warning: under-developed introduction written here

So I guess most stories start with some witty comment, or an introduction of sorts. Considering I'm not the best at cracking jokes, the witty comment is out. There's nothing really to introduce about me either, or about this anecdote. You'll find things out as you go along, so be patient. Anyway, since I've already written a paragraph here, I'll start in the vague beginning of this mess.

I was waking up, like any other morning. Like many other stories and such, this was the morning when everything changed, beginning of the end, blah blah blah, etc….Anyhow; it was the suckish feeling when you wake up. When you crack open your eyes, only to snap them shut when you realize you've woken up. You groan slightly and turn over to shove your face into your comfy pillow. You slowly pull your blanket over you as you drift back into the sweet domain of sleep. And then the guy dressed in black grabs your shoulder and rips you off the bed. Now I'm starting into my little narrative, so let's forget about normal mornings.

Chapter One

Being yanked off your bed at around 4 in the morning isn't pleasant, as you may imagine. The added shock of being woken by a complete stranger definitely didn't improve the situation. Being the spastic flincher I am, I immediately lash out my arms and legs in a feeble attempt to defend myself from this unfamiliar foe. I guess my foot connects to his face, or somewhere painful, because the next thing I know, the guy is down on my floor. I jump off my bunk bed, fighting off the dizziness of vertigo. Instinctively, I push my bangs out of my eyes and start grasped madly around my room trying to reach the door. As my heart races and my eyes start adjusting to the darkness, I notice the door is open and move to escape my room. My heart jumps out of my chest when I feel a large hand tightening around my ankle. A scream catches in my throat, and I can feel tears coming up. It's sort of hard to describe the feeling of complete terror. The only thing that's keeping me going is pure adrenaline, and at least I have that. When the guy stopped me from racing outside my room, I crashed down on the hard wood floor in the doorway. My legs are tingling from pain and I try kicking the stranger. He has a tight hold on me and I frantically look around for something, anything, to help me. I look up at the hallway, and from the dim lighting of the nightlight I see the grim faces of 10 other people. In my house, at four in the morning. I black out.

My eyes flutter open and close as they re-adjust to the new lighting. Suspiciously enough, I'm in my kitchen. 'Oh wait, wasn't I kidnapped or something?' I think to myself. At least, that's what I assumed considering I was grabbed by a guy in black. My eyes widen and I my whole body does a double take as my heart starts going like a racehorse. I notice that I'm leaning against one of the wooden cabinets, next to….Kait? What the heck? She grins at me, and I stare at her. She twists a strand of dirty blonde hair around her finger and gives me a grin. Why would my best friend be randomly at my house? I glance at the clock on the microwave. It's 5:08 am. I look back at Kait and she gives me one of those looks where I should shut up and wait. I sit still for a while, trying to get my heart rate down. 'Things are moving way too fast for me here' I think. 'I don't even get what's going on.' I look back to Kait, who's looking down the hallway, and I nod gravely. I can trust her judgment. Deciding I should probably get a hold of my surrounds, I look around my kitchen. Leaning against the edge of the sink are two tall guys. The one with dark brown hair wearing a pair glasses was holding a large Starbucks cup and talking quietly with the other one. The blonde was wearing a scarf and kept sighing with disinterest. I tare my attention away from the attractive blonde and look over to the fridge where some girl was trying to get the ice machine to work. I started smiling as I watched the girl struggle with the buttons. Kait leans towards me and whispers "That's Marlow. Don't worry; she's smarter than she looks". Kait flashes me a smile, and I nod slowly. Marlow has strawberry blonde hair a couple inches below her shoulders, and looks like she's in early twenties.

I wrap my arms around my knees and rest my face on top. I could feel a headache coming on, and it wasn't going to give me mercy. I hear someone walking up to me and I look up. It's Mr. Glasses, who I notice doesn't have coffee anymore. He gives me a warm smile and holds out his hand. "Hello Sadie, my name is Colton." I stand up and numbly hold out my hand to slowly shake his. His hand is firm, and warm; it reminds me of my dad's. He readjusts his glasses and looks at Kait. "I'm impressed Kait. You were right." Kait grins and shrugs, "I knew I would be" she says confidently. I look at Kait, confused. What was going on? I was kidnapped for Christ's sake. Well, I guess I wasn't technically kidnapped, since I'm still in my house. But I think being taken from your bed forcefully is just as bad. Kait looks at me sympathetically. "I promise Sadie, in a little while, you'll understand." She said to me quietly. I rolled my eyes. Time for her to hear the music. "Are you serious Kait? I was taken from my bed at 4 in the morning, put in my kitchen with a bunch of strangers, have to listen to my best friend be all secretive, and you want me to wait for answers? This is like one of those movies when the protagonist is chosen for a secret mission and they can't know anything, because it builds suspense. Well now I feel bad for the main character cause it sucks." I take in a breath after that rant and wait for a response. Kait's face is blank and she's nodding slowly. Colton's eyebrow is raised in amusement and I officially hate him for the condescending attitude. I glare at him and mutter, "It doesn't even make sense. Why would I be kidnapped, kept in my house with my best friend, and have nothing happen? Where the heck are my parents anyway?" I look to Kait for the answer to the latter, but she stands there quietly. With a sigh, I look at my socks as the blonde guy walks up to us. "So we just got the call fro—Oh hey! Sleepy head is up and about, huh?" he winks at me and grins "I'm Denzel Clements. And this kid right here is my brother, Colton." He elbows Colton and grins. Man, he is full of smiles. I nod; I don't really feel like talking right now. "Anyway," He turns to Colton raises an eyebrow. His brother nods and they walk towards the counter, talking quickly and quietly. I sigh and give up my last shred of hope that I'll be told anything.

I turn on my heel and walk down the hallway. I pass a couple people, but at the moment I could care less about the people here. I reach the living room and sit on the couch when I hear Colton. "Okay people, time's a-tickin'! Sadie….Sadie?" I hear him walk down the hallway, and then he appears in the doorway. "Sadie, let's go." He says commandingly. I get back up and trudge behind him into the dining room. Gathered around the table are about a dozen people; god knows why. I sit down as Kait slides in next to me, and Colton settles next to Denzel. "Okay. So first off, Matthew just told me that Blake and Kelsey are out. So no--" . Colton gets cut off by an uproar from the people around the table. A woman with dark hair stands up and slams her fist on the table angrily. "What?! But they're next! They're the ones who are supposed to--". A short man cuts her off, "Blake should know better! Is this because of Sadie? Because we warned them--". Denzel stands up suddenly and everyone falls silent immediately. What, is he their leader or something? "I know this throws a giant wrench into the process here," Process? What process? "But I'm confident that things will go along fine." He nods to Colton and sits back down. Colton clears his throat and shifts through some papers on the table. "So anyway, we got Sadie here, who was supposed to be after Blake and Kelsey, but…" He glances at me quickly and I just glare at him. He utters a quiet cough and continues. "Seeing as they've decided on a different choice, Sadie will take their spot." He looks up and smiles at all the grim faces.

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