3.24.12 My dearest goodness, it's been long. I think it's pretty much been established that I no longer have the time for this. BUT since i worked so hard on this page, i'm definitely not taking it down. ever.

3.31.10 ALMOST APRIL FOOL'S!!!! And my friend is going on spring break next week so she can help me out with sorting this pageeee...IF YOU HAVE SENT ME A MESSAGE AND HAVEN'T RECEIVED A REPLY, PLEASE SEND IT AGAIN!!

2.27.10 Still working on decreasing buttons, aand I'm planning to add more categories.

2.26.10 This month has been especially hectic for me, but I rlly shouldn't use that as an excuse. I'm planning a major revamp, but I don't think that's coming up soon. Plus, I'm decreasing the number of buttons on here so the page can load faster!

2.18.10 SORRY that i've been inactive so much! I think now i'll only check mail for every 2 weeks, so please be patient! thanks!

1.20.10 I MUST apologize for this crazy lack of updates! 27 unread messages when I signed in, and I'm sooo sorry! ++ I finished re-coding!

12.3.09 Really, no one knows how HAPPY i am that i am going forward in this recoding...i can already notice the loading time decreasing! Next up: guides/lists, then pixels.

12.1.09 How was everyone's Thanksgiving(if you celebrate it...)? my mind is SET on recoding this, and i finished recoding the first two sections...i added a new category for button requests; it's about time i did! the other categories will be recoded soon!!

11.22.09 For those who are wondering: yes, i'm still alive! i am truly sorry for my lack of updates...still recoding the layout. it's just gonna look a bit different.


10.18.09 I am seriously considering recoding this layout. and UVD's. Too many buttons on this page lead to red X's, and it bothers me. but for now, just right-click on the x and select "Show Picture". I'll do it soon!

10.10.09 I can't really talk about every new site i put up on this directory, so the udates blog wont be so active...just know i'm still alive!! ahahh

10.3.09 Neo added a new filter, so this site is the only one of my three that i can update at the moment. If anyone knows a solution to the filter, please contact me! It would be SO MUCH appreciated!

9.26.09 I got through the filter! yay! Well, I forgot to say this in the last update, but I opened up a new site! you can find it at /~honeybird1995. Hope you find it useful!

9.20.09 SO sorry to all the people i said i would list or affiliate! for some reason, neopets wouldnt let me update my pages, so i couldnt really do anything for a couple of days.

9.3.09 Sidetracked by school. I might only be able to do stuff on weekends, seeing as i take until 8 to finish homework and I have other important things to do besides the site after that. BUT it's Thursday, and guess what? I'm here! Look out for more rules to come {groan if you want to}, and i promise that i'll add a button requests section soon!

8.28.09 Changed the layout a bit. added a SOTM category.

8.22.09 took off one linkback button and put a new one in. i love the new onee!

8.19.09 fixing everything. looking through the page for broken links or closed sites. will add more categories {yes, it's about time, isn't it?}. changing the layout a bit. hopefully, it will be a better site by the end of the day.

8.13.09 i'm backk!! i had some internet access when i was on vacation, but for some reason the computer wouldnt let me update my sites. so to all the people who i told that i was going to list or affiliate, i SO apologize that it did not happen, but i will put you up as soon as i possibly can!!

6.20.09 {See bolded notice below} AAND when I come back, I'll be fixing up my sites, maybe improve the layout {whatever that means...}.

6.8.09 trying to put in a description for each of the sites.

5.29.09 WOW over a month since i've updated?? how lame of me. sorry, guys! well, i have 1 new affie.

4.23.09 i want to be reviewed, but idk if i'm ready. && i'm re-sorting the graphics section.

4.15.09 deleted some updates. edited textareas. and i'm gonna be more strict abt affies. PLEASE don't feel offended if i say no. rlly srry...

4.10.09 okay. i am still here. i just havent put anything on the updates. right now i'm re-sorting my 'other' section because i decided that it was pretty unorganized...

2.27.09 busy with lots of requests for my other site! yay! we have lots of affies here, but i want more on that site!

2.4.09 BELATED Gong hei fat choi![did i spell it right? it means happy chinese new year} ++ more affies, along with pages.

1.25.09 I keep forgetting to post updates! Oh well. My other site, UV, is officially open, and we now have more affies and pages up! And still, i need more affies! Pls apply.

1.4.09 Well, it's '09 and i don't want winter break to end. oh well. i need more affies, and please tell me if the layout is showing up right on your comp. thnx. :D

12.30.08 I forgot to post it: we have a new layout! (But you probably noticed that already. XD) Umm looking for more affies! Pleez don't hesitiate to apply--haven't said no yet! TY. [++advanced hppy new year!}

for blackepandafor slothtoyfor slothtoy


Starpbl UV Home Success
Guides Graphics Button Reqs Pixels CSS/Layouts Lists + Dailies Reviews Directories SOTM Other Unbuttoned Affiliates Link Back Contact me

Welcome to Violettes page directory, open since August 2008. This site has links to great petpages located all over Neopia. If you want to be listed, or know of a site that should be listed, please feel free to neomail me with a link to the site.

My only rule: your site may not be empty. And I have every right to refuse posting your page here if I think that it is inappropriate.

LAYOUT by me. No stealing, please!


Avoid scammers in Neopia! Guide around Neopia: still great if you're not a newbie! Lunar Temple Guide. Tips on site success. How to start a petpage site Extremely helpful CSS help site. CSS help. CSS guide. Great set of different tutorials. How to make a button for your site. How to make a div petpage layout. Userlookup/CSS tutorial.

The Cartoonists: How to draw.
Perfectly Punctual: HTML/CSS help.
Uber's Lookup Tuts: Great and very helpful userlookup tutorials!
Filter Solutions.
Petpage Tutorial: Learn to code a petpage.
Zun's Restocking Guide
Decoded: Coding guide.
Painters Weekly: FAQ on brushes.


A site with everything! Stunning icons and resources! Icons plus little graphics you may need for your own site: bullets, signs, etc. Great graphics and resources! High-quality banners, buttons, and more! Amazing non-NR and anime graphics. Celeb/model graphics.

Rocket: NR banners.
Dream Designs: Icons, etc.
Emily's Button and Avatar Requests.
Amazed: Custom graphics.
Restricted: Userlookups.
Smarties Graphix: Non-NR.
Tickled Pink: Icons, etc.
Graphiclicious: Banners, icons, etc.
TeenyBopper: Celeb graphics.
Exquisite: Beautiful icons.
Madii's Icons: Hundreds of icons.
CreamBeach: Great pixel portfolio!
Paix: Very unique celeb icons.
Brookly: Icons, BGs, etc.
Zoloia's Flashing Blinkies: Custom blinkies.
Dark Light: A variety of graphics.
Smashing Chaos: Band icons.
Toxique: Page layouts.
Fly With Me: Blends.
Curious: Icons, etc.
Edible Art: Requests and more.
Mango's Graphix: Anime graphics.
Candie Diner: Icons, etc.
Picnik Basket: Icons, fake avatars, etc.
Kawaii Kupkake: Adorable icons and pixels.
Hello Fascination: Awesome icons!
Fame: Great celeb icons.
Charlie: Custom graphics and layouts!
Decode: Icons, etc.


One of THE BEST! Button Requests.

Buttons Galore
Polyester Buttons
Button Baby
The Factory
The Florist
Sapphire Sparkles
Button Bases 101
Anchor Away
Ice Cream Cones


One-of-a-kind. Original, unique, and cute. Pokemon-themed pixels Cute Lupe adoptables. Cute Kougra adoptables.

Tiffy's Pixels Ele's Pixels Pixel Pergola
CinnaMocha Pixels
Petpet Eggs
Tropical Pixels
Bouqueted Sweets


BREATHTAKING CSS! So amazing, yet so simple.BEAUTIFUL premades! Simple CSS. Userlookups and petpages. Userlookups and petpages. Great premade CSS. Beautiful userlookups. Amazing userlookups. Simple, yet amazing premades, etc. A variety of CSS layouts. If you miss the old neopets. Beautiful and amazingg userlookups!

UltraViolette Designs: Graphics by me.
Amber's CSS: Premades.
Lumious Lyts: Userlookups.
Bee's: Premades, etc.
Flying Shoyru: Premades.
When the Day Met the Night: Premades.
Tangible: Petpage CSS.
Raining Dreams: Celebrity graphics.
WETPAINT: Currently revamping.
RaceTrak: Lookups, etc.
Bedroom Mirror: Just about everything!
Litter Box: Beautiful userlookups.
Vid's CSS: Petpages.
Jemz's Petpages: Premades.
FrogLooksUp Layouts: Userlookups.
Spellbound: Custom petpages.
Thunskyre: Premades and Graphics.
Koko Premades: CSS for lookups and ppages.
April's Coding Help: Premades and coding help.
Mystique: .
Kheize's Premades: Lookups.
iDazzle: offsite.
Luv Designs: Guilds and Lookups.
Caelum: Creative CSS layouts.
Frog Looks Up: Themed userlookups.
Izzy's Graphics: Creative lookups, petpages, etc.
Cherry CSS: Lookup, shop, petpage.

Lists and Dailies

Dailies. Guide to Paintbrushes. Guide to wearables. Everyday guide to quick NP.

Old School Neopets: Evolution of Neopet species.
Cliffhanger Answers: for the Neo game.
100k A Day: Daily freebies and easy money-earning.
KeyQuest Guide: for the game.
Avvy's Avatar Guide.
The Daily Click: Daily freebies, etc.
Dailies, Inc.: Daily freebies, etc.
Vicki's Packrat Guide


The Beach House
Snowglobe Reviews
Spherical and Cubical
Emily's Green Reviews
Rainy Ending
Snapple Reviews
Moonlight Reviews
Scream Reviews
Vivacious Reviews
Table Salt
Eternal Mayhem
Painted Hearts
Rainbow Reviews
Safari Camp
Sunset Boulevard


Tribute Directory
On the Island
Nite Time Guilds
Emma's Guild Directory
Ruby Pier
Christie's Directory
Over the Sun
Miss Leah's
Faerie Dust Observatory
Faded Stars
Midnight Secrets
Little Black Book
Meepits Are Love


Pie in the Sky
Wrapped Up
The Lighthouse
Chinese Taxi
Maraquan Festival


SHOUT TO THE PILLOW: Let out all your anger. Pet Seekers: UFT pets.
The Pixel Institute: to show off your pixels.
Sunny's Activities: Fun and games.
Top Hat: Great ranking site.
Katie's Fonts: Siggy fonts.
Junk Junkies
Yooyuball Planet: the Yooyuball Guide.
Oboe Ninja: Guild directory.
Funhouse: Great Sig Fonts.
Expressions: Give/receive gift buttons.
Elaborate Activities: Fun and games.
Sneeze: Random facts!
Elizabeth's Screenies
The Restock Machine: Comic.
DON'T TOUCH THE CHOKATO: Comic relief, pls?
The Scene: Music.
Licorice Twist: Premade fonts.
Nefarious: Awesome fonts!
Make Your Dreams Reality: Read Brooke's stories!
Dream Adoptions: Adoption site.
Jennifer's Screenies: Great screenies.
Best Dressed: Best customized pets.
Paparazzi: Comment on other sites.
Bridget's Music Codes
Stingray's Music Codes
Rave: Directory, comment board, button contest.
What You Missed at the Boards: Some of the BEST screenies ever!
Origami Brush Campaign: Support the Origami PB!
UNWearables: Support these items to be wearable!


This section was made for those oh-so-helpful pages that either don't have a button or don't have the button size that I would like. But they are just as great.

Sick pet?
Do you have a goal?
More icons!
Fake Pet Colors and More
Ginny's Adoptables
For all you premiums out there...
Lunar Temple Guide
Book list
Let it all out

Remember, I only take buttons that are 88x31px, or something close enough that I can resize it, and it could still be a clear image.


I am planning to soon change this list to the names of owners and site name, so expect that soon. :)


If I put the wrong name in, or you are not an affie but were listed here, or if anything is wrong with this list, please nm me and I'd be happy to fix the problem. Please know that if your site says 'Listed on .dot Helpfuls', it does not mean you are my affie. Srry. Thnx. Just apply as an aff.


Do you want to link back this page? Just copy the code and paste it into any description on Neopets. Thanks!


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