Welcome to Deadly Graphics Directory! This directory specializes in giving you plenty of graphic sites to choose from! So you may notice that one site may be listed more than once as I have listed them to your convenience.

This directory is made by, Boredom and I have a hobby for looking out for graphics of all kinds! If you know of any, please neomail me! I would really appreciate it :)

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August 11th
Affiliates with Distressed Premades!
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August 10th
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August 8th
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August 6th
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August 4th
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August 2nd
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August 1st
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Graphics Help Guides

Apartment Nine
Has layout templates & guides to create your own site, css/html links & all you need to knows.
Create Impressions
Button & Banner tutorial
Banner Buddies
Guide to banner designing
A guide to blending graphics
GIMP Sensation
A guide to using GIMP program
Has a section 'Ask the button maker' where you can ask your questions on how to make buttons! Also has a button tutorial
Short tutorial on how to make a text picture & glow stick
Pixel Tutorials

Other Graphics Sites

Sites are listed according to their categories.
Divine Vision
- Art Requests
-Art on requests
-Takes Art requests
Shayde's Art Dump
-Takes Art requests
Sketch Book
-Sketches on requests
-Fonts on requests & gives font reviews
Dark Light
- Fake Avatars, buttons & icons requests. Also has ipod wallpapers
Simply Amazing
-Offers Premade & request shields & also Banner divider requests
Vivid Graphics
-Offers Premade Shields & also Shield Requests
Elyyan Custom Glitters
-Very nice glitter images on requests & a few glittery signs


Simply neomail me your site name and link with the subject "Review Me!and you will be reviewed. The process is fast and easy! Your site will be reviewed out of 10 with some comments and they will be listed here.

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Sister Sites

Heart To Heart Adoptions is a mini adoption centre with pets you can adopt without filling in one of those tedious forms. The rules are very flexible and the site also has a few pets up for transfers.

Deadly Desires is a graphic site with premades and requests for mainly banners and more!

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