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 Welcome to Ivory Skin, a premades site that aims to supply high quality css layouts and graphics. You will find a large selection of petpages and graphics that is ever growing. Ivory Skin is a one man job, ran by Meg. Feel free to neomail me to report an issue with a layout or just to say hello.
 Ivory Skin was never intended to be a fully established site, merely a side project for a bored teenager. However, as my skills improve and I find myself more and more motivated, the site has become much more of a focus whilst I am on neopets. Hopefully, the site achieves everything I want it to be; a reliable site with beautiful layouts.


When using content from Ivory Skin you are forcifully obliged to follow these rules;

  • Do not steal any coding and claim it as your own
  • Do not steal any images and claim as your own
  • Never remove the credit

    Follow these rules and we will get along just fine, but should you break any of these rules you will be reported and ultimately, should a number of different users violate them, the site will close.

  • f.a.q

    Q: Will you make me a _________?
    A: No, sorry but I don't do requests.

    Q: Can I edit your layouts?
    A: Yes. You can edit them however you like as long as they still resemble the original code and you keep the credit visible.

    Q: Will you teach me to code?
    A: To put it simply, no. I do not have the time to teach every single person who wants to learn it, not to mention I only have basic knowledge. If you are serious about learning check out some coding guides at Soroptimist.

    Q: What programs do you use?
    A: I use Photoshop CS6.

    Q: Where is the 'save changes' button?
    A: If you cannot see the save changes button or something is covering it meaning you cannot click it, just zoom out by pressing ctrl -.


    All of the petpages display their title and what browser/s they have been tested in. Please read the rules before using any of the codes. To see a larger preview, drag and drop the image to the url bar.

    Title: Jolene
    Tested in: Firefox

    Title: What if this storm ends?
    Tested in: Firefox

    Title: And I don't see you
    Tested in: Firefox

    Title: Rest your bones
    Tested in: Firefox

    Title: Somewhere only we know
    Tested in: Firefox, Chrome

    Title: Arcade Fire
    Tested in: Firefox, Chrome


    Here you will find our large collection of graphics. From banners to icons, they're all on this page here. Please be patient whilst waiting for images to load. To see a larger preview, drag and drop the image to the url bar.

    listed at