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If you know the avvie name, its game, its pet/petpet/petpetpet, or whatever:
1. Press Ctrland F at the same time.
2. type in the key words about the avatar you're thinking of.
3. Press Enter until you find what you're looking for
Good Luck! :)

The Scribe.

Avatar hunting takes TONS of time and TONS patience. To get the average avatar you need to search for a solution, find a guide, then find the page you need to get to for the avatar. It's just so very, very annoying.
I am the Scribe and I've created an an Avatar Anthology by compiling avatar solutions, guides you'd need for the avatar, and the links you need to get there-- so all you have to worry about is achieving it ;)
Yours Truely,


Feburary 9th:
Hey guys! Guess what? New Avatar! *yay* Anyway, I haven't seen a solution going around yet, but I'll post it here as soon as I do.

Link To Me


Newest 5.

Rubbish: unknown

Wishing Well: Donate 48673 NP to the Wishing Well. (What you wish for doesn't actually matter).

Forgotten Shore: It's random when you collect a daily prize from the Forgotten Shore (which is only available once you collect all the map pieces).

Krawken Attack: If you participated in the Krawk Island Disappearence Event, be sure to drop by the Governor's Mansion to pick up this avvie!

Wheel of Extravagance: spin the Wheel of Extravagance and land on the square that is blank with a small white border.

HT-Rich: Purchase Grimoire of the First Order at the Hidden Tower.

HT-Richer: Purchase Grimoire of Prosperity at the Hidden Tower.

Annual Avatars.

Avatars Coming In Feburary:

Valentine Chia: On Feburary 13th or 14th send this ecard to someone.

Evil Jhudora: On Feburary 4th complete one of Jhudora's Quests.



Avvie Game Guides.

There are roughly 70 game avatars availible at this moment, so I've included as many guides as I could find for these games. Many of the random avatars don't have a guide, but there are quite a few non-random game avatars that don't have guides YET. If you have made one or know of any on-site game guides neomail me!
Also, these are organized in alphabetical order according to the avatars title. If you want to find a game guide fast, press Ctrl F and enter the game you want to find. Good luck!

Avvie Game Guide Directories:
Avvie Game Guides

Game Avvies and Their Guides:

A Meepit! Run!: Score 3500 Points in Meepit Juice Break.
Meepit Juice Break Guide
Neopian Times: Game Review: Meepit Juice Break
Neopian Times: Juicing the Meepits
Neopian Times: Hydrating a Meepit
Neopian Times: How to Juice a Meepit
Neopian Times: Meepit Juice Break on Zen Mode

Ace Zafara: Score 700 points [or more] in Advert Attack.
Advert Attack Guide
Zelda's Advert Attack Guide
Neopian Times: Advanced Advert Attack Guide
Neopian Times: Advert Attack: Ten Tips
Neopian Times: Advertisments Attack

Aisha Scalawag: Random when you win Buried Treasure. [due to the random nature of this game, a guide isn't needed]

Altador Cup Player: Become a Rank One Altador Cup Player [retired, perhaps it'll be back next summer]
Turn Up the AC
Krytal's Yooyoo Ball Guide
Neopian Times: Fool Proof Yooyuball guide
Neopian Times: Need to Know about Yooyuball and the Altador Cup
Neopian Times: The Ultimate Yooyuball Guide

Attack of the Slorgs: Score 1000 points or more in Attack of the Slorgs
Obiwanpi's Guide to THE ATTACK OF THE SLORGS!
Neopian Times: Attack of the Slorgs
Neopian Times: A Quick Guide to Free the Crops
Neopian Times: Slorgerize Your Way to an Avatar
Neopian Times: It's Never to late to repel!
Neopian Times: Shoot those Slorgs Away!

Babaa- Math's Nightmare: Score high enough to be in the top 50 score list of Math's Nightmare.
Math's Nightmare Guide
Math's Nightmare 2
Neopian Times: The Devious Babaas Of your Maths Homework
Neopian Times: Mastering Maths Nightmare
Neopian Times: Mastering Maths Nightmare 101

Better Than You: Win a round of Better Than You. [Because BTY chooses a different game every round, the guide you need will be dependent on the game. I've listed some game guide directories to accommodate this.]
Sorophormist Game Guide Directory
The Games Room
Little Black Box

Blumarro Court Jester: Random when you tell King Skarl a joke. [I'm not sure this one would need a guide; it's fairly random. If you have one, go ahead and neomail me!]

Bilge Dice: Random when winning a game of Blige Dice with a perfect score of 24.
Neopian Times: Mastering Bilge Dice
Neopian Times: Bilge Dice: What to Keep
Neopian Times: Ruler of the Bilge

Bilge Dice- Lucky Streak: Win ten games in a row of Blige Dice.
Neopian Times: Increasing Your Ten-streak Chances
Neopian Times: Recovering from the Lucky Streak Blues
Neopian Times: Mastering Bilge Dice
Neopian Times: Bilge Dice: What to Keep
Neopian Times: Ruler of the Bilge

Brightvale: Land on the 8-sided star on the Wheel of Knowledge. [This game is random and, so, no guide is necessary]

Capara: Random when you catch Capara cheating in the first round of Cheat.
Cheat Guide
Neopian Times: Cheat! A Game Worth the Effort
Neopian Times: Cheat-- It's all about Logic.

Carnival of Terror: Score 725 points [or more] in Carnival of Terror.
Carnival of Terror Guide
Neopian Times: Carnival of Terror- Tips from a champion
Neopian Times: Conquering You Fears of Carnival of Terror
Neopian Times: Don't Get Pied! A Carnival of Terror Guide
Neopian Times: Show those Evil Robots Who's Boss

Chia Bomber: Score 1300 points [or more] in Chia Bomber 2.
Chia Bomber Guide

Chia- Florg: Score 250 points [or more] in Feed Florg.
Feed Florg Guide
Feed Florg Guide

Cliffhanger- Game Over: Lose a game of Cliffhanger.
Cliffhanger Guide
Cliff Hanger Answers

Count von Roo: Tie, then Win in two rounds of Deadly Dice.
Count von Roo's Deadly Dice Guide.

Deckswabber: Score 1200 points [or more] in Stowaway Sting.
Stowaway Sting Guide
How to Get Deckswabber

Dice Escape: Score 1000 points [or more] in Dice Escape.
Dice Escape Guide
Game Help & Dice Escape Guide

Destruct-O-Match II: Score 2500 points [or more] in Destruct-O-Match II.
Destruct-O-Match Guide

Dr. Grumps: Score 900 points [or more] in Gourmet Club Bowls.
Gourmet Club Bowl Guide

Draik- Escape from Meridell Castle: Score high enough to be in the Top 50 daily score board in Escape from Meridell Castle.
Escape from Merridell Castle
Escape from Merridell Castle

Evil Coconut: Knock a coconut down in Coconut Shy
Coconut Shy is completely random so there's really no need for a guide; however, if I find one, I'll be sure to link to it.

Evil Eliv Thade: Score 1200 points [or more] in the Castle of Eliv Thade.
Castle of Eliv Thade
Castle of Eliv Thade Guide

Extreme Herder: Score 250 points [or more] in Extreme Herder.
Extreme Herder Guide

Extreme Potato Counter: Score 200 points [or more] in Extreme Potato Counter.
Extreme Potato Counter
Guide to Extreme Potatoe Counter

Faerie Bubbles: Score 2000 points [or more] in Fearie Bubbles.
Fearie Bubbles Guide
Faerie Bubbles Guide
Faerie Bubbles Guide
Faerie Bubbles Guide

Fishing- Titanic Squid: Catch a Titanic Giant Squid in Underwater Fishing.

Freaked Korbat: Score high enough to be on the Top 50 Daily Score Board of Korbat's Lab.
Korbat's Lab Guide
Korbat's Lab

Freaky Factory- Yoinked: Score 1250 points [or more] in Freaky Factory.
Tiffany's In Depth Freaky Factory Guide
Freaky Factory Guide

Gadsgadsgame: Score 1000 points [or more] in Gadsgadsgame.
Gadsgads Guide
Gadsgadsgame Guide

Gormball- Gargarox: Win a game of Gormball.
Gormball Guide

Grand Theft Ummagine: Score 1100 points [or more] in Grand Theft Ummagine.
GTU Guide
GTU Guide

Grarrl Keno: Randomly awarded if you match 4 or more numbers in Grarrl Keno.
Tyranu Evavu Guide

Grundo- Snow Throw: Score 10,000 points [or more] in Snow Wars II.
Snow Wars II.
Snow Wars 2 Guide

Hannah and the Pirate Caves: Score 150,000 points [or more] in Hannah and the Pirate Caves.

Illusen's Glade: Complete Illusen's 20th quest at Illusen's Glade.
Illusen's Quests Guide

IOM Moehog: Random, for the most part, when you play Invasion of Merridell, though you might be more likely to get it during the month you started playing Neopets.
Invasion of Merridell Guide

Ice Cream Machine: Score 14500 points [or more] in Ice Cream Machine.
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine
Ice Cream Machine Guide

Jhudora's Cloud: Complete Jhoudora's 20th quest at Jhoudora's Cloud.
Jhudora's Cloud Guide

Kiosk Wocky: Win something at the Ice Caves Scratchcards!

Lennies Rule: Be one of the first 250 people to solve the Lenny Conundrum.
Lenny Conundrum Guide

Library Faerie: Do the Daily Crossword.
Daily Crossword Solutions

Lever of Doom: Random when pulling the lever of Doom. [warning: can cause loss of Neopoints]

Plushie Tycoon: End a round of Plushie Tycoon with more points [NP] than you started out with.
10 Steps to Plushie Tycoon
Having Fun with Plushie Tycoon
Plushie Tycoon Guide
Plushie Tycoon Guide
Plushie Tycoon Reference Material

Magex- Destroyer: Score 3500 points [or more] in MAGEX: Destroyer II.
Magex: Destroy II Guide
Magex Guide

Master Vex: It's supposed to be random when playing CellBlock, but many people get it around level 10 or 11.
Cellblock Guide
Cellblock Guide

Mediocrity: Land on the 4000 NP space on the Wheel of Mediocrity.

Meepit Vs Feepit: Score 3000 [or more] on Meepit Vs Feepit.
You First Complete Guide to Meepit vs Feepit.
Meepit vs Feepit

Merrca- Chase: Score 1250 points [or more] in Merrca Chase 2.
Meerca Chase II Guide

Mortog Smooch: Collect NP after correctly choosing four mortogs in Kiss the Mortog.

Must... Keep... Smiling...: Random after winning a game of Kacheek Seek.

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II: Score 2250 points [or more] in Mutant Graveyard of Doom II
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide
Mutant Graveyard of Doom II Guide

Neoquest- Wise and Powerful: In NeoQuest 1, defeat Archmagus the Roo and give Erik the clouded gem Archmagus drops.
Neoquest 1 Guide
Neoquest 1 Guide

Neoquest II- Bionic Cybunny: Defeat the Bionic Cybunny in Neoquest 2.
Neoquest II Guide
Kate's Neoquest II Guide
Neoquest II Guide

Neoquest II- Devilpuss: Defeat Devilpuss in Neoquest II.
Neoquest II Guide
Kate's Neoquest II Guide
Neoquest II Guide

Neoquest II- Weakling: Lose to a Plains Lupe in Chapter 1 of Neoquest II.
Neoquest II Guide
Kate's Neoquest II Guide
Neoquest II Guide

Nimmo's Pond: Score 4000 points [or more] in Nimmo's Pond.
Do you know of any great Nimmo's Pond Guides?? Neomail Me!

Petpet Rescue: Score 250 points [or more] in Petpet Rescue.
Basic Guide to Petpet Rescue
An Approach to Petpet Rescue Grand Master
The Ultimate Petpet Rescue Guide
Petpet Rescue Guide

Petpetsitter: Score 2500 points or more in Petpetsitter
Ari's Petpetsitter Guide

Pick Your Own: Get 6 non-dung items in Pick Your Own.

Poogle Racing Winner: Win a Poogle Race!

Raider of Maraqua: Score 800 points [or more] in Raiders of Maraqua.
Radiers of Maraqua Guide
Radiers of Maraqua Guide
Radiers of Maraqua Guide

Random Contest Winner: Awarded when you win the Random Contest.
Revenge is Sweet: Score 2250 points [or more] in TNT Staff Smasher.
Smasher Gudie
Staff Smasher Guide
TNT Staff Smasher: The Guide
Sell!SELL!: Obtain a "Holdings Paid" of 1,000,000 NP or more and visit your stock portfolio.
15/30 Self Supporting Portfolio Guide
Sniggy's Stock Market Tips
Stock Market Guide

Snowmuncher: Earn 5,000 points (or more) in Snowmuncher
Snowmuncher Guide
Snowmuncher Guide (with German Translations)
Snowmuncher Guide
Snowmuncher Guide

Sewage Surfer: Get to level 50 of Sewage Surfer then quit before you finish it.
Sewage Surfer Guide
Sewage Surfer Trophey Guide

Sinsi- Shapeshifter: Complete the first 5 levels of Shapeshifter, click the Start Level 6 option, then go to the main page.
A Guide to Shapeshifter
A Shapeshifter Trophey Guide

Skeith- Jelly Processing Plant: Score 1000 points or more in Hungry Skeith.
Hungry Skeith Guide
Hungry Skeith Game Guide

Skeith - King Hagan: Get an A+ [750 points] for giving King Hagen a piece of wisdom.
Scores are random as far as I know. No guides are really necessary.

Skieth- Snargan: Collect your winnings once you reach 320 points [or more] in Double of Nothing.
This game is game is completely random and set up like Heads or Tails.

Skarl- Moody: Get thrown out of the castle after telling King Skarl a joke.

Smuggler: Score 2500 points in Dubloon Disaster.
Dubloon Disaster Guide

Spike!: Score 800 points in Mynci Beach Volleyball [you have to complete all 6 rounds to get this].
Mynci Beach Volleyball Guide

Sssidney: Scratch a winning scratchcard at the Deserted Fairgrounds Kiosk.

Suteks Tomb: Score 2000 points [or more] in Sutek's Tomb.
Sutek's Tomb Guide

Techo- Cheesy: It's random when you get your Cheese across the finish line in under 60 seconds in Cheeseroller.
Cheeseroller Guide
Cheeseroller Guide

Techo- The Buzzer Game: Score 300 points [or more] in The Buzzer Game.

Top Gamer: Visit your Scores page once you have scored in 250 games.

Typing Terror: Score 3600 points [or more] in Typing Terror.
Typing Terror Guide
Scarvogue's Typing Terror Guide

Tyranu Evavu: Make 15 correct guesses in Tyanu Evavu.
Tyranu Evavu Guide

Turtum: Score 100 points [or more] in Ultimate Bullseye II.
Ultimate Bullseye Guide
Ultimate Bullseye Guide

Volcano Run: Score 1500 points [or more] in Volcano Run.
Volcano Run Guide
Volcano Run Guide

Whack-a-Kass: Score 850 points [or more] in Kass Basher.
Guide to Whack-a-Kass
Kass Basher Guide
Kass Basher Guide

Wheel of Excitement: Win 20,000 points in Wheel of Excitement.

Wheel of Misfortune: Land on a Pile of Sludge in the Wheel of Misfortune [Note: one of your items will be turned into sludge!].

Wheel of Monotony: Land on the "?" space when spinning the Wheel of Monotony.

Restocking Avatars.

Dark Lurker: Buy an item from any shop within the Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground or Neovian Camp

Tarla- Shop of Mystery: Buy anything from Tarla's Shop o' Mystery.

Angry Air Mote: Buy any mote with a 70+ rarity at The Brightvale Motery

Chocolate!: Buy any item in the chocolate factory with a rarity of 90+.

Uni Faboo: Buy any item at the Clothes Shop with a rarity of 80+.

All of these require buying from one of the many non-user owned shops of Neopia-- a process which is known as restocking. Air Mote, Chololate, and Uni-Faboo all require items of a certain rarity [hoover your mouse over the avatar to learn what rarity] and, since each shop only sells a certain number of items, it can become very frusting trying to restock these items. Therefore, we have guides about that :D. [Keep in mind, most of these guides were written for people who use restock as their primary source of NPs, so you'll have to skim through it to find the info you want.]

Ayperi's Restocking Guide
Restocking, A How to Guide
Restocking Guide
Restocking Guide
Restocking Guide

Writing Guides.

Neopian Times Star: Get into the Neopian Times 10+ Times.

Neopian Times Writer: get published in the Neopian Times in an issue that is a variable of fifty; like, the 350th, 400th, 450th... etc.

Caption Contest- Funny: Win a caption contest that's a varible of 100 like the 700th, 800th, 900th... etc.

These three avatars all require the ability to write well, so I've inculded some guides on writing in general, writing for the neopian times, and writing for the caption contest. Enjoy!

Writing for the Web

Neopian Times Writing:
The Weewoo Den
The Secret Rulebook
Guide to becoming an NT Star

Caption Contest:
Caption Contest Guide

Battledome Guides.

The Battledome!

Ghost Lupe: Defeat the Ghost Lupe in the Battledome.

Meuka- Snotty: Defeat Meuka in the battledome.

Kasuki Lu- Heeya!: Defeat Kasuki Lu in the Battledome.

Black Pteri: Defeat the Black Pteri in the Battledome.

Meerouladen OR Heermeedjet: Defeat the Merrca Hanchmen in the battledome, and then visit the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters. You will only get one of these two and, to the best of my knowledge, the one you get is random.

Space Faerie: Defeat the Space Faerie in the Battledome.

Jetsam- Wanna Fight?: Fight with or against a Jetsam in the battledome.

Punchbag: Battle Punchbag Sid with your active pet and lose. (He randomly replaced Punchbag Bob in the battledome. Check the battledome chat every once and a while-- they'll usually announce it.)

Hello Little Lupe... BOOM: Lose with or against a Lupe in the Battledome. (Doesn't have to be against another user)

Shoyru- Tough: Fight and win with your Shoyru. (Doesn't have to be against another user).

Tonu-Charge: Battle a Darigen Tonu in the Battledome.

Battle Faerie: Random after winning any 1-player battle in the battledome.

The first few avatars are opponent specific, and the last few are pet specific or random. I've included some general battledome/weapon guides as well as some opponent specific Guides.

Opponent Specific Guides:
Ghost Lupe Guide
Battledome Opponent Guide
Space Faerie Guide
Beat the Avatar Opponents

Basic Battledome/Weapons:
Basic Battledome Guide
Getting all the battledome challengers
A Battledome sat for every Budget

Pet Avatars.

Ruki- Mummified: Own a Halloween Ruki, attach a Mummy Baby petpet, and wait until the petpet is 30 days old. Then veiw your pet's lookup.

Tuskanny- Spotted: Have a Tuskanny and visit its lookup WHILE you have an item in your inventory that has the word 'spotted' in its name.

Wocky- Snow Day: have a snow wocky that is 100 days old and visit its lookup.

Lenny- Wicked: Feed your lenny any spooky food (meaning, any food that comes from the haunted woods).

Snicklebeast: Have a Snicklebeast attached to your pet for 61 days or more.

Huggy: have a huggy attached to your pet for 99 days or more

Harris: Have a Harris attached to your pet for 99 days or more.

Whee!: Have a Snowbunny attached to your pet for a year then visits your pet's lookup.

Werelupe: Own a Halloween Lupe and visit its lookup.

Jetsam Chomp!: Own a Jetsam and feed it an aquatic petpet

Grey Wocky- Sigh: Own a grey wocky and visit its pet lookup.

Buzzin: Paint your Buzz at the Rainbow Pool. Note: the fountain only "works" when you've completed a Fountain Faerie Quest-- which is randomly assigned

Gruslen: Have a Gruslen attached to your pet for 99 days and visit its lookup.
Feed Me: Feed your skeith anything with the word 'skeith' in its title.
Island Qiggle: Own an island quiggle and visit its lookup

Draik- Hatched: Own a Draik and visit the Draik Nest.

Blumaroo- Fire: Own a fire blumaroo, attach a fire petpet to it, and, when the petpet is 30 days old, visit its pet lookup.

Kacheek- Swim: Make your kacheek your active pet and take it to the Beach.

Elephante Surprise: Own an elephante and feed it a bag of peanuts.

Coconut Jubjub: Own a Coconut Jubjub and feed it a Tropical Food.

Quadrapus: Have a quadrapus attached to one of your pets for 60 days or more.

Ghost Krawk: Own a krawk and make it your active pet as you visit the Fungus Caves.

Grundo- Forever Orange: Own a orange grundo and visit its pet lookup.

Bless you, Shoryu: Own a Shoryu and have a bottled faerie bless it.

Mazzew: Have a Mazzew attached to your pet for 221 days or more then visit its lookup.

Pink!: Own a pink pet and feed it anything with the word 'pink' in its title.

Have a Slorg attached to your petpet for 100 days and visit its pet lookup.

Mootix: have a Mootix (a petpetpet) attached to your petpet and visit your Quck Reference Page.

Anglepuss: Attach an Anglepuss to your pet and visit your Quick Reference Page.

Meowclops: Attach a meowclops to your active pet and refresh your Quick Reference Page.

Really, there's not much I can help you with when it comes to these avatars, since most of them require owning (even temporarily) a particular pet. Initially it may seem like a daunting task to have to obtain as many morphing potions and paintbrushes as there are avatars; however, the reason I've included this section is because there's a few different (and cheaper!) ways.

Lending:The most used strategy is probably the "begging" strategy. Really, people are always on the AC (avatar chat) and asking to be lent specific pets for the avatars they give. This method is completely free (is against the rules to ask for/ give money in exchange for pets); however, the owner doesn't know you and, therefore, doesn't know if you'll ever give the pet back, so you'll be left up to the task of proving that your account is "trustworthy". Usually, "trustworthiness" is based on your (1) you account's age, (2)avatar and trophy count, and overall appearance of your account. Basically, the better all of these things are the more it'll look like you wouldn't risk getting frozen (yeah, stealing a pet will get you frozen).
Labbing: This really just refers to getting a lab map and waiting for it to give you every single pet and color combination required. It's take VERY long time...
Adoption: With the advent of "pet transfering", trading/adopting pets has become increasingly popular. It requires a bit a searching to find someone who will trade with you or let you adopt their pet, but this is a much faster way of getting avatars than "labbing" and, in some cases, "lending". Keep in mind though, when you adopt a pet, the former own will not be happy with you if you tade it with someone else, lab it or lend it out. Really, the former owner doesn't get much of a say, but if they tell the person running the adoption agency it'll hurt your chances of getting another pet.
I've included some popular Adoption/Trading Pages below.

Pet Lending Sites:
Ace's Avatar Lending Agency
iLend Lending Agency

Adoptions and Lending:
Prestige Adoptions and Trading
Flawless Adoptions and Trades
Missy's Agency
On the Horizon
Star's Adoptions

Stamp Avatars.

Stamp Collector- The Battledome: Fill up your Battledome Stamp collection then visit the page.

Stamp Collector- Snowy Valley: Fill up your Snowy Valley stamp collection then visit the page.

Stamp Collection- The Lost Desert: Fill up your Lost Desert Stamp Collection then visit the page.

Stamp Collection- The Haunted Woods: Fill up your Haunted Woods Stamp Collection then visit the page.

Stamp Collector- Tyrannia: Fill up your Tyrannia Stamp Collection and visit the page.

Stamp Collector- Virtupets: Full up your Virtupets Stamp Collection then visit the page.

Stamp Collector- Mystery Island: Fill up your Mystery Island Stamp Collection and visit the page.

Stamps- they're really expensive
Before you begin your quest for some of neopia's rarest avatars-- the stamp avatars-- you need to know what you're getting into. I collected a few guides that show what stamps are requires, their rarities, and the projected cost of each stamp :) Good luck!

All About Stamps
Stamp Help Page
HRH's Guide to Stamp Collecting
Narazok's Guide to Stamps

Item Avatars.

HT-Rich: Purchase Grimoire of the First Order at the Hidden Tower.

HT-Richer: Purchase Grimoire of Prosperity at the Hidden Tower.

HT-Richest: Purchase Grimoire of Affluence at the Hidden Tower.

Achyfi!: Feed any item with the word "drink" or 'juice' in its name to your pet

Alien Aisha: Use a Nerkmid at the Vending Machine

Broken: Get a toy fixed at Donny's Toy Repair Shop.

Chokato: Have the Chokato TGC in your inventory.

Codestones!: Have all 10 Codestones in your inventory and refresh

Cybunny-Plush: Have a plushie in your inventory and veiw a Plushie Cybunny (find a plushie cybunny).

Dark Nova: Equip any item with the words 'dark nova' in it to your pet.

Do not Eat!: Feed your pet something with the word "Carrot" in it.

Evil Fuzzle- Boo!: Have your pet play with the Evil Fuzzle until the fuzzle scares it.

Fire Paw: Have 'Fire Paw' in your Neodeck.

Fyora- Faerie Queen: Buy something from the Hidden Tower.

Gallery of Evil- Vira: Have some kind of mirror in your inventory and visit her Gallery of Evil page.

Garlic! Run!!: Random when you feed your pet something with the word 'garlic' in it.

Gelert- Starry: Have something it the word 'starry' in it and look at the lookup of a Starry Gelert. (need to find...)

Gnome: Have something with the word 'gnome' in it and visit the Garden Center.

Grarrl Warrior: Equip the Bony Grarrl Club to your Grarrl.

I Taunt the Pet Devil: Have items in your inventory with an estimated value of 5 million or more Neopoints and refresh until the pant devil takes something [you can find the estimated value in the box that comes up when you click on the item]

I'm Smelly: Have ten different items with the word 'dung' in their name and refresh until you get it.

Kadoatery- Mew: Feed 25 of those Kadoateries at the Kadoatry then look at your user lookup.

Kau- Fortune Teller: Have an item with the word 'snowball' in your inventory and look at a Pink Kau. (I will, eventually find a pink kau)

Kiko- Ninja: Have the Niten Hiroru card in your inventory and go to the Niten Hiroru Neopia Article.

Kiko- Snack Time!: Feed your pet between 3-4 AM OR PM NST (NST-Neopian Standard Time. NST=Pacific Standard Time).

King Kelpbeard: Have any Maracite Marvels Item in your inventory and at his TGC card.

Koi- Spotted Plushie: Have a Koi Plushie in your inventory and view a painted Koi. (I will get a link here soon).

Let it Snow: Have an Icy Snowflake and visit the weather page while it's snowing.

Mad About Orange: Have 10 different items with the word 'orange' in their name and refresh in your inventory.

Magical Kauvara: Use a morphing potion on your pet [try the 'Green Uni Morphing Potion', it's usually really cheap].

Meohog- Halloween: Have any item with the word 'sloth' in its name and visit a Halloween Meohog's Lookup. (I will need to find a Hallo Meohog).

Mmm, Custurd: Feed your pet something with the word 'custard' in it.

Mutant Jubjub: Use a Transmofrification Potion on your pet

MSPP: Have the Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie TGC in your inventory and refresh until you revieve it.

Nabile: Have anything with the word 'ring' in its name in your inventory and visit Nabile's Neopedia Article.

Number Six: Go to the TNT about us page with as many Neopoints as asparagus is worth on that page [usually around 5 mill]

Pinatas & Candy!: Play with a Pinata until it break.

Plushie!: Donate a plushie to the Money Tree.

Queen Fyora: Have your pet play with a Faerie Queen Doll. [you can find this on the trading post, the Hidden Tower, OR sometimes people will lend it out on the Avatar Chat]

Robo: Add a robo neopet to your OLD neohome.

Scorchio- Haunted: Equip any Haunted Weapon to your pet

Scorchio- Scordrax: Have any Scorchio plushie in your inventory when you look at a TGC album that has a Scordrax card in it. (need to find one)

SDB- Pack Rat: Have 1,000 DIFFERENT items in your Safty Deposite Box

Snorkle: Feed your pet a Snorkle Snot

Speckled: Feed your pet something with the word 'speckled' in it.

Super Attack Pea: Equipe a Super Attack Pea to your pea chia [SuAP is the acronym for Super Attack Pea. You'll see it on the Avatar Chat a lot].

Toasty: Have something with the word 'bread' in its name and visit Techo Mountain [haha. do you get it? It's a volcano and it'll make bread into toast. haha.]

Tomos: Have 1 NP out of the bank, have something with the word 'scarab' in its name, and visit Page 2 of his How-to-Draw page.

Uni- Beauty: Groom any of your pets with a grooming item.

Zafara Double Agent: Have a Zafara Double Agent Plushie in your inventory and use the search bar to search 'zafara double agent'.

Item avatars require a range of items-- from super cheap to super expensive. Many of the super expensive items can be bought at shops, lent through the avatar chat, or any avatar-centered guild.

Random Stuff Avatars.

Wishing Well: Donate 48673 NP to the Wishing Well. (What you wish for doesn't actually matter).

UsukiCon- Usuls & Usukiland- Shopkeeper: Go to Usukiland and watch the Advert (it's linked to just about the usuki land header).

Soup Faerie: Random when you feed your pets at the Soup Kitchen. However, to do this, you must only have 3000NP or less in the hand and on hand. Stock market investments don't count.

Gloomy: Check the Current Weather and find a place where it's raining.

Rorru: Refresh A LOT at Rorru's Hiaku Generator

Korbat- Royal:
You can only choose one of these avatars
Korbat Boy: If you want the red one, switch your gender to female, and visit this Royal Girl Korbat
Korbat Girl: If you want the pinkish one, switch your gender to male and visit Royal Boy Korbat

Grundo Warehouse: Go to the Grundo Warehouse and copy A384J-228P1 into the Virtual Prize Code.

Helpful Zafara: Search 'avatar' in the side search bar and Refresh a lot.

The Darkest Faerie: Between 10pm and 5am NST look at the Darkest Faeire Card

Mutant Graveyard of Doom: Refresh a lot at the Game Graveyard

Emo Usuki: Change your shopkeeper to Usuk- Gothic, then look at your shop front. However, if you change your shopkeeper and revisit your shopkeeper, you will loose this avatar

Kougra- Baby: Visit a baby Kougra under 60 days old. Try search the avatar chat for owners.

Darigan Pteri: Visit the lookup of a Darign Pteri that is 644 days old-- people will usually post a link to one on the avatar chat or the jelly neo homepage.

Uni-Nightsteed: Between 8pm and 6 am NST View the lookup of a Halloween Uni.

Bori-Grumpy: View the lookup of a plushie bori with 0 HP. You may be able to find one on the avatar chat.

A Day at the Beach: Go on a Tiki Tour with one of your pets.

Baby Buzz: Type I love Baby Buzz! into the search bar.

Bon Appetit: Visit the Kelp Resturant, order food, and take some of it home (I'm told that the best way to do this is to make sure your pet is already bloated before you arrive).

Buzz- Maraquan: 1. Go to the 664th Caption Contest
2. Right click anywhere on the page and click 'View Page Source'.
3. Press Ctrl+F and search for Buzz1
4. Copy (Ctrl + C) the link your search found
5. Attach it to "www.neopets.com
6. TA-DA (if you know of any simpler way of getting this avvie- please neomail me!).

Cap'n Threelegs: Complete a training course with Cap'n Threelegs.

Edna- Crackle!: A Random Prize when you complete a quest for Edna at the Witch's Tower

Geraptiku- Deserted Tomb: Random when you visit the Deserted Tomb.

Goggle: Try on clothes in the NC Mall.Does not count toward your avatar count and you wont get an event message

Groovy Chomby: See Chomby and the Fungus Balls Play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They only play on certain days and you'll have to buy a ticket

Grundo- Discarded Plushie: Random when you talk to the magical blue discarded grundo plushie.

I *heart* Happiness: Have you avatar set to I *Heart* Sloth and go the Gallary of Heros. The solution to the "I *Heart* Sloth" avvie is in the annual avatar section

I Love my Rock: Go see Stick N Stones at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They only play on certain days and you'll have to buy a ticket

Imposter Apple: Random when you get the "Imposter Apple" at Apple Bobbing.

Island Mystic: Visit The Mystery Island Mystic on a day when your fortune has the word "kyrii" in it.

Jazzmosis Elephante: Go see Jazzmosis Play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They only play on certain days and you'll have to buy a ticket

Jub Zambra: See Jub Zambra play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They only play on certain days and you'll have to buy a ticket

Kiko- Rock!: 1. Go to Music Page.
2. Right click somewhere on the page and click 'View Page Source
3. Search (Ctrl + F) for secretavatar
4. Copy that link into your URL

Lenny- Finneus: Awarded after you complete the Altador Plot, Recieve your pirzes, and visit King Altador.
Altador Plot Guide
Darkest Faerie Plot Guide

Neomail Addict: Random when you neomail someone OR you sign up for the 15-day trail of Premium Neopets.

Nimmo- Emote: With a clear NeoSig and font, make a board on the Avatar Chat with :)*angry*:( as your message.

Petpet Lab Ray: Random when the Petpet Lab Ray zaps your petpet into sludge.

Plushie Eyrie: Go to the Avatar Chat and post squawk in your message. You can choose any title, but make sure squawk is the only thing you post

Premium Space Faerie: Awarded when you refer people to paying for Premium Neopets, though it does not count toward your avatar count

Pwned by the Lab: Random when the Secret Lab changes your pet's species.

Sloth!: A random event.

Snowager- Rawr!: Random when you visit the Snowager while he's sleeping, try to steal something, and get blasted.

Symol: Random when you go into the Symol Hole.

Taelia the Snow Faerie: Complete a Snow Faerie Quest

Tooth Faerie: Random when you get an event from the Tooth Faerie.

Turmaculus: Find Turmy (Turmaculus) when he's alseep and try to do something to get him to eat your petpet. He only will wake up one random hour a day. Someone will usually announce this hour on the Avatar Chat Boards

Yes Boy IceCream: See Yes Boy IceCream play at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Note: They only play on certain days and you'll have to buy a ticket

These avatars, unlike the clickables and item avatars, have an assortment of steps you need to follow and, though they may require buying certain items, the avatar isn't centered around buying the item-- it's about what you do with that item. As such, the only guidance you'll need for this section is the directions for getting the avvie. :) Have fun!

Unknown Avvies.

Rubbish: No solution as of yet.
The wishing well avatar has been found. Check it out in the Random Stuff Section.

Retired Avatars.

The avatars in this section are retired. In other words, lacking a time machine, they're now impossible to get.

Since they're retired, how-you-would-have-achieved-them isn't important. Thus, I'll only be including the avatars themselves and a general list of things to look out for that might give you a retired avvie.

Most of these avatars were given out as prizes for participation in a site event-- some of these are events that occur annually, but give out a different avvie each year. Here is a list of general things that'll give you an avvie that will possibly retire:
1. Plots!: Almost every plot will give out an avatar, sometime multiple avatars, and the ability to get the avvie will only last as long as the plot.
2. Site Events: A lot of mini-plots or site events will give you an avvie for participating (similar to the recent Krawk Island Disappearence).
3.Daily Dare, Festival of Neggs, and the Altador Cup: Most years, each of these events will give out a new avatar. Though the event is annual, the avatar is particular to the year, and, thus, will retire.
4.Promotions (rarely): On occasion, TNT will release a new avatar to promote something they are doing outside of Neopets. For example, an avvie was released as part of the McDonalds Daily Giveaway in 2004/2005. There was also one released with the Coco Roll which was specifically for cell phones.

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