and it was granted by: jess thank-you!