the stamps co.
Okay so The Stamps Company was created by Sky & Emily. These stamps were not created by us unless, said otherwise. The credits for the stamps are below. =) Please do not steal any of these, and credit is required on your examples page or wherever you used them. Below the credits is a tutorial on how to cut out and use the brushes we have happily created for you. ^^

~xthedoll (neopets)
~POOOMPHY (neopets)
Water Lily
Color Fasicnation
Note from Emily: Sorry about the a lot of other places. I've gotten brushes from random sites, and forget what they're called. Oh so sorry. =)


Okay, so I, Emily, have had a lot of troubles cutting out brushes with the regular selection tool. But I found out it's way easier to use the Lasso tool. Okay so here it goes:

o1. Pick out the stamps that you want to cut out.
o2. You know how they're close together? Well get your Lasso tool.
o3. Set the selection type to Point to Point , Mode:Replace , Feather: 0.
o4. Out line the brush that you want to use making sure you don't touch any other brushes. Don't get all picky, and outline every detail, just the basic shape of the brush.
. o5. Once you've done that, right click it and "dancing" lines will be outlining the brush.
o6. Click your brush tool, and go where you can pick your brush. There's a little icon on the bottom-right corner. Pick the paintbrush.
o7. A little box will come up showing an image of the selection and a name box, name your brush and click OK.
o8. Viola, you have your cut out brush. =)

Hope this helped. ^^


2.22.07 - Oh no. My trial for PSP is up. I can't add anymore stamps. OHSOSORRY. ): Well I can't make graphics anymore. Well sky might add somw. X) BYEE

2.12.07 - Added more stamps. Hope ya like them. =)

the stamps

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