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Hello stranger! My name is McKenna, but around here I more commonly go by Kenna. I have been playing Neopets for over 10 years now. I absolutely adore this website as it truly serves as a little stress reliever for me. Outside of Neo I am a proud mama of two pups; Wilder , who is a blue merle Border Collie, and Chai, who is a German Shepherd Mix. You will often hear me talking about their antics. They are both quite the characters! I carry a Fine Arts Degree in Interior Architecture and Design and a minor in Art History, so I am quite the art enthusiast. In addition I am currently studying herbology and aromatherapy! I adore every aspect of nature and value the wonders that each plant, each flower, and each creature holds. ❀

My philosophy on Neo (and off) is to spread kindness. If I randomly gift something to you, it comes with no attachments. I just hope you may consider paying a little bit of kindness forward one day too. Enjoy your day!


A tiny tribute to those who have made my experience here that much more wonderful.

In order of when we first met:























High Hopes

The following are items which I would like to one day own.
Most of the items listed are the final touches for my permanent pets or for one of my galleries. If you have any of the items listed below for sale feel free to let me know. I just may have an offer for you.

most elusive gallery item

Maractite Bomb
for Dawn's equipment

Earth Faerie Leaves
my utmost favorite item

to complete my page

Gallery Needs:


None of the pets listed here will ever be up for trade or adoption. If you ever see them advertised by anyone please report them immediately or contact me directly.
My family will be growing slightly within time. I have a few sweet babies who are working on their final species/color transformations and character edits. As soon as they are finished they will be listed here alongside their siblings. They are a tad bashful and do not want to be seen in an improper light.

Aumier the Grey Eyrie

The day had been long. Aumier had traveled far to find wild fruits to satisfy his hunger. He lived a humble life, one without an abundance of unnecessary possessions. He owned only two things; a leather bound journal that had become worn with age, and a pencil, with which he illustrated his experiences. He did not dwell in a posh home, as many others did. Rather, he made his home wherever the day's journey brought him. Today's bed would be in the embrace under the boughs of a willow tree. Those who knew Aumi, though, did not feel sorrow for his livelihood, for they knew this way of life brought him a sort of solace that many only dreamt of feeling.

He traveled across the lands many times over and could name the attributes of the land without hesitation or a second thought.

the Grey Spardel

the Darigan Quetzal

Dawnity the Darigan Yurble

With curling horns and a toothy snarl, Dawnity greets kindly one and all. He lives not to terrify, but rather to enlighten. Much time has been spent inside his study, reading and readying himself for feats of brilliance. Stacks upon stacks of dust-covered tomes flank the walls. Each dog-eared book has been studied cover to cover. Facts and figures tremble in his mind awaiting their moment to shine at a challenge of wit.

While Darigans are known for their torment, their anger, and their woe, Dawnity remains an enigma to his own kind. He does not bask in the deviant behavior which confines his stereotype, rather he shines with both brilliance and braun.

Shazow the Grey Gelert

Not a word is uttered from his lips. Words remain weightless in this realm.

This soul has not known the delight of a friendly face. For ages he has traipsed without sight of any other inhabitants. He meanders in solitude, day after day, with no destination in mind; not a goal to reach. Endlessly he wanders through the clouded venue. Moving through the motions he continues about his day. Every day remains the same. Walking. Wandering. Discouraging silence envelops the environment. Hunting aimlessly for the answers to questions he has yet to have asked. His vow of silence remains unbroken. Unwavering, he chances upon another day.

He lives an enigma. Trapped in the dreams he so longs to capture.

the Grey Cyodrake

the Altachuck

Rocan the Grey Yurble

A tiny pebble bounces along a time-worn path, while a tiny creature follows in suit, only to tousle it further along the path.

The pebble stumbles further, only to discover a tiny flower that has been recklessly bend by a fallen branch. The tiny creature crouches near the wounded warrior of the land and removes the hinderance. The little bloom, eased from the branch's weight, immediately reaches back towards the sun; able to grow and thrive for another day.

With a solemn nod the creature sighs into a smile. Although he knows the fragile flower may one day be crushed by a careless wind, he hopes this one small act may have saved it for another day.

Despite the sadness he continually sees, he has a heart much too large for one soul to carry.

Eva the Desert Draik

An empire, once broad, has made its appearance once again.

As the buildings rose from the ground at sturdy heights, one pavilion remained a timeless symbol of age and elegance in Shenkuu. When the sun begins to hide behind the tendrils of stars, one figure can be seen radiating through the light of colorful paper lamps. The tempo is set, and a faerie of curvy stature begins to entice the audience with her ribbon twirling abilities. She weaves in and out of the crowd. The villagers of Shenkuu, both young and old, wear gleaming smiles filled with festive excitement. It is not long before other dancers join in her tribute to the city. With tattered ribbons purchased from street vendors, more and more villagers gather in the rhythmic dancing. The twirling of ribbons continues throughout the pavilion until dawn bats her eyelashes to a new day.

the Birthday Quadrapus

the Island Slugawoo

Madrid the Maraquan Draik

In the haze of the night, a roaring bonfire unites the land with the sky.

On the low shores of Mystery Island, a midnight luau is underway. The natives of the land gather together to toast a cup to a new tide. Performers are gathered upon a stage juggling, singing, and everything in between, in hopes of gaining a standing of stardom among the visitors. A native lurks behind the platform for her shining moment; for the last performance of the eve. She is set apart from the rest, for she alone lives in discontent. It is that desire for difference that breeds her fury. She, born into a body meant to dwell undersea. She lives for a world that she has never known; a land beyond the shore. Her love for the land brings her to the shallow depts. The crowd follows her every breath with eager anticipation. Her performance is complex, a contortion above and below the waves of the water. Her water ballet fuels the fire of the crowds cheers. The support of the audience makes her spirits soar and broadens her urge to taunt the veil that binds her to the liquid abyss.

Oslo the Water Draik

The morning mist still lingers upon the lily pads as a small creature peers about, searching endlessly for small critters and new plant life to study and note. He takes great pride with each new discovery he finds. Each new leaf is a tiny treasure in his scholarly eyes; an unknown deity who yearns to be understood. Quickly, he draws the veins in his journal then gingerly slips the specimen between the dog-eared pages.

Before his new discovery even settles into its slender confines, Oslo is off searching once more; his nose amid the foliage.

There is nothing he loves more than the thrill of discovery.

the Marquan Albat

the Tyrannian Faellie

Mozzie the Shadow Kacheek

Mozzie is an ally, confidant, and close friend and notorious art thief Neil Caffrey.

He has the know-how to get information and get things done. Moz has deep rooted connections to the criminal underworld, and therefore remains a pivotal confidante. He utterly fears the 'suits' and every form of authority. Living life by his own rules leads to colorful complications with crime and companionship.

Though he may lack the same charisma Neil gushes, he makes up in his intelligence and quirkyness.

Ayari the Baby Usul

With a name translating to flower of the forest, Ayari aspires to be a friend of flora.

Though she be but small, she is mighty. While others may not take a second glance at a withering bloom, this little one will deliver much needed sustenance with the tip of a watering pail. She admires the complexity that is mother nature.

Much like a mighty oak sprouts from a minuscule seed, Ayari aspires to be an advocate for that which is natural and untamed.

the Plushie Miamouse

Making Dreams a Reality

Aumier, my sweet grey boy, was and shall always be, my utmost dream pet. The ability to call him my own came after a lot of work (and some shed tears). Aumier was put up for adoption in October of Y16. I applied and spent over a month working tirelessly on an application. I poured my heart and soul into it. While I was chosen as a finalist, I was ultimately not chosen to adopt him. Fortunately, his new owner had him up for trade for the perfect unconverted pet. So began my trading journey. In the end, I traded a permanent unconverted pet for Aumier. It was an extremely tough decision, but in the end, I don't regret it one bit. In the end my trading chain didn't go to waste; the unconverted Ixi which I had traded up to was ultimately traded for Shazow.

This was the trading chain:

Trading Chain

the RN Maractite Draik

the UC Baby Kougra

the UC Dari. Kougra

the UC Faerie Pteri

the UC Faerie Pteri

the UC Faerie Ixi

After completing my dream of owning Aumier, my next pet goal was to own a sweet little Grey Yurble. I was able to accomplish this goal I traded one of my (then) permanent pets to bring Rocan home! His name couldn't have been more perfect as I am quite the fan of rocks as my friend Missy can attest.

This was the trading chain:

Trading Chain

the RW Wraith Draik

the UC Faerie Xweetock

Poetry Contest Entries

Pending Poetry Contest Submissions: ?
Unfortunately I did not keep track of my past poetry submissions so until I can sit down and sort through page by page, my archive will only account for poetry published after 12-15-14.

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