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loyal | generous | kind


Terrified, Roe left at midnight, bringing with her only a few treasured items; a worn notebook she'd received from her mother years ago, a tiny faerie etched onto the cover, and a deck of tarot cards passed down from her father, whom had received them from his grandfather. With these items, some money and spare clothes, she left the city quickly.
Much further north, in a quaint village that ran a tiny arts & crafts market each Saturday, she came upon a traveling circus. Alungo's Tent of Wonders, it was called, and Roe was so intrigued by the idea of it that she snuck onto one of the trailer's when the circus packed up to leave.
Come dawn, she was found fast asleep in the trailer, half-hidden under some loose straw and old bedding. However, despite the worries she had quickly discarded when the trailer had started to move in the night, she wasn't told to leave. Instead of being kicked out back onto the road, she was offered a job in the circus; the other circus "freaks" had seen her tarot cards, and more or less assumed she was a fortune teller. She agreed, and soon found she had a knack for fortune-telling, and that she could ... see things that most people couldn't.
Nowadays, she travels the whole of Neopia, through snowstorms and across corn fields. Her years in Faerieland are slowly becoming distant memories, fading away gently like foggy breath against a -blocked- The only reminder of those days is the sweet smell of the fuchsia and amber flowers that dance across the hills, re-sparking memories deep within her.
But it doesn't matter. Once more, she feels like she belongs.


Or, she thought it didn't matter.

Name: Deleroe [del - ah - ro]
Nickname: Roe [row]
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years
Occupation: Fortune teller
Place of occupation: Ever-changing