Welcome to Doggies screenies! This screenie page started up in 24/08/08! I hope you like them cause it took me hours to start it up. I will appreciate some ratings and I'll probably screenie it!
Woah! Long time no see guys! I have returned from my rather long hiatus! (Hooray!) I sincerely apologize for leaving you guys for so long and deserting my beloved screenies, but fear not! I have been making a fresh batch of new screenies as we speak! I'm also working on a new banner and a better background that's easier on the eyes (I know its pretty hard to read this, sorry!). It feels great to be back guys, I promise I wont leave you guys anymore! If you're reading this, please please pleeeease drop me a Message! I'd like to know if there are people still visiting here, the more people I know are still reading, the quicker I'll make some new screenies! So tell your friends, your family, your dog-- anyone! Stay awesome guys, and keep your eyes peeled, I may be posting soon!
I have left some badly drawn screenies here so that you can see my improvement. I am sorry if my page is too long or if it takes a long time to load because I cant fix it. Oh, and I bet your username is the_doggies2, am I right? Well anyways lets get on with the SCREENIES!!!
I have no "EYEdea"how it did that ;D
if only i could do that!
Now THATS gotta hurt...
he bit my finger after that*mumbles*lousy mynci...
i had to take showers for weeks after that.
the king says it all!
thats called begging everyone, dont fall for it!
never mess with paws...
so...many...trophies @_@
talk about a nice trade ;D
Paws and king skarl have something in common :D
a very wierd glitch isnt it?
who would want to paint retired paintbrushes anyway?
id gladly get ripped off by you,NOT!
i dont even want to know what that is...
that gave me nightmares*shudder*...
everyone kept saying melody instead of you on that board!
yes it did hurt:(
yes, the comb was saved :D
who knew she was a robot?by the way,this was on my best friends lookup(i erased some of his name :P).
i think all pets do that...
that time, i was bored so don't freak out :D
yes this was when i was bored too
that is the coolest item ever
i don't know why itll eat me but not the giant omlette?
have you called jenny yet?:P
no really im not!D:
ill name it stitch :)
how can the omlette be gone,its giant!
gotta catch em all!
waste of 100np D:
everything for TNT asplodes
i would of turned it on if i bought it for 60 bucks
search up "cheats" for this
trust me, don't smell it XP
this is what i just imagined,i have nothing against ada--uh oh here he comes with a freeze ray,gotta run*zooms by while screaming*
sadly,because i was curious,i looked in maraqua for it :P
that joke was random :)
after ages of waiting,i finally got it!
man, i love my new telescope!
who are you going to believe?
if your wondering,yes i copied and pasted the detective ;)
order up!
neomail me if you know where i got the mask ;)
the snowglobe was pretty :3
this was when i was dressing her for halloween(cant do it cause the glitch :( )
hey i was scared that time!
failed at drawing the cookie monster...
It's a no from me
first the grundo leader, now this?
can anyone say"SCAM"?
umm,whoops? this was after i got the art
that would hurt...
still no paintbrush -.-
this may sound strange but...that was my first snipe ever :P
i love that item!
that was SO easy!
this is actually an old screenie(one of the first)
Oh no,what should i do*sarcasm*
what a good quest ;)
i wonder who got that screwdriver form the pound ;)
sorry, i just had to screenie it XD
thats for giving me a cheap potion!!
My first animated screenie B)
itll be funny if that happens XD
ok...next screenie!
so long....
uhuh im 1337 B)
i couldn't redo this screenie so ill say what the punchline is: the faerie lands on doggies which makes him lose a tooth which the faerie takes*phew*
Please dont ask how i knew that
nice aiming TNT -_-
i havent done her inventions in AGES XD
*audience claps*Just like those old movies XD
XD after someone pointed that out, she removed her siggy!
very evil...
something to rebuild after the FFQ!
man, people at cheat are scary...
They do anything just to tell you something!
I guess she's well named!
wow i never knew there was a store called pizzaroo!
hes very persuasive!
i was bored when i made it XD
that was awkward...
tnt can be so mean sometimes!
you dont need to make another board for an answer ;D
im so glad it didnt :)
just for olives...
poor faerie D:
awesomely creepy...
i nearly have the whole deck *snort*
we should get him a purse too XD
For a nutritious boost of energy XD
What a nice man George is =)
The funny thing is that i got the same RE the next day and still had the same things in my inventory XD
just a bit of the randomness i get everyday ;D
i love the name, it suits it XD
dang, i can only get 4 pets D:
see what one typo can do to us? X]
Hopefully he still has his pants on...
I wonder if that same zombie dropped the NP!
Haha! That Pteri...
I mean, seriously! What does he look like, steak?!?
Guess this granny doesnt bake cookies, she grabs them *coughcookiegrabbercough*
Isnt "out there" dangerous...?
Dont worry, they'll attack you too...
*gives TNT an epic high five*
You never know XD
I think its trying to give us a hint...
Cannibals are scary ;^;
why thank you!
thanks so much!*this image was redone because i drew doggies SO bad!)
your all very kind!(sorry for such a small screenie award)
i knew the meepits will come in handy:D