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Hi! :) My name is Cubbun, and I was adopted by Jackie from a very nice neopian just a few months ago. After searching for her final dreamie forever, Jackie found that there is no easy way for people to both find UFA pets & advertise their fosters! The pound boards are clogged with trading, and UFA pages barely last long enough for anyone to see them. This made us think of an adoption agency directory - an active and clean page to list sites of UFA pets!

We wanted to be different from any other adoption agency directory, so we order the agencies by number pets UFA! We have a key that will follow you down the page, so you can learn more about a site with out having to visit it first!

We're still a baby site, so any help starting up would be very much appreciated. Please neomail any critiques, suggestions or concerns you might have! Thank you.

We currently list 17 active sites!

List your site?

Please fill out the appropriate form and neomail my owner (you can neomail her for something not requiring a form too, of course).
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June 3rd 2018 - I remembered about this site after over a year! Cleared out inactive pages - neomail me any pages you know of to add!
March 24th 2017 - Added a new site!
February 12th 2017 - Moved a couple pages around, added one new site
January 12th 2017 - Added one new site
December 29th 2016 - Added my own site :)
December 22nd 2016 - It's the most wonderful tiiiiime to adooopt! Going to try and use the power of the holidays & such to clean up this site and find more to add! Added one new site. Moved a couple to inactive. Moved a couple that were inactive back to their respective categories!
November 7th 2016 - Added a new site
August 24th 2016 - Kind of lost ambition to update this site, didn't know if anyone was using it. Removed a bunch of inactive sites.
June 22nd 2016 - Still here! Added a new site
May 23rd 2016 - Added a spiffy lil counter :3 and another button!
May 1st 2016 - Added one site, removed another
April 27th 2016 - Some sites sadly closed down due to the new captcha and they have been removed. :(
April 18th 2016 - Deleted sites that had inactive buttons (except for my favorite button, sorry!). Three new sites added, one new lister and added one new button thanks to Kellie!
April 11th 2016 - Two new sites added & one affiliate
April 1st 2016 - Added a bunch of new sites! March 29th 2016 - Wow. It's really been a while! Happy to say after a year-long hiatus Cubbun's is back and active. Went through and deleted pretty much every page (very few are still active). Let me know if anyone knows of any new UFA sites.
May 12th 2014 - Cubbun's opened!

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