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Art trades- semi-open (please be sure it will be a fair trade, mail me if you want to trade)
Requests- closed unless I make a board stating otherwise


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these are is a combination of requests, art trades, and personal art. The newest art is at the top, and as you scroll down it gets older and older.

******This page is no longer being updated! Please click HERE to see my newer art******

This art is a few years old, sure you want to keep scrolling down?

Now this art is even older, we are talking antique. Please, spare your eyes and turn back while you still have the chance

NT collab

this painting is for sassy and her friends only, please don't use unless you are one of these people

I warned you! We are now at about 5 year old art. Your eyes are likely permanently damaged by this point. Continue at your own risk.

Please feel free to use these

-OLD Mspaint Art-


Check out these wonderful art/helpful pages

wooo a shiny award

Art trades in progress/waiting for ~My Halves: all done~Other Users Halves not done:dorwart,aangeh,achdut,tenlemons

Davidew's Art!

Thank you sarah for Davidew's adorable hippalop!!

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